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Filmed at Hal Roach Studios Inc., Culver City
by Motion Pictures for Television
for First-Run Syndication
Produced by Hal Roach Jr.
Based on the radio program of the same name
Syndicated in 1954 and sold to Guild Films, New York in 1956.
US Comedy series 1954  39 episodes x 30 min mainly bw/some color
Ed Gardner as Archie
Alan Reed as Charlie Finnegan
Pattie Chapman as Miss Duffy, Duffy's daughter
Jimmy Conlin as Charley
William Fawcett as Clayton
Veda Ann Borg as Peaches La Tour (recurring)
James Burke as Clancy (recurring)

Comedy set in a bar-restaurant on New York's Third Avenue and the types
who congregate therein. Duffy, the owner is never seen.

Per an article in the 16Apr54 TV Guide, Ed Gardner said they had completed
26 episodes and were going to film 13 more for a total of "39"

############### Duffy's Tavern ###############
#################### 1954 ####################
 Syndicated Program
 1.1 [--] Duffy's Tavern: GRAND OPENING
25Jan1954 WWJ-4 Detroit, Michigan Mon. 10:30pm
19Mar1954 WLWD-5 Dayton, Ohio, Fri. 9:30pm
23Mar1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 10pm
Hal Roach Studios Inc. (copyright date 06Jan54; reg. no. LP4487)
Directed by Harve Foster
Produced by Hal Roach, Jr.
Teleplay by Larry Rhine & Ben Starr
Guest cast:
John Dousette … Sweet Sue
Ben Weldon … Slug
Frank Richards … Nick
Ralph Peters … Detective
Ben Moselle … Tough
Al Hill … Machine Gun
Synopsis 1:
There are no customers on hand for the grand opening of the Tavern because there's a gambling joint next door and all
the habitués gather there until Archie drops one of Miss Duffy's rings into the chicken fricassee. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Some hoodlums turn the ice cream parlor next to “Duffy’s Tavern” into a gambling den and Archie has his problems, too.
[Long Beach Independent]
(Synd: 01May1954 Columbus, Ohio)
(Synd: 19Sep54 Chicago)

1.2 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE'S BOYS' CLUB
01Feb1954 WWJ-4 Detroit, Michigan Mon. 10:30pm
31Aug1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 8pm
Synopsis 1:
Archie has unexpected results when he starts a boys club to impress the sister of one of the neighborhood's more troublesome youths. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Archie wins attention from a pretty miss when he organizes a boys club. [Long Beach Independent]
(Synd: 04Jan56 Kansas City, MO)
(20Sep1966 WMHT-17 Schenectady, NY Tues. 7pm)

1.3 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE BUYS A DOG
22Feb1954 WWJ-4 Detroit, Michigan Mon. 10:30pm
29Mar1954 KING-5 Seattle, Wash., Mon. 7pm
21Oct1954 WGN-9 Chicago, Thurs. 8:30pm
Archie is in trouble when he spends the tavern's last $19.74 on a worthless pooch. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Archie purchases a dog from a crook for $19.74 only to discover the dog is worthless. However, he gets a newspaper story about his dog
and sells the animal back to the crook. [Tacoma Daily Ledger]
(Synd: 12Jun55 Seattle, WA)

1.4 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE BUYS A RACEHORSE
23Feb1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 10pm
30Apr1954 WLWD-5 Dayton, Ohio, Fri. 9:30pm
03Aug1954 (Repeat) KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 8pm
Guest Cast:
Jesse White.
Synopsis 1:
Archie and his old pal Slip go halves on a racehorse. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Archie boys a half interest in a race horse called “Stumblebum” and when the nag finally wins a race, Archie winds up with the
wrong end of the purse and the horse. [Long Beach Independent]
(Synd: 13Dec57 Manchester, NH)

1.5 [--] Duffy's Tavern: THE HEIR
(aka "Archie, the Heir”)
01Mar1954 WWJ-4 Detroit, Mich., Mon. 10:30pm
20Apr1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 10pm
31May1954 WNBT-4 NYC Mon. 7pm
Guest cast:
Pierre Watkins ..... Fenston
Kathryn Gard ....... Mrs. Fenston
Synopsis 1:
Archie pretends he is the long-lost heir to a huge estate. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Archie thinks he can outsmart a very social family by pretending to be the long-lost heir to their estate. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Pretending to be a long-lost heir almost gets Archie poisoned. [RF]
Synopsis 4:
Archie, posing as the long-lost heir to the William Fenton estate of a couple of millions, is almost poisoned when he
visits the Fenton home. [Long Beach Independent]
(Synd: 17Jan55 Los Angeles)
(Synd: 24Aug57 Chicago, IL)

1.6 [--] Duffy's Tavern: A DATE FOR MISS DUFFY
Hal Roach Studios Inc. (copyright date 20Jan54; reg no. LP4488)
02Mar1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 10pm
Synd: 12Apr1954 Philadelphia
Synd: 15May54 Columbus, OH
27July1954 (Repeat) KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 8pm
Guest cast:
Benny Rubin ........ Prince Igor
Written by Larry Rhine and Ben Starr
Directed by Harve Foster
Guest cast
Thurston Hall ........ Mr. Fletcher
Frances Bavier ....... Mrs. Fletcher
Larry Dobkin ......... Egghead
Herb Vigran .......... Second Story
Art Lewis ............ Pomeroy
Dick Ryan ............ Summers
Dick Rich ............ Cop
Synopsis 1:
Archie palms Miss Duffy off as an heiress to Egghead Anderson, an old schoolmate of Archie's who has become an oil millionaire. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
A date for Miss Duffy ends in turmoil when she poses as an heiress to attract a man. [Long Beach Independent]
—Newspaper review of episode (Philadelphia Inquirer, Friday, April 16, 1954):
This past Monday night, Archie ventured outside of the tavern it self, giving the show a rather wider range than it had heretofore enjoyed.
The problem here was to get Miss Duffy married to a former classmate of Archie's, one Egghead Anderson, who reportedly had come up in the
world since both he and Archie had flunked out of kindergarten, and was now established in an elegant apartment in B swank hotel.
To impress Egghead with his own affluence and social standing; Archie paid a call dressed in a polo helmet and polo coat.
"Do you polo?" inquired Egghead. "Doesn't everyone?" returned Archie, with his eyebrows raised. A good question.
—Just A Fortune Hunter—
It was inevitable, of course, that further to impress Egghead, Archie should take over a Long Island mansion—through the courtesy of some
skeleton keys owned by one Second Story Jackson—and install Miss Duffy as its owner and heiress. And you could see it coming a mile away
that eventually Egghead himself would turn out to be nothing more than a fortune hunter, that the real owners of the Long Island mansion
would return home unexpectedly, and that Archie would wind up, at the finish, trying to explain what happened to Duffy himself.
It was a complicated story.

1.7 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE, THE CHEF
09Mar1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 10pm
25May1954 WXYZ-7 Detroit, Michigan Tues. 7:30pm
17Aug1954 (Repeat) KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 8pm
Guest cast:
Maurice Marsac ..... Pierre
Synopsis 1:
Archie's new French chef attracts high-class trade to Duffy's Tavern. When a wealthy young miss becomes enamored of the food, Archie decides
she'd love him, too-if he passed himself off as the chef. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
To impress a rich girl, Archie pretends to be his own French chef. [RF]
Synopsis 3:
Archie figures that some high-toned French food might bring the high-toned American social cream. The French chef he hires manages to lure
a very rich girl to the place to eat and Archie senses a good thing and makes a play for her … Things backfire quite badly.
[Long Beach Independent 25May54]
Synopsis 4:
Daphne Poindexter, the wealthy food-lover, makes love to Archie when she thinks he is responsible for the good food.
[Long Beach Independent 17Aug54]
(Synd: 20Sep57 Chicago, IL)

1.8 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE THE DETECTIVE
30Mar1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 10pm
07Sep1954 (Repeat) KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 8pm
Guest cast:
Joseph Vitali ...... Sam
James Burke ........ Clancy (recurring)
Jimmy Conlin ....... Charley (recurring)
Synopsis 1:
Mistaken identity almost causes a bank robbery. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
When Clancy the cop asks Archie to assist him in apprehending a safecracker and bank robber, Archie sees an opportunity to become a detective.
[Long Beach Independent 30Mar54]
Synopsis 3:
When Archie mistakes an insurance salesman for a safe-cracker he involves “Duffy’s Tavern” in quite a jam and also enables the crook
to rob the bank next door. [Long Beach Independent 7Sep54]

1.9 [--] Duffy's Tavern: DAMAGE SUIT
13Apr1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 10pm
24May1954 WNBT-4 NYC Mon. 7pm
30May1954 WXYZ-7 Detroit, Michigan Tues. 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Archie announces that he wants to become a lawyer and wants a suit to show off his legalistic talents. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Archie would like to become a lawyer, if only someone would like to bring suit. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Financing a Course at Law School. [New York Times]
Synopsis 4:
Archie files a lawsuit against "Duffy's Tavern" as he seeks money to go to school to study law. Finnegan volunteers to help him out
in a bone-breaking attempt but things fall apart. [Long Beach Independent]
(Synd: 11Jan55 Los Angeles)
(Synd: 19Dec56 Chicago, IL)

1.10 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE GETS ENGAGED
26Apr1954 WWJ-4 Detroit, Michigan Mon. 11:15pm
28Apr54 Philadelphia
13July1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 8pm
Guest cast:
Barbara Morrison ... Mrs. Van Clyde
Veda Ann Borg ...... Peaches La Tour (recurring)
Synopsis 1:
After being rejected by his girlfriend Peaches La Tour, Archie accepts the proposal of rich dowager, Mrs. Van Clyde, who opens a charge
account for him at an exclusive department store where Archie buys gifts to help win Peaches back. However, the widow will not make her
decision until she consults her three dead husbands. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The supernatural powers of three dead husbands save Archie from matrimony with the wealthy Mrs. Genevieve Magruder during "Duffy's Tavern"
on KTLA (5) at 8 p. m. [Long Beach Independent]
Synopsis 3:
"Archie Gels Engaged" to a rich widow tonight so that he can buy gifts to win back his girl friend Peaches. [Kokomo Tribune]

1.11 [--] Duffy's Tavern: (unknown title)
04May1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 10pm
A $3000 mink coat going to the girl who lands a date with Archie gets a lot of people in a stew at "Duffy's Tavern" on KTLA (5). [Long Beach Independent]
—same episode?
1.xx [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE'S PUBLICITY STUNT
04Dec1954 KPRC-2 Houston, Texas Sat. 6pm
When the newspapers play up the story of the pearl that was found in an oyster dinner at Grogan's, Archie realizes that Duffy's needs
publicity to counteract the competition's claim. [JB]
(Synd: 08Feb56 Kansas City, MO)

1.12 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE'S NEWSPAPER
11May1954 WXYZ-7 Detroit, Michigan Tues. 7:30pm
22June1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 10pm
02Aug1954 WNBT-4 New York City Mon. 7pm
Synopsis 1:
A rival's new matchbooks are putting a damper on Duffy's Tavern's business.
Synopsis 2:
Quintuplets born at Aunt Sophie's home make headlines for the first edition of "Duffy's Daily Dipper," an exclusive paper published
at "Duffy's Tavern.” [Long Beach Independent]

1.13 [--] Duffy's Tavern: HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY
12May1954 Philadelphia
19Jul1954 KING-5 Seattle, Wash. Mon. 7pm
23Aug1954 WNBT-4 New York City Mon. 7pm
Guest cast:
Elvia Allman,
John Doucette,
Lillian Culver,
Grace Hayle,
Jack Lomas
Threatened by "Sweet Sue," a gangster to who he owes $40 gambling debt, Archie decides to marry a rich member of the Lonely Hearts Club. [JB]

1.14 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE'S ROOMMATE
18May1954 WXYZ-7 Detroit, Michigan Tues. 7:30pm
29June1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 10pm
09Aug1954 WNBT-4 New York City Mon. 7pm
Guest cast:
Veda Ann Borg,
Edith Leslie,
Mike Romanoff,
Benny Rubin,
Leonard Penn
Synopsis 1:
In an attempt to raise money to take Peaches La Tour to the El Morocco, Archie takes in a roommate, Prince Mike Romanoff.
Complications arise when the Prince refuses to pay his rent in advance. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Mike Romanoff, the famed restauranteur, plays a featured role in tonight's "Duffy's Tavern" as he helps Archie
raise the money to take his babe to the El Morocco.
(Synd: 21Aug54 Columbus, OH)

1.15 [--] Duffy's Tavern: CLAUDE'S BLACK BAG
07June1954 WNBT-4 New York City Mon. 7pm [Brooklyn NY Daily Eagle]
A mysterious black bag almost closes the tavern. [TVGuide.com]
—matching episode? (also 07Jun54 NYC):
[--] Duffy's Tavern: possibly “Claude’s Black Bag”
07Jun1954 NYC
14May1954 WLWD-5 Dayton, Ohio, Fri. 9:30pm
When Clancy warns Archie about fights in the tavern, Archie tries his hardest, but alas, in vain, to keep the peace. [JB]

1.16 [--] Duffy's Tavern: GEMS FROM THE DIAMOND COUNTRY
15June1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 10pm
26July1954 WNBT-4 New York City Mon. 7pm
Guest cast:
Portunio Bonanova,
Tom Kennedy,
William Yetter,
James Burke
Lou Leonard,
Pitt Herbert,
Harry Tyler,
George E. Stone
Synopsis 1:
Finnegan inherits a hundred gems from the diamond country. Archie thinks he can use them to pay off a card debt. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Archie forms a partnership with Finnegan to pool resources when the latter becomes beneficiary to an uncle's diamond fortune.
[Long Beach Independent]
(Synd: 10Aug57 Chicago)
—same episode?
1.xx [--] Duffy's Tavern: (unidentified episode)
Guest cast:
Fortunio Bonanova .. Coloucci
James Burke ........ Clancy (recurring)
Jimmy Conlin ....... Charley (recurring)
Finnegan's inheritance saves Archie from his creditors. [RF]

1.17 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE SELLS THE TAVERN
21June1954 WNBT-4 NYC Mon. 7pm
24Jun1956 Los Angeles
14Sep1954 (Repeat) KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 8pm
Guest cast:
Barry Kelley … Capt. Grimes
Martin Garralaga … Gonzales
Vincent Paaula … Don Pedro
Frank Hagney … Bit Tout
Archies offer to sell Duffy's Tavern bring two eager purchasers, a crusty old sea captain and a hot-tempered Mexican who try to out
bid each other for the ownership of the place. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Sale of “Duffy’s Tavern” is foiled when a parrot gets into the act and saves Archie’s skin. [Long Beach Independent 14Sep54]
Synopsis 3:
Duffy’s Tavern is put up for sale and Archie is dumped in Central Park lake. [New York Times]

1.18 [--] Duffy's Tavern: WEDDING IN THE TAVERN (wga)
28June1954 WNBT-4 NYC Mon. 7pm
20Oct1956 WPIX-11 NYC Sat. 8:30pm
Guest cast:
Dorothy Adams,
Janet Stewart,
Greg Martell
Synopsis 1:
Mr. Kolchak arranges for a wedding banquet but Archie arranges tropical fever for himself in order to sneak his tuxedo out of his rooming house. [JB]
(Synd: 28Jun54 NYC)
Synopsis 2:
Archie poses as a tropical fever victim. [Long Island Star-Journal, New York]

1.19 [--] Duffy's Tavern: THE GYPSY PRINCESS
05Jul1954 WNBT-4 New York City Mon. 7pm
Guest cast:
Liz Slifer,
Marianne Kape,
Peter Mamkos
When Archie fails to obtain the services of a real gypsy fortuneteller to entertain the ladies of the Lord Byron Literary Society,
he dresses Finnegan as a gypsy. [JB]

1.20 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE, THE HYPNOTIST
06July1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 8pm
07Aug1954 Dayton, OH
16Aug1954 WNBT-4 New York City Mon. 7pm
Guest cast:
Trevor Bardette,
Frank Marlowe,
Allen Jenkins,
Rodolfo Hayos, Jr.,
Renee Godfrey,
Dorothy Ryan,
Frank Hagney
Synopsis 1:
Archie gets his first vacation in seven years by demanding three days off from Duffy while under the hypnotic spell of Danzo, the hypnotist.
As a replacement he hires a disheveled character who appears to be too dumb for Archie to worry about competition. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
A hypnotist puts Archie under a spell and tries some underhanded work. [Long Beach Independent]

1.21 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE’S TRIP TO FLORIDA
12July1954 WNBT-4 NYC Mon. 7pm
No synopsis available.

1.22 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE THE HERO
19July1954 WNBT-4 New York City Mon. 7pm
Guest Cast:
Veda Ann Borg ...... Peaches La Tour (recurring)
Lyle Talbot,
Fay Roope,
Herb Vigrain,
Alan Bridge
Archie misunderstands his doctor and believes he only had three days to live. He decides to perform some heroic act to ingratiate himself with Peaches. [JB]
(Synd: 04Aug54 Philadelphia)

1.23 [--] Duffy's Tavern: MISS DUFFY'S COMING OUT PARTY
(aka “Midd Duffy's Coming Out Party”)
20July1954 KTLA-5 Los Angeles Tues. 8pm
12Aug1957 Chicago
30Aug1954 WNBT-4 NYC Mon. 7pm
Guest cast:
Benny Rubin,
Veda Ann Borg,
Bill Arnold,
Don Brodie
Synopsis 1:
After all the inhabits of the tavern have refused to escort Miss Duffy to her coming out party, Archie is forced to go to an escort bureau. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Archie tries to fatten up Miss Duffy for her coming out party. [Long Beach Independent]

1.24 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE, THE FATHER
21Aug1954 Dayton, OH
06Sep1954 WNBT-4 New York City Mon. 7pm
18Dec1954 KPRC-2 Houston, Texas Sat. 6pm
Finnegan enters the tavern and presents Archie with a wicker basket containing a baby that he just discovered abandoned in from of the tavern. [JB]

1.25 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE BUYS A FIDDLE
13Sep1954 WNBT-4 NYC Mon. 7pm
13Nov1954 KPRC-2 Houston, Texas Sat. 6pm
Guest cast:
Sig Ruman … Heitelz
Art Lewis
Archie tries in vain to sell the $15 violin he was sold as a Stradivarius. But no one seems as gullible as Archie has been. [JB]
(Synd: 07Jun57 Manchester, NH)
(Synd: 01Feb58 Los Angeles, CA)

1.26 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE’S RICH UNCLE
27Sep1954 WNBT-4 NYC Mon. 7pm [NY Times]
23Oct1954 KPRC-2 Houston, Texas Sat. 6pm
Uncle Homer is coming to visit Archie's "family."

1.27 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE'S LANDMARK
15Oct1954 Columbus, OH
With the building supervisors poised to make an inspection of the tavern, Archie is forced to stimulate business in order to raise
cash for the needed repairs before the inspector appraises the building. [JB]

1.28 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE THE ACTOR
30Oct1954 KPRC-2 Houston, Texas Sat. 6pm
Guest cast:
Mary Beth Hughes … Daphne
Alan Reed … Finnegan
Archie takes a fling at the theater to fulfill his love for an actress.

1.29 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE'S SINGING CONTEST
Hal Roach Studios Inc. (c) 1954 Copyright
06Nov1954 KPRC-2 Houston, Texas Sat. 6pm
Falcon Picture Group DVD – Catalog # 2005 – “1950s TV’s Greatest Comedies” [RBH]
Produced by Hal Roach, Jr.
Teleplay by Larry Rhine & Ben Starr
Directed by Harve Foster
Regular Cast:
Ed Gardner ............ Archie
Alan Reed ............. Finnegan
Pattee Chapman ........ Miss Duffy
Jimmy Conlin .......... Charlie
Guest Cast:
Mary Beth Hughes ...... Daphne
Fritz Feld ............ Yasha
Aileen Carlyle ........ Bertha
Lizz Slifer ........... Mrs. Piddleton
Kathryn Sheldon ........ Mrs. Clauber
Synopsis 1:
Archie makes the mistake of selecting Finnegan as the sole judge of a singing contest. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
In an attempt to woo the beautiful actress Daphne Drake,
Archie stages a phony singing contest at the tavern with disastrous results. [RBH]
Synopsis 3:
Archie falls in love with an actress. [JB]
(Synd: 28Jan55 Los Angeles)
(Synd: 23Apr56 Plattsburgh, NY)

1.30 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE, THE POLITICIAN
27Nov1954 KPRC-2 Houston, Texas Sat. 6pm
Guest Cast:
Veda Ann Borg ...... Peaches La Tour (not listed in credits)
Guest cast (closing credits):
Eddie Marr … Harrigan
Mary Beth Hughes … Daphne
James Burke … Clancy
Rowland McCracken … Man
Archie decides to run for City Alderman. [JB]
(Synd: 21Mar59 Oklahoma City, OK)

1.31 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE THE EX-COWARD
11Dec1954 KPRC-2 Houston, Texas Sat. 6pm
Guest cast:
Mike Mazurki ....... McGurk
Jimmy Conlin ....... Charley (recurring)
James Burke ........ Clancy (recurring)
Archie finds himself in the right ring when promoter Finnegan arranges a bout with a professional boxer.
Archie’s strong enough, he just knocked out two burglars. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
After Archie KOs two burglars, he decides to take on a professional boxer. [RF]
(Synd: 22Feb56 Kansas City, MO)
(Synd: 08Apr59 Los Angeles, CA)

1.32 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE THE AMBASSADOR
25Dec1954 KPRC-2 Houston, Texas Sat. 6pm
A man promises to make Archie the ambassador to a romantic foreign land. [JB]
(Synd: 03Apr58 Atlanta, GA)

1.33 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE'S DOUBLE DATE
Guest cast:
Elvia Allman
Archie and his pal Finnegan go out on a double date. Guess who gets to escort the horrible Hannah? [JB]
(Synd: 09Dec55 NYC)

1.34 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE AND THE GENIAL HOST
Archie passes out free food and drink as part of his campaign to be elected the most popular bartender on Third Avenue. [JB]
(Synd: 10Aug57 Chicago)

1.35 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE FACES MARRIAGE
22Nov1955 KFAR-2 Fairbanks, Alaska Tues. 10:35pm
Guest cast:
Lola Albright … Sherry
Sarah Padden ....... Mrs. Magruder
Pitt Herbert … Yanow
William Haade … Mike
Edward Foster … Louie
Harry Hickox … Jones
Mark Sutherland … Archie, Jr.
Earl Robey … Archie, The 3rd
Synopsis 1:
A girl talks Archie into marrying her in order to keep him from becoming suspicious when she rents the back room of the
tavern to print "greeting cards." [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Archie almost gets married to a counterfeiter. [RF]
(Synd: 13Aug57 Chicago)

1.36 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE'S FLOOR SHOW
Archie tries to steal a star from another tavern for his floor show. [JB]
(Synd: 20Mar59 Oklahoma City, OK)

1.37 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE'S YACHT
Guest Cast:
Joyce Holden
Synopsis 1:
Archie inherits a yacht from his aunt and joins a yacht club it learn the ways of the social set. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Archie inherits a yacht (in a bottle).
(Synd: 25Feb55)
(Synd: 05May56 WPIX-11 NYC Sat. 10pm)
(Synd: 01Apr58 Atlanta, GA)

1.38 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE'S INSURANCE COMPANY
Guest cast:
John Harmon
Archie’s first customer in his new insurance business is a crook. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Archie goes into the insurance business and his first customer (John Harmon) is a crook marked for death. [RF]
(Synd: 02Mar59 Green Bay, WI)

1.39 [--] Duffy's Tavern: ARCHIE THE BLUEBEARD
Guest Cast:
Rene Godfrey ....... Renee
Charlita ........... Chiquita
Synopsis 1:
Archie dates a Spanish singer and a French model. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Dating two girls at the same time gets Archie into trouble. [RF]
(Synd: 31Mar58 Atlanta, GA)


1.xx [—] Duffy's Tavern: (unidentified episode)
12Apr1954 WNBT-4 New York City Mon. 7pm
Archie talks too much and costs Miss Duffy one of her infrequent boy friends. The leaves him with the unappetizing choice
of finding her a new beau or squiring her himself. [Jersey Journal, Jersey City, NJ]

1.xx [--] Duffy's Tavern: (unidentified episode)
Guest cast:
Veda Ann Borg ....... Peaches La Tour (recurring)
Jimmy Conlin ....... Charley (recurring)
Archie decides to earn a little easy cash on a quiz program. [RF]
In an article in the 16Apr54 TV Guide, Ed Gardner said they had completed
26 episodes and were going to film 13 more for a total of “39”

############### Duffy's Tavern ###############
################# the end ##################

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