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  Norman Lear - Bud Yorkin
 Tandem Productions / TAT Communications
Norman Lear (1922- )(imdb)   Bud Yorkin (1926-2015)(imdb)

   All In The Family (Norman Lear/CBS)(1971-79) starring Carroll O'Connor

 Sanford And Son (Bud Yorkin/Norman Lear/NBC)(1972-77) starring Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson

 Maude (Norman Lear-Bud Yorkin/CBS)(1972-78) starring Beatrice Arthur

  Hot l Baltimore (Norman Lear/CBS)(early 1975)  

Grady (Bud Yorkin/NBC)(1975-76) starring Whitman Mayo (spin-off from Sanford and Son)

 One Day At A Time (Norman Lear/CBS)(1975-84) starring Bonnie Franklin

The Jeffersons (Norman Lear/CBS)(1975-85) starring Sherman Hemsley

 The Dumplings (Norman Lear/NBC)(early 1976) starring James Coco & Geraldine Brooks

  The Nancy Walker Show (Norman Lear/ABC)(fall 1976) starring Nancy Walker

All's Fair (Norman Lear/CBS) (1976-77) starring Richard Crenna, Bernadette Peters

What's Happening (Norman Lear/Bud Yorkin/ABC)(1976-79)(Syndicated 1985-88)

Year At The Top (Don Kirshner/ Norman Lear/CBS)(Summer 1977) starring Greg Evigan, Paul Shaffer, Gabriel Dell

Sanford Arms (Bud Yorkin/Norman Lear/NBC)(fall 1977) starring Teddy Wilson (spin-off from Sanford And Son)

In The Beginning (TAT/Norman Lear/CBS)(fall 1978) starring McLean Stevenson, Priscilla Lopez

 Diff'rent Strokes  (Norman Lear/NBC/ABC)(1978-86) starring Conrad Bain, Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, Dana Plato

The Facts of Life  (Norman Lear/NBC)(1979-88) starring Charlotte Rae (1979-86) Cloris Leachman (1986-88)

 Hanging In (Norman Lear/CBS) (summer 1979) starring Bill Macy

Joe's World (Norman Lear/TAT/CBS)(1979-80) starring Ramon Bieri

Archie Bunker's Place (Norman Lear/CBS)(1979-83) starring Carroll O'Connor

 Sanford (Bud Yorkin/Norman Lear/NBC)(1980-81) starring Redd Fox (spin-off from Sanford And Son)

Checking In (Norman Lear/CBS) (1981) starring Marla Gibbs & Larry Linville (spin-off from The Jeffersons)

Embassy Television / ELP Communications (1982-88)

 Silver Spoons (Embassy/NBC)(1982-87) starring Joel Higgins, Ricky Schroder, Erin Gray

Square Pegs (Embassy) (1983)

Kids' Writes (Embassy) (1983)

It's Your Move (Embassy)(1984-85)

Double Trouble (Embassy)(1984-85)

E.R. (Embassy)(1984-85)

 Who's The Boss (Embassy/Columbia/ABC)(1984-92) starring Tony Danza, Judith Light & Katherine Helmond

E.R. (Embassy)(1984-85)

227 (Embassy)(1985-88)

Sweet Surrender (Embassy)(1987)

Everything's Relative (Embassy)(1987)

Women In Prison (Embassy)(1987-88)

The Charmings (Embassy)(1987-88)

 Married With Children (Embassy/Fox)(1987-97) starring Ed O'Neill

One Of The Boys (Embassy)(1989)

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