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Margie (1961-62)
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Twentieth Century-Fox Television
for ABC (Thursdays 9:30pm EST)
Produced by Hal Goodman and Larry Klein
Based on the 1946 TCF film 'Margie' starring Jeanne Crain

US Comedy series 1961-62  26 episodes x 30 min bw
Cynthia Pepper as Margie Clayton
Penney Parker as Maybelle Jackson
Wesley Tackitt as Nora Clayton

Dave Willock as Harvey Clayton
Tommy Ivo as Heywood Botts
Richard Gering as Johnny Green
Johnny Bangert as Cornell Clayton
Hollis Irving as Aunt Phoebe

Scrapes of a twenties High School girl.

################ Margie ###################
############# season 1961-62 #################
ABC Thursdays 9:30 pm Eastern
premiere airdate 12Oct61
Some stations time shift to 7:30pm the following Thursday

[01] Margie: THE VAMP
TCF Prod. no. 5701 (copyright date 1Sep61)
12Oct61 ABC, Thur. 9:30pm (ABC re-run 1Jun62)
written by ??
directed by Jack Sher
Maybelle seems to be the only girl the boys care about, until
sophisticated Aunt Phoebe shows Margie how to succeed as a flapper. [TA]

[02] Margie: COUNTY FAIR
TCF Prod. no. 5706 (copyright date 15Oct61)
19Oct61 ABC Thur (according to UCLA)
written by Albert E. Lewin and Burt Styler
directed by Don Richardson
********* no synopsis ************

[03] Margie: THE BIG MOVE a.k.a. HOUSE DIVIDED
TCF Prod. no. 5709 (copyright date 11Nov61)
26Oct62 ABC Thur
written by Albert E. Lewin and Burt Styler
directed by Don Richardson
Guest cast:
Raymond Bailey (as Mr. Yates)
Claude Johnson (as soda jerk)
Susan Adams (as girl)
Harvey informs the family that he has accepted a vice presidency at a
bank in another town. Margie doesn't want to leave, so she gets her
friends to start a run on the local bank - so her father will see
how much he's needed right there. [TA]

TCF Prod. no. 5705 (copyright date 29Sep61)
2Nov61 ABC, Thur. 9:30pm (ABC re-run 27Apr62)
written by Benedict Freedman
directed by Gene Reynolds
Guest cast:
Jack Albertson (as Cavanaugh)
James Milhollin (as Yates)
Raymond Bailey (as Osborne)
Molly Dodd (as Mrs. March)
Harvey has invented a burglar-alarm system, and is so indignant when
officials down at the bank refuse to take it seriously that he
threatens to quit. Margie, alarmed at the prospect of having an
unemployed father, feels it is her responsibility to do something about it. [TA]

[05] Margie: THE INITIATION a.k.a. SHEIK
TCF Prod. no. 5702 (copyright date 15Sep61)
09Nov62 ABC Thur (ABC re-run 8Jun62)
written by Ralph Goodman
directed by Don Richardson
Guest cast:
Jim Hawkins (as Clarence)
Yvonne Craig (as Cynthia)
Jeanie Cashell (as Opal)
Margie is looking forward to a stepped up social life after her
initiation into the Campus Queens sorority. [TA]

[06] Margie: THE MATCHMAKER (aka "Margie the Matchmaker")
TCF Prod. no. 5704 (copyright date 22Sep61)
16Nov61 ABC, Thur 9:30pm (ABC re-run 20Jul62)
written by Albert E. Lewin and Burt Styler
directed by Don Richardson
Guest cast:
Elliott Reid (as Olgivie)
Buddy Lewis (as Walter)
Darryl Stevens (as singer)
Margie thinks that Aunt Phoebe is lonely, and decides to find a husband
for her. Mr. Olgivie, the biology teacher, appears to be a likely
prospect, but he misunderstands Margie - and thinks she's in love with him. [TA]

[--] 23Nov61 - pre-empted for a "Close-Up" news special
on Germany: "West of the Wall" Part 2

[07] Margie: THE JAZZ BAND
TCF Prod. no. 5713 (copyright date 8Oct61)
30Nov61 ABC, Thur 9:30pm (ABC re-run 20Apr62)
written by Robert Van Scoyk
directed by Jack Donohueon
Guest cast:
Eddie Foy Jr. (as J.J. Burton)
Carol Veazie (as Miss Prager)
Buddy Lewis (as customer)
Claude Stroud (as Mr. Wardlow)
Madison High's Junior class would like Paul Whiteman's orchestra or
singer Rudy Vallee for their annual dance. Margie, the class treasurer,
says they can't afford it. But she has another play - why not form their own jazz band? [TA]

[08] [--] Margie: BY THE SEA
TCF Prod. no. 5712 (copyright date 18Nov61)
original airdate not known  - possibly 7Dec61  (ABC re-run 22Jun62)
directed by Don Richardson
written by Albert Lewin and Burt Styler
Guest Cast:
Paul Nesbitt (as Barry Nichols)
Harry Carter (as Man)
Karen Parker (as Girl)
At the beach, Margie spies handsome lifeguard Barry Nichols, and
quickly calls for help. Her cries bring prompt action - from her brother Cornell. [TA]

TCF Prod. no. 5711 (copyright date 1Oct61)
14Dec61 ABC, Thur 9:30pm (ABC re-run 29Jun62)
written by John Bradford and Ray Brenner
directed by Rod Amateau
Guest cast:
Michael Sean (as Cpl. Wallace Ashburn)
Gordon Jones (as Sergeant McClure)
Herb Ellis (as doctor)
Charlotte Stewart (as Daphne)
Margie develops a crush on a Marine, and seems to be losing interest in
Heywood Botts. He figures that if you can't beat them, join them, and
sets out for the Marine enlistment office. [TA]

TCF Prod. no. 5707 (copyright date 4Nov61)
21Dec61 ABC, Thur 9:30pm (ABC re-run 13Jul62)
written by Ralph Goodman
directed by Don Richardson
Guest cast:
Gigi Verone (as Slim)
Suzie Kaye (as Estelle)
Jean Blake (as Violet)
Kathleen O'Malley (as salesgirl)
Margie thinks it's time she started behaving like an adult and making
her own decisions. Her first test is selecting a dress - and she takes
Maybelle and three other girl friends along to help her pick it out. [TA]

[11] [--] Margie: RICHES TO RAGS
TCF Prod. no. 5714 (copyright date 24Nov61)
orig. ABC airdate unknown - possibly 28Dec61 (ABC re-run 6Jul62)
written by Ralph Goodman
directed by Don Richardson
Guest cast:
Edward Andrews (as Andrew Montague II)
David Macklin (as Andrew Montague III)
Harvey is concerned about the family's social status. He plans to
improve it - by arranging a date for Margie with Andrew Montague III,
son of his bank's chairman of the board. [TA]

TCF Prod. no. 5715 (copyright date 26Feb62)
4Jan62 ABC, Thur 9:30pm (ABC re-run 11May62, Friday 7:30pm)
written by Benedict Freedman
directed by Jack Donohue
Margie and Maybelle announce they're going to make a strike for
independence and they rent an apartment together. For the moment,
their parents decide the best policy is no policy. [TA]

TCF Prod. no. 5716 (copyright date 29Jan62)
11Jan62 ABC, Thur 9:30pm (ABC re-run 25May61)
written by John Bradford and Ray Brenner
directed by Jack Donohue
Margie's afraid her father and mother have lost the romantic spark.
She and Maybelle start a campaign to make them feel young again. [TA]

TCF Prod. no. 5703 (copyright date 8Sep61)
18Jan62 ABC, Thur 9:30pm (ABC re-run 31Aug62)
written by Larry Rhine and Milton Pascal
directed by Don Richardson
Guest cast:
James Brolin (as Freddie Coates)
Susan Hope (as Mimi)
Jody Fair (as Betty)
Jerry Brent (as Hank)
Jamie Brothers (as Albert)
Freddie Coates is running for president of the junior class and Margie
and Maybelle want Heywood to oppose him. But Heywood has a better idea -
why not nominate Margie? [TA]

[15] Margie: FALSE ALARM
TCF Prod. no. 5717 (copyright date 1Mar62)
25Jan62 ABC, Thur 9:30pm
written by Barbara Hammer
directed by Jack Donohue
Guest cast:
Sterling Holloway (as Bettenhouse)
Raymond Bailey (as Yates)
Ted de Corsia (as Hurlbutt)
The boss's daughter is getting married and Harvey hasn't been invited.
Margie knows her father has something else to do that day, but she
still thinks his feelings have been hurt - so she sends him a phony
invitation to make him happy. [TA]

[16] Margie: FLAMING YOUTH
TCF Prod. no. 5718 (copyright date 8Mar62)
01Feb62 ABC, Thur 9:30pm (ABC re-run 27Jul62)
written by Mel Tolkin and Leo Rifkin
directed by James Sheldon
Guest Cast:
Guest cast:
J. Pat O'Malley (as judge)
Kathleen Freeman (as Mrs. Botts)
Lindsay Workman (as Mr. Botts)
Frank Ferguson (as policeman)
Synopsis 1:
Maybelle convinces Margie that they must keep up with the times and
shorten their skirts. Margie's father gets a look at the results
- and his temper sours higher than the hemlines. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Margie's parents take in a movie called "Flaming Youth" and are ready
to sound the fire alarm for Margie. [TA]

TCF Prod. no. 5708 (copyright date 22Jan62)
08Feb62 ABC, Thur 9:30pm
written by Benedict Freedman
directed by Don Richardson
Guest Cast:
Floyd Simmons (as Philip Kirk)
Sue Randall (as Miss Franklin)
Hal England (as Jim West)
Dee Pollack (as Douglas Benton)
Christopher Bowler (as Counterman)
Margie tells Maybelle and her parents that she's through with boys.
She has decided on a career in teaching - and firmly intends to
sacrifice love and marriage for education. [TA]

[18] Margie: LADY OF THE HOUSE
TCF Prod. no. 5720 (copyright date 29Mar62)
15Feb62 ABC Thur 9:30pm (ABC re-run 10Aug62)
written by John Bradford and Ray Brenner
directed by Don Richardson
Guest cast:
Cliff Norton (as George Slaughter)
Michael Lee (as messenger)
The folks are out of town for a few days, and Margie is left to manage
the household. She decides to test her homemaking prowess by giving a
dinner party for Maybelle, Johnny and Heywood. [TA]

TCF Prod. no. 5721 (copyright date 5Apr62)
22Feb62 ABC Thur 9:30pm (ABC re-run 24Aug62)
written by Benedict Freedman
directed by Don Richardson
Nora wants Harvey to take her dancing on their anniversary. Harvey
decides to dress up his ballroom technique - by getting Margie and
Maybelle to teach him the latest steps. [TA]

[20] Margie: A WOMAN SCORNED
TCF Prod. no. 5719 (copyright date 15Mar62)
01Mar62 ABC Thur 9:30pm (ABC re-run 17Aug62)
written by Arnold Horwitt
directed by Don Richardson
(no guest cast details)
Harvey notices Margie seems to be oblivious to Heywood's well-mannered
attentions. Taking Heywood aside, Harvey suggests that he adopt a bolder
style and start acting like a cad. [TA]

[21] [--] Margie: MARGIE, THE JINX
TCF Prod. no. 5723 (copyright date 12Feb62)
orig. ABC airdate unknown - possibly 8Mar62
written by Albert E. Lewin and Burt Styler
directed by Gene Reynolds

TCF Prod. no. 5724 (copyright date 12Apr62)
15Mar62 ABC Thur 9:30pm
written by Laurence Marks
directed by Don Richardson
"Whatever Mama Wants" is exactly what Harvey, Margie and Cornell would
like to get her for her birthday. But it isn't going to be easy. [TA]

TCF Prod. no. 5726 (copyright date 5Feb62)
orig. ABC airdate unknown - possibly  22Mar62
written by Benedict Freedman
directed by Don Richardson
********* no synopsis *************

TCF Prod. no. 5725 (copyright date 29Oct61)
29Mar62 ABC Thur
written by Alan Woods
directed by Don Richardson
Starring: Cynthia Pepper (as Margie)
With: Penney Parker (as Maybelle), Dave Willock (as Harvey)
Wesley Tackitt (as Nora)
Guest Cast:
Doreen Lang ........... Miss Abernathy
Howard McNear ......... Selkirk
David Bond ............ Gideon
Phil Chambers ......... Police Chief
Jess Kirkpatrick ...... Officer
Alan Carney ........... Mr. Schatz
Margie has been made editor off the school paper and finds that she
has some new responsibilities - such as reading up on the subject of journalism. [TA]

[25]  Margie: THE WOLF OF WALL ST.
TCF Prod. no. 5722 (copyright date 22Mar62)
orig. ABC airdate unknown  - possibly 5Apr62  (ABC re-run 18May62, Fri 7:30pm)
written by Arnold Horwitt
directed by Gene Reynolds
Guest cast:
Raymond Bailey (as Mr. Yates)
Frank Puglia (Angelo)
Jason Wingreen (as Wallace)
Garry Walberg (as Johnson)
Harvey has found a World War I Liberty Bond and he presents it to
Margie with the suggestion that she put it in a safety-deposit box,
where it will increase in value. [TA]

Prod. no. 5710 (copyright date 8Jan62)
12Apr62 ABC, Thur 9:30pm
written by Alan Lipscott and Robert Fisher
directed by Don Richardson
Guest cast:
Wright King (as Bradford)
Harvey Stephens (as Dr. Lester)
Hollis Irving (as Phoebe)
It looks like Margie isn't going to have a date for the high school
dance - until she visits her dentist and meets his assistant, Brad Lester. [TA]

Summer Reruns ABC - Show moves to Fridays 7:30pm on 20Apr62
20Apr62 - re-run of "The Jazz Band" (from 30Nov61)
 27Apr62 - re-run of "Pity the Poor Working Girl" (from 2Nov61)
04May62 - unknown (a re-run of "The Vamp" was originally scheduled)
11May62 - re-run of "Margie Flies the Coop" (from 4Jan62)
18May62 - re-run of "The Wolf of Wall St. (orig airdate not known)
25May62 - re-run of "Burning Kisses" (from 11Jan62)
01Jun62 - re-run of "The Vamp" (from 12Oct61)
08Jun62 - re-run of "The Initiation" aka "The Sheik" (from 09Nov61)
15Jun62 - re-run of "A House Divided"
22Jun62 - re-run of "By the Sea" (orig airdate not known)
29Jun62 - re-run of "Hail the Conquered Hero" (from 14Dec61)
06Jul62 - re-run of "Riches to Rags"
13Jul62 - re-run of "The Shimmy Dress" (from 21Dec61)
20Jul62 - re-run of "Margie the Matchmaker" (first aired 16Nov61)
27Jul62 - re-run of "Flaming Youth" (from 1Feb62)
03Aug62 - pre-empted for a news special
re-run: "The Overseas Chinese: Report from Singapore"
10Aug62 - re-run of "Lady of the House" (from 15Feb62)
17Aug62 - re-run of "A Woman Scorned" (from 1Mar62)
24Aug62 - re-run of "The Dangerous Age" (from 22Feb62)
31Aug62 - re-run of "Madame President" (from 18Jan62)

################ Margie ###################
################ the end ###################

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