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Amos 'n' Andy (1951-55)
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Hal Roach Studios, Inc.  under the supervision of Sidney VanKeuren
CBS (Thursdays 8:30 PM ET) (28Jun51-11Jun53) (first 52 episodes)
First-Run Syndication (1953-54)(13 episodes)
First-Run Syndication (1955)(13 episodes)("The Adventures Of Kingfish")
Exec Producer James D. Fonda (?)
Production Supervised by Charles J. Correll & Freeman F. Gosden
Produced & Directed by Charles Barton
Directed by Charles Barton (most episodes)
Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher (most episodes)(later wrote "Leave it to Beaver")

US Comedy series 1951-55 78 episodes x 30 min bw (only 70 known to exist)

Alvin Childress as Amos Jones, cab-driver
Spencer Williams as Andrew Hogg Brown
Tim Moore as George "Kingfish" Stevens, scheming con man
Johnny Lee as Algonquin J. Calhoun, fast-talking lawyer
Ernestine Wade as Sapphire Stevens, Kingfish's nagging wife
Nick O'Demus as Lightnin',janitor at the lodge
Horace Stewart as Lightnin'janitor at the lodge (aka for same actor?) 
Jester Hairston as Sapphire's Mother/Henry Van Porter
Amanda Randolph as Sapphire's Mother
Lillian Randolph as Madame Queen
Jane Adams as Ruby Jones
 Premise/ Background:
For its time, it was immensely popular and was the first tv comedy series to employ an all Black cast.

Amos and Andy was absolutely hilarious thanks, in large part, to a wonderfully talented cast. Tim Moore played "Kingfish"
a character who was constantly scheming to take advantage of his trusting friend Andy, played by Spence Williams. Other
cast members included Ernestine Wade as Sapphire, Amanda Randolph as Sapphire's mother, and Johnny Lee as Algonquin
J. Calhoun,a fast-talking lawyer. For its time, it was perfectly ok to portray blacks as generally poor and uneducated.
But in time, civil rights groups would object to the way it depicted blacks in America. Many have said that it was no
worse than Sanford & Sons which portrayed a man and his son who ran a junk yard. In its own way, It broke ground that
would help pave the way to more responsible programing for all minorities.

65 "Amos 'n' Andy" episodes were produced during 1951-53. But CBS only aired 52 of these. The remaining 13 episodes
premiered in first-run syndication during the 1953-54 season.

In August 1954, filming began on an additional 13 episodes. These were intended for an "Amos 'n' Andy" spinoff
titled "The Adventures of Kingfish," set to premiere January 4, 1955 on CBS. But before the spinoff could even debut,
CBS replaced it with another series "Life with Father." The "Kingfish" episodes were eventually retitled "Amos 'n' Andy"
and added to the previous 65 syndicated episodes.

The production numbers listed on this guide are from the series' run in syndication.
The numbering started with the first set of 13 First-Run Syndicated episodes (prod. no's. 1701-1713).

Prod. no's. 1714-1765 are the 52 episodes that originally aired on the CBS network. The order of these episodes
appear to be random and do not match the CBS broadcast order. (Some of these are given 6-digit numbers such as 1017-65.)

Prod. no's 1766-1778 are the 2nd set of 13 First-Run Syndicated episodes filmed in 1954 for the (cancelled)
"Adventures of Kingfish" series.

The radio version was produced by Charles J. Correll & Freeman F. Gosden

Theme Music: Clarence Lucas theme: "the perfect song"

############### Amos 'n' Andy ###############
############## season 1 1951-52 ##############
CBS Thursdays 8:30 PM ET (27 new episodes)

1.1 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: KINGFISH GETS DRAFTED (series premiere)
28Jun51 CBS Thur 8:30pm
 Synopsis 1:
When the Kingfish gets drafted, his wife and his lodge brothers applaud but soon change their tune when his outfit
is to go overseas. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
In tonight's story, the Kingfish receives a draft notice, and is honored at a number of farewell parties before he
learns that there is another George Stevens. (28June1951 Long Beach Independent)
--Excerpt from 29Jun1951 Chicago Tribune review:
The first show found the Kingfish, through an error, required to report to his draft board. After discussing with Andy
various ways of keeping out of the army, he asked Sapphire to make a tear jerking appeal to the board. She, however,
was overjoyed to learn that the Kingfish had been tapped on the shoulder for basic training. The board then discovered
its error but too late to save the Kingfish's face with his lodge pals. The Kingfish stalled on reporting, bought a
uniform and began masquerading as a soldier, to delay a reckoning with his friends over their going away gifts. This
is situation comedy at its exaggerated best, the most promising serial strip yet to hit TV.
--Excerpt from 01Jul1951 New York Times review:
Certainly it as the Kingfish's show last Thursday night when his draft board sent him greetings by mistake. When the
error was caught, after the Kingfish had begun to love his role as a patriot, he told his friends that he was going
away to the Army but instead hid out in the basement of the lodge hall of the Mytic Knights of the Sea. As full-bodied
entertainment the story line was woefully thin. It wound up with the Kingfish's wife and mother-in-law breaking vases
over his head and sending him to the hospital when they learned he hadn't gone to the Army after all.

1.2 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: THE SECRETARY (aka Kingfish's Secretary)
05Jul1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 19Jun1952)
prod. no. 1743 (syndication)
 Guest cast:
Ruby Dandridge....Henrietta Smith
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish hires a secretary, much to the annoyance of Sapphire. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish mistakenly signs a letter requesting a mail order bride with a letter requesting a wash woman for
the building.
Synopsis 3:
A member dies and leaves funds to the lodge. Kingfish goes wild redecorating and expanding lodge headquarters. [JB]
Synopsis 4:
Kingfish in Trouble - Trouble with wedding bells afflicts The Kingfish when he accidently signs a letter proposing
marriage. Henrietta comes steaming to New York ready to wed the head man of the Mystic Knights of the Sea.
(05Jul51 Long Beach Independent)
--08Jul1951 newspaper item:
Ruby Dandridge, the gal who scored a hit as 'Henrietta' on last Thursday's Amos 'n' Andy show, has been signed for
a feature role in the new TV "Beulah" series with Hattie McDaniel. (Long Beach Independent Tele-Vues column)

1.3 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: The Amos 'n' Andy show: YOUNG GIRL'S MOTHER
12Jul51 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1746 (syndication)
 Written for television by Bob Ross & Dave Schwartz
Script by Joe Connelly, Bob Mosher & Bob Ross
Editor: Daniel A. Nathan
Guest Cast (IMDb):
Millie Bruce ... Brenda
Jester Hairston ... Henry Van Porter
Lillian Randolph ... Madame Queen
Synopsis 1:
Andy Brown swears off love after an unhappy romance with Madame Queen. (12Jul51 San Mateo Times)
Synopsis 2:
Andy wants to marry a very young girl until he meets her mother, Madame Queen, a formidable woman he jilted many
years ago.
Synopsis 3:
Andy and Cupid - The incurable loverman, Andrew H. Brown, is at it again despite his agonies with Madame Queen,
Miss Blue, Abigail Simpson, Senorita Butterfly and others. Andy falls for, and gets ready to wed Brenda Thompson, 22.
The Kingfish reluctantly helps in the planning of the nuptials. On the even of the wedding, up pops Madame Queen and
from then on ... WOW! (12Jul51 Long Beach Independent)

1.4 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: RARE COIN (Pilot) (aka The Rare Nickel)
19Jul1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 13Dec1951)
 Synopsis 1:
Kingfish intercepts a letter from a rare coin dealer to Andy telling him that a nickel in his possession is worth $250.
Kingfish pockets the letter and sets out to get the coin from Andy. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish swindles Andy out of a rare coin and Andy swindles it right back by use of a clever trick in a phone
booth coin slot.
Synopsis 3:
Coin Trouble - Andy Brown finds a nickel dated 1877 and learns from a coin dealer that it is worth $250. The Kingfish
intercepts the letter, poses as a doctor who wishes to examine Andy, rifles his pants, steals the nickel and departs.
Andy finds out about it, corners the Kingfish only to find the nickel is missing and they both set out to track it down.
(19Jul51 Long Beach Independent)

1.5 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: KINGFISH HAS A BABY
26Jul1951 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1742 (syndication)
 Synopsis 1:
The Kingfish decides to reform because he thinks he is about to become a father.
Synopsis 2:
Sapphire gets fed up with The Kingfish and goes home to mother. He is very despondent over this turn of events until
Lightnin' spots Sapphire entering the office of Dr. Henry M. Jackson, obstetrician. The Kingfish beats his chest,
gets cigars ready to pass out for the blessed event...but nearly passes out himself when he finds out that...but we
won't tell, just tune (in). (26Jul51 Long Beach Independent)

02Aug1951 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1741 (syndication)
Andy is a hero when he overpowers a gang of counterfeiters and collects a fat reward.
Synopsis 2:
Harlem is thrown into a dither by the Kingfish, but he doesn't know why. Seems he rents the basement of the Mystic
Knights of the Sea lodge hall to three mysterious printers. Andy sneaks down into the basement to print a calling
card to go with a box of candy for his girl friend, gets his sleeve caught in the hand press and it comes out with
a picture of Andrew Jackson on it. He departs with a box of brand new twenty dollar bills instead of his candy and
when his girl spreads the money around, things begin to happen. (02Aug51 Long Beach Independent)

1.7 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: SAPPHIRE DISAPPEARS [TA]
09Aug1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 07Feb1952)
prod. no. 1748 (syndication)
 Synopsis 1:
Kingfish and Sapphire have an argument and she goes home to mother. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish thinks Sapphire has been murdered when she leaves him in a huff and he can find no trace of her. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Once again Sapphire leaves The Kingfish "for good" and goes home to Brooklyn. Andy and The Kingfish set out to woo
her back but find the mother-in-law's home deserted except for a strange man who seems to be perfectly at home.
This leads the two wife hunters into the delusion that the man is a friend and has done away with Sapphire.
Lightnin' helps out by finding some burned clothes in the backyard and this leads to a new kind of private eye trouble.
(09Aug1951 Long Beach Independent)

1.8 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: THE WINSLOW WOMAN (aka "Andy Woos a Widow")
16Aug1951 CBS Thur
 Guest Cast (IMDb):
Willa Pearl Curtis ... Mrs. Elizabeth Winslow
Bill Walker ... Mr. Winslow
Synopsis 1:
The Kingfish wants Andy to marry wealthy Mrs. Winslow, even when the not-so-wealthy woman actually shows up.
Synopsis 2:
Andrew H. Brown can smell orange blossoms again as the Kingfish inveigles him into proposing to a newly-arrived "widow"
in Harlem who has fallen heir to $20,000. Andy agrees to pose as an Austrian baron and this entices the widow to agree
to the nupitials. Everything is ready when a stranger appears on the scene and things really begin to pop.
(16Aug51 Long Beach Independent)

1.9 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: THE GUN
23Aug1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 14Feb1952)
 Synopsis 1:
When Kingfish totes a gun there's trouble. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish buys a pocketbook as a birthday gift for Sapphire. The one he chooses has a gun in it, hidden there by a
runaway robber. Kingfish decides to recoup the price of the gift by pawning the gun. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish, trying to pawn a gun, is mistaken for a robber.
Synopsis 4:
Kingfish finds a loaded pistol in Sapphire's handbag.
Synopsis 5:
Kingfish in Trouble - When George Stevens buys a handbag as a gift for his wife, Sapphire, he discovers a loaded pistol
in it. The gun goes off, doing some damage to the lodge hall of the Mystic Knights of the Sea. The Kingfish decides
to pawn the gun, is seen going into the shop with the gun, and when he holds it out towards the woman proprietor,
and says "I want some money," she faints. Even Lawyer Calhoun has trouble trying to prove the whole incident was
not a holdup. (23Aug51 Long Beach Independent)

1.10 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: CALL LEHIGH 4-9900 (aka "Best in Town")
30Aug1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun possibly 21Feb52)
prod. no. 1751 (syndication)
 Synopsis 1:
Kingfish has marital troubles again. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
This episode focuses on a lonely hearts club and the ire of Sapphire.
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish accidentally answers a newspaper ad for a lonely hearts club, and when a girl shows up at his office,
Andy poses as the Kingfish.
Synopsis 4:
Kingfish finds an old ad in a suit pocket. He calls the phone number. The number is that of a Lonely Hearts Club.
Synopsis 5:
Lonely Heart - The Kingfish finds an old advertisement from an equally old suit and finds it asking him to call
Lehigh 4-9900 for the Best in Town-No Charge. So he calls the number and is told he'll be called back. While he is
out of the lodge hall his wife Sapphire gets the call and finds it is a lonely hearts club. Andy pitches in to square
things by dating the beautiful girl sent around by the club. (30Aug51 Long Beach Independent)

1.11 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: LEROY LENDS A HAND
06Sep1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 28Feb1952)
 Synopsis 1:
Kingfish's brother-in-law hits town and moves right in. (06Sep1951 Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Synopsis 2:
Leroy confuses parking lot with used car lot and starts selling cars in the parking lot. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Kingfish and Andy buy a parking lot. They go off to lunch and leave brother-in-law Leroy in charge of the place.
Leroy sees a dented fender and thinks the boys operate a used car lot. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 4:
The Kingfish and Andy go into the parking lot business and wind up in the used car business.

1.12 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: THE FUR COAT
(Not to be confused with "The Society Party")
13Sep51 CBS Thur (Network rerun 06Mar1952)
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish gets a job as a messenger. Wife thinks he has purchased a fur coat for her. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish, who works for a department store, finds himself with an undelivered fur coat which Sapphire thinks is a
gift for her. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Kingfish's job as a delivery boy for a department store leads Sapphire to think he has bought a beaver coat for her. [TA]
Synopsis 4:
Sapphire is so delighted with her surprise from the Kingfish, a fur coat, that he hasn't the heart to tell her that
the coat is not for her.
Synopsis 5:
The Kingfish gets into hot water when he takes a job a delivery boy for a department store and brings the wrong package

1.13 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: JEWELRY STORE ROBBERY (aka "The Jewelry Store")
20Sep1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 13Mar1952)
prod. no. 1749 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish and Andy get a picture of a robber. He chases them trying to destroy the evidence.
Synopsis 2:
Andy and the Kingfish find that a snapshot they took is worth $1000 because it shows a man robbing a store.
Synopsis 3:
Andrew H. Brown snaps a picture of his pal "Kingfish" George Stevens in front of a jewelry store just as a bandit
emerges following a holdup. When a $1000 reward is offered for the bandit, the Kingfish immediately starts out to
get the roll of film from Andy, but the thug also wants the film. (20Sep1951 Long Beach Independent)

1.14 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: (possibly "Kingfish's Last Friend")
27Sep1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun possibly 20Mar1952)
Andy gets hold of some money, the Kingfish tries to fleece him out of it. [JB]

--possibly the same episode:

[--] The Amos 'n' Andy show: KINGFISH'S LAST FRIEND
prod. no. 1736 (syndication)
The Kingfish has swindled too many people and is losing all of his friends so he goes on a reform kick.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 15Aug1954 WCBS-2, Sunday 2:30pm)

1.15 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: ANDY BUYS A HOUSE
04Oct1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 27Mar1952)
prod. no. 1753 (syndication)
The Kingfish takes a job as a real estate agent and must prove himself by selling a house on condemned land
-- he does, to Andy.
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish sells Andy a house.
Synopsis 3:
House and Lot - The Kingfish, always ready to make a fast dollar at the expense of his "friend" Andy, sells
the latter a house that is 42 feet wide. Andy doesn't have a lot, but the Kingfish has, so he sells it to Andy.
The lot is 35 feet wide ... this leads to complications. But what Andy does with his oversized house and undersized
lot leaves The Kingfish gasping for air. (04Oct51 Long Beach Independent)

1.16 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: AMOS HELPS OUT
11Oct1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 03Apr1952)
prod. no. 1754 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
During a fight, Sapphire tells Kingfish she wishes she had never married him. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 2:
When Kingfish and Sapphire have another of their many fights, Amos steps in to restore peace. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
After a domestic fight, the Kingfish writes a fake letter from the license bureau stating that he and Sapphire
were never legally married.
Synopsis 4:
Another Fight - Sapphire and The Kingfish decide to call it quits, once and for all, after 22 years of bickering
and separations. Amos gets worried and seeks a solution to the case. (11Oct51 Long Beach Independent)

1.17 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: GETTING MAMA MARRIED (Part 1)
18Oct1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 10Apr1952)
prod. no. 1755 (syndication)
 Guest star:
Amanda Randolph
Synopsis 1:
Sapphire tells Kingfish that Mama is coming to live with them. (18Oct51 Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish gets involved in trying to marry off his mother-in-law to a wealthy suitor. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish's mother-in-law elopes with a conman and a fleecer of widows.
Synopsis 4:
Cupid Kingfish - When Sapphire informs The Kingfish that he mother is going to move in with them, he decides that
drastic steps are necessary and sets out to get "de ole walrus nuptulated off." What success he has as a cupid is
seen on "Amos 'n' Andy." (18Oct51 Long Beach Independent)

1.18 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: GETTING MAMA MARRIED (Part 2)
25Oct1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 17Apr52)
prod. no. 1756 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish has marriage plans for his mother-in-law. (25Oct51 Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish's mother-in-law is so set on marrying a man that even when his wife shows up she still says he is hers.
Synopsis 3:
A&A Continued - They couldn't get all of the action into the half-hour allotted last week, so tonight Amos 'n' Andy
take up where they left off. The Kingfish and Andy are still doing their best to stop the marriage of the Kingfish's
trouble-making mother-in-law to a ne'er-do-well crook. (25Oct51 Long Beach Independent)

1.19 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: THE HAPPY STEVENSES (aka The Happy Stevens)
01Nov1951 (to be verified) CBS Thur (Network rerun 24Apr1952)
 prod. no. 1757 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish and Sapphire listen to the Happy Harringtons on radio and decide to visit them and see if they are
really happy. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Sapphire and Kingfish have a fight over the choice of a morning radio program. Sapphire's favorite is a Mr. and Mrs.
show with the Happy Harringtons. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish and Sapphire imitate participants in a radio show about a happy marriage, in order to change the pattern
of their stormy marriage.

1.20 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: TRAFFIC VIOLATION
08Nov51 CBS Thur (Network rerun 01May1952)
prod. no. 1758 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish and Andy buy a car together. They agree to share it on alternate weeks. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish and Andy, co-owners of a car, compete with each other in the collection of traffic tickets.
Synopsis 3:
Andy and the Kingfish go into partnership on an automobile.
Synopsis 4:
Partners In Auto - When Andy and the Kingfish go partners on an automobile, they end up in a mess of trouble as you
can well imagine if you've followed the antics of Amos 'n' Andy." (08Nov51 Long Beach Independent)

1.21 [21] Amos 'n' Andy: QUO VADIS
15Nov1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 08May1952)
prod. no. 1759 (syndication)
 Guest cast (IMDb):
Roy Glenn ........ Sam Jackson
James Adamson .... Party Guest
Rosalind Hayes ... Party Guest
Sam McDaniel ..... Party Guest
Vince Townsend ... Party Guest
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish finds a job ... for Sapphire.
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish tries to live up to the tall tales of success he has been sending back to his hometown newspaper. The local
editor comes to New York and wants to give a party in honor of the successful George "Kingfish" Stevens. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish goes to a lavish dinner party at which he finds,
uncomfortably, that Sapphire is a waitress.
Synopsis 4:
The Kingfish gets a job ... for his wife, Sapphire, in order that the household bills might be paid. This gives him
plenty of cause to worry and has him trailing shadows on the Amos 'n' Andy show. (15Nov51 Long Beach Independent)

1.22 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: THE DINER
22Nov51 CBS Thur (Network rerun 15May1952)
 Synopsis 1:
Kingfish and Andy think they’ve hit a goldmine when they purchase a roadside diner only to find the highway has
been switched. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Andy and Kingfish think they've hit a goldmine when they purchase a roadside diner. It always was so crowded until
the new highway bypassed it. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish and Andy buy a diner, which was doing a good business, and run it out of business.
Synopsis 4:
Andy and the Kingfish pitch in and buy a diner in order to make a fortune as barons of food. The only trouble with
the restaurant is that a new fork in the road keeps cars away in droves. (22Nov51 Long Beach Independent)

1.23 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: TURKEY DINNER
29Nov1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 22May1952)
prod. no. 1760 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
Sapphire's women’s club is planning a dinner and Kingfish decides to buy the food wholesale so he can pocket the
savings. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish persuades Sapphire to let him buy turkeys for her club's annual dinner figuring to make a few dollars on
the deal. Kingfish goes off to the country to buy the turkeys. He buys a batch from a man who looks honest to him
which proves it takes more than a swindler to know one. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish is conned into buying stolen turkeys from a country bumpkin.
Synopsis 4:
Kingfish sees a quick profit in turkeys direct from farm to dinner table, but his big turkey talk complicates the
venture. (29Nov51 Long Beach Independent)

1.24 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: READY MADE FAMILY (aka "Uncle Clarence")
06Dec51 CBS Thur (Network rerun 29May1952)
prod. no. 1762 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
Sapphire decides to leave town when Kingfish's rich uncle is coming for a visit. Kingfish borrows kids to impress
his rich uncle who likes families. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish is on the spot when his wife announces plans to go out of town simultaneously with the news that his rich
uncle is about to arrive for a visit. The uncle thinks Kingfish has a large family - now he doesn't even have a
wife to show off. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
When the Kingfish's Uncle Clarence is coming to visit, the Kingfish must put together a phony family quickly,
to protect his uncle's gift of $500, he gave the Kingfish by telling him he has a child.
Synopsis 4:
The Kingfish adopts a ready-made family.
Synopsis 5:
When rich Uncle Clarence makes up his will he finds that he has a big family in that of Mr. and Mrs. George Stevens,
Kingfish of the Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge. This family is a ready-made affair adopted by the Kingfish in his
attempt to get into that will and thus get a legacy. (06Dec51 Long Beach Independent)

[--] 13Dec1951 Rerun of "The Rare Coin" (first aired 19Jul1951)
By popular demand "Amos and Andy" are repeating one of their first shows, the episode of the rare nickel.
This is a "must" on your viewing list as it is perhaps the best story yet done by the outstanding cast. It is worth
seeing again. (13Dec51 Long Beach Independent)

1.25 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: RELATIVES
20Dec51 CBS Thur (Network rerun 05Jun1952)
Synopsis 1:
Mother-in-law interference and brother-in-law Leroy's complaints ruin Kingfish's domestic bliss. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish is tricked into inviting Sapphire’s relatives to live with them. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Kingfish is ready to cry uncle (about the only relative not living under the Stevens' roof) when Momma's interference
and brother-in-law Leroy's complaints ruin chances for his and Sapphire's domestic bliss. [TA]
Synopsis 4:
Claiming that his mother-in-law disturbs his home, the Kingfish takes his problems to family court. Meanwhile,
more relatives show up.
Synopsis 5:
Kingfish goes to the Domestic Relations Court for help. (20Dec51 Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Synopsis 6:
Plague for Kingfish - Seeking sanctuary in his own home, George "The Kingfish" Stevens goes to domestic relations court
for relief from relatives who have foisted themselves on him. (20Dec51 Long Beach Independent)

1.26 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: ANDY GETS A TELEGRAM
27Dec1951 CBS Thur (Network rerun 12Jun1952)
prod. no. 1764 (syndication)
 Synopsis 1:
Andy receives a telegram with an offer of a big job in South America. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
When Andy receives a telegram from a rich uncle offering him a high-paying job in South America, Kingfish learns
about it and breaks him promise to Sapphire to avoid Andy and promises to help his old friend book passage. Kingfish
makes a reservation for Andy on a cattle boat and then decides he wants to go to South America himself. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish winds up on a cattle boat bound for South America when Sapphire plots to separate him from his worthless

1.27 [--] Amos 'n' Andy: HOSPITALIZATION
03Jan1952 (to be verified) (Network rerun 26Jun1952)
prod. no. 1716 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish goes into the hospital insurance business. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish tries to sell Andy some health insurance. Andy proves a tough
customer to convince that he's ill. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
When Kingfish decides that hospitalization policies, if sold to strictly healthy people, can provide him with a
lucrative income, he decides to go into the business of selling health insurance. [TA]
Synopsis 4:
Andy buys hospitalization insurance from the Kingfish and then relaxes in the hospital, turning the Kingfish
frantic with bills he can't pay.

Next 24 weeks (10Jan52-26Jun52), CBS aired "Amos 'n' Andy" reruns

17Jan52 Long Beach Independent news item:
Amos 'n' Andy - Several people have asked why a program as good as "Amos 'n' Andy" started out to be should
start running old shows over again. Reason is, according to the station, that the sponsor is so particular
about his show that he refused to allow some of the films to be shown. Makes a good story, anyway. The boys
started a new series of films yesterday so maybe we'll have some new programs soon.

[--] 10Jan52 CBS Thur - unknown, possibly a rerun from 28Jun51
[--] 17Jan52 CBS Thur - unknown, possibly a rerun from 12Jul51
[--] 24Jan52 CBS Thur - unknown, possibly a rerun from 26Jul1951
[--] 31Jan52 CBS Thur - unknown, possibly a rerun from 02Aug1951
[--] 07Feb52 Rerun of "Sapphire Disappears" (first aired 09Aug51)
[--] 14Feb52 Rerun of "The Gun" (first aired 23Aug51)
[--] 21Feb52 possibly a rerun of "Call Lehigh 4-9900" (first aired 30Aug51)
[--] 28Feb52 Rerun of "Leroy Lends a Hand" (first aired 06Sep51)
[--] 06Mar52 Rerun of "The Fur Coat" (first aired 13Sep51)
[--] 13Mar52 Rerun of "Jewelry Store Robbery" (first aired 20Sep51)
[--] 20Mar52 Rerun of (unknown title) (first aired 27Sep1951)
[--] 27Mar52 Rerun of "Andy Buys a House" (first aired 04Oct51)
[--] 03Apr52 Rerun of "Amos Helps Out" (first aired 11Oct51)
[--] 10Apr52 Rerun of "Getting Mama Married, Part 1" (first aired 18Oct51)
[--] 17Apr52 Rerun of "Getting Mama Married, Part 2" (first aired 25Oct51)
[--] 24Apr52 Rerun of "The Happy Stevenses" (first aired 01Nov51)
[--] 01May52 Rerun of "Traffic Violation" (first aired 08Nov51)
[--] 08May52 Rerun of "Quo Vadis" (first aired 15Nov51)
[--] 15May52 Rerun of "The Diner" (possibly from 22Nov1951)
[--] 22May52 Rerun of "Turkey Dinner" (first aired 29Nov51)
[--] 29May52 Rerun of "Ready Made Family" (first aired 06Dec51)
[--] 05Jun52 Rerun of "Relatives" (first aired 20Dec51)
[--] 12Jun52 Rerun of "Andy Gets A Telegram" (first aired 27Dec51)
[--] 19Jun52 Rerun of "Kingfish's Secretary" (first aired 05Jul51)
[--] 26Jun52 Rerun of "Hospitalization" (first aired 10Jan52)

############### Amos 'n' Andy ################
############## season 2 1952-53 ##############
"Amos 'n' Andy" alternates with "The Steve Allen Show" (03Jul52-11Sep52)
CBS Thursdays 8:30 PM Eastern (25 New Episodes)

[--] 03Jul1952 Steve Allen Show

2.1 [28] Amos 'n' Andy: THE PIGGY BANK
10Jul1952 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1725 (syndication)
Synopsis 1
Kingfish tries to take over Sapphire’s money which she had saved for a second honeymoon. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish approaches his 25th anniversary with fear and trepidation. He's been taking money that Sapphire had been
saving for a trip. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish has been stealing money from Sapphire's piggy bank and wins a quiz show jackpot just in time for his
and Sapphire's 25th anniversary.

[--] 17Jul1952 Steve Allen Show

2.2 [29] The Amos 'n' Andy show: SAPPHIRE'S MYSTERIOUS ADMIRER
24Jul1952 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1717 (syndication)
Guest cast (IMDb):
Roy Glenn ... Trainer
Marcus Gordon ... Richard
Arthur McNeely ... Mr. Jackson
Patricia Washington ... Marilyn
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish suspects Sapphire of having a boyfriend and with the aid of Andy tries to trap him. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish believes that Sapphire is in love with another man and that she and her beau are planning to get rid of him.
Synopsis 3:
Kingfish becomes alarmed over Sapphire's phone calls from a man called Michael.

[--] 31Jul1952 Steve Allen Show

2.3 [30] Amos 'n' Andy: THE EYEGLASS (aka "Eyeglasses, aka "Andy Needs Glasses")
07Aug1952 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1715 (syndication)
 Synopsis 1:
The Kingfish devises a plot to make Andy fail his road test so that he can buy his car cheaply.
Synopsis 2:
The "kindly" Kingfish plans to help Andy - right out of his automobile. When Andy's license is suspended due to
faulty eyesight Kingfish, the optometrist, has just the glasses to alter Andy's vision.

[--] 14Aug1952 Steve Allen Show

2.4 [31] Amos 'n' Andy: THE BROKEN CLOCK
21Aug1952 CBS Thur
 Synopsis 1:
Kingfish is presented with a valuable clock for his twenty years service to the Mystic Knights of the Seas Lodge. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Andy and Kingfish find themselves on a top-secret job when they're mistaken by a plant executive for the mechanics
who are to test a new invention. [TA]
Synopsis :
Andy and the Kingfish accidentally become involved with a top military secret and the FBI when they mistakenly take
a new secret altimeter clock for a replacement for their broken one.

[--] 28Aug1952 Steve Allen Show

2.5 [32] Amos 'n' Andy: THE BOARDER [JB]
04Sep1952 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1721 (syndication)
 Synopsis 1:
When Sapphire's Mama goes to visit her other daughter,
she rents her room to an opera singer. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
When Mama goes on vacation, Sapphire rents her room to an opera singer, saying it brings culture to the house. But
Kingfish only hears noise. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Sapphire maintains that her boarder, a singer with a large appetite, is a cultural asset, but to the Kingfish he is
a gorging freeloader.

[-- ] 11Sep1952 Steve Allen Show (last in this slot)

CBS Thursdays 8:30 PM ET
(alternates with
 Four Star Playhouse (season 1) (CBS) (1952-1953)

(09Sep52-11Jun53, "20" episodes)

2.6 [33] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE ENGAGEMENT RING
18Sep1952 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1714 (syndication)(copyright date DPUB: 1Jun53)
 Produced through the facilities of Hal Roach Studios under the supervision of Sidney VanKeuren
Directed by Charles Barton.
Written for television by Bob Ross & Dave Schwartz;
Script by Joe Connelly, Bob Mosher & Bob Ross (32 p.)(3d draft).
film editor: Daniel A. Nathan;
Synopsis 1:
The Lodge is mistaken for a matrimonial agency. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish's lodge office is mistaken for a matrimonial agency. (18Sep52 Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Synopsis 3:
Kingfish decides to earn easy money as a marriage broker. He convinces Andy that he should marry plain Juliet
Williams and "borrows" his wife's engagement ring to clinch the deal. [TA]
Synopsis 4:
The Kingfish plays matchmaker and arranges a match between Andy and an older woman, in the hope of collecting
a services rendered fee.
Synopsis 5:
The Kingfish's office is mistaken for a matrimonial agency by a prospective husband hunter during the
"Amos 'n' Andy" show. In need of some ready cash, the Kingfish goes along with the idea and traps Andy as
the prospective husband. (18Sep52 Long Beach Independent)

[--] 25Sep1952 Four Star Playhouse (premier) (continues alternate weeks through final episode)

2.7 [34] The Amos 'n' Andy show: ARABIA [JB]
02Oct1952 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1722 (syndication)
Guest Cast:
Syd Saylor
Vince Townsend
Roz Haynes
Synopsis 1:
In a deal to pocket a fast $200 commission, the Kingfish signs pal Andy as a welder in the Saudi Arabia oil fields. Andy
smells a rat before sailing, however, and does a quick fade, but the Kingfish is not so fortunate. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish is threatened with eviction for non-payment of rent. But he's got a plan a foot. A company is paying $200
for workers who'll go to Arabia. The gullible Andrew J. Brown seems an excellent prospect for an overseas venture. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish sets up a phony raffle that forces him to wind up in Arabia drilling for oil, trying to earn enough money
to get home.

[--] 9Oct1952 - Four Star Playhouse

2.8 [35] The Amos 'n' Andy show: KINGFISH SELLS A LOT
16Oct1952 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1732 (syndication)
Kingfish decides to dispose of a worthless piece of land he's had for 20 years. Andy is as usual, the best prospect for
a shady deal. But it's Andy who gets the last laugh. [JB/TA]

[--] 23Oct1952 - Four Star Playhouse

2.9 [36] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE RACE HORSE [JB]
30Oct1952 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1723 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish thinks he’s seen the last of a broken-down racehorse belonging to Sapphire's cousin when he sells the nag to
Andy. Andy is broke after the purchase and goes in hock for the horse food. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish gets conned when Andy sells him a broken down race horse.

[--] 6Nov1952 - Four Star Playhouse

2.10 [37] The Amos 'n' Andy show: COUSIN EFFIE'S WILL [JB]
13Nov1952 CBS Thur
Synopsis 1:
It looks as if Kingfish will miss out on the $2000, which the will of his late cousin stipulates is to be given to
each new member of the Stephens family. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish adopts Andy so that he will become eligible for a $2000 bequest under the terms of Cousin Effie's will.

[--] 20Nov1952 - Four Star Playhouse

2.11 [38] The Amos 'n' Andy show: RESTITUTION [JB]
27Nov1952 CBS Thur
Synopsis 1:
Hiding out from the police after a "restitution" deal backfires, the Kingfish and Andy finally surrender to the pangs
of hunger. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Inspired by a sermon, Kingfish plans to reform and make restitution for pasts sins. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
While trying to do a good deed and repay a jeweler for the use of his electricity, the Kingfish becomes a fugitive
from justice when he accidentally trips the store's burglar alarm.

[--] 4Dec1952 - Four Star Playhouse

2.12 [39] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE ANTIQUE SHOP [JB]
11Dec1952 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1731 (syndication)
<LINK> (YouTube title: "Calhoun To The Rescue")

Synopsis 1:
Kingfish is offered a handsome commission if he can talk his rich cousin Leo into buying a near bankrupt antique shop.
Calhoun poses as Kingfish who has already had a run-in with his luckless (and soon to be penniless) cousin. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish outfoxes himself when he sends all his lodge brothers into an antique shop to convince his cousin Leo
to buy it, but with all those customers the store owner won't sell.

[--] 18Dec1952 - Four Star Playhouse

2.13 [40] The Amos 'n' Andy show: CHRISTMAS SHOW [JB] (aka "Andy Plays Santa")
25Dec1952 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1017-65 (syndication)
 Guest Cast (IMDb):
Patti Marie Ellis ... Arbadella Jones
Napoleon Simpson ... Mr. Simmons
Baxter Roseburr/Rosebum ... Oliver Smith
Suzanne Webb ... Henrietta Lewis
Alvin James ... Percy Carter
Freddie Moultrie ... Little Boy
Jane Adams ... Ruby Jones
Synopsis 1:
Andy can't afford to buy his godchild, Arbadella, the black talking doll she wants from the Globe Department Store,
so he becomes Santa for a day to earn it. Amos explains "The Lord's Prayer" to Arbadella as it plays on the radio
on Christmas Eve. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Andy takes his god-daughter Arabella shopping and she sees the doll she wants from Santa. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Andy is working very hard to earn enough money to buy a doll for his godchild.
Synopsis 4:
Correll and Gosden appear as themselves in a filmed introduction to the TV adaptation of their annual Christmas episode.
Sponsored by Blatz Brewing Company Division of Schenley Distillers (Blatz Beer).

[--] 1Jan1953 - Four Star Playhouse

2.14 [41] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE BIRTHDAY CARD [JB]
08Jan1953 CBS Thur
Synopsis 1:
The Kingfish swears innocence when he receives a birthday card signed Sweetheart, but then remembers that an old flame,
Gloria, is in town. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Sapphire is more than a little angry when Kingfish receives a birthday card signed "Sweethart." The Kingfish swears
innocence but then remembers that an old flame is in town. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Sapphire gives the Kingfish the third degree and wants to know why he received a birthday card signed Sweetheart.

[--] 15Jan1953 - Four Star Playhouse

2.15 [42] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE BALLET TICKETS [JB]
22Jan1953 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1720 (syndication)
 Synopsis 1:
A con-man drops a wallet in the street and then calls police to report that it has been stolen. Kingfish picks it
up and gives his wife the tickets. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish gives Sapphire some stolen ballet tickets which land her in jail. She ends up in jail a second time
when the Kingfish gives her a phony five dollar bill.
Synopsis 3:
Sapphire and Mama land in Jail.

[--] 29Jan1953 - possibly Four Star Playhouse

2.16 [43] Amos 'n' Andy: ANDY GETS MARRIED [JB]  (aka "Andy Getting Married")
05Feb1953 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1724 (syndication)
 Synopsis 1:
Andy comes to Kingfish’s house to announce his engagement. But when he meets another guest, the lovely Mary Thompson,
he begins to doubt his choice of a bride-to-be. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 2:
Andy gets engaged to a woman named Loretta and rushes to Amos's house to tell him the good news. When he arrives,
he is attracted to Amos's guest, Mary Thompson, and decides to withhold the announcement. Soon Andy is engaged
to Mary and tries to break his engagement to Loretta. When Loretta learns of his new fiancée, she stirs up trouble.
In desperation, Andy tries to marry Mary secretly, but there is a mix-up and both girls show up at the altar.
Synopsis 3:
Double trouble for Andy, he has gotten engaged to two women.
Synopsis 4:
Narrow Aisle: Eager for marriage, Andy suddenly finds himself surrounded by Loretta, Mary and a female taxi driver,
all anxious to become Mrs. Andrew H. Brown. A very narrow aisle in the wedding chapel leads to complications.
( 05Feb53 Long Beach Independent)

[--] 12Feb1953 - Four Star Playhouse

2.17 [44] The Amos 'n' Andy show: LEROY'S SUITS [JB]
19Feb1953 CBS Thur
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish goes to the wrong apartment to pickup some suits for his brother-in-law, and the clothes he picks up belong
to a policeman who lives in the apartment. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish stages a clothing sale at the Lodge using a lieutenant's entire wardrobe.

[--] 26Feb1953 - Four Star Playhouse

2.18 [45] The Amos 'n' Andy show: SEEING IS BELIEVING [JB]
05Mar1953 CBS Thur
Guest Cast (IMDb):
Willa Pearl Curtis ... Cynthia
Amos Reese ... Mr. Holbrook
Synopsis 1:
Sapphire becomes suspicious when Kingfish makes a habit of arriving
home about 3 o'clock every morning. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 2:
On gossip provided by the pixilated Gribble Sisters, three old maid neighbors, the Kingfish finds himself torn between
a lifetime philosophy, "Not to believe anything he doesn't see with his own eyes," and a desire to commit mayhem on
the trespasser his wife has been entertaining as a ruse to make him jealous. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Sapphire thinks the Kingfish is secretly dating so she decides to make him jealous by having dinner alone with Andy.

[--] 12Mar1953 - Four Star Playhouse

2.19 [46] Amos 'n' Andy: ANDY FALLS IN LOVE WITH AN ACTRESS [JB]
19Mar1953 CBS Thur
 Guest cast (IMDb):
James Adamson ... Carpenter
Willa Pearl Curtis ... Miss Barker
Roy Glenn ... Bosworth Carruthers
Bobby Johnson ... Judge
Jeni Le Gon ... Cynthia
Arthur McNeely ... Frank
Milton Wood ... Mr. Fredericks
Synopsis 1:
When Andy falls in love with an actress, Kingfish persuades him to turn actor. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Andy, jealous over his girlfriend's amorous scenes in a play, decides to become an actor.
Synopsis 3:
Andy takes up acting to protect his honor and his sweetheart. He end up with the beehive while his rival gets the honey.
(Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

[--] 26Mar1953 - Four Star Playhouse

2.20 [47] The Amos 'n' Andy show: SUPERFINE BRUSH [JB]
02Apr1953 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1726 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
The Kingfish talks Andy into becoming his apprentice as a door-to-door brush salesman, while he sits back and
collects the commissions. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish puts Andy's feet to work for him. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish pushed by Sapphire to get a job, becomes a door-to-door salesman, persuading Andy to take over at no salary.

[--] 9Apr1953 - Four Star Playhouse

2.21 [48] The Amos 'n' Andy show: KINGFISH AT THE BALLGAME [JB]

(aka "Kingfish Finds A Ring")
16Apr1953 CBS Thur
Synopsis 1:
A rich widow waves so frantically at a ballgame, that she drops her diamond ring in Kingfish’s box of crackerjack. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
At the ball game, a rich widow waves so frantically that she drops her diamond ring into Kingfish's crackerjack box.
As usual, Kingfish sells the "gimmick" to Andy. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish sells Andy a ring he finds in his crackerjack box before he finds out how valuable the ring really is.

[--] 23Apr1953 - Four Star Playhouse

2.22 [49] Amos 'n' Andy: THE KINGFISH FINDS HIS FUTURE [JB]
30Apr1953 CBS Thur
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish is so discouraged by his inability to get a job that he decides to take some career aptitude tests which
reveal he is an artistic genius. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish takes an aptitude test and finds he should become a painter, not of pictures but of buildings and walls.

[--] 7May1953 - Four Star Playhouse

2.23 [50] The Amos 'n' Andy show: SAPPHIRE'S SISTER [JB]
14May1953 CBS Thur
Synopsis 1
When Kingfish's school-teaching sister-in-law comes to stay, he discovers that a man's home is not always his castle. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish has to sleep on the living room couch because his sister-in-law has come to live with them. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish wrangles a marriage between Andy and Sapphire's sister, then learns she has $10,000 in the savings bank.

[--] 21May1953 - Four Star Playhouse

2.24 [51] Amos 'n' Andy: MR. JACKSON COMES TO TOWN
28May1953 CBS Thur
prod. no. 1727 (syndication)
Guest cast (IMDb):
Joe Adams ... Bill Jackson
Dudley Dickerson ... Joe, the Barber
Roy Glenn ... Party Guest (uncredited)
Synopsis 1:
The Kingfish is furious when Sapphire gets flowers from an old admirer. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish goes on a self-improvement course because Sapphire goes overboard over an ex-boyfriend and former Mr. America.
Synopsis 3:
When Sapphire's former suitor comes to town he causes a jealous and worried Kingfish to buy flowers for his wife,
and a girdle and "stylish" suit for himself. (28May1953 Long Beach Independent)

[--] 04Jun1953 - Four Star Playhouse

2.25 [52] Amos 'n' Andy: THE ADOPTION

11Jun1953 CBS Thur 8:30pm Eastern (final CBS broadcast)
prod. no. 1718 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
Sapphire entrusts Kingish with little nephew Horace in order to show her husband the joys of parenthood. Horace is
enough to destroy anyone's enthusiasm. [JB/TA]
Synopsis 2:
Sapphire convinces Kinfish that they should adopt a child. In order to indoctrinate him into the pleasures of
parenthood, she gives him the job of caring for her nephew, Horace. After one afternoon with the overly playful
Horace, Kingfish loses interest in the adoption plans. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish falls in love with a baby which is up for adoption, but instead is stuck with Horrible Horace,
Sapphire's pesty nephew.

[--] 18Jun1953 - Four Star Playhouse

################ Amos 'n' Andy ##################
######## First-run syndicated episodes #######
############### Part One #####################
1953-54  (Prod. no's. 1701-1713)
These are the first 13 episodes that premiered first-run syndication. These were intended for broadcast on CBS, but
shelved when the network cancelled the series on June 11, 1953.

3.1 [53] The Amos 'n' Andy show: ANDY GOES INTO BUSINESS
06Oct1953 Los Angeles, Tuesday 8pm, KNXT-2 (1st-run syndication)
Synopsis 1:
Andy goes into business and the Kingfish decides he wants to get in
on the deal.
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Brown goes into business and the Kingfish sets a record for doughnut consumption in a scheme to get his mother-in-law
Synopsis 3:
Kingfish learns that his mother-in-law's suitor will marry her only when he can set himself up in a business purchased
for less then $500. Andy's doughnut shop seems a likely prospect.
Synopsis 4:
Tonight Andy goes into the doughnut business and The Kingfish is the stinker with the sinker who tries to sabotage
the enterprise for his own personal gain. (06Oct1953 Long Beach Independent)
Synopsis 5:
Andy is in the doughnut-making business while the Kingfish figures ways and means to get him out and take over.
(06Oct1953 Long Beach Press-Telegram)
(NYC syndicated airdate: 10Jan1954 WCBS-2, Sunday 2:00pm)

3.2 [54] Amos 'n' Andy: THE INCOME TAX SHOW
13Oct1953 LA Tues 8pm KNXT-2 (1st-run syndication)
 Written by Bob Ross
Directed by ?
Guest Cast
Forrest Lewis
Mille Bruce ........ Darlene
Byron Foulger
Synopsis 1:
Andy and Kingfish are sure they filed their income tax return. They can't understand the summons from the Internal
Revenue Department. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Andy and the Kingfish are frightened when they have to appear before the Internal Revenue Service. It turns out all
they have to do is fill out new forms.
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish and Andy are up to their pocketbooks in trouble with Uncle Sam's "infernal revenoo" department.
(13Oct1953 Long Beach Independent)
(NYC syndicated airdate: 07Mar1954 WCBS-2, Sunday 2:00pm)

3.3 [55] Amos 'n' Andy: VACATION SHOW
20Oct1953 LA Tues 8pm KNXT-2 (1st-run syndication)
prod. no. 1703 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish sells his car to get the money he was supposed to have saved for a summer vacation. Then he learns that wife
Sapphire has bought a trailer to attach to the car.
Synopsis 2:
By a quick switch of funds and signposts the Kingfish comes within a tire's breadth of tricking his wife, Sapphire,
when he sells the family car only to discover that his wife has bought a trailer. (20Oct1953 Long Beach Independent)
Synopsis 3:
The Kingfish tries to swindle Andy by taking him on a trip through Central Park and pretending it is the entire USA.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 05Jun1954 WCBS-2, Saturday, 10:30pm)

LA Airdate Not Known
prod. no. 1704 (syndication)
Guest cast (IMDb):
Willa Pearl Curtis ... Theatergoer
Jeni Le Gon ... Mabel Johnson
Milton Wood ... John Bentley
The Kingfish tries to snatch a bride away from her wedding because he thinks she is his wife.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 04Dec1954 WCBS-2, Saturday 5:30pm)

3.5 [57] Amos 'n' Andy: THE KINGFISH BUYS A CHAIR
27Oct1953 LA Tues 8pm KNXT-2 (1st-run syndication)
prod. no. 1705 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
The lodge brothers are forced to buy an old chair at an auction because the auctioneer mistook Andy's sneeze for a bid.
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish buys an old chair stuffed with money and then, not
knowing the money is in the chair, he gives it away.
Synopsis 3:
hen the Kingfish sneezes during an auction sale, he is awarded a beaten up old chair and the lodge brothers have
to pungle up to pay for it. The chair is filled with money hidden by a couple of convicts and there are major
complications before the Kingfish and Andy get squared away. (27Oct1953 Long Beach Independent)
(NYC syndicated airdate: 06Dec1953 WCBS-2, Sunday 2:00pm)

3.6 [58] The Amos 'n' Andy show: NEW NEIGHBORS
03Nov1953 LA Tues 8pm KNXT-2 (1st-run syndication)
prod. no. 1706 (syndication)
 Synopsis 1:
While trying to get rid of neighbors who borrow everything, the Kingfish uses the crying of a baby and a sound effects
record, but the plan backfires as the Kingfish is about to be evicted.
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish sets up an elaborate scheme to dispose of his new neighbors and finds himself, as always, in a rather
bad pickle. (03Nov1953 Long Beach Independent)
(NYC syndicated airdate: 26Feb1955 WCBS-2, Saturday 5pm)

3.7 [59] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE CLASSIFIED AD
24Nov1953 LA Tues 8pm KNXT-2 (1st-run syndication)
prod. no. 1707 (syndication)
Guest cast (IMDb):
Emmett Smith ... Joe Bradduck
Edwin Banks ... Dr. Wilkins, dentist (uncredited)
Dudley Dickerson ... Lodge Member (uncredited)
Synopsis 1:
Andy puts a wife-seeking ad in the newspaper and gets a good response, but all the applicants need dental work.
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Brown advertises for a wife and gets a mouthful of trouble.
Synopsis 3:
Andy plants a classified ad in the paper to find a bride but he selects a girl who needs a lot of dental work done.
Andy foots the bill and big plans are made for the wedding but something is amiss.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 07Feb1954 WCBS-2, Saturday 10:30pm)

3.8 [60] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE SOCIETY PARTY
prod. no. 1708 (syndication)
The Kingfish and Andy try to get their ladies to wear the same fur coat at the same time, to the same party.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 08May1954 WCBS-2, Saturday 10:30pm)

3.9 [61] Amos 'n' Andy: VIVA LA FRANCE (aka "Vive La France")
17Nov1953 LA Tues 8pm KNXT-2 (1st-run syndication)
prod. no. 1709 (syndication)
 Guest cast:
Tommie Moore ... Colette
Ruby Dandridge ... Mrs. Duval
Written by Bob Ross and Dave Schwartz
Production Executive: James Fonda
Photography: Robert de Grasse, A.S.C.
Supervising Film Editor: Daniel A Nathan
Production Supervisor: John London
Assistant Director: Emmett Emerson
Produced through the Facilities of Hal Roach Studios
Under the supervision of Sidney Van Keuren
Synopsis 1:
Andy, Calhoun, and the Kingfish all become engaged to a French girl
named Colette Duval who doesn't understand English.
Synopsis 2:
When Andy gets romantically involved with a French girl who knows no English, all the Knights of the Mystic Lodge
get a lesson in the perils of international romance.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 08Jan1955 WCBS-2, Saturday 5:30pm)

3.10 [62] Amos 'n' Andy: THE CONVENTION
prod. no. 1710 (syndication)
In Chicago, the Kingfish gets a sample of the con game from his wife
Sapphire who gets them to turn over their money to her, using a
disguise, leaving the boys no money to get home.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 01Nov1953 WCBS-2, Sunday 2:00pm)

3.11 [63] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE GIRL UPSTAIRS
prod. no. 1711 (syndication)
The Kingfish is convinced that his marriage is headed for disaster
when he finds a diary in Sapphire's closet which mentions a
(NYC syndicated airdate: 03Apr1954 WCBS-2, Saturday 10:30pm)

3.12 [64] Amos 'n' Andy: KINGFISH GOES TO WORK
prod. no. 1712 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
The Kingfish has Andy take over his job as handyman at a university and pays him with a college home study.
Synopsis 2:
Sapphire should know better than to think that husband Kingfish could be holding down a full-time job.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 06Nov1954 WCBS-2, Saturday 5:30pm)

3.13 [65] Amos 'n' Andy: THE LIGHT BLUE CAR
01Dec1953 LA Tues 8pm KNXT-2 (1st-run syndication)
 Produced through the Facilities of Hal Roach Studios Under the supervision of Sidney Van Keuren
Production Executive: James Fonda; Production Supervisor: John London
Written by Bob Ross & Dave Schwartz
Directed by Charles Barton; Assistant Director: Emmett Emerson
Photography: Robert de Grasse, A.S.C.; Supervising Film Editor: Daniel A Nathan
Guest Cast (IMDb):
Edwin Banks ... Judge
Dudley Dickerson ... Joe the Milkman
Bobby Johnson ... Johnson
Arnett Williams ... Policeman
Emily Banks
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish sleeps soundly in the lodge hall while crooks outside borrow his car. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish finds himself accused of robbery when his car is used unknowingly in a holdup.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 09Oct1954 WCBS-2, Saturday 5:30pm)

############# Amos 'n' Andy ##################
######## First-run syndicated episodes #######
################ Part Two ####################
1955 Prod. no's 1766-1778
The second set of 13 first-run syndicated episodes were filmed for the spinoff series "The Adventures of Kingfish."
But CBS cancelled the series before it could even make its debut. Instead, these 13 were retitled "Amos 'n' Andy"
and added to the other 65 syndicated episodes.

4.1 [66] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE CHINCHILLA BUSINESS
prod. no. 1766
 Executive Producer: Sidney Van Keuren; Produced and Directed by Charles Barton
Written by Paul West & Jay Sommers
Director of Photography: Edward Fitzgerald; Photographic Effects: Jack R. Glass
Art Director: McClure Capps; Set Decorator: Rudy Butler
Assistant Director: James W. Lane
Sound Director: Elmer Raguse; Re-recording: Joel Moss
Guest Cast (IMDb):
Larry J. Blake ... Salesman
Millie Bruce ... Cynthia Mae
The Kingfish sells a couple of rabbits to Andy for $50 by telling him they are chinchillas.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 05Mar1955 WCBS-2, Saturday 5:30pm)

4.2 [67] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE URANIUM MINE
prod. no. 1767
Synopsis 1:
The Kingfish sells Andy a parcel of land in New Jersey. He is on the spot when Andy finds out his real-estate
investment is a piece of swampland.
Synopsis 2:
Andy shells out money for swampland and invests in the Kingfish's
uranium mine scheme.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 05Feb1955 WCBS-2, Saturday 5:30pm)

4.3 [68] The Amos 'n' Andy show: MADAME QUEEN'S VOICE
prod. no. 1768
Guest Cast (IMDb):
Roy Glenn ......... Edward Mason
Lillian Randolph ... Madame Queen
Synopsis 1:
Madame Queen re-enters Andy's life because the Kingfish sees her money-making possibilities as a singer.
Synopsis 2:
Andy and Kingfish attempt to manage Andy's singing girl friend. What they don't count on is interference from the girl's
music teacher.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 02Apr1955 WCBS-2, Saturday 4:30pm)

4.4 [69] The Amos 'n' Andy show: ANDY, THE GODFATHER (aka "Arbadella's Crush")
Synopsis 1:
The love of a 12-year-old for Andy's godchild is too much for him to handle.
Synopsis 2:
Andy promises to help Amos' little girl solve her love problems.
Synopsis 3:
A smallfry romance provides the drama and fun when Andy's nephew, 12-year-old Stanley plays practical jokes and Amos'
daughter Arabella falls for the lad.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 07May1955 WCBS-2, Saturday 4:30pm)

4.5 [70] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE INSURANCE POLICY
Synopsis 1:
A heaven-sent opportunity is given the Kingfish, Sapphire thinks he has only three weeks to live, which gives him
three weeks to freeload.
Synopsis 2:
The doctor refuses to approve Kingfish for a life-insurance policy until he goes on a three-week diet. Andy believes
his friend has only three weeks to live.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 04Jun1955 WCBS-2, Saturday 5:30pm)

4.6 [71] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE KINGFISH GETS AMNESIA
prod. no. 1771 (syndication)
 Synopsis 1:
The Kingfish gets amnesia when all of his friends come over asking him to repay old debts.
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish attempts to raise money by convincing everyone he's decided to become truly honest.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 09Oct1955 WCBS-2, Sunday)

4.7 [72] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE GIRL AT THE STATION (aka "Sapphire Gets Jealous")
prod. no. 1772 (syndication)
Synopsis 1:
At a party, the Kingfish is in good with the ladies and Sapphire doesn't like it at all.
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish has his hands full trying to convince Sapphire he isn't flirting with other women.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 16Oct1955 WCBS-2, Sunday)

prod. no. 1773 (syndication)
The Kingfish teaches Andy to fly, so that he can win back his girl from a motor boat enthusiast.
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish, trying to get out of a doorman's job, convinces Andy he needs flying lessons. [TA]

4.9 [74] The Amos 'n' Andy show: THE KINGFISH BECOMES A PRESS AGENT
prod. no. 1774 (syndication)
The Kingfish takes a job as a press agent in order to make money to pay Andy off and get his mother-in-law's diamond
pin back, but things don't work out.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 30Oct1955 WCBS-2, Sunday 4:30pm)

4.10 [75] The Amos 'n' Andy show : THE MEAL TICKET
prod. no. 1775 (syndication) (copyright date DPUB: 1Jun53)
 produced through the facilities of Hal Roach Studios under the supervision of Sidney VanKeuren
directed by Charles Barton
Script by Bob Mosher, Joe Connelly, Bob Ross; (44 p.)
film editors: Daniel A. Nathan, Art Seid.
Synopsis 1:
The Kingfish has trouble raising money. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Kingfish tries to run a restaurant without Sapphire's knowledge. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Sapphire wants intellectuals to break in her new dinning room furniture, but the Kingfish wants to sneak paying
guests in instead.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 06Nov1955 WCBS-2, Sunday 2:00pm)

4.11 [76] The Amos 'n' Andy show : SECOND HONEYMOON (aka "The Marriage Spat")
prod. no. 1776 (syndication) (copyright date DPUB: 3Jan55)
produced and directed by Charles Barton.
Written by Paul West and Jay Sommers (37 p.)
director of photography: Edward Fitzgerald; film editor: James Ballas;
Plans for a second honeymoon almost fall apart when the Kingfish and Sapphire argue over how they first met.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 13Nov1955 WCBS-2, Sunday 2:00pm)

4.12 [77] The Amos 'n' Andy show : FATHER BY PROXY
prod. no. 1777 (syndication) (copyright date DPUB: 3Jan55)
produced and directed by Charles Barton.
Written by Paul West and Jay Sommers (38 p.)
director of photography: Edward Fitzgerald; film editor: James Ballas
Synopsis 1:
Andy drives an expectant mother to the hospital and is mistaken for the
father. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Driving a pregnant woman to the hospital, Andy is mistaken for the father when a pushy nurse forces him to fill
out forms and to sit in the waiting room.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 20Nov1955 WCBS-2, Sunday 2:00pm)

4.13 [78] The Amos 'n' Andy show : THE INVISIBLE GLASS STORY
(c) 1954. / prod. no. 1778 (copyright date DPUB: 3Jan55)
 Produced and Directed by Charles Barton.
Written by Paul West & Jay Sommers (35 p.)
director of photography: Edward Fitzgerald; film editor: James Ballas.
Synopsis 1:
Kingfish learns that some stock he sold Andy is now valuable. He concocts a scheme to get it back.
Synopsis 2:
The Kingfish gets into the stock market and sells everyone short, including himself.
(NYC syndicated airdate: 27Nov1955 WCBS-2, Sunday 2:00pm)

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################# the end ##################

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