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U.S. Situation Comedy series Guide

References: "Single Season Sitcoms, 1948-1979 A Complete Guide" written by Bob Leszczak (McFarland Publishing)

   Unsold TV Comedy Pilots

Blondie (theatrical series) (1938-50) starring Penny Singleton & Arthur Lake


Mary Kay And Johnny (DuMont/NBC/CBS(1947-50) starring Mary Kay & Johnny Stearns

The Growing Paynes (DuMont) (1948-49) Sitcom starring Elaine Stritch, Ed Holmes, and David Anderson (as their Son)

Mama Rosa (KFI-TV 1948) (ABC 1950) starring Anna Demetrio

Wesley (CBS)(Summer 1949)  Live Sitcom starring
Donald Devlin, Johnny Stewart, Frank Thomas, Mona Thomas, Joe Sweeney, Joy Reese, Jack Ayres, Billy Nevard

Ruthie On The Telephone (CBS)(Mon-Fri 7:55-8:00pm)(7Aug49-5Nov49) 5 minute Filmed Comedy series
starring Ruth Gilbert as Ruthie & Philip Reed as the unwilling recipient of her telephone calls.

Mixed Doubles (NBC)(5Aug49-12Nov49) sitcom starring Billy Idleson, Ada Friedman, Eddy Firestone, Rhoda Williams

Easy Aces (DuMont )(14-Dec-1949 to 7-June-1950) comedy series (15min)
Starring: Goodman Ace & Jane Sherwood Ace (husband and wife, as themselves) (ad libbed)

The Wren's Nest (ABC)(1949) starring Sam Wren & Virginia Sale
The Hank McCune Show (NBC)(1949-50)

The Life of Riley (CBS)(1949-50) starring Jackie Gleason

The Ruggles (ABC)(1949-53)
The Aldrich Family (NBC)(1949-53)
The Goldbergs (1949-55) starring Gertrude Berg
Mama (1949-57) starring Peggy Wood, Judson Laire

1950's 1950-54

Detective's Wife (CBS)(Summer 1950) starring Lynn Barri, Donald Curtis (Summer Replacement for "Man Against Crime")

That Wonderful Guy (ABC)(1950) starring Jack Lemmon

The Girls: Young and Gay (CBS)(1950) starring Bethel Leslie, Mary Malone

Beulah (Roland Reed/ABC) starring Ethel Waters (1950-52), Louise Beavers (1952-53)
The Stu Erwin Show: Trouble With Father (1950-55) starring Stu Erwin

The Burns and Allen Show (CBS) (1950-58) / The George Burns Show (NBC) (1958-59)

The Jack Benny Program (CBS/NBC)(1950-65) starring Jack Benny

The Bickersons (CBS)(1951)(tv versions) starring Frances Langford, Lew Parker

Two Girls Named Smith (ABC)(1951) starring Peggy Ann Garner, Peggy French

The Abbott and Costello Show (syndicated) (1951-52) starring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello

Amos 'n' Andy (Hal Roach/CBS)(1951-53) starring Alvin Childress, Spencer Williams

Young Mr. Bobbin (NBC)(1951-52) starring Jackie Kelk, Jane Seymour, Nadia Westman

The RCA Victor Show: The Ezio Pinza Show/ The Dennis Day Show (NBC)(1951-54)

The Red Skelton Show (NBC/CBS) (1951-71) starring Red Skelton

A Date With Judy (ABC)(1951-53) starring Patricia Crowley, Mary Lynn Beller

I Love Lucy (Desilu/CBS)(1951-57) Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz

The Honeymooners (CBS)(1952-57)
starring JackieGleason, Audrey Meadows, Art Carney, Joyce Randolph

Boss Lady (Jack Wrather/NBC)(Summer 1952) starrin Lynn Bari

Heaven For Betsy (CBS)(1952)(15 min) starring Jack Lemmon

It's a Business (DuMont)(1952) starring  Bob Haymes, Leo DeLyon

Leave It To Larry (CBS)(fall 1952) starring  Eddie Albert

Life with Luigi (CBS)(1952-53) starring J. Carrol Naish, Vitto Scotti

My Hero (1952-53) starring Bob Cummings
My Friend Irma (CBS)(1952-54) starring Marie Wilson

I Married Joan (1952-55) starring Joan Davis & Jim Backus

Doc Corkle (NBC)(1952) sitcom starring Eddie Mayehoff

Mr. Peepers (NBC)(1952-55) starring Wally Cox
My Little Margie (Hal Roach Studios)(1952-55) starring Gale Storm
Meet Millie (CBS)(1952-56) starring Elena Verdugo
Our Miss Brooks (Desilu)(1952-56) starring Eve Arden
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1952-66) starring Ozzie & Harriet Nelson
Bonino (NBC)(fall 1953) starring Ezio Pinza
My Son Jeep (NBC)(Summer 1953) starring Jeffrey Lynn & Martin Houston

Wonderful John Acton (NBC)(1953) starring Harry Holcombe

Jamie (Talent Associates/ABC)(1953-54) starring Brandon de Wilde

The Jean Carroll Show: Take It From Me (ABC)(1953-54)  starring Jean Carroll & Alan Carney

Life With Elizabeth (Don Fedderson/Synd)(1953-55) starring Betty White & Del Moore
Marge And Jeff (DuMont)(1953-54) (Situation Comedy series)(15min) starring Mary Greene & Jess Cain

Pride Of The Family (Revue)(1953-54) starring Paul Hartman & Fay Wray

Life With Father (1953-55) starring Leon Ames & Lurene Tuttle

Meet Mr McNutley (Revue/CBS) (1953-54) starring Ray Millland
My Favorite Husband (CBS)(1953-55) starring Barry Nelson, Joan Caulfied, Vanessa Brown

Topper (1953-55) starring Leo G. Carroll
Where's Raymond (Desilu) (1953-54)/ The Ray Bolger Show (1954-55)

Ethel and Albert (NBC later ABC)(1953-56) starring Pat Lynch and Alan Bunce

Private Secretary a.k.a. Susie (1953-57) starring Ann Sothern

Colonel Humphrey Flack (DuMont 1953-54 live)(CBS Films 1958-59) starring Alan Mowbray, Frank Jenks

Mayor of the Town (Drama/Comedy)(1954-55) starring Thomas Mitchell
Meet Corliss Archer (ZIV)(1954-55) starring Ann Baker

Dear Phoebe (CBS) (1954-55) starring Peter Lawford

The Ray Milland Show (season 2 title for "Meet Mr McNutley") (Revue/CBS)(1954-55)
Life Of Riley (NBC)(1953-58) starring William Bendix & Marjorie Reynolds

Make Room For Daddy (ABC)(1953-57)  -  The Danny Thomas Show (CBS)(1957-64)

Duffy's Tavern (Hal Roach Studios) (1954) starring Ed Gardner

Honestly, Celeste! (CBS)(fall 1954) starring Celeste Holm

The Duke (NBC) (Summer 1954) starring Paul Gilbert, Phyllis Coates
The Marriage (NBC) (1954) starring Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy

The Mickey Rooney Show: Hey Mulligan (NBC)(1954-55)

That's My Boy (CBS)(1954-55) starring Eddie Mayerhoff

The Halls of Ivy (1954-55) starring Ronald Colman

The Imogene Coca Show (NBC)(1954-55)

Willy (1954-55) starring June Havoc

It's A Great Life (1954-56) starring Michael O'Shea & William Bishop
December Bride (Desilu)(1954-59) starring Spring Byington

Father Knows Best (Screen Gems/CBS/NBC)(1954-63) starring Robert Young & Jane Wyatt


The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre (ZIV)(1955) comedy anthology hosted by Eddie Cantor

Homer Bell (syndicated)(1955)(comedy western series) starring Gene Lockhart as Judge Homer Bell
Norby (NBC) (1955) starring David Wayne

Professional Father (CBS)(1955) starring Steve Dunne

So This is Hollywood (NBC) (1955) Mitzi Green, Virginia Gibson

The Soldiers (Bud Yorkin/ NBC)(1955) starring Hal March & Tom D'Andrea

It's Always Jan (1955-56) starring Janis Paige

The Great Gildersleeve (Hal Roach Studios) (1955-56) starring Willard Waterman

Those Whiting Girls (Desilu)(1955-57) starring Margaret & Barbara Whiting
The People's Choice (1955-58) starring Jackie Cooper
Love That Bob (Revue)(1955-59) starring Bob Cummings
The Phil Silvers Show: You'll Never Get Rich: Sgt. Bilko
(CBS/Nat Hiken)(1955-59)

Joe and Mabel (CBS) (pilots 1955/ series-summer 1956) starring Larry Blyden -Nita Talbot
The Charlie Farrell Show
(summer 1956) starring Charlie Farrell

The Adventures of Hiram Holliday
(1956-57) starring Wally Cox

(NBC)(1956-57) starring Buddy Hackett

The Brothers
(Desilu/CBS)(1956-57) starring Gale Gordon, Bob Sweeney

Hey, Jeannie (Four Star/CBS)(1956-57) starring Jeannie Carson
Oh! Susanna
(1956-60) starring Gale Storm

(Hal Roach Studios/NBC)(1957) starring Pamela Britton, Arthur Lake

The Marge and Gower Champion Show (NBC)(1957)
Date with the Angels
(Don Fedderson/ABC)(1957-58) starring Betty White & Bill Williams

The Eve Arden Show
(1957-58) starring Eve Arden

How to Marry a Millionaire
(NTF) (1957-59) starring Barbara Eden

Mr Adams And Eve
(4 Star) (1957-58) starring Ida Lupino & Howard Duff

(Paramount/NBC)(1957-58) starring Joan Caulfield

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (Desilu/CBS)(1957-60) Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz
Bachelor Father (Revue) (1957-62) starring John Forsythe

Leave It To Beaver
(CBS,1957-58) (ABC, 1958-63)
starring Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsley, Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers

The Real McCoys
(1957-63) starring Walter Brennan & Richard Crenna

The Danny Thomas Show

The Betty White Show
(Don Fedderson/ABC)(early 1958)- comedy/music/variety show

Love That Jill
(early 1958) starring Anne Jeffreys & Robert Sterling

The Ed Wynn Show
(Screen Gems/NBC)(1958-59) starring Ed Wynn

This is Alice
(Desilu/Synd)(1958) starring Patty Ann Gerrity

The Ann Sothern Show
(1958-61) starring Ann Sothern

The Donna Reed Show
(Screen Gems/ABC)(1958-66) starring Donna Reed

Peck's Bad Girl
(Summer 1959) starring Wendell Corey, Marsha Hunt, Patty McCormack

Too Young To Go Steady (NBC)(Summer 1959) starring Brigid Bazlen, Donald Cook, Joan Bennett
Fibber McGee And Molly (NBC)(1959-60) starring Bob Sweeney, Cathy Lewis
Love and Marriage (NBC)(1959-60) starring William Demarest, Stubby Kaye
The Betty Hutton Show : Goldie (1959-60) starring Betty Hutton
The Dennis O'Keefe Show: All Around Towne
(1959-60) starring Dennis O'Keefe

Hennesey (1959-62) starring Jackie Cooper
Dennis The Menace (Screen Gems/CBS)(1959-63) starring Jay North

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
(1959-63) starring Dwayne Hickman

1960's 1960-64

The Jim Backus Show: Hot Off The Wire (1960-61) starring Jim Backus & Nita Talbot
The Tab Hunter Show (1960-61) starring Tab Hunter
My Sister Eileen (Screen Gems)(1960-61) starring Elaine Stritch & Shirley Bonne
The Tom Ewell Show (4 Star)(1960-61) starring Tom Ewell & Marilyn Erskine
Peter Loves Mary (1960-61) starring Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy
Harrigan & Son (Desilu/ABC) (1960-61) starring Pat O'Brien & Roger Perry
Guestward, Ho! (Desilu)(1960-61) starring Joanne Dru & J. Carrol Naish
Bringing Up Buddy (1960-61) starring Frank Aletter
Angel (Desilu/CBS) (1960-61) Annie Fargé, Marshall Thompson, Doris Singleton, Don Keefer
Pete And Gladys (1960-62) starring Harry Morgan & Cara Williams
The Andy Griffith Show (CBS) (1960-68) co-starring Don Knotts, Ron Howard

My Three Sons (Don Fedderson)(ABC)(1960-65) (black-and-white)  starring Fred MacMurray
My Three Sons (Don Fedderson)(CBS)(1965-72) (color) starring Fred MacMurray

Westinghouse Playhouse: The Nanette Fabray Show (Early 1961) starring Nanette Fabray
One Happy Family (NBC)1961) starring Dick Sargent & Jody Warner
Holiday Lodge (Summer 1961) starring Johnny Wayne & Frank Shuster
Happy (CBS)(1960, 1961) starring Ronnie Burns & Yvonne Lime
Mrs G. Goes To College (1961-62) starring Gertrude Berg
The New Bob Cummings Show (Revue)(1961-62) starring BobCummings
Father Of The Bride (MGM/CBS)1961-62) starring Leon Ames & Ruth Warrick
Room For One More (WB) (1961-62) starring Andrew Duggan & Peggy McCay
Margie (1961-62) starring Cynthia Pepper
Ichabod And Me (1961-62) starring Robert Sterling
The Hathaways (Screen Gems/ABC)(1961-62) starring Peggy Cass & Jack Weston
Car 54, Where Are You? (1961-63) starring Joe E. Ross & Fred Gwynne
The Dick Van Dyke Show (Desilu)(1961-65) starring Dick Van Dyke & Mary Tyler Moore
The Joey Bishop Show (1961-65) starring Joey Bishop
Hazel (Screen Gems/NBC/CBS)(1961-66) starring Shirley Booth

Mister Ed (Filmways/CBS)(1961-66) starring Alan Young & Connie Hines
Oh Those Bells (1962) starring The Wiere Brothers

It's a Man's World (Revue/NBC) (1962-63) (Hour long Drama/Comedy) starring Glenn Corbett, Michael Burns
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1962-63) starring Fess Parker
Our Man Higgins (1962-63) starring Stanley Holloway
The New Loretta Young Show (1962-63) starring Loretta Young
Fair Exchange (1962-63) starring Eddie Foy Jr.
I'm Dickens, He's Fenster (1962-63) starring John Astin & Marty Ingels.
McKeever And The Colonel (1962-63) starring Scott Lane & Allyn Joslyn
Ensign O'Toole (4 Star)(1962-63) starring Dean Jones
Don't Call Me Charlie! (NBC)(1962-63) starring Josh Peine, John Hubard
McHale's Navy (ABC)(1962-66) starring Ernest Borgnine
The Lucy Show (Desilu)(1962-68) starring Lucille Ball & Vivian Vance
The Beverly Hillbillies (Filmways/CBS)(1962-71)
starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Max Baer Jr.
Glynis (Desilu)(1963) starring Glynis Johns & Keith Andes
Grindl (Screen Gems/David Swift/NBC)(1963-64) starring Imogene Coca
Harry's Girls (MGM/NBC)(1963-64)(Filmed in Southern France)  starring Larry Blyden
The NEW Phil Silvers Show (CBS)(1963-64) starring Phil Silvers
The Bill Dana Show (1963-65) spin-off from The Danny Thomas Show
The Patty Duke Show (1963-66) starring Patty Duke
The Farmer's Daughter (Screen Gems/ABC)(1963-66) starring Inger Stevens
My Favorite Martian (Jack Chertok/CBS)(1963-66) starring Ray Walston, Bill Bixby
Vacation Playhouse (CBS)(Summers 1963-67) Comedy Pilots
Petticoat Junction (Filmways/CBS)(1963-70) starring Bea Benaderet & Edgar Buchanan
My Living Doll (1964-65) starring Bob Cummings & Julie Newmar
The Tycoon (1964-65) starring Walter Brennan
Wendy And Me (WB)(1964-65) starring George Burns & Connie Stevens
No Time For Sergeants (WB) (1964-65) starring Sammy Jackson
Mickey (1964-65) starring Mickey Rooney
Many Happy Returns (MGM/CBS)(1964-65) starring John McGiver
The Bing Crosby Show (1964-65) starring Bing Crosby & Beverly Garland
Valentine's Day (1964-65) starring Tony Franciosa
Broadside (1964-65) starring Kathy Nolan, Edward Andrews, Dick Sargent
The Baileys of Balboa (1964-65) starring Paul Ford
The Cara Williams Show (1964-65) co-starring Frank Aletter

90 Bristol Court: Karen  (Kayro-Vue/Universal/NBC)(1964-65) starring Debbie Watson
90 Bristol Court: Harris Against The World (Kayro-Vue/Universal/NBC)(1964-65) starring Jack Klugman
90 Bristol Court: Tom, Dick & Mary (Kayro-Vu/Universal/NBC)(1964-65) starring Don Galloway

The Addams Family (Filmways/ABC)(1964-66) starring John Astin & Carolyn Jones
The Munsters (Kayro-Vue/Universal/CBS)(1964-66) starring Fred Gwynne & Yvonne De Carlo

Gilligan's Island (CBS)(1964-67) starring Bob Denver, Alan Hale

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C (CBS) (1964-68) starring  Jim Nabors

Bewitched (Screen Gems/ABC)(1964-72) Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Dick Sargent


O.K. Crackerby! (1965-66) starring Burl Ives
The Smothers Brothers Show: My Brother the Angel (4Star) (1965-66) starring Tom & Dick Smothers
Hank (WB) (1965-66) starring Dick Kallman
Gidget (Screen Gems/ABC) (1965-66) starring Sally Field, Don Porter
My Mother the Car (1965-66) starring Jerry Van Dyke & the voice of Ann Sothern
Mister Roberts (WB)(1965-66) starring Roger Smith
The John Forsythe Show (Universal/NBC)(1965-66) starring John Forsythe
Mona McCluskey (1965-66) starring Juliet Prowse
Tammy (Universal/ABC)(1965-66) starring Debbie Watson
Camp Runamuck (Screen Gems/David Swift)(1965-66) starring Dave Ketchum & Arch Johnson
Please Don't Eat The Daisies (MGM/NBC)(1965-67) starring Patricia Crowley

F Troop (WB/ABC) (1965-67) starring Ken Berry, Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Melody Patterson, Frank deKova
Hogan's Heroes (Bing Crosby prod./CBS)(1965-71)(WWII POW comedy series)  starring Bob Crane

I Dream of Jeannie (Screen Gems/Sidney Sheldon/NBC)(1965-70) starring Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman
Get Smart (TA/NBC/CBS )(1965-70) Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Ed Platt
Green Acres (Filmways/CBS)(1965-71) starring Eddie Albert & Eva Gabor
The Tammy Grimes Show (ABC)(fall 1966)
The Jean Arthur Show (Universal/CBS)(fall 1966) co-starring Ron Harper
The Hero (Talent Assoc./NBC)(fall 1966) Richard Mulligan, Mariette Hartley
Run, Buddy, Run (Talent Assoc./CBS)(fall 1966) starring Jack Sheldon
The Double Life of Henry Phyfe (Filmways/ABC)(1966) starring Red Buttons
The Rounders (MGM/ABC)(1966-67)(comedy western) Patrick Wayne, Ron Hayes, Chill Wills
The Pruitts Of Southampton (Filmways/ABC)(1966-67) starring Phyllis Diller
Occasional Wife (Screen Gems/NBC)(1966-67) starring Michael Callan
Love On A Rooftop (Screen Gems/ABC)(1966-67) starring Pete Duel & Judy Carne
Pistols 'n' Petticoats (Universal/CBS)(1966-67) (comedy western) starring Ann Sheridan
It's About Time (1966-67) starring Frank Aletter, Jack Mullaney, Imogene Coca, Joe E. Ross
Hey Landlord (UA/NBC) (1966-67) starring Will Hutchins 

The Monkees (Screen Gems/Raybert/NBC)(1966-68) Micky Dolenz, David Jones, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tor

That Girl (Persky/Denoff/ABC)(1966-71) starring Marlo Thomas

Family Affair (Don Fedderson/CBS)(1966-71) Comedy series starring Brian Keith & Sebastian Cabot
  Rango (ABC) (early 1967) (comedy western) starring Tim Conway
Mr. Terrific (Universal/CBS) (Early 1967) starring Stephen Strimpell
Captain Nice (Buck Henry/NBC) (Early 1967) starring William Daniels
He & She (1967-68) starring Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss
Accidental Family (1967-68) starring Jerry Van Dyke Lois Nettleton
Good Morning World (CBS)(1967-68) starring Joby Baker & Ronnie Schell
The Second Hundred Years (Screen Gems/ABC) (1967-68) Monte Markham, Arthur O'Connell

The Flying Nun (Screen Gems/ABC) (1967-70) starring Sally Field
The Mothers-in-Law (1967-69) starring Eve Arden & Kaye Ballard
The Ugliest Girl in Town (Screen Gems/ABC)(1968-69) starring Peter Kastner
Blondie (1968-69) starring Patricia Harty, Will Hutchins, Jim Backus
That's Life (NBC)(1968-69) (comedy/music)
The Ghost and Mrs Muir (1968-70) starring Hope Lange, Edward Mulhare
The Good Guys (Talent Assoc/CBS) (1968-70) starring Bob Denver, Herb Edelman

Mayberry, R.F.D. (Andy Griffith/CBS) (1968-71) starring Ken Berry

Julia (1968-71) starring Diahann Carroll
The Doris Day Show (CBS)(1968-73) co-starring Denver Pyle
Here's Lucy (1968-74) starring Lucille Ball & Gale Gordon

The Queen And I (1969) starring Larry Storch
The Debbie Reynolds Show (Filmways/NBC)(1969-70)
The Governor and JJ (1969-70) starring Dan Dailey & Julie Sommars
Mr Deeds Goes To Town (Screen Gems/ABC)(1969-70) starring Monte Markham
My World and Welcome To It (1969-70) starring William Windom
The Bill Cosby Show (NBC)(1969-71) Bill Cosby (before "The Cosby Show")
To Rome With Love (Don Fedderson/CBS)(1969-71) starring John Forsythe
The Courtship of Eddie's Father (MGM/ABC)(1969-72) starring Bill Bixby
Room 222 (TCF/ABC)(1969-74) starring Lloyd Haynes

The Brady Bunch (Paramount/ABC)(1969-74) Robert Reed, Florence Henderson

Love, American Style (Paramount/ABC)(1969-74) Romantic Comedy Anthology series

1970's 1970-74

The Tim Conway Show (CBS)(1970)(Sit Com)

Nanny And The Professor (TCF/ABC) (1970-71) starring Richard Long & Juliet Mills

The Partridge Family (Screen Gems/ABC)(1970-74) Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, Susan Dey, Danny Bonaduce
The Mary Tyler Moore Show (MTM/CBS)(1970-77) starring Mary Tyler Moore

The Odd Couple (Paramount/ABC)(1970-75) starring Tony Randall & Jack Klugman
Headmaster (CBS)(Fall 1970)/ The New Andy Griffith Show (CBS)(Early 1971)
Make Room For Granddaddy (1970-71 starring Danny Thomas
Nancy (Screen Gems/Sidney Sheldon/NBC)(1970-71) starring Renne Jarrett, Celeste Holm
Barefoot In The Park (Paramount/ABC)(1970-71) starring Scoey Mitchill  & Tracy Reed
Arnie (TCF/CBS)(1970-72) starring Herschel Bernardi, Sue Ane Langdon
The Chicago Teddy Bears (WB/CBS)(fall 1971) starring Dean Jones

Funny Face (Paramount/CBS)(fall 1971)/ The Sandy Duncan Show (Paramount/CBS)(fall 1972)
Getting Together (Screen Gems/Thornhill/ABC)(1971-72) starring Bobby Sherman
The Good Life (Screen Gems/Lee Rich/NBC)(1971-72) starring Larry Hagman, Donna Mills
The Partners (Universal/NBC)(1971-72) starring Don Adams, Rupert Crosse
The Smith Family (1971-72) Henry Fonda, Janet Blair, Darleen Carr, Ron Howard
The Jimmy Stewart Show (WB/NBC)(1971-72) starring James Stewart & Julie Adams

The David Frost Revue (Group W/Syd)(1971-73) Satirical Comedy Sketch Revue series

The New Dick Van Dyke Show (1971-74) starring Dick Van Dyke & Hope Lange

All In The Family (Norman Lear/CBS)(1971-79) starring Carroll O'Connor

Me And The Chimp (Paramount/CBS)(early 1972) starring Ted Bessell & Anita Gillette

The Don Rickles Show (Sheldon Leonard/CBS)(early 1972) starring Don Rickles & Louise Sorel
Bridget Loves Bernie (Screen Gems/Douglas S Cramer/Thornhill/CBS)(1972-73) starring David Birney & Meredith Baxter
The Super (ABC)(Summer 1972) Richard S. Castellano
The Corner Bar (ABC)(Summer 1972) Gabriel Dell (Summer 1973) Anne Meara, Eugene Roche
Anna And The King (TCF/CBS)(Fall 1972) starring Yul Brynner & Samantha Eggar
The Paul Lynde Show (Screen Gems/ABC)(1972-73) starring Paul Lynde & Elizabeth Allen
Temperatures Rising (Screen Gems/ABC) starring James Whitmore (1972-3) Paul Lynde (1973-74)
The Little People (WB/NBC) (1972-73) The Brian Keith Show (WB/NBC) (1973-74)

Sanford And Son (Bud Yorkin/Norman Lear/NBC)(1972-77) starring Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson

The Bob Newhart Show (MTM/CBS) (1972-78) starring Bob Newhart & Suzanne Pleshette
Maude (Norman Lear-Bud Yorkin/CBS)(1972-78) starring Beatrice Arthur

M*A*S*H (TCF/CBS)(1972-83) (KoreanWar Medical Comedy series) starring Alan Alda

Here We Go Again (early 1973) starring Larry Hagman, Diane Baker, Dick Gautier, Nita Talbot
A Touch of Grace (ABC)(early 1973) starring Shirley Booth, J. Pat O'Malley
Love Thy Neighbor (ABC) (Summer 1973) starring Harrison Page, Janet MacLachlan, Ron Masak, Joyce Bulifant
Thicker Than Water (ABC) (Summer 1973) starring Julie Harris, Richard Long
Calucci's Department (CBS)(fall 1973) starring James Coco
Adam's Rib (MGM/ABC)(fall 1973) starring Ken Howard & Blythe Danner
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (Screen Gems/ABC)(fall 1973) Robert Urich, Anne Archer, David Spielberg, Anita Gillette
Diana (Talent Assoc./NBC)(fall 1973) starring Diana Rigg
Roll Out! (TCF/CBS)(fall 1973) starring Stu Gillium

Ozzie's Girls (Filmways for Syndication)(1973-74) starring Ozzie Nelson & Harriet Hilliard
The Girl with Something Extra (Screen Gems/Thornhill/NBC)(1973-74) starring Sally Field, John Davidson
Needles and Pins (Screen Gems/David Gerber/NBC)(1973-74) starring Norman Fell
Lotsa Luck (Persky-Denoff/NBC)(1973-74) starring Dom DeLuise
Dusty's Trail (1973-74) (comedy western) starring Bob Denver & Forrest Tucker

The Texas Wheelers (MTM/ABC)(fall 1974, summer 1975) starring Jack Elam

Happy Days (Miller-Milkis/ParamountABC)(1974-84)
starring Marion Ross, Tom Bosley, Henry Winkler, Ron Howard

Rhoda (MTM/CBS)(1974-78) starring Valerie Harper

 Friends and Lovers (MTM/CBS) (1974-75) starring Paul Sand
Paper Moon (Paramount/ABC) (1974-75) starring Christopher Connelly and Jodie Foster

Good Times (Bud Yorkin/Tandem/ CBS) (1974-79)
starring Ja'net DuBois, Ralph Carter, Bernadette Stanis, Jimmie Walker


Hot l Baltimore (Norman Lear/CBS)(early 1975)
Karen (TCF/CBS)(early 1975) starring Karen Valentine
The Bob Crane Show (MTM/NBC)(spring 1975) starring Bob Crane and Trisha Hart
We'll Get By (CBS) (spring 1975) starring Paul Sorvino and Mitzi Hoag
Big Eddie (CBS) (fall 1975) starring Sheldon Leonard and Sheree North
The Montefuscos (NBC) (fall 1975) starring Joseph Sirola and Naomi Stevens

When Things Were Rotten (Paramount/ABC) (fall 1975)
starring Richard Gautier, Misty Rowe, Bernie Koppell, Dick Van Patten

Fay (NBC) (fall 1975) starring Lee Grant

Grady (Bud Yorkin/NBC)(1975-76) starring Whitman Mayo (spin-off from Sanford and Son)

Joe and Sons (CBS)(1975-76) starring Richard Castellano
On The Rocks (ABC)(1975-76) starring Jose Perez
Phyllis (MTM/CBS)(1975-77) starring Cloris Leachman

Doc (MTM/CBS)(1975-76) starring Barnard Hughes

Welcome Back Kotter (Komack-Wolper/ABC)(1975-79) starring Marcia Strassman & John Travolta
Barney Miller (Four D/Columbia/ABC)(1975-82) starring Hal Linden (170 episodes)

One Day At A Time (Norman Lear/CBS)(1975-84) starring Bonnie Franklin

The Jeffersons (Norman Lear/CBS)(1975-85) starring Sherman Hemsley

Popi (CBS)(early 1976) starring Hector Elizondo
The Dumplings (Norman Lear/NBC)(early 1976) starring James Coco & Geraldine Brooks
Good Heavens (ABC)(Early 1976) starring Carl Reiner
Viva Valdez (ABC)(Summer 1976) starring Carmen Zapata

Mr. T and Tina (James Komack/ABC)(fall 1976) starring Pat Morita & Susan Blanchard

Ball Four (Time-Life/CBS)(fall 1976) starring Jim Bouton
The Nancy Walker Show (Norman Lear/ABC)(fall 1976) starring Nancy Walker

Sirota's Court (Universal/NBC)(1976-77) starring Michael Constantine
The Practice (NBC)(1976-77) starring Danny Thomas, David Spielberg
Holmes And Yoyo (Universal/ABC)(1976-77) starring Richard B.Shull & John Schuck

The Cliffwood Avenue Kids (Premore/syndicated)(1976-77) 

The Tony Randall Show (MTM-ABC/CBS)(1976-78) starring Tony Randall

Laverne and Shirley (Miller-Milkis/Paramount/ABC)(1976-83) starring Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams

Three's Company (DLT/TTC/NRW/ABC)(1976-84) sitcom starring John Ritter, JoyceDewitt (based on UK series "Man About The House")

Alice (WB/CBS)(1976-85) sitcom starring Linda Lavin, Beth Howland, Vic Tayback

Year At The Top (Don Kirshner/ Norman Lear/CBS)(Summer 1977) starring Greg Evigan, Paul Shaffer, Gabriel Dell

The Kallikaks (Neila/NBC)(Summer 1977) starring David Huddleston, Edie McClurg

Busting Loose (Paramount/CBS)(1977) starring Adam Arkin

Blansky's Beauties (Paramount/ABC)(early 1977) starring Nancy Walker

Sanford Arms (Bud Yorkin/Norman Lear/NBC)(fall 1977) starring Teddy Wilson (spin-off from Sanford And Son)

The Betty White Show (MTM/CBS)(1977-78) co-starring John Hillerman

We've Got Each Other (MTM/CBS)(1977-78) Oliver Clark, Beverly Archer, Tom Poston, Joan Van Ark
Fish (ABC)(1977-78) starring Abe Vigoda
Szysznyk(Paramount/CBS)(1977-78) starring Ned Beatty

On Our Own (Time-Life/CBS)(1977-78) starring Lynnie Greene, Bess Armstrong

Carter Country (Bud Yorkin/Saul Turteltaub/Bernie Orenstein/Austin & Irma Kalish/ABC)(1977-79)
starring Victor French, Kene Holliday

Tabitha (Columbia/ABC)(1977-78) starring Lisa Hartman, Robert Urich (spin-off from Bewitched)

Soap  (Witt-Thomas-Harris/ABC)(1977-81) starring  Katherine Helmond, Robert Mandan,
Richard Mulligan, Cathryn Damon, Billy Crystal, Diana Canova, Robert Guillaume

The Ted Knight Show (Paramount/CBS)(Spring 1978) 

Rollergirls  (James Komack/NBC) (spring 1978) starring Joanna Cassidy

Husbands, Wives And Lovers (TCF/CBS) (spring 1978) Hour-long Comedy series

The Waverly Wonders (Lorimar/NBC)(fall 1978) starring Joe Namath

In The Beginning (TAT/Norman Lear/CBS)(fall 1978) starring McLean Stevenson, Priscilla Lopez

Who's Watching The Kids (Paramount/ NBC) (fall 1978) starring Caren Kaye & Lynda Goodfriend

Baby I'm Back (Charles Fries/ NBC) (fall 1978) starring Demon Wilson & Denise Nicholas

Joe And Valerie (Linda Hope/NBC) (1978-79) starring Paul Regina, Char Fontane

Hee Haw Honeys (Syndicated) (1978-79) Kenny Price, Lulu Roman, Kathie Lee Johnson, Misty Rowe, Gailard Sartain

Mork & Mindy (Henderson-Miller-Milkis-Boyett/Paramount/ABC)(1978-82) starring Robin Williams & Pam Dawber

Taxi (Paramount/ABC/NBC)(1978-83) starring Judd Hirsch, Danny DeVito, Marilu Henner

WKRP in Cincinnati (CBS)(1978-82) starring Garry Sandy ...

Diff'rent Strokes  (Norman Lear/NBC/ABC)(1978-86) starring Conrad Bain, Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, Dana Plato

The Facts of Life  (Norman Lear/NBC)(1979-88) starring Charlotte Rae (1979-86) Cloris Leachman (1986-88)

Brothers And Sisters (/Paramount/NBC)(Early1979) starring Wiliam Windom, Chris Lemmon, Randy Books

Delta House (Universal/ABC)(Early 1979) starring John Vernon, Stephen Furst, Bruce McGill and James Widdoes

Makin' It (Miller-Milkis/Paramount/ABC)(Early1979) starring David Naughton

Miss Winslow and Son  (TTC/CBS) (Spring 1979) starring Darleen Carr

Highcliffe Manor (Alan Landsburg/NBC) (Spring 1979) starring Shelley Fabares

Hizzoner (Huddleston/NBC) (Spring 1979) starring David Huddleston, Diana Muldaur, Don Galloway

13 Queens Boulevard (Toy/ABC)(Spring-Summer 1979) starring Eileen Brennan

Hanging In (CBS) (summer 1979) starring Bill Macy

Struck by Lightning (Paramount/CBS) (fall 1979) starring Jack Elam and Jeffrey Kramer
Detective School: One Flight Up (ABC)(Summer/Fall 1979) starring James Gregory

Out Of The Blue (Paramount/ABC) (fall 1979) starring Jimmy Brogan, Dixie Carter

Angie (Miller-Milkis-Boyett/Paramount/ABC)(1979-80) starring Donna Pescow

Joe's World (Norman Lear/TAT/CBS)(1979-80) starring Ramon Bieri

Working Stiffs (CBS)(15Sep79-6Oct79) sitcom starring James Belushi, Michael Keaton

Hello Larry (Norman Lear/TAT/NBC)(1979-80) sitcom starring McLean Stevenson

The Ropers (ABC)(1979-80) sitcom starring Audra Linley, Norman Fell  (spin-off from Three's Company) 

The Bad News Bears (CBS)(1979-80) sitcom starring Jack Warden

A New Kind of Family (ABC)(1979-80) starring Eileen Brennan
The Associates (Paramount/ABC)(1979-80) starring Wilfrid Hyde-White

Turnabout (Universal/NBC)(1979) starring John Schuck & Sharon Gless
House Calls (Universal/CBS)(1979-82) starring Wayne Rogers, Lynn Redgrave, Sharon Gless

The Last Resort (MTM/ CBS)(1979-80) starring Larry Breeding, Stephanie Faracy, Zane Lasky, Walter Olkewicz

Archie Bunker's Place (Norman Lear/CBS)(1979-83) starring Carroll O'Connor

Benson  (Witt-Thomas-Harris /ABC) (1979-86) starring Robert Guillaume 
Stockard Channing in Just Friends (CBS) (Spring/Summer 1979)

Billy (John Rich/CBS) (Spring 1979) starring Steve Guttenberg

1980's 1980-84

The Stockard Channing Show (CBS) (Spring/Summer 1980)
Goodtime Girls (Miller-Milkis-Boyett/Paramount/CBS)(1980) starring Francine Tacker, Lorna Patterson, Annie Potts, Georgia Engel
Semi-Tough (ABC)(Summer 1980) starring Bruce McGill, David Hasselhoff
Nobody's Perfect (UK:"Hart of the Yard")(Universal/ABC)(Summer 1980) starring Ron Moody & Cassie Yates
The Life and Times of Eddie Roberts (L.A.T.E.R.) (1980) starring Renny Temple

Sanford (Bud Yorkin/Norman Lear/NBC)(1980-81) starring Redd Fox (spin-off from Sanford And Son)

I'm A Big Girl Now (ABC) (1980-81) starring Diana Canova

Ladies' Man (CBS)(1980-81) sitcom starring Lawrence Pressman

Flo (CBS)(1980-81) sitcom starring Polly Holliday (spin-off from "Alice")

Bosom Buddies (Miller-Milkis-Boyett/Paramount/ABC)(1980-82) sitcom starring Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari

It's a Living (ABC|)(1980-81) / Making a Living (ABC)(1981-82) /  It's a Living (Syndicated)(1985)

Too Close For Comfort (ABC)(1980-83) aka The Ted Knight Show (Syndicated)(1984-86)

Checking In (Norman Lear/CBS) (1981) starring Marla Gibbs & Larry Linville (spin-off from The Jeffersons)

Harper Valley P.T.A. (1981-82) starring Barbara Eden
Best of the West (1981-82) comedy western starring Joel Higgins, Carlene Watkins, Tom Ewell

Lewis  & Clark (Carson/NBC)(1981-82) sitcom starring Gabe Kaplan, Guich Koock
Mister Merlin (Columbia/CBS)(1981-82) sitcom starring Barnard Hughes
Private Benjamin (1981-83) starring Lorna Patterson, Eileen Brennan

Love, Sidney (WB/NBC)(1981-83) sitcom staring Tony Randall

One Of The Boys (Columbia/NBC)(1982) staring Mickey Rooney

Police Squad! (ABC) (Summer 1982) starring Leslie Nielsen

Joanie Loves Chachi (Paramount/ABC)(1982-83) starring Scott Baio, Erin Moran

The New Odd Couple (ABC)(1982-83) sitcom starring Ron Glass, Desmond Wilson

Filthy Rich (Colum/CBS)(1982-83)
sitcom starring Delta Burke, Dixie Carter, Ann Wedgeworth, Charles Frank, Jerry Hardin, Michael Lombard, Nedra Volz  

Gloria (Norman Lear/CBS)(1982-83) sitcom starring Sally Struthers, Burgess Meredith (spin-off from "All in the Family")

It Takes Two (ABC)(1982-83) sitcom starring Patty Duke Astin & Richard Crenna 

Silver Spoons (Embassy/NBC)(1982-87) starring Joel Higgins, Ricky Schroder, Erin Gray

Family Ties (Paramount/NBC)(1982-89) sitcom starring Meredith Baxter, Michael Gross, Michael J. Fox

9 To 5 (1982-83) Rita Moreno (1986-88) Sally Struthers

Newhart (1982-90) starring Bob Newhart, Mary Frann, Tom Poston, Julia Duffy

Cheers (Paramount/NBC) (1982-93) starring Ted Danson, Shelley Long, Kirstie Alley

Baby Makes Five (ABC)(spring 1983) sitcom starring Peter Scolari, Louise Williams

Mr. Smith (NBC)(fall 1983) sitcom starring Leonard Frey

 Jennifer Slept Here (Columbia/NBC)(1983-84) starring Ann Jillian

A.K.A Pablo (ABC)(Spring 1984) starring Paul Rodriquez
Shaping Up (ABC)(Spring 1984) starring Leslie Nielsen

Kate And Allie (CBS)(1984-89) starring Susan St. James & Jane Curtin

Who's The Boss (Embassy/Columbia/ABC)(1984-92) starring Tony Danza, Judith Light & Katherine Helmond

Charles In Charge (Universal/CBS)(1984-92) starring Scott Baio

 The Cosby Show (Bill Cosby/Carsey-Werner/NBC)(1984-92) sitcom starring Bill Cosby, Phylicia Rashad

Night Court (Starry Night/WB/NBC)(1984-92) Legal Comedy series starring Harry Anderson, John Larroquette 

1st & Ten (1984-91) starring Delta Burke, O.J. Simpson, Shannon Tweed et al.


Sara (NBC)(1985) starring Geena Davis

Mary (MTM/CBS) (1985-86) starring Mary Tyler Moore, James Farentino, John Astin

Small Wonder (1985-89) starring Dick Christie, Marla Pennington, Jerry Supiran

Mr. Belvedere (TCF/ABC)(1985-90) sitcom starring Christopher Hewett

227 (Columbia/Embassy/NBC)(1985-90)
sitcom starring Marla Gibbs, Helen Martin, Hal Williams, Alaina Red Hall, Regina King

The Golden Girls  (Witt-Thomas-Miller/NBC)(1985-92)
sitcom starring Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanhan, Estelle Getty

Growing Pains (WB/ABC)(1985-92)
sitcom starring Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns, Kirk Cameron, Jeremy Miller, Tracey Gold

Mr Sunshine (ABC)(1986) sitcom starring Jeffrey Tambor 

My Sister Sam (WB/CBS)(1986-88) starring Pam Dawber

Amen (Carson/NBC)(1986-90) sitcom staring Sherman Hemsley

It's Garry Shandling's Show (Fox)(1986-90) sitcom starring Garry Shandling

 Valerie/ Valerie's Family/ The Hogan Family (Lorimar/Miller-Boyet/NBC/CBS)(1986-90)  sitcom starring Valerie Harper

Head Of The Class (WB/ABC)(1986-91) sitcom starring Howard Hesseman

Perfect Strangers (Lorimar/Miller-Boyett/ABC)(1986-93)
sitcom starring Mark Linn-Baker & Bronson Pinchot

Designing Women  (Columbia/CBS)(1986-93)sitcom staring Dixie Carter, Annie Potts

My Two Dads (Columbia Tri Star/NBC|)|(1987-90) sitcom starring Paul Reiser, Greg Evigan, Staci Keanan

The Munsters Today (Syndication) (1987-91) starring John Schuck, Lee Meriwether

A Different World (Cosby/Carsey-Werner//NBC)(1987-93) sitcom starring Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison

Full House (Lorimar/ABC)(1987-95)
sitcom starring Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, John Stamos, Candace Cameron, Jodie Sweetin, Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen

Married With Children (Embassy/Fox)(1987-97) starring Ed O'Neill

Annie McGuire (MTM/CBS)(1988) short-lived sitcom staring Mary Tyler Moore

Starting From Scratch (syndicated) (1988-89) Connie Stevens, Nita Talbot, Bill Dily

Baby Boom (NBC)(1989-90) starring Kate Jackson

Dear John (Paramount/NBC)(1988-92) sitcom starring Judd Hirsch, Jane Carr, Jere Burns, Isabella Hofmann

The Wonder Years (New World/ABC)(1988-93) sitcom starring Fred Savage

Empty Nest (Witt-Thomas-Harris/NBC)(1988-95) starring Richard Mulligan

Roseanne (Paramount/ABC)(1988-98) starring Roseanne Barr & John Goodman

Murphy Brown (WB/CBS)(1988-98) starring Candice Bergen

Nearly Departed (NBC)(1989) starring Eric Idle

The Nutt House (NBC)(1989)(20Sep89-1Nov89) Mel Brooks/Alan Spencer sitcom starring Harvey Korman, Cloris Leachman

Brand New Life (1989-90) starring Barbara Eden

Doogie Howser, M.D. (Steven Bochco/TCF/ABC)(1989-93) sitcom starring Neil Patrick Harris

Family Matters (Lormar/Miller-Boyett/ABC)(1989-98) (spin-off from "Perfect Strangers")
sitcom starring Reginald VelJohnson, Kellie Shanygne, Darius McCrary, Jaleel White, JoeMarie Payton


Parker Lewis Can't Lose (FOX)(1990-93) sitcom starring Corin Nemec

 Evening Shade (MTM/CBS)(1990-94) sitcom starring Burt Reynolds & Marilu Henner

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Quincy Jones/NBC))(1990-96) sitcom starring Will Smith

Seinfeld (West-Shapiro/NBC)(1990-98) starring Jerry Seinfeld

Nurses (Witt-Thomas-Harris/NBC)(1991-93) ensemble cast

Billy (WB/ABC)(1992) sitcom starring Billy Connolly (spin-off from "Head Of The Class)

The Larry Sanders Show (Columbia/HBO)(1992-98) sitcom starring Garry Shandling

Living Single (WB)(1993-98) sitcom starring Queen Latifah, Kim Coles, Erika Alexander, John Henton, Kim Fields

Frasier (Paramount/NBC) (1993-2004) starring Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce, John Mahoney

Ellen (Touchstone/ABC)(1994-98) sitcom starring Ellen DeGeneres, David Anthony Higgins

Friends (Warner Brothers/NBC)(1994-2004)
starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer

Everybody Loves Raymond (WB/CBS)(1996-2005)
sitcom starring Ray Romano, Patricia  Heaton, Doris Roberts, Brad Garrett, Peter Boyle

Will & Grace (Three Sisters/KoMut/NBC)(1998-2006) sitcom starring Eric McCormack, Debra Messing


Girlfriends (Happy Camper/Grammnet/Paramount)(2000-2008)
sitcom starring Traci Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, Reginald C. Hayes

According to Jim (Brad Grey/Suzanne Bukinik/Newman/Stark/CBS)(2001-2009)
sitcom starring James Belushi, Larry Joe Campbell, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Taylor Atelian, Billi Bruno

Two And a Half Men (Chuck Lorre/Tannembaum/CBS)(2003- )
sitcom starring Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones, Charlie Sheen

Uggly Betty (Silent H/Ventanarosa/Reveille/ABC)(2006-2010) hour-long Comedy-Drama series
starring America Ferrera, Eric Fabius, Tony Plana, Ana Ortiz, Becki Newton, Michael Urie, Mark Indelicato, Vanessa Williams

The Big Bang Theory (Chuck Lorre/WB)(2007-2013) sitcom starring
Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar

The Middle (WB/ABC)(2009-)
sitcom starring Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn, Charlie McDermott, Eden Sher, Atticus Shaffer

Modern Family (TCF/ABC)(2009-) sitcom starring Ed O'Neill, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen,
Ty Burell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Rico Rodriguez, Nolan Gould, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter


U.S. Animated Situation Comedies

The Simpsons (Gracie Films/TCF)(1989-) Animated Sitcom created by Matt Groening

South Park (Comedy Central)(1997-) Animated Sitcom created by Matt Stone, Trey Parker

Family Guy (TCF)(1999-) Animated Sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane

U.S. Comedy Western series

Homer Bell (syndicated)(1955)(comedy western series) starring Gene Lockhart as Judge Homer Bell

F Troop (WB/ABC) (1965-67) starring Ken Berry, Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Melody Patterson, Frank deKova
The Rounders (MGM/ABC)(1966-67)(comedy western series) Patrick Wayne, Ron Hayes, Chill Wills
Pistols 'n' Petticoats (Universal/CBS)(1966-67) (comedy western) starring Ann Sheridan
Rango (ABC) (early 1967) (comedy western series) starring Tim Conway

Dusty's Trail (1973-74) (comedy western series) starring Bob Denver

Dirty Sally (John Mantley/TCF/CBS)(early 1974)(comedy western series) Jeanette Nolan, Dack Rambo
Best of the West (1981-82) (comedy western series) starring Joel Higgins, Carlene Watkins, Tom Ewell

Zorro And Son (1983)(comedy western series) starring Henry Darrow & Paul Regina
She's The Sheriff (Lorimar)(1987-88) (comedy western series) starring Suzanne Somers

U.S. Forces Comedy series Guide  

You'll Never Get Rich (CBS/Nat Hiken)(1955-59) starring Phil Silvers as Sgt. Bilko
Hennesey (1959-62) starring Jackie Cooper
Ensign O'Toole (4 Star)(1962-63) starring Dean Jones
Don't Call Me Charlie! (NBC)(1962-63) starring Josh Peine, John Hubard
McHale's Navy (1962-66) starring Ernest Borgnine
No Time For Sergeants (WB) (1964-65) starring Sammy Jackson
Broadside (1964-65) starring Kathy Nolan, Edward Andrews, Dick Sargent
Mister Roberts (WB)(1965-66) starring Roger Smith
Hogan's Heroes (1965-71) starring Bob Crane, Werner Klemperer
M*A*S*H (TCF/CBS)(1972-83) (KoreanWar Medical Comedy series) starring Alan Alda

Roll Out!
(TCF/CBS)(fall 1973) starring Stu Gillium

CPO Sharkey (1976-78) starring Don Rickles

Private Benjamin (1981-83) starring Lorna Patterson, Eileen Brennan

U.S. Comedy Production Companies

Desilu  -  Paramount -   Filmways  -  Screen Gems  -  Revue Studios  - Universal Television

Sheldon Leonard & Danny Thomas  -  Don Fedderson Productions  -  Talent Associates MTM (Mary Tyler Moore) 

Norman Lear - Bud Yorkin - Tandem - TAT - Embassy

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