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The Abbott and Costello Show (syndicated) (1951-52) starring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello

 Acapulco (ZIV-UA)(1960-61) starring Ralph Taeger (replaced "Klondike" NOT western)
Accidental Family (1967-68) starring Jerry Van Dyke Lois Nettleton
Actors Studio (ABC/CBS)(1948-50) 30 min "live" Dramatic Anthology
Adam-12 (Jack Webb/NBC)(1968-75) starring Martin Milner, Kent McCord
Adam's Rib (fall 1973) starring Ken Howard & Blythe Danner

The Addams Family (ABC)(1964-66) starring John Astin & Carolyn Jones
The Adventurer (UK) (1972) starring Gene Barry
Advs. at Scott Island/Harbourmaster (1957-58) starring Barry Sullivan & Paul Burke
Adventures in Paradise (TCF/Martin Manulis/ABC)(1959-62) starring Gardner McKay
Adventures in Rainbow Country (Canada)(1970-71) starring Lois Maxwell

The Adventures of Aggie (UK) (1956-57) starring Joan Shawlee
The Adventures of Ellery Queen (Dumont/ABC) (1950-52) Richard Hart/ Lee Bowman
The Adventures of Fu Manchu (1956) starring Glen Gordon
The Adventures of Hiram Holliday (1956-57) starring Wally Cox
The Adventures of Jim Bowie (ABC)(1956-58) starring Scott Forbes
The Adventures of Judge Roy Bean (1955-56) starring Edgar Buchanan
Adventures of a Jungle Boy (UK)(1957) starring Michael Carr Hartley
The Adventures of Kit Carson (1951-55) starring Bill Williams and Don Diamond
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1952-66) starring Ozzie & Harriet Nelson
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (Screen Gems)(1954-59) starring Lee Aaker
The Adventures of Robin Hood (UK)(ITC) (1955-60) starring Richard Greene
Adventures of The Falcon (1954) starring Charles McGraw
The Adventures of The Scarlet Pimpernel (UK)(1954-55) starring Marius Goring
The Adventures of the Sea Hawk (1958-59) starring John Howard

The Adventures of the Seaspray (Australia) (1966-67) starring  Walter Brown, Gary Gray

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Paris)(1954) Ronald Howard & H. Marion-Crawford
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (UK)(1956) starring William Russell
The Adventures of Superman (1952-58) starring George Reeves & Phyllis Coates
The Adventures of Tugboat Annie (1957-58) starring Minerva Urecal
Adventure Theater (US-NBC Summer 1956) a.k.a Calling Scotland Yard (UK/Danziger)(1953-54)
(Danziger) anthology series - US host Paul Douglas

African Patrol (UK) (1957) starring John Bentley

Agatha Christie's Miss Marple (1984-1991) (BBC) (UK) starring Joan Hickson
Agatha Christie's Marple (2004-2007) (ITV) (UK) starring Geraldine McEwan
Agatha Christie's Marple (2007-2009) (ITV) (UK) starring Julia McKenzie

Agatha Christie's Poirot (1989-2009) (LWT/ITV) (UK) starring David Suchet

 A.K.A Pablo (ABC)(Spring 1984) starring Paul Rodriquez
The Alaskans (WB)(1959-60) Roger Moore, Dorothy Provine, Jeff York, Ray Danton

 TELEVISION PLAYHOUSE (NBC) (1948-57) "live" Sunday night Anthology Series
Philco Television Playhouse (NBC)(1948-55)
Goodyear Television Playhouse (NBC)(1951-57)
Alcoa Hour (NBC)(1955-57) 

Alcoa/ Goodyear AWARD Theatre (NBC)(1957-60) Dramatic Anthology Series
Alcoa Presents One Step Beyond (1959-61) hosted and directed by John Newland
Alcoa Premiere (ABC) (1961-63) host Fred Astaire

Aloha Paradise (Aaron Spelling/ABC)(1981) starring Debbie Reynolds

The Aldrich Family (NBC)(1949-53)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Revue-Shamley)(1955-62)(30min) Anthology Series
Alfred Hitchcock Hour (Revue-Shamley)(1962-65)(60min) Anthology Series

Alias Smith and Jones (Roy Huggins-Glen Larson/Universal/ABC)(1971-73) starring  Pete Duel, Ben Murphy, Roger Davis

All In The Family (Norman Lear/CBS)(1971-79) starring Carroll O'Connor

This is Alice (Desilu/Synd)(1958) starring Patty Ann Gerrity

The Amazing Mr. Malone (ABC)(1951-52) starring Lee Tracy
The Americans (early 1961) starring Daryl Hickman, Dick Davalos
The American Girls (Fall 1978) starring Priscilla Barnes & Debra Clinger
Amos 'n' Andy (Hal Roach/CBS)(1951-53) starring Alvin Childress, Spencer Williams
Amos Burke, Secret Agent (1965-65) starring Gene Barry (see season 3 of "Burke's Law")

The Andros Targets (CBS)(1977) starring James Sutorius

The Andy Griffith Show (1960-68) co-starring Don Knotts, Ron Howard
Angel (CBS) (1960-61) Annie Fargé, Marshall Thompson, Doris Singleton, Don Keefer

Angie (Miller-Milkis-Boyett/Paramount/ABC)(1979-80) starring Donna Pescow
The Ann Sothern Show (Desilu) (1958-61) starring Ann Sothern

Anna And The King (TCF/CBS)(Fall 1972) starring Yul Brynner & Samantha Eggar
Annie Oakley (1953-57) starring Gail Davis
Apple's Way (Lorimar/CBS)(1974-75) starring Ronny Cox, Lee McCain
Appointment with Adventure (CBS) (1955-56) Anthology series (live)
The Aquanauts/Malibu Run (Ivan Tors/ZIV)(1960-61) starring Keith Larsen/Ron Ely

Archer (Paramount/NBC) (1975)(Private Detective series) starring Brian Keith

Archie Bunker's Place (Norman Lear/CBS)(1979-83) starring Carroll O'Connor

Armstrong Circle Theatre (NBC 1950-57) 30 min/ (CBS 1957-63) (60 min) Dramatic Anthology
Arnie (TCF/CBS)(1970-72) starring Herschel Bernardi, Sue Ane Langdon
Arrest and Trial (1963-64) starring Ben Gazzara & Chuck Connors
The Asphalt Jungle (Summer 1961) starring Jack Warden

Assignment: Foreign Legion (1957-58) (UK) anthology series - host Merle Oberon
Assignment : Manhunt (Talent Associates/NBC) (Summer 1951 & Summer 1952) starring John Baragrey
Assignment: Underwater (1960-61) starring Bill Williams
The Associates (Paramount/ABC)(1979-80) starring Wilfrid Hyde-White

"The Avengers" -  Patrick Macnee starred in most episodes
The Avengers (ABC) ( bwlive/videotape) (1961) - Ian Hendry 
The Avengers (ABC) (bw live/videotape) (1962-64) - Honor Blackman
The Avengers (ABC) (bw film) (1965-66) - Diana Rigg
The Avengers (ABC) (colour film) (1966-68) - Diana Rigg
The Avengers (ABC) (colour film) (1968-69) -  Linda Thorson
The New Avengers (colour film) (1976-77) - Joanna Lumley, Gareth Hunt

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