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Cade's County (TCF/CBS)(1971-72) starring Glenn Ford, Edgar Buchanan

Cagney and Lacey (Orion/CBS) (1981-88) starring Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly

Cain's Hundred (MGM/NBC)(1961-62) starring Mark Richman
The Californians (1957-59) Adam Kennedy, Sean McLory, Richard Coogan
Calling Scotland Yard (UK/Danziger)(1953-54)/Adventure Theatre (US-NBC Summer 1956)
(Danziger) anthology series - US host Paul Douglas

Calucci's Department (CBS)(fall 1973) starring James Coco
Cameo Theatre (NBC) (1950-55) Anthology Series

Camera Three (CBS 1956-79)(PBS 1979-80) Arts Documentary series
Camp Runamuck (1965-66) starring Dave Ketchum & Arch Johnson

Cannon (Quinn Martin/CBS)(1971-76) starring William Conrad
Cannonball (CAN)(1958-59) starring Paul Birch & William Campbell
Campbell Playhouse (NBC)(Summer 1952) / Campbell TV Soundstage (NBC)(1953-54)
Captain David Grief (1956-57) starring Maxwell Reed
Captain Gallant (1954-56) starring Buster Crabbe
Captain Midnight (1954-56) starring Richard Webb
Captain Nice (Buck Henry/NBC) (Early 1967) starring William Daniels

Captain Video And His Video Rangers (DuMont)(1949-55) starring Al Hodge

Car 54, Where Are You? (1961-63) starring Joe E. Ross & Fred Gwynne
The Cara Williams Show (1964-65) starring Cara Williams
Caribe (QM/ABC) (1975) starring Stacy Keach
The Case of the Dangerous Robin (1960-61) starring Rick Jason
The Cases of Eddie Drake (1952) starring Don Haggerty
Casey Jones (Screen Gems/Synd)(1957-58) starring Alan Hale, Jr.
Cavalcade of America (1952-55)/ DuPont Cavalcade Theatre (1955-57)
Celanese Theatre (ABC)(1951-52)
Celebritiy Playhouse (Screen Gems/NBC) (1955-56) filmed anthology series
Center Stage (ABC)(Summer 1954)
The Advs. of Champion (Flying "A")(1955-56) starring Barry Curtis & Jim Bannon
Charlie Chan, The New Adventures of (UK)(1957) starring J. Carrol Naish

The Champions (ITC)(1968-69) starring Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo & William Gaunt
Channing (Revue/ABC|)(1963-64) starring Jason Evers & Henry Jones
The CharlieFarrell Show (summer 1956) starring Charles Farrell
Charlie Wild, Private Detective (1950-52) Kevin O'Morrison, John McQuade

Charlie's Angels (Spelling-Goldberg/ABC)(1976-81) starring  Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson,
Cheryl Ladd, Shelly Hack, Tanya Roberts - David Doyle & the voice of John Forsythe

Chase (Jack Webb/NBC)(1973-74) starring Mitchell Ryan, Wayne Maunder
The Cheaters (UK/Danziger) (1960) starring John Ireland
Checkmate (1960-62) starring Anthony George, Doug McClure & Sebastian Cabot
Checking In (Norman Lear/CBS) (Spring 1981) starring Marla Gibbs & Larry Linville (spin-off from The Jeffersons)

Cheers (Paramount/NBC) (1982-93) starring Ted Danson, Shelley Long, Kirstie Alley
Chevrolet Tele-Theatre (NBC)(1948-50) "live" Dramatic Anthology
Chevy Mystery Show (NBC)(Summer 1960) Anthology Series
Cheyenne (WB/Wm T.Orr/ABC)(1955-62) starring Clint Walker
The Chicago Teddy Bears (fall 1971) starring Dean Jones
China Smith (1952) starring Dan Duryea
The New Adventures of China Smith (1954) starring Dan Duryea
Mysteries Of Chinatown (ABC)(1949-50) starring Marvin Miller & Gloria Saunders
Chopper One (Spelling-Goldberg/ABC) (early 1974) starring Jim McMullen & Dirk Benedict
Chrysler Medallion Theatre (CBS)(1953-54)
Chrysler Theatre (1959-63) host Bob Hope
Cimarron City (Revue/NBC)(1958-59)starring George Montgomery
Cimarron Strip (CBS)(1967-68) starring Stuart Whitman
Ghost Story: Circle Of Fear (1972-73) host Sebastian Cabot
Circus Boy (1956-58)starring Mickey Braddock, Noah Beery Jr, Robert Bowery
The Cisco Kid (1951-54) starring Duncan Renaldo
Citizen Soldier (1957-58) Miliary Anthology Series
City Detective (1953-56) starring Rod Cameron

City Hospital (1951-52)(ABC) / (1952-53)(CBS)

The Cliffwood Avenue Kids (Premore/syndicated)(1976-77)
Climax! (Anthology)(CBS)(1954-58) host William Lundigan

Code R (WB/CBS)(1977) starring James Houghton, Tom Simcox, Martin Kove
Code Red (Irwin Allen/ABC)(1981-82) Adventures series starring Lorne Greene, Julie Adams, Andrew Prine
Code 3 (1956-57) starring Richard Travis
Codename: Foxfire (Universal/NBC)(1985) Adventure series starring Joanna Cassidy

The Colbys (1985-87) starring Charlton Heston

Colditz (BBC) (1972-74)( UK) WWII Drama series- starring Robert Wagner, David McCallum
The Collaborators (Canada)(1973-74) starring Michael Kane & Donald Pilon
Colonel Humphrey Flack (DuMont 1953-54 live) starring Alan Mowbray, Frank Jenks
(CBS Films Inc .1958-59)
Colonel March of ScotlandYard (UK) (1954) starring Boris Karloff
Colt 45 (WB/ABC)(1957-60) starring Wayde Preston & Donald May

Columbia Pictures Television (CPT) (from 1974) successor to  -  Screen Gem Television

"Columbia Pictures" (all genres) Theatrical  Serials (1937-56)
"Columbia Pictures" Western Theatrical Serials (1939-56)
"Columbia Pictures" Sci-Fi / Super-Hero Theatrical Serials (1938-55)

NBC Mystery Movie: Columbo (original series) (Universal)(1968-1978) starring Peter Falk
NEW Columbo (revival series) (Universal)(1989-2003) starring Peter Falk

Combat!(1962-67) starring Vic Morrow & Rick Jason
Combat Sergeant (Summer 1956) starring Michael Thomas, Cliff Cark
Commando Cody (Republic Serial)(Filmed 1953) starring Judd Holdren
Confidential File (synd) (1955) Reporter Anthology starring Paul Coates
Conflict (WB/ABC)(1956-57) Anthology Series
Congressional Investigator (1959)starring Edward Stroll, William Masters
Conrad Nagel Theater (Syndicated) (1955-56) filmed anthology series
Corky and White Shadow (Disney)(1956) starring Darlene Gillespie
The Corner Bar (ABC)(Summer 1972) Gabriel Dell (Summer 1973) Anne Meara, Eugene Roche
Coronado 9 (1959-60) starring Rod Cameron
Coronet Blue (Herbert Brodkin/CBS)(Summer 1967) starring Frank Converse
CosmopolitanTheatre (DuMont)(1951) Dramatic Anthology
Rebound (ABC/DuMont) (1952-53) / Counterpoint (1955-56) (syndicated title)
The Count of Monte Cristo (UK) (1956) starring George Dolenz

Countdown (Yorkshire TV/Channel 4) (1982 - present) UK Game Show   /   Countdown - Conundrums

The Court of Last Resort (Walden/Paisano/NBC)(1957-58) starring Paul Birch, Lyle Bettger
Court Martial (UK) (1964-65) starring Peter Graves & Bradford Dillman
The Courtship of Eddie's Father (MGM/ABC)(1969-72) starring Bill Bixby
The Cowboys (1974) Moses Gunn, Diana Douglas, Jim Davis
Cowboy G-Men (1952-53 starring Russell Hayden & Jackie Coogan
Cowboy in Africa (Ivan Tors)(1967-68) starring Chuck Connors

Cracker (1993-96, 2006) (Granada/ITV) (UK) starring Robbie Coltrane
Craig Kennedy, Criminologist (1952-53) starring Donald Woods
Crazy Like A Fox (1984-86) starring Jack Warden & John Rubenstein

Crime Photographer (CBS)(1951-52) starring Darren McGavin

Crime Syndicated (CBS)(1951-53) Crime Anthology hosted and narrated by Rudolph Halley
Crossroads (1955-57) Religious Anthology series
Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson (1954) host Gloria Swanson
Crunch and Des (1956) starring Forrest Tucker & Sandy Kenyon

Crusader (Revue/CBS)(1955-56) starring Brain Keith
Curtain Call (NBC)(Summer 1952) "live" dramatic anthology
The Legend of Custer (fall 1967)starring Wayne Maunder, Slim Pickens

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