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Panic! (NBC)(Summer 1957)/ No Warning (NBC)(Summer 1958) Anthology Series
The Paper Chase (TCF/CBS/Showtime)(1978-79)(1983-89) starring John Houseman & James Stephens
Paper Moon (ABC) (1974-75) starring Christopher Connelly and Jodie Foster

Paramount Pictures Television (1968 - )  successor to  Desilu

Paris 7000 (Universal/ABC)(Early 1970) Adventure Drama series starring George Hamilton
Paris Precinct (Europe)(1953-55) starring Louis Jourdan & Claude Dauphin

The Partners (Universal/NBC)(1971-72) starring Don Adams, Rupert Crosse
The Passerby (circa 1951-56)(15 min)(syndicated anthology series)
Passport to Danger (1954-55) starring Cesar Romero
Pathfinders (Toledo) (1972)(WWII Adventure series) starring Robert Urquhart & Jack Watling

The Patrice Munsel Show (ABC)(1957-58)
The Patty Duke Show (1963-66) starring Patty Duke & Patty Duke!
The Paul Lynde Show (1972-73) starring Paul Lynde & Elizabeth Allen

PBS (Public Broadcasting Network) (1969-)

Peck's Bad Girl (Summer 1959) starring Wendell Corey, Marsha Hunt, Patty McCormack
The People's Choice (1955-58) starring Jackie Cooper
Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (Revue/ABC)(1953-55) hosts Arlene Dahl, Anita Colby, Polly Bergen

Perry Mason (Paisano/CBS) (1957-66)
starring Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale, William Hopper, William Talman, Ray Collins

Perry Mason (Fred Silverman/ Dean Hargrove/ Viacom) (1985-93)
starring Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale,William Katt, William R. Moses

Pete And Gladys (1960-62) starring Harry Morgan & Cara Williams
Pete Kelly's Blues (Jack Webb/NBC)(1959) starring William Reynolds
Peter Loves Mary (Four Star) (1960-61) starring Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy
Peter Gunn (1958-61) starring Craig Stevens
Petrocelli (1974-76) starring Barry Newman & Susan Howard
Petticoat Junction (1963-70) starring Bea Benaderet & Edgar Buchanan

Peyton Place (TCF/ABC)(1964-69)
starring Ed Neslon, Dorothy Malone, Mia Farrow, Tim O'Connor, Barbara Parkins,
Ryan O'Neal, Christopher Connelly, Stephen Douglas, George Macready

 TELEVISION PLAYHOUSE (NBC) (1948-57) "live" Sunday night Anthology Series
Philco Television Playhouse (NBC)(1948-55)
Goodyear Television Playhouse (NBC)(1951-57)
Alcoa Hour (NBC)(1955-57) 

Philip Marlowe (Goodson-Todman/ABC)(1959-60) starring Philip Carey
Philip Morris Playhouse (CBS)(1953-54) "live" Dramatic Anthology

The Phil Silvers Show: You'll Never GetRich: Sgt. Bilko (CBS)(1955-59) starring Phil Silvers
The NEW Phil Silvers Show (CBS)(1963-64)

Phyllis (MTM/CBS)(1975-77) starring Cloris Leachman
Pistols 'n' Petticoats (1966-67) starring Ann Sheridan
The Plainclothesman (DuMont)(1949-54) starring Ken Lynch

Planet Of The Apes (TCF/CBS)(1974) starring Roddy McDowall, Ron Harper & James Naughton

Play of the Week (PBS)(1959-61)
Playhouse 90 (CBS)(1956-60) Dramatic Anthology Series
Playwrights '56 (NBC)(1955-56) Anthology Series
Please Don't Eat The Daisies (1965-67) starring Patricia Crowley
Plymouth Playhouse (ABC)(Spring 1953) hosted by Donald Cook

Agatha Christie's Poirot (1989-2009) (LWT/ITV) (UK) starring David Suchet

 Police Call (1954-55)  Police Anthology series
Police Station (1959)starring Baynes Barron & Henry Beckman
Police Story (CBS) (1952) Police Anthology series
Police Story (1973-80)(1987-88) Police Anthology series

Police Squad! (ABC) (Summer 1982) starring Leslie Nielsen
Dr. Simon Locke (US) (1971-72)/ Police Surgeon (Canada) (1972-74) Sam Groom
Police Woman (Columbia/David Gerber/NBC)(1974-79) starring Angie Dickinson & Earl Holliman
Pony Express (1959-60) starring Grant Sullivan

Popeye (animated) (Fleischer/Famous/Paramount) (1933-80) (theatrical + tv
Popi (CBS)(early 1976) starring Hector Elizondo
Pride Of The Family (1953-54) starring Paul Hartman & Fay Wray

The Practice (NBC)(1976-77) starring Danny Thomas, David Spielberg
Primus (Ivan Tors)(1971-72) starring Robert Brown

The Prisoner (ITC)(1967-68) UK Spy series starring Patrick McGoohan
Private Benjamin (1981-83) starring Lorna Patterson, Eileen Brennan
Private Secretary - aka - Susie (1953-57) starring Ann Sothern
Producers' Showcase (1954-57) NBC prestige monthly Dramatic/Musical Anthology series
Professional Father (CBS)(1955) starring Steve Dunne
Profiles In Courage (NBC)(1964-65) Anthology series

Project U.F.O. (Jack Webb/NBC)(1978-79) starring William Jordan, Edward Winter

The Protectors (UK/Europe/ITC) (1972-74)(live action) starring Robert Vaughn, Nyree Dawn Porter
The Pruitts Of Southampton (1966-67) starring Phyllis Diller
Public Defender (1954-55) starring Reed Hadley
Pulitzer Prize Playhouse (ABC) (1950-52) Dramatic Anthology series
The Pursuers (UK) (1961) starring Louis Hayward
Pursuit (CBS)(1958-59) "live" Anthology Series

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