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Meet Mister McNutley (1953-54)(season 1 title)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:
Ray Ann-Haigh , Jim Brent, Rina Fox, Fredrick Tucker, Robert Leszczak
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Revue Productions, Inc.
CBS (Thursdays 8:00 pm EST)

US Comedy series 1953-54  40 episodes x 30 min bw (release date 17Sep53)

 Note:  During the first season, "Meet Mr. McNutley" was also produced simultaneously
as a CBS radio show. Many of the actors were the same ones used in the
TV series (including Ray Milland) but the story lines are different.
There is a publicity photo currently on some Ray Milland web sites, that
shows Ray and Phyllis Avery (his wife in the TV version) apparently recording the radio show.
Produced by Charles Barton (verified on 1.27 "Swimming Problem")

Ray Milland as Prof. Ray McNutley (1953-54)
Phyllis Avery as Peggy McNutley (1953-54)

regular supporting cast: (season 1)
Minerva Urecal as Dean Josephine Bradley (1953-54)
Gordon Jones as Pete Thompson (1953-54)
Jacqueline De Wit as Ruth Thompson (1953-54)

The first season 1953-54 was called 'Meet Mister McNutley' and
featured the problems of the Head of the English Department at a girls college.

Note: "This first season was also produced simultaneously as a radio show!
Many of the radio cast members were the same as the TV series, but the
plot-lines were different." (to be verified) [RAH]

############# Meet Mr. McNutley #############
########## season 1 title 1953-54 ############
CBS Thursdays 8:00pm Eastern
release date 17Sep53

1.01 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: (episode title not known)   
(episode title on leader "Meet Mister McNutley")
17Sep53 CBS
Directed by Richard Irving
Guest Stars:
Regular Cast Only
(two actors portraying police officers appear in a brief cameo)
Professor McNutley takes a short vacation from the Lynnhaven College for
girls and goes on a hunting trip, forgetting that he has engaged a
pretty young assistant to work with him.
Additional information:
Ray falls into a duck-pond fully clothed. [JB]
Continuity Error:
The conflict of this episode is driven by a decided quirk in Ray
McNutley's personality. He is portrayed as the ultimate 'absent-minded
professor'. This notorious character flaw sets up most of the script's
comic situations. In a bit of irony, the screen writer's themselves must
have forgotten about this important character trait, as the professor's
memory seems absolutely normal in the later shows! [RAH]

1.02 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: BIRTHDAY PRESENT(S)
24Sep53    CBS
The professor draws the wrong conclusions when he sees a cake being
delivered at his home.
Additional information: Ray becomes involved with the girl behind a
perfume counter, which naturally almost breaks up his family. [JB]

1.03 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: BABES IN THE WOODS
1Oct53 CBS
Ray Milland, as absent-minded professor, goes hiking.
Additional information: Ray as a a scoutmaster, falls into a bear
trap on a hike and becomes the subject of an all-night searching party. [JB]

1.04 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: (not "House Party" -see 3Dec53)
8Oct53    CBS   
Professor arranges a house party. [JB]

1.05 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: THE FACULTY DANCE
15Oct53    CBS
Professor McNutley runs into trouble while planning a faculty dance. [JB]

1.06 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: (episode title not known)   
22Oct53 CBS
Professor McNutley buys a speedboat which brings him more trouble than he bargained for. [JB]

1.07 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: (episode title not known)   
29Oct53 CBS
Mr. McNutley discovers a baby boy in his automobile and tries to deposit the child in an orphanage. [JB]

1.08 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: SKYLARK
5Nov53 CBS   
Mr. McNutley suspects one of his students of amorous inclinations
when he receives unsigned poetry in the mail. [JB]

1.09 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: THE PERFECT MARRIAGE
12Nov53    CBS
Dean Bradley decides that Ray and Phyllis are a model married couple, and
  persuades them to help another faculty couple to settle their marital differences. [JB]

1.10 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: RAY PLAYS CUPID
19Nov53    CBS
Incorrigible Ray gets a dates for his colleague Miss Harrison with his
extrovert buddy Pete, while Pete's real girlfriend is away. [JB]

1.11 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
26Nov53    CBS
On the occasion of their eighth wedding anniversary, Ray and Phyllis
revisit the scenes of their courtship. But things have changed. [JB]

1.12 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: HOUSE PARTY       
03Dec53 CBS
Syn. 1: Professor McNutley learns to his dismay that his students think of him
as an old "cornball." [JB]
Syn. 2: Worried by his girls' low grades, and the fact that they call him a "cornball,"
 Professor McNulty, aided by his wife Peggy, has the girls over for an informal get-together. [JB]

1.13 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: THE NEW JOB
10Dec53    CBS
Professor McNutley makes up his mind to leave Lynnhaven, and a farewell party is given in his honor. [JB]

1.14 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: (episode title not known)   
17Dec53 CBS
When the professor turns in a few empty soda bottles the townsfolk decide that he's in dire. [JB]

1.15 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: THE CHRISTMAS STORY (1953)
24Dec53    CBS
The professor and his wife give up their anniversary trip to share their
Christmas with a French student who can't afford to go home to Canada
for the holidays. [JB]
Note: Not to be confused with the 23Dec54 episode with same title, this
is a different episode. [JB]

1.16 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: NEW DRESSES
31Dec53    CBS
The blundering pedagogue is commissioned by the school to buy a dress
for a prize-winning student, and makes the mistake of putting it where
his wife stumbles on it. [JB]

1.17 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: THE CHECKING ACCOUNT
7Jan54 CBS
Ray receives complaints about bouncing checks. [JB]

1.18 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: HOBBIES
14Jan54    CBS
Peggy takes up art for a hobby. [JB]

1.19 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: HELPFUL HAND
21Jan54 CBS   
Ray helps his neighbor get into her house via back window. [JB]

1.20 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: THE CAMPING TRIP
28Jan54    CBS
Peggy gets a chance to go camping. [JB]

1.21 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: THE NEW CAR
4Feb54 CBS
Ray and Phyllis find a baby in their car, and are at a loss as to what to do with it. [JB]
Note: Not to be confused with the 29Oct53 episode, this is a different episode.

1.22 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: PEGGY'S OLD FLAME
11Feb54 CBS
An old boyfriend of Peggy's comes to town, and the professor attempt
to remain calm doesn't succeed. [JB]

1.23 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: DEAN FOR A DAY
18Feb54 CBS   
Appointed Dean for one day, Ray encounters sorority rushing week. [JB]

1.24 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: RAY'S OTHER LIFE
25Feb54 CBS   
Ray's wife suspects that an actress visiting Lynnhaven is really there to see Ray. [JB]

1.25 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: THE EGG AND RAY (a.k.a. "Ray and the Egg")
4Mar54 CBS   
The McNutley's parakeet lays an egg but neglects it, so Ray improvises an incubator. [JB]

1.26 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: THE TREE
11Mar54 CBS   
Produced by Charles Barton
Directed and Written by Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher
Guest Cast Includes:
Richard Collier
Betty Hannah
Clark Howat
Tim Graham
Due to an accounting error, Ray and Peggy receive an unexpected
tax refund. They decide to spend the money on a shade tree for their front yard --
 and are plagued by a variety of comic mishaps and some strict property restrictions. [RAH]
A weak episode from the series, it still has its funny moments. [RAH]

1.27 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: SWIMMING PROBLEM
18Mar54 CBS
Produced by Charles Barton
Directed and Written by Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher
Guest Cast Also Includes:
Janet Stewart
Jack Kelly
Steffi Sidney
Lynnhaven College is set to compete against Medford in an important
swimming competition. At the 11th hour, the coach of the swim team
falls ill -- and Ray is asked to substitute. To his dismay, he
finds that the team's most talented swimmer has lost her enthusiasm.
Ray feels her apathy may be the result of a frustrated love-life.
Peggy and Ray team up as matchmakers, in a desperate bid to restore
the morale of Lynnhaven's star athlete. [RAH]
A solid effort from the series, but with little to distinguish it. [RAH]

1.28 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: MASQUERADE BALL
25Mar54 CBS   
The professor goes to masquerade ball. [JB]

1.29 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: RAY'S PROMOTION
01Apr54 CBS   
When the Lynhaven Board of Directors offers Ray the dean’s chair, replacing miss Bradley,
he is overjoyed, but feels sorry for miss Bradley. Knowing her devotion to the school, Ray
goes all out to help her keep the post, even though he himself must give it up. [JB]

1.30 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: CIVIC IMPROVEMENT
8Apr54 CBS
The campus wives organize to combat the telephone company's plan to string wires. [JB]

1.31 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: BACK IN UNIFORM
15Apr54 CBS
Produced by: Charles Barton
Directed and Written by: Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher
Guest Cast Includes:
William Forrest
Janet Stewart
D.J. Tompson
Lynnhaven College for Women receives an important pledge from a wealthy man.
The patron's daughter, who is in Ray's English class, is doing poorly.
When the Dean asks Ray to change this student's grade, it sets of a sharp
argument about morality -- and Ray threatens to quit. That same weekend,
Ray makes plans to attend a reunion of his old army regiment. When the
Dean sees Ray's army uniform at the cleaner's, she assumes he is leaving
Lynnhaven and re-enlisting in the service. [RAH]
Predictable farce based on a chain of misunderstandings. [RAH]

1.32 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH
22Apr54 CBS   
It's spring, and a young lady student's fancy lightly turns to thoughts
of Professor McNutley. [JB]

1.33 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: FASHION MODEL [verified -RL]
29Apr54 CBS
Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Charles Barton
Guest Cast:
Gordon Jones
Minerva Urecal
D.J. Thompson
Veola Vonn
Louise Lorimer
June Foray
Janet Stewart
Paul Ravel
Charles Hagen
Peggy's services are in demand for a fashion show, but the dignified professor
 is definitely unhappy when he learns what kind of garment she's suppose to model. [JB]

1.34 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: ADULT EDUCATION
6May54 CBS
Peggy is upset when she hears that the girls in Ray's evening class
think he's a lot like the poetic heroes of their books. [JB]

1.35 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: HAPPY HOME
13May54    CBS
Synopsis 1:
The bothered professor plans a quiet evening at home by the fireplace.
But the fireplace refuses to cooperate, and fills the room with smoke.
Neighbor Pete offers some unwelcome help. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
When Professor McNutley, in his unsuccessful attempts to fix his fireplace has
managed only to spring leaks in the roof, his wife Peggy calls in professional help. [JB]

1.36 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: PEGGY'S NIGHT OUT
20May54 CBS
Synopsis 1:
The professor decides to give his wife a big night on the town. But
at a night spot they visit, Ray's pal Pete turns up with a boring date and a mess of trouble. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The auditor has arrived at Lynnhaven College and Ray is supposed to take him out for the evening.[JB]

1.37 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: THE MOST GLAMOROUS PROFESSOR
27May54 CBS   
Synopsis 1:
The popular professor is entered in a glamour contest for college
professors. Everyone finds it amusing except McNutley who doesn't even know about it. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
When Professor McNutley wins a motion picture company’s nation-wide
contest for the “Most Glamorous Professor,” his wife Peggy is worried. [JB]

1.38 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: DANCING LESSON
3Jun54    CBS
The professor refuses to take dancing lessons with his wife. When
she goes ahead with her plans, he becomes jealous. [JB]

1.39 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: RAY'S NEPHEW
10Jun54    CBS
A nephew of the professor's becomes a house guest, much to the alarm of Ray and his wife. [JB]

1.40 [--] Meet Mister McNutley: VACATION DAYS
17Jun54 CBS
Professor McNutley has to teach in summer school, so he is unable to accompany
Peggy to a summer resort. But he hears some very disquieting rumors about her. [JB]

Note: End of the first season's "40" new episodes.

Summer Re-runs CBS 24Jun54-21Jul54
24Jun54    Re-run of "Hobbies" (Rerun, original air date 01Jan54)
07Jul54    Re-run of "Peggy's Old Flame" (Rerun, original air date 11Feb54)
14Jul54    Re-run of "Ray's Other Life" (Rerun, original air date 25Feb54)
21Jul54    Re-run of "Masquerade Ball" (Rerun, original air date 25Mar54)
Note: off the air until 16Sep54

Copyrighted Episodes - not yet matched with synopses:
1.xx [--] Meet Mister McNutley: House guest (possibly ep 1.07 or 2.36)
ODAT: 31Dec53; copyright date

1.xx [--] Meet Mister McNutley: A Man around the house
ODAT: 31Dec53; copyright date
[--] "A Man Around the House" Ray tries to prove that he is the man of the
house and the boss of his family.

1.xx [--] Meet Mister McNutley: The Fishing trip
ODAT: 31Dec53; copyright date
[--] "The Fishing Trip" Ray tries to relax by taking up deep-sea fishing.

1.xx [--] Meet Mister McNutley: Shabby Gentility
ODAT: 31Dec53; copyright date
[--] "Shabby Gentility" An old classmate of Ray's shows up dressed as a hobo.

 ############# Meet Mr. McNutley #############
############### end of season 1 ##############

The Ray Milland Show (1954-55) (season 2 title)

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