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Where's Raymond (1953-54)
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DPI Productions/ B & R Enterprises production ("B" for Bolger and "R" for Rickard, his wife)
Filmed at Desilu Studios
ABC (Thursdays 8:30 pm EST)(season 1)(1953-54)
ABC (Fridays 8:30 pm EST)(season 2)(1954-55)
Produced by Jerry Bresler (season 1)
Produced by Stanley Shapiro, Paul Henning (season 2)
Directors include: Marc Daniels, Sidney Lanfield, John Rich 

US Comedy series 1953-55    60 episodes x 30 min (08Oct53-15Apr55)
Ray Bolger as Raymond Wallace
Richard Erdman as Pete Morrisey, landlord (1953-55)
Allyn Joslyn as Jonathan Wallace (1953-54)
Betty Lynn as June (1953-54)
Claire Dubrey as Aunt Angela (1953-54)
Frances Karath (1953-54)
Marjie Millar as Susan, aspiring writer from Iowa, Ray's girlfriend (1954-55)
Christine Nelson as Katie Jones (1954-55)
Charlie Cantor as Artie Herman (1954-55)
Sylvia Lewis as Ray's dancing partner (1953-55) (some have 1954-55)
Maureen Stephenson (1954-55)

Charles Smith as Farley
Gloria Winters as Ruth Farley
Verne Felton as Ruth's mother
Ray Teal as the Policeman
The story of Raymond Wallace, a professional song and dance man with a habit of arriving for a
performance at the very last minute (hence the title "Where's Raymond").
After one season the title changed to "The Ray Bolger Show" and focused on Ray's relationship
with Susan, a young woman who's come to New York to further her writing career.

Music/ Orchestra:
Al Goodwin, Herbert Spencer, Earle Hagen
Choreographer: Sylvia Lewis

############## Where's Raymond? ##############
############## season 1 1953-54 ##############
ABC Thursdays 8:30-9:00 pm Eastern

  1.01 [--] Where's Raymond?: LATE TO WORK
08Oct53 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Raymond finds all sorts of obstacles in his way when he tries to get to the theater in time for his performance. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Ray's manager and brother, Jonathan (Allyn Joslyn) warns Ray about his late arrivals at the theatre. [The Age, Melbourne, 11Aug60]
(Melbourne Australia: 11Aug60 ABV-2 Thurs. 6:30pm)

1.02 [--] Where's Raymond?: FIRING MOLLY
15Oct53 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Raymond summons courage to fire his wardrobe mistress at his brother's request. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Jonathan wants Ray to dismiss Molly, the wardrobe mistress, because he thinks she is too old. [The Age, Melbourne, 18Aug60]

1.03 [--] Where's Raymond?: WHERE'S TREMONT? [verified -RL]
22Oct53 ABC Thur (ABC rerun 20May54)
Produced by Jerry Bresler
Written by William Bowers
Directed by Marc Daniels
Guest star:
Jan Clayton .......... Francine Tremont
Allyn Joslyn ......... Jonathan (recurring)
Betty Lynn ........... June (recurring)
Richard Erdman ....... Pete (recurring)
Claire Dubrey ........ Aunt Angela (recurring)
Hayden Rorke ......... Clinton Tremont
Sylvia Lewis ......... Sylvia (recurring)
Maurice Kelly ........ Stage Manager
Charles Smith ........ Understudy
Ray Teal ............. Policeman (recurring)
Synopsis 1:
Tremont is a banker whose support Jonathan needs for a mining venture. Mrs. Tremont is a former actress making a special appearance with Ray.
Synopsis 2:
Jonathan tries to locate Clinton Tremont without disclosing his identity as Ray's manager to Tremont's wealthy father.
(printing cut off on "father") [The Age, Melbourne, 25Aug60]
Synopsis 3:
Ray does a scintillating musical number. "Tiptoe Through the Tulips," and a song and dance duet with Jan Clayton on "A Most Unusual Day."
[TV Key, 20May54 repeat]

1.04 [--] Where's Raymond?: LT. OGLEMEYER
29Oct53 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Raymond receives a note backstage informing him that his former lieutenant is in the audience. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Ray meets an officer who made his army life a nightmare. [The Age, Melbourne, 1Sep60]

1.05 [--] Where's Raymond?: POLA ASHENFELDER
05Nov53 ABC Thur
Ray has promised that the winner of a dancing school contest will appear on his show. [The Age, Melbourne, 8Sep60]

1.06 [--] Where's Raymond?: GONDORFF
12Nov53 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Ray invests in a vague oil deal. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Jonathan doesn't approve of Ray's investment in oil shares. [The Age, Melbourne, 15Sep60]

1.07 [--] Where's Raymond?: PROCESS SERVER
19Nov53 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Ray lands in jail when he destroys a summons handed to him by a process server. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
When a process server comes to his door, Ray mistakenly thinks that it's part of a trick arranged by Jonathan. [The Age, Melbourne, 22Sep60]

1.08 [--] Where's Raymond?: THANKSGIVING MASTERSON
26Nov53 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Ray decides Thanksgiving is a good time to make peace with a columnist who has been panning him. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Ray's plans for a Thanksgiving party are upset when he reads Maurice Masterson's column. [The Age, Melbourne, 29Sep60]
(29Sep60 Melbourne ABV-2 Thurs. 6:30pm)

1.09 [--] Where's Raymond?: PRIZE FIGHTER MORENCO
03Dec53 ABC Thur (ABC rerun 3Jun54)
Synopsis 1:
Ray buys up the contract of a fighter who has never won a fight. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Ray buys up the contract of a fighter who's no prize. [03Jun54 NY Times /TA]
Synopsis 3:
Ray's latest business venture is his acquisition of Tommy Morenco, a prize fighter. [The Age, Melbourne, 06Oct60]
(06Oct60 Melbourne ABV-2 Thurs. 6:30pm)
Synopsis 4:
Rerun of one of Ray's most entertaining shows. Bolger is funny, the situation Is funny, and there are two sock numbers:
"Let's Be Buddies," sung and danced with Betty Lynn, and a dance Impression of a prize fight. [Brooklyn Eagle, TV Key column, 3Jun54 repeat]

1.10 [--] Where's Raymond?: INSURANCE LOOPHOLE
10Dec53 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Jonathan decides to take out several insurance policies to cover any mishap in the theatre. [The Age, Melbourne, 13Oct60]
Synopsis 2:
Ray hires an actor to prove that his brother's meticulous business methods are wrong. [JB]

1.11 [--] Where's Raymond?: UNDERSTUDY
17Dec53 ABC Thur (ABC rerun 13May54)
Guest cast:
Charles Smith ........ Farley (understudy)
Synopsis 1:
Ray consents to let his understudy do a number in the show because the understudy's girl friend is in the audience. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The big moment finally arrives in the life of Farley, Ray's understudy, as Ray yields to his pleas for a chance to go on. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
As Ray's understudy has a girl friend who is coming to see the performance, Ray promises him he many do one number at the matinee.
[The Age, Melbourne, 20Oct60]

1.12 [--] Where's Raymond?: CHRISTMAS [verified -RL]
24Dec53 ABC Thur
Produced by Jerry Bresler
Directed by Marc Daniels
Written by William Bowers
Ray Teal .......... Policeman (recurring)
Ralph Moody ....... "old friend"
The Mitchell Boys Choir
Started off by little girl's imagination, Ray becomes Santa Claus, a cab driver, floorwalker in a department store,
an old vaudevillian, his own imaginary wife, and finally, Sambo the doll. [JB]

1.13 [--] Where's Raymond?: NEW YEAR PARTY
31Dec53 ABC Thur
Ray moves into a new apartment on December 31, and is beseeched by a meek neighbor to please be as quiet as possible.
Of course, things with Ray never work out that way. [JB]

1.14 [--] Where's Raymond?: PARDON MY SPANISH (Pilot)
07Jan54 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Ray buys dancing shoes for a señorita and her partner threatens to kill Ray. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Carlos, a fiery Latin dancer in the show, is jealous of when he thinks are gifts from Ray to his dancing partner, Lolita.
[The Age, Melbourne, 27Oct60]
Synopsis 3:
Tonight, Ray does a funny impersonation of an acrobatic dance team in a wild tango and tosses in & soft shoe
to "My Blue Heaven." Brenda Forbes joins Ray in a hilarious shoe store sketch. [TV Key column]

1.15 [--] Where's Raymond?: SUSAN, THE HORSE
14Jan54 ABC Thur (ABC rerun 27May54)
Synopsis 1:
Ray is involved in a case of mistaken identity. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Ray gets the idea that Jonathan is planning to desert his wife and daughter for another woman. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
An overheard telephone conversation leads to a comedy of errors. [NY Times, 27May54]
Synopsis 4:
Wire-tapping leads Ray Bolger to a comedy of errors. Ray eavesdrops on his brother Jonathan's telephone conversation . . .
leading him to believe that Jonathan is abandoning his wife end daughter for another woman! [Cedar Rapids Gazette, Iowa, 27May54]
Synopsis 5:
Jonathan is buying a horse named Susan for Ray as a birthday present. However, young Ginny, Jonathan's daughter
misconstrues a conversation she overhears. [The Age, Melbourne, 3Nov60]

1.16 [--] Where's Raymond?: TWO TICKETS
21Jan54 ABC Thur (ABC rerun 10Jun54)
Synopsis 1:
Ray gets that Hollywood bug. When a movie producer hits town, Ray tries to get him tickets to a performance of his
show and finds that there are none available. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
A Hollywood producer is in town and wants to see Ray's show. As Jonathan has sold every seat, Ray must get two tickets somehow.
He remembers that he gave two tickets to Mrs. Archibald. [The Age, Melbourne, 10Nov60]
(10Nov60 Melbourne ABV-2 Thursday 6:30pm)
Synopsis 3:
Ray Bolger does an impromptu dance to wild jazz music. [Buffalo Evening News]

1.17 [--] Where's Raymond?: THE MAID
28Jan54 ABC Thur (ABC rerun 17Jun54)
Synopsis 1:
Ray gives a birthday present to a laundress, one of his admirers, and finds he has to contend with her boy friend,
who is a wrestler, and with his own girl friend, Sylvia. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
One of Ray's most ardent fans is Gladys, the maid at his apartment house, who has a crush on him. [The Age, Melbourne, 17Nov60]

1.18 [--] Where's Raymond?: THE TEENAGER
04Feb54 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Ray gets an idea for ending a crush that a teenage girl has on him. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Ray decides that the only way to mend a quarrel between teenager Moose Anderson and his girl friend is to teach the young man to dance.
[The Age, Melbourne, 24Nov60]

1.19 [--] Where's Raymond?: THE LOST DOG
11Feb54 ABC Thur (ABC rerun 01Jul54)
Synopsis 1:
Ray undertakes to find a boy's strayed pooch and calls the animal shelter. But he innocently reaches a psychiatrist by mistake. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
"Find the Dog." Ray decides to help a youngster find his dog. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that the phone book he used is a prop.
[The Age, Melbourne, 01Dec60]

1.20 [--] Where's Raymond?: REDECORATE THE COFFESHOP
18Feb54 ABC Thur (ABC rerun 24Jun54)
Synopsis 1:
Ray and Pete take over June's coffee shop for a day. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
While June is away from the coffee shop with a bad cold, Ray decides to redecorate it. [The Age, Melbourne, 08Dec60]
Synopsis 3:
Raymond's talents as an interior decorator provide comedy. [New York Times, 24Jun54 repeat]

1.21 [--] Where's Raymond?: WHO'S GETTING MARRIED?
25Feb54 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Ray, June, Farley and Farley's fiancee have a merry mixup at the marriage bureau. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
When Ray visits City Hall with his understudy, who is collecting a wedding license, June overhears their conversation
and thinks Ray is about to be married. [The Age, Melbourne, 15Dec60]

1.22 [--] Where's Raymond?: WILL YOU BE MY COOK? [UCLA]
(c) 1954 B & R Enterprises production
04-Mar-1954 ABC Thur
Produced by Jerry Bresler
Written by Stanley Shapiro, Fred Fox and Maurice Richlin.
Directed by Sidney Lanfield
Film Editor, Marsh Hendry;
Director of Photography, Lester Shorr;
music, Herbert Spencer and Earle Hagen.
Ray Bolger (Raymond Wallace); Richard Erdman (Pete Morrisey);
Sylvia Lewis (Ray's dancing partner);
Allyn Joslyn, Ida Moore, Charles Helton, Pat Flaherty, Ray Kellogg,
James Logan, Anne Carroll, James Hyland. [UCLA]
Synopsis 1:
Ray befriends a millionairess whom he takes to be an unemployed maid. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Ray learns that Samuel Flint has bought the theatre and intends using the site as a parking lot. [The Age, Melbourne, 22Dec60]

1.23 [--] Where's Raymond?: THE HONEYMOON'S OVER
11Mar54 ABC Thur (ABC rerun 08Jul54)
Synopsis 1:
Ray's understudy Farley is married, and at once encounters a major hazard of married life, his mother-in-law moves in.
Ray dons his "Charley's Aunt" costume and poses as Farley's mother to help out his distressed pal.
Synopsis 2:
Ray's understudy, Farley, returns from his honeymoon to find that his mother-in-law has moved in.
Ray's costume for Charley's Aunt gives him an idea. [The Age, Melbourne, 29Dec60]

1.24 [--] Where's Raymond?: RAY PLAYS THE STORK
18Mar54 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Ray dresses up as a stork to attend a party. He mistakenly believes it to be in honor of a baby his brother's wife is, he thinks, about to have. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Jonathan's wife, Grace, has been visiting an obstetrician in connection with a building fund for the rather
conservative club Jonathan hopes to join. [The Age, Melbourne, 19Jan61]

1.25 [--] Where's Raymond?: LET'S GET RAY MARRIED
25Mar54 ABC Thur
Ray is chosen as one of the nation's 10 most eligible bachelors, and his brother and sister-in-law decide it is high time he married.
Among the candidates are a chorus girl, a girl reporter, and an adagio dancer. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The best Bolger program since the show's debut. There's a plot to get Ray married, so he turns wolf in self defense.
His rousing Apache dance is right in character. There's a funny opening contrasting the misery of Ray's single life with the wedded bliss of his brother.
For the first time we can honestly say don't miss it. [Brooklyn Eagle, TV Key column]

1.26 [--] Where's Raymond?: THE SHOE STORE
01Apr54 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Ray becomes a partner in a shoe store. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Jonathan tells his brother that people in show business should have an outside business interest for future security. [The Age, Melbourne, 02Feb61]

1.27 [--] Where's Raymond?: CUDDLES
08Apr54 ABC Thur
Synopsis 1:
Cuddles turns out to be the name of both a cocker spaniel and a chorus girl, which makes for some pretty confused conversation. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Confusion reigns as Ray thinks his brother is talking about a dog but actually is discussing a chorus girl. [Long Beach CA Press-Telegram]
Synopsis 3:
Ray gets Spring fever and finds himself involved in a case of mistaken identity between a puppy and a dumb blond, both named Cuddles.
When asked "Have you had breakfast?" she answers, "Oh, yes, many times." (That's the blond, not the dachshund).
Ray does "A Walk Around the Block" and "Love Is Sweeping the Country." [Brooklyn Eagle, TV Key column]

1.28 [--] Where's Raymond?: THE ENLISTED RESERVES  [verified -RL]
15Apr54 ABC Thur
Sponsored by Super KemTone Paint
Produced by Jerry Bresler
Written by Stanley Shapiro, Maurice Richlin & Fred Fox
Directed by Sidney Lanfield
Allyn Joslyn ......... Jonathan (recurring)
Betty Lynn ........... June (recurring)
Richard Wessel ....... Sergeant Martin
Joy Lansing .......... Sergeant's girlfriend
Dan Riss ............. Captain Blake
Thurston Hall ........ the Colonel
Sylvia Lewis ......... Sylvia (recurring)
King Donovan ......... the Lieutenant
Ray joins the Reserves, and has his troubles with a tough sergeant. [JB]

1.29 [--] Where's Raymond?: THE RETURN OF MILLIE
22Apr54 ABC Thur
Memories of a high school romance are revived for Ray when he receives a telegram from the girl who was once his dancing partner.
She tells him of her plans to visit the old hometown. [JB]

1.30 [--] Where's Raymond?: JUVENILE DELINQUENCY
29Apr54 ABC Thur
Guest Cast:
David Kasday ......... Billy
Lee Erickson ......... Lefty
Ben Welden ........... Bullets Brannigan
Ray has his difficulties persuading some juvenile delinquents that all dancers are not sissies. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
A sentimental story that manages to be funny at the same time. Ray brings home a juvenile delinquent and gets involved with a tough mobster.
Ray does "Me and My Shadow" with David Kasday, an 11-year-old dancing find.
[Brooklyn Eagle, TV Key column]

Network Reruns
06May54 - No information available
13May54 - repeat from 17Dec53 (#1.11 "Understudy")
20May54 - repeat from 22Oct53 (#1.3 "Where's Tremont?")
27May54 - repeat from 14Jan54 (#1.15 "Susan, The Horse")
03Jun54 - repeat from 03Dec53 (#1.9 "Prize Fighter Morenco").
10Jun54 - repeat from 21Jan54 (#1.16 "Two Tickets").
17Jun54 - repeat from 28Jan54 (#1.17 "The Maid").
24Jun54 - repeat from 18Feb54 (#1.20 "Redecorate The Coffeshop")
01Jul54 - repeat from 11Feb54 (#1.19 "The Lost Dog")
08Jul54 - repeat from 11Mar54 (#1.23 "The Honeymoon's Over") (Last repeat of Season One)

[--] 15Jul54 ABC - start of replacement series, "Melody Tour" (Thurs. 8-9:30pm Eastern).

The Ray Bolger Show (1954-55)(New Title)

############ The Ray Bolger Show #############
############## season 2 1954-55 ##############
################# (new title) ################
ABC Fridays 8:30-9:00 pm Eastern
2.01 [31] The Ray Bolger Show: A DOUBLE LIFE
17Sep54 ABC Fri
Ray's sidekick Pete Morrisey is jealous of Ray's success with the ladies and claims it is due only to the dancer's fame.
The two make a bet and swap identities. Ray moves into Pete's apartment and two girls, Susan and Katie, move next-door. [JB]

2.02 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: THE MASQUERADE IS OVER
24Sep54 ABC Fri
Synopsis 1:
Ray decides to reveal his true identity to Susan, but the complications which arise make the unmasking very painful to our hero. [SC]
Synopsis 2:
"The Masquerade Is Over," with a bruised heart and jaw. [New York Times]

2.03 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: GETTING SUSAN A JOB
01Oct54 ABC Fri
Synopsis 1:
Susan and Katy have no jobs and no money so they decide It's time to go back to Council Bluffs. [The Age, Melbourne, 25Jan62]
Synopsis 2:
Ray's girlfriend, Susan, must get a job to remain in New York City. Ray uses his connections to get her employed, but she takes
his good deed the wrong way. [tv.com]

2.04 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: THE DRAMA SCHOOL [verified -RL]
Desilu Prods Inc.
08Oct54 ABC Fri
Sponsored by Lehn & Fink (Lyson, Hinds Creme, Etiquet Deodorant and Dorothy Gray cosmetics)
DPI Productions and B & R Enterprises, Inc.
Produced by Paul Henning & Stanley Shapiro
Written by Paul Henning & Don Johnson
Directed by John Rich
Charles Cantor ........ Artie Herman (recurring)
Christine Nelson ...... Katy Jones (recurring)
Sylvia Lewis .......... Sylvia (recurring)
Jerry Hausner ......... Sam
Andy Mayo ............. Panny The Horse
Alan Reed ............. the Professor
In order to save his friends Katie and Artie from being duped by the operator of a phony dramatic school,
Ray enrolls in the school himself. [JB]

2.05 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: STAG AT BAY
15Oct54 ABC Fri (Network Rerun 29Apr55)
Desilu Prods Inc.
William Schallert
Susan's girl friend Katie learns that the sea of matrimony is mighty deep when her boy friend (William Schallert)
arrives in New York to pop the question. [JB]

2.06 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: MISS TEEN-AGER
22Oct55 ABC Fri (Network Rerun 06May55)
Guest Cast:
Elinor Donahue ........... Joanne Gentry
Elinor Donahue plays Joanne Gentry, who wins the "Miss Teen-ager" contest and is awarded a trip to New York City as her prize.
She also wins Ray as an escort for her big-city night and immediately falls in love with him. [JB]

2.07 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: NOVELIST (wga)
Desilu Prods Inc
29Oct54 ABC Fri (Network Rerun 13May55)
with: Marjie Millar ...... Susan (recurring)
Guest Cast:
Craig Stevens .......... Clarke Reynolds
Gloria Pall ............ Sally Morrell, the Blonde
Clarke Reynolds, a handsome novelist, becomes interested in Ray's girlfriend Susan. In order to divert Reynold's attention
from his girl, Ray encourages a stage-struck blonde to act as decoy. [JB/UCLA]

2.08 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: RAY HELPS A YOUNG MARRIED COUPLE
05Nov54 ABC Fri (Network Rerun 20May55)
Pete Morrisey rents Ray's apartment to a young out-of-town married couple. Ray mistakes these tenants for the potential
backers of a show he plans to produce. [JB]

2.09 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: PUBLICITY PETE
12Nov54 ABC Fri (Network Rerun 27May55)
Synopsis 1:
Ray finds he is the proud possessor of a self-appointed publicity man: his pal, Pete Morrisey. Pete starts his job by releasing
a story about Ray's search for a wife who is an expert cook. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The show holds up musically. Ray sings and dances "Sunny Side of the Street," to accompaniment of a typewriter. He does an impressionistic
dance with Sylvia Lewis and a strange dance to "Begin the Beguine" with an extra large female who crowds into the plot. [TV Key column, Brooklyn Eagle]

2.10 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: THE BARBER TAKES A BRIDE (wga)
(Desilu Prods Inc.)
19Nov54 ABC Fri
Disguising himself as an eccentric Italian movie director, Ray feigns a romantic attachment for his barber's sweetheart to arouse
his jealousy and hasten the marriage. [Long Beach CA Independent, 19Nov54]

2.11 [41] The Ray Bolger Show: KATY GETS GLAMOURIZED
26Nov54 ABC Fri (Network Rerun 03Jun55)
Guest cast:
Doris Singleton
Synopsis 1:
Ray helps Katy Jones and Pete Morrisey in their scheme to impress a snooty young woman who has recently arrived in town.
The plan calls for Katy and Pete suddenly to become highbrow. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
When Ray's girl friend's girl friend comes for a visit he works out an elaborate plan to impress her by utilizing the unsound
services of his buddy and his girl's roommate. [Long Beach CA Independent, 26Nov54]
Synopsis 3:
An effort to glamorize Katy Jones to impress a snooty woman from home. [New York Times, 3Jun55 repeat]

2.12 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: ANGEL IN DISGUISE (wga)
(Desilu Prods Inc.)
03Dec54 ABC Fri (Network Rerun 10Jun55)
Ray tries to help an aspiring artist land a commission to paint socially prominent Mrs. Schuyler. The dancer makes a deal
with the dowager, agreeing to appear in her amateur musical if she will allow Dick Larson to paint her portrait. [JB]

2.13 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: THE NAVY SHOW
10Dec54 ABC Fri
Ray's girl friend suffers because the dancer is preparing a show for the Navy. Ray is kept so busy with this extra duty that
he is forced to break a number of dates with Susan. [JB]

2.14 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: JEALOUSY
17Dec54 ABC Fri
Synopsis 1:
Ray sees his girl friend, Susan, being escorted home by an office boy, but mistakes the strange male for Mr. Universe (Steve Reeves). [JB]
Synopsis 2:
When a pipsqueak office boy squires his girl-friend Susan home, Ray has a fit of mistaken jealousy. [Long Beach CA Independent, 17Dec54]

2.15 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: FATHER FOR A DAY (wga)
Desilu Prods Inc.
24Dec54 ABC Fri (Network rerun 8Apr55)
Jerry Mathers
Jeri Lou James
Ray celebrates Christmas by acting as father for a day. In the holiday spirit, Ray brings home two young orphans to spend Christmas with him.
Ray re-creates his famous scarecrow dance from the motion picture, "The Wizard of Oz." [JB]
Guests Jerry Mathers and Jeri Lou James listed in 8Apr55 New York Times.

2.16 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: MAN OF THE YEAR (wga) [verified -RL]
Desilu Prods Inc.
31Dec54 ABC Fri
Produced by Stanley Shapiro
Written by Maurice Richlin, Fred Fox, and Stanley Shapiro
Directed by John RIch
Ray Bolger .......... Raymond Wallace
Marjie Millar ....... Susan
Richard Erdman ...... Pete
Christine Nelson .... Katy
Elvia Allman ........ Mrs. Chalmers
Bob Jellison ........ Harry
Sylvia Lewis ........ Sylvia
Synopsis 1:
Pete Morrisey latches on to a press agent's dream when he plans to have Ray made "Man of the Year." [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Tuba-player Harry's (Bob Jellison's) mother-in-law (Elvia Allman) wishes her son-in-law could be more like the kind, generous and thoughtful
Raymond Wallace (Ray Bolger). To make Harry seem like more of a hero in her eyes, Raymond attempts to appear as a real "schnook" in front of her.
Coincidentally, she is also the person who decides upon the "man of the year" honors at the local women's club, and Ray is up for nomination
- until he puts on the "schnook act," that is. [RL]
Songs include: "You're The Top" and "That's What A Rainy Day Is For." [RL]

2.17 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: SEEING DOUBLE (wga)
Desilu Prods Inc.
07Jan55 ABC Fri (ABC rerun 22Apr55)
Synopsis 1:
Pete Morrisey, Ray's hard-working press agent, has another one of his "great" ideas. This time he is busy promoting a contest to find his client's double. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
In an attempt to get newspaper space for Ray, Press Agent Pete Morrisey pretends that the dancer has a hillbilly double. [JB] (22Apr55 repeat)
Synopsis 3:
Ray Bolger impersonates a hillbilly; a repeat show. [New York Times, 22Apr55 reurn]

2.18 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: THE GIRL ON THE BILLBOARD (wga)
Desilu Prods Inc.
14Jan55 ABC Fri
Synopsis 1:
Ray helps out a young bronco buster who is in love with a lovely New York model. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The first live minutes are very entertaining. Ray sings "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" and follows by doing a loose-Jointed solo dance on a Western motif.
[TV Key column, Brooklyn Eagle]

2.19 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: A GIFT FROM THE SULTAN
21Jan55 ABC Fri
Synopsis 1:
Ray does a command performance for a Sultan and is given an unusual and unexpected reward for his efforts. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The show's opening is much better than usual. Ray gives a command performance for a visiting Eastern potentate and does a sandy soft shoe to
"Tea for Two" with an Oriental accompaniment. The plot gets sillier, but Ray manages to get in a Jitterbug number before the end.
[TV Key column, Brooklyn Eagle]

2.20 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: NIGHT SCHOOL
28Jan55 ABC Fri
Irene Ryan … schoolteacher
Synopsis 1:
Ray charms a shy schoolteacher (Irene Ryan) into giving his pal, Artie Herman, a passing grade in a high-school course.
The schoolmarm becomes enchanted with Ray. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The show opens with a song and dance to "Alabama Bound." Irene Ryan turns up in another of her caricatures of predatory spinsters.
She joins Ray In a dream sequence "Dance of Passion." The dialogue is chock full of metaphors about the teaching profession. [TV Key column, Brooklyn Eagle]

2.21 [51] The Ray Bolger Show: RAY'S EX-PARTNER
04Feb55 ABC Fri
Chick Chandler
Ray's ex-partner, Bill Johnson, doesn't have enough money to keep his nightclub in operation. Ray comes to the rescue with an offer of financial aid. [JB]

2.22 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: PREDATORY FEMALE (wga)
Desilu Prods Inc.
11Feb55 ABC Fri
Anna Lee
Ray's nimble feet come in handy when a rich woman uses her wiles to make him her eighth husband. [JB]

2.23 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: PROFESSOR SNIFF
18Feb55 ABC Fri
An old professor of Ray's comes to visit the dancer in New York. He brings his fiancée, a gold-digging chorus girl. [JB]

2.24 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: MY IDEAL HUSBAND
25Feb55 ABC Fri
Ray becomes involved in a "My Ideal Husband" contest with the help of his fiancée's friend. [JB]

2.25 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: RAY HUMANIZES PETE
04Mar55 ABC Fri
Ray outfits himself as a penniless tramp to show cynical Pete Morrisey that most people feel compassion for their fellow men. [JB]

2.26 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: REUNION OF SQUAD B
11Mar55 ABC Fri
Guest cast:
Lee Millar
Dick Wessel
Jack Prince
Ray has a reunion with old army buddies. In the course of reminiscence Ray impersonates a blonde WAC and a "sad sack" GI. [JB]

2.27 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: WONDER DOG
18Mar55 ABC Fri
Ray helps an old vaudevillian and his "wonder dog" to get employment at the theater he is playing. [JB]

2.28 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: THE EFFICIENCY EXPERT
25Mar55 ABC Fri
Night-watchman Otto Kleinschmidt's job is endangered when an efficiency expert feels that he has outlived his usefulness.
Ray tries to help his pal. [JB]

2.29 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: RAY'S MOTHER AND FATHER
01Apr55 ABC Fri
We go back to 1915 to witness the wooing of Virginia Randolph by Ray's father. Virginia's father is opposed to show people
in general and to Ray, Sr., in particular. [JB]

[--] 08Apr55 - repeat from 24Dec54 ("Father For A Day")

2.30 [--] The Ray Bolger Show: LAST OF THE SHOWBOATS (wga) [Final Episode]
Desilu Prods Inc.
15Apr55 ABC Fri
At the request of his friends, Susan and Katy, Ray pleads with the judge to save an old showboat that is set to be destroyed
as a public nuisance. [JB]

[--] The Ray Bolger show: Unidentified episode--excerpt. Ray Bolger sings and tap dances to The old folks at home]. Published/distributed: [ca. 1954] [UCLA]

Repeats - ABC Fridays (29Apr55-10Jun55
22Apr55 - repeat from 07Jan55 (#2.17 "Seeing Double")
29Apr55 - repeat from 15Oct54 (#2.5 "Stag At Bay")
06May55 - repeat from 22Oct54 (#2.6 "Miss Teen-Ager")
13May55 - repeat from 29Oct54 (#2.7 "Novelist")
20May55 - repeat from 05Nov54 (#2.8 "Ray Helps A Young Married Couple")
27May55 - repeat from 12Nov55 (#2.9 "Publicity Pete")
03Jun55 - repeat from 26Nov54 (#2.11 "Katy Gets Glamourized")
10Jun55 - repeat from 03Dec54 (.2.12 "Angel In Disguise") (Final Show of the Series)

############ The Ray Bolger Show #############
################# the end ##################

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