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Lancer (1968-70) James Stacy, Wayne Maunder, Andrew Duggan, Elizabeth Baur, Paul Brinegar
Land of the Giants (Irwin Allen)(1968-70)starring Gary Conway, Don Matheson

NBC Mystery Movie: Lanigan's Rabbi (Universal)(1977) starring Art Carney, Bruce Solomon
Laramie (Revue/NBC)(1959-63) starring John Smith & Robert Fuller
Laredo (1965-67)starring Philip Carey, Neville Brand, Peter Brown, William Smith

Lassie (Jack Wrather/CBS)(1954-73)
Lassie - Seasons 1-3 "Jeff's Collie" (syndicated title) (CBS) (12Sept1954 to 1Dec1957)
Lassie - Seasons 4-10 "Timmy and Lassie" (syndicated title) (CBS) (8Sept1957 to 30Aug1964)
Lassie - Seasons 11-14 - with Ranger Corey (CBS) (Sept1964 to Sept1968)
Lassie - Seasons 15-16 - with Scott and Bob (CBS) (Sept 1968 to Sept 1970)
Lassie - Season 17 - on her own (CBS) (Sept 1970 to Sept 1971)
Lassie - Seasons 18-19 - with The Holden Family (Syndicated 1971-73)

The Last Resort (MTM/ CBS)(1979-80) starring Larry Breeding, Stephanie Faracy, Zane Lasky, Walter Olkewicz

Last of the Summer Wine (BBC)(1973-present)(UK) starring  Peter Sallis, Bill Owen, Brian Wilde, Michael Aldridge, Frank Thornton

Laverne and Shirley (Miller-Milkis/Paramount/ABC)(1976-83) starring Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams

The Law and Harry McGraw (CBS)(1987-88) Jerry Orbach, Barbara Babcock
The Law and Mr. Jones (4 Star)(1960-62) starring James Whitmore
 Lee Marvin presents Lawbreaker (UA)(1963-64) anthology series hosted Lee Marvin
The Lawless Years (1959-61) starring James Gregory
Lawman (WB/Wm T. Orr)(1958-62) starring John Russell, Peter Brown, Peggie Castle
Law of the Plainsman (Four Star/NBC)(1959-60) starring Michael Ansara

The Lawrence Welk Show (ABC 1955-71)(Syndicated 1971-83)

Leave It To Beaver (CBS,1957-58) (ABC, 1958-63) starring Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsley, Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers

Leave It To Larry (CBS)(fall 1952) starring  Eddie Albert

The Legend of Custer (fall 1967)starring Wayne Maunder, Slim Pickens
The Legend of Jesse James (1965-66) Christopher Jones, Allen Case

The Liberace Show (ATV-ITC)(1969)

The Lieutenant (MGM/NBC)(1963-64) starring Gary Lockwood, Robert Vaughn

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (1955-61) starring Hugh O'Brian
The Life and Times of Eddie Roberts (L.A.T.E.R.)(1980)(Sitcom) starring Renny Temple

Life Of Riley (CBS)(1949-50) starring Jackie Gleason
Life Of Riley (NBC)(1953-58) starring William Bendix & Marjorie Reynolds

Life With Elizabeth (Don Fedderson/Guild Films/Synd)(1953-55) starring Betty White & Del Moore
Life With Father (1953-55) starring Leon Ames & Lurene Tuttle
Life with Luigi (CBS)(1952-53) starring J. Carrol Naish, Vitto Scotti
Light Out (NBC)(1949-52) Anthology Series host Frank Gallop
Lilli Palmer Theatre (UK)(1955-56) anthology series- host Lilli Palmer
The Line-Up (1954-60) starring Warner Anderson

Little House On The Prairie (NBC)(1974-82) starring Michael Landon & Karen Grassle

The Little People (NBC) (1972-3) The Brian Keith Show (NBC) (1973-4)
The Littlest Hobo (Canadian)(1963-65) starring London, the Alsatian dog
The Lloyd Bridges Show (Four Star/CBS)(1962-63) host Lloyd Bridges
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (1979-80)/Lobo (1980-81) starring Claude Akins
Lock Up (ZIV)(1959-61) starring MacDonald Carey
Logan's Run (MGM/CBS)(1977-78) starring Gregory Harrison, Heather Menzies

The Lone Ranger (1949-57)  Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels / John Hart
The Lone Wolf (1954-55) starring Louis Hayward
The Loner (TCF/CBS)1965-66)(western) starring Lloyd Bridges

The Long Hot Summer (TCF/ABC) (1965-66)
starring Edmond O'Brien, Dan O'Herlihy, Roy Thinnes, Nancy Malone,
Ruth Roman, Lana Wood, John Kerr, Paul Geary

Long John Silver (Australia)(1955) starring Robert Newton, Connie Gilchrist
Longstreet  (Sterling Silliphant/Paramount/ABC) (1971-72) starring James Franciscus
The Loretta Young Show (anthology) (NBC)(1953-61) host Loretta Young
The New Loretta Young Show (comedy) (1962-63) starring Loretta Young

Lost in Space (Irwin Allen)(1965-68)starring Guy Williams, June Lockhart
Lotsa Luck (Persky-Denoff/NBC)(1973-74) starring Dom DeLuise
Lottery$ (1983-84) starring Ben Murphy & Marshall Colt

Love, American Style (Paramount/ABC)(1969-74) Romantic Comedy Anthology series
Love and Marriage (NBC)(1959-60) starring William Demarest, Stubby Kaye

The Love Boat (Douglas S. Cramer-Aaron Spelling/ABC) (1977-87)
starring Gavin McLeod, Bernie Koppell, Ted Lange, Fred Grandy, Lauren Tewes

Love On A Rooftop (1966-67) starring Pete Deuel & Judy Carne
Love That Bob (1955-59) starring Bob Cummings
Love That Jill (Early 1958) starring Anne Jeffreys & Robert Sterling
Love Thy Neighbor (ABC) (Summer 1973) starring Harrison Page, Janet MacLachlan, Ron Masak, Joyce Bulifant

Lucan (MGM/ABC)(1977-78) starring Kevin Brophy
Lucas Tanner (1974-75) starring David Hartman

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (Desilu/CBS)(1957-60) Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz
The Lucy Show (Desilu) (1962-67) starring Lucille Ball
Lux Playhouse (CBS)(1958-59) Anthology Series   -   alternated with season 8 of Schlitz Playhouse
Lux Video Theatre (CBS 1950-54)(30 min)/ (NBC 1954-57)(60 min) Dramatic Anthology

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