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Don Fedderson Productions

Don Fedderson (1913-1994)

Life With Elizabeth (Don Fedderson/Guild Films/Synd)(1953-55) starring Betty White & Del Moore

The Millionaire (Don Fedderson/CBS)(1955-60) starring Marvin Miller

Who Do You Trust? (Don Fedderson (CBS 1956-57) / (ABC 1957-63) hosted by Edgar Bergan, Johnny Carson

Date with the Angels (Don Fedderson/ABC)(1957-58) starring Betty White & Bill Williams

My Three Sons (Don Fedderson)(ABC)(1960-65) (black-and-white)  starring Fred MacMurray
My Three Sons (Don Fedderson)(CBS)(1965-72) (color) starring Fred MacMurray

Summer Playhouse 64 (Don Fedderson/CBS)(Summer 1964 ) Anthology of  Pilots for Projected Series

Family Affair (Don Fedderson/CBS)(1966-71) Comedy series starring Brian Keith & Sebastian Cabot

To Rome With Love (Don Fedderson/CBS)(1969-71) starring John Forsythe

The Smith Family (Don Fedderson/ABC)(1971-72) Henry Fonda, Janet Blair, Darleen Carr, Ron Howard

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