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Talent Associates Productions
David Susskind (1920-87)   / Leonard B. Stern (19----)
 imdb (company credits)

TALENT ASSOCIATES Dramatic Anthology Series

Armstrong Circle Theatre (Talent Associates / NBC)(1954-57)(seasons 6,7 & 8)(30 min) Dramatic Anthology series

Kraft Television Theatre (NBC) (1947-58) "live" Wednesday  night  Anthology Series

Play of the Week (NTA/Talent Associates/ PBS)(1959-61) Dramatic Anthology series

Wayout (1961)  Anthology Series  - Host Roald Dahl


  The Witness (1960-61) Legal Drama Series
 Eastside Westside (1963-64)  Drama Series - starring George C. Scott
Mr. Broadway (Fall 1964)  Drama Series - starring Craig Stevens
N.Y.P.D (1967-69) Crime Drama Series - starring Jack Warden
McMillan & Wife (1971-77)  Crime Drama Series - starring Rock Hudson, Susan St. James

  (1953-54) Comedy Series - starring Brandon de Wilde

Peck's Bad Girl (Summer 1959) starring Wendell Corey, Marsha Hunt, Patty McCormack  
Get Smart
(1965-70) Comedy Series - starring Don Adams, Barbara Feldon
The Hero  (1966-67) Comedy Series - Richard Mulligan, Mariette Hartley  
Run Buddy Run 
(1966-67) Comedy Series - Jack Sheldon 
He & She
(1967-68) Comedy Series - starring Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss
The Good Guys 
(1968-70) Comedy Series - starring Bob Denver, Herb Edelman  
The Governor  & J.J.
(1967-68) Comedy Series - starring Dan Dailey, Julie Sommars
(1973-74) Comedy Series - starring Diana Rigg

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