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The Good Guys (1968-70)
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Talent Associates production (David Susskind)
CBS (Wednesdays 8:30 PM ET)(season 1)(1968-69)
CBS (Fridays 8:00 PM ET)(season 2)(1969-70)
Executive Producers Leonard B. Stern and Jerry Davis  
Produced by Bob Weiskopf, Bob Schiller, Jack Rose  
Created and Produced by Jack Rose 
Filmed before a Live Studio Audience

US Comedy series 1968-70 42 episodes x 30 min color  (25Sep68-23Jan70)

Bob Denver as Rufus Butterworth
Herb Edelman as Bert Gramus
Joyce Van Patten as Claudia Gramus

George Furth as Hal Dawson (1968-1969)
Toni Gilman as Gertie (1969)
Alan Hale Jr. as Big Tom (1969)
Ron Masak as Andy Gardner (1968)
Liam Dunn as D.W. Watson 
John Delaney as Arlene
Recurring Guest Star:
Jim Backus as Henry Arsdale

Bert Gramus and Rufus Butterworth were childhood chums who decided to pool
their savings and purchase a diner, which they called "Bert's Place".
Originally bachelor Rufus worked as a cabdriver, while Bert and his wife
Claudia operated the diner, but Rufus eventually quit his cabbie gig. Hal,
Andy & Big Tom were some of their regular customers.
 At the start of the second season they moved the diner to a beach front . [TA]

Directed by
Reza Badiyi, Irving J. Moore, Gary Nelson, Alan Rafkin  
Written by Jay Sandrich and Hal Cooper
Original music by Jerry Fielding  

################ The Good Guys ###############
############## season 1 1968-69 ##############
CBS Wednesdays 8:30 PM Eastern

1.01 [--] The Good Guys: KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING
25Sep1968 CBS Wed (repeated 02Apr69)
Guest Cast:
Herb Voland … as Peckenpaw
Ron Masak … Andy
Lou Frizzell … Hurley
Ed Deemer … Fireman
Synopsis 1:
The guys get burned trying to aid a hapless insurance
agent whose clients habitually become claimants. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
"Keep the Home Fires Burning." Just as Rufus and Bert think they're on the way to riches with a new charcoal barbecue,
fire breaks out in Bert's diner. [TA / Melbourne Age newspaper]
(Melbourne, Australia: 1Jul69 GTV-9 Tues. 7pm)
Synopsis 3:
When Rufus informs Bert about a competing diner offering hickory barbecued hamburgers, Bert invests in the necessary equipment
to add the same item to his menu. At the same time, they encounter an insurance agent who feels he's "jinxed", as all his
clients tend to become claimants. [wtv-zone.com]

1.02 [--] The Good Guys: PIE IN THE SKY
02Oct1968 CBS Wed (repeated 25Dec68)
Guest Cast:
Janis Hansen .... Diane
Sherry Lansing .... Bridget
Paul Smith .... Corby
Judi Sherven .... Bernice
Synopsis 1:
Rufus and Bert film a commercial. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Visions of glory obscure their view of reality when Rufus and Bert make a TV commercial for Bert's diner. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
"Pie in the Sky." After fluffing their lines in a TV commercial, Bert and Rufus decide to sponsor a ladies' bowling team. [TA / The Age; 1Jul69 GTV-9 Melbourne]

1.03 [--] The Good Guys: LET 'EM EAT ROLLS (pilot episode)
09Oct1968 CBS Wed (repeated 09Apr69)
Guest Cast:
Jim Connell .... Horatio Hollander
Bruce Glover .... Bakery Man
William Daniels .... Arnold Schreck
Synopsis 1:
Rufus persuades Bert manage the career of a songwriter who he found in his cab. One complication they find they have to employ
the services of a record Producer who was a old boyfriend of Claudia's and who Bert must try to convince that he owns a lot of restaurants not just one or
the producer may dismiss him as a failure. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
The show's pilot finds the guys hard at work helping a songwriter - and trying to disguise Bert's true station in life from Claudia's old beau. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Complications arise when Rufus talks Bert into trying to impress a customer in his diner. With William Daniels, Jim Connell. [TA / The Age; 8Jul69 GTV-9 Melbourne]
Synopsis 4:
Bert bakes 3,000 rolls too many when Rufus talks him into impressing a customer. [TA / Cortland NY Standard]

1.04 [--] The Good Guys: A MAN FOR OFF-SEASON
16Oct1968 CBS Wed (repeated 27Aug69)
Guest Cast:
Anne Helm .... Melinda
Synopsis 1:
Bert decides to go on a vacation in a cabin and Rufus joins him and continues to drive him nuts there as well. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Under his doctor's orders to get away from it all, Bert goes to a secluded woodsy cabin to rest his frazzled nerves. But there's no getting away from Rufus. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Bert thinks his wife is getting on his nerves until Rufus joins him in a lonely mountain cabin. [TA / The Age; 15Jul69 GTV-9 Melbourne]

1.05 [--] The Good Guys: BERT'S RUFUS-IN-LAW
23Oct1968 CBS Wed 8:30pm (repeated 28May69)
Guest Cast:
Marilyn Devin .... Roxanne
Bruce Glover .... Fred
Eddie Quillan .... Man
Synopsis 1:
Bert meddles in the romance of Rufus and a waitress. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Rufus and Bert's friendship hits the skids when Bert meddles in Rufus's romance with a pretty waitress. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
"Bert's Rufus-In-Law" Rufus and Bert part company when Rufus falls in love with a waitress. [TA / The Age; 22Jul69 GTV-9 Melbourne]

[--] 30Oct68 CBS - pre-empted for a 30-minute Democratic Party political ad.
The New York Times lists "Political Broadcast: Citizens for Humphrey Muskie."
(The 1968 U.S. Presidential election was held six days later.)

1.06 [--] The Good Guys: IS THIS TRIP NECESSARY?
06Nov1968 CBS Wed (repeated 03Sep69)
Guest Cast:
Nancy DeCarl .... Nurse
Edmon Ryan .... Judge Bronson
Angel Tompkins .... Nurse
Nancy De Carlo .... Nurse
Synopsis 1:
Rufus is injured [*C]
Synopsis 2:
An injured Rufus forsakes the costly coddling of a nursing home for the Gramus apartment, never forgetting for a moment that Bert caused his accident. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
"Is This Trip Really Necessary?" Rufus slips on Bert's wet sidewalk, and sues his friend for damages. [TA / The Age; 29Jul69 GTV-9 Melbourne]

1.07 [--] The Good Guys: NOSTRADAMUS RIDES AGAIN
13Nov1968 CBS Wed (postponed from 6Nov68)
(repeated 07May69)
Guest Cast:
Thordis Brandt .... George
Lisa Gerritsen .... Louella
Jack Perkins .... Pop McIntyre
Synopsis 1:
Rufus has ESP [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Rufus has shown an uncanny ability to predict the future - and his latest ESP flash has Bert shakily preparing to meet his maker. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
"Nostradamus Rides Again." Rufus demonstrates that he can foretell the future and terrifies Bert with a vision of a dreadful accident at Bert's diner.
[TA / The Age; 05Aug69 GTV-9 Melbourne]

20Nov1968 CBS Wed (repeated 21May69)
Guest Cast:
Edward Andrews ....... J.E. Bradley
Lew Brown ............ Repairman
Pat Delaney .......... Miss Talbot
Bob Duggan ........... Salesman
Synopsis 1:
Rufus borrows Bert's Credit Card and Rufus loses Bert's Credit card. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
"Credit Won't Buy You Happiness" - especially if your name is Bert Gramus and you loan your credit card to a guy like Rufus, who loses things. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Bert finds himself billed with many expensive items when Rufus borrows his credit card. [TA / The Age; 12Aug69 GTV-9 Melbourne]

1.09 [--] The Good Guys: A VIEW FROM THE TERRAZA
27Nov1968 CBS Wed (repeated 18Jun69)
Guest Cast:
Liam Dunn .... D.W. Watson
Michael T. Mikler .... The Inspector
Titos Vandis .... Niko Taskovis
Synopsis 1:
Bert's headaches: an elderly Greek workman looking for a job - and a wealthy competitor, who is building an ornate restaurant across the street. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Rufus and Bert compete against another restaurant. [*C]
Synopsis 3:
Mother Watson's, a prosperous restaurant chain, is building a unit too close for comfort to Bert's Place, so Bert fights back by hiring
"master builder" Niko Taskovis to do an impressive remodeling job on his diner. [wtv-zone.com]
Synopsis 4:
"A View From The Terraza." To compete with a new nearby restaurant, Bert has a patio built outside his diner. [TA / The Age; 19Aug69 GTV-9 Melbourne]
Synopsis 5:
Elderly Greek workman offers to do odd jobs around Bert's Place, and keeps busy fixing the things he accidentally breaks. [TA / Long Beach Press-Telegram]
Synopsis 6:
Bert's new diner patio is quickly condemned by the building inspector. [The Canberra Times, Australia]
Synopsis 7:
Bert hires a builder. [*C]

1.10 [--] The Good Guys: GUESS WHO'S COMING TO POKER?
04Dec1968 CBS Wed (repeated 30Jul69)
Guest Cast:
George Furth … Hal
Bruce Glover .... Fred
James McEachin .... Leon
Synopsis 1:
Bert is sad when none of the guys who join him for a regular poker playing sessions want Rufus joining in. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Bert does some soul-searching and card-dealing as the regulars at the weekly poker game deliver an ultimatum - no more Rufus! [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Bert has trouble telling Rufus that his friends don't want to play poker with him. [TA / The Age; 26Aug69 GTV-9 Melbourne]
Synopsis 4:
The poker players on "The Good Guys" are using the same old rules, jacks or better, no wild cards, and so on.
Then a new one is introduced: no more Rufus. Bert is supposed to tell his buddy but hasn't, the heart, and every time the boys hide
themselves away for a game, the bumbler is sure to turn up. [Buffalo NY Courier Express]

1.11 [--] The Good Guys: SAKE TO ME
11Dec1968 CBS Wed (repeated 02Jul69)
Guest Cast:
George Furth … Hal
Synopsis 1:
Rufus and Bert try and duplicate a recipe for Pancakes. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Rufus and Bert anticipate untold riches when they unearth their Army mess sergeant's exotic pancake recipe. What they get is loaded,
as they try to add just enough of the key ingredient - sake! [TA]
Synopsis 3:
"Sake to Me." Rufus and Bert experiment with a secret recipe for pancakes with Japanese sake as a major ingredient. [TA / The Age; 02Sep69 GTV-9 Melbourne]
Synopsis 4:
Convinced they're on to a good thing, Rufus and Bert add greater amounts of Japanese wine in their pancakes. [TA / Courtland NY Standard]

1.12 [--] The Good Guys: OUZO ANNIE 
18Dec1968 CBS Wed (repeated 25Jun69)
Guest cast:
Titos Vandis .... Niko Taskovis
Lili Darvas .... Katina
Bob Hastings .... Curtis
Hoke Howell .... Customer
Don Keefer .... Burns
Synopsis 1:
The Good Guys help their Greek handyman impress his mother - by letting Niko pose as the owner of Bert's diner. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Niko Taskovis returns to ask a favor of Bert: he wants to pose as the diner's owner to impress his mother, who hopes he's achieved success in some way. [wtv-zone.com]
Synopsis 3:
Rufus end Bert find themselves embroiled in an ownership problem.
Synopsis 4:
Bert and Rufus arrange to have the diner franchised by a national restaurant chain. A handyman pretends to own the diner to impress his mother.
Synopsis 5:
Trying to get a new franchise embroils Rufus and Bert in a
hassle with the handyman. [TA / Cortland NY Standard]
Synopsis 6:
Bert tries to make his mother think he's achieved success in some way. [*C]

[--] 25Dec68 CBS - repeat of 1.02 "Pie in the Sky" (from 02Oct68)

1.13 [--] The Good Guys: TAKE A COMPUTER TO LUNCH
01Jan69 CBS Wed (repeated 16Jul69)
Guest Cast:
Gary Burghoff .... Mike Butterworth
Carla Borelli .... Angela
Penny Gaston .... Jane
Jennifer Leak .... Suzi
Hal Smith .... Jim Wheeler
Bob d'Arcy .... Waiter
Synopsis 1:
Rufus tries Computer Dating. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
At Bert's insistence, Rufus uses a computer matchmaking service to find a date. As things turn out, Bert should eat his own words:
the computer's choice is Bert's own wife! [TA]

1.14 [--] The Good Guys: THEY EAT BY NIGHT
08Jan69 CBS Wed (repeated 16Apr69)
Guest Cast:
Alan Hale .... Big Tom
Toni Gilman .... Gertie
Pete Kellett ..... Truck Driver
Oscar Lane .... Mail Man
Gregg Palmer .... Maurice
Jack Perkins .... Tough Customer
Synopsis 1:
Rufus hatches a sure-fire scheme to bring truck drivers into the diner on a regular basis. While Bert watches in horror,
Claudia swings into action as a gum-chewing, wiseacre waitress. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Rufus thinks the restaurant needs a waitress for getting more customers so Claudia becomes a waitress. [*C]
Synopsis 3:
"They Eat by Night." To attract drivers to Bert's Place, Rufus persuades Claudia to pose as a hip-swinging, gum-chewing waitress.
[TA / The Age; 23Sep69 GTV-9 Melbourne]
Synopsis 4:
Joyce Van Patten, as Bert's wife, is quite an eyeful on The Good Guys. Rufus is the cause for her conversion when he convinces the
couple that Claudia should load herself up with sex appeal to attract truck drivers to the diner. She is so successful that Bert
finds himself out of his mind trying to run the store and protect his bride at the same time. [Yonkers Herald Statesman]
Synopsis 5:
When Rufus suggests that the diner could lure more truck driver customers by hiring a worldly waitress, Claudia poses as "Frisco Fritzi",
a wise-cracking, hip-swinging server, which doesn't set well at all with Bert. [wtv-zone.com]

1.15 [--] The Good Guys: WANTED: AN HONEST THIEF
15Jan69 CBS Wed (repeated 13Aug69)
Guest Cast:
Joe Besser
Joan Delaney .... Arlene
Roy Engel .... Policeman
Anthony James .... Man
John McLiam .... Frank
Jack Perkins .... Mr. Bender
Robert Ritchie .... Customer
Synopsis 1:
Bert's place becomes a 24 Hour Business. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Bert's diner is now open for business around the clock. Result: when the good guys aren't collapsing from exhaustion, they're being very
up-tight about their new helper - an ex-convict. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Bert hires an ex-convict to work in the diner and Rufus unwittingly steals the man's watch. [TA / The Age; 30Sep69 GTV-9 Melbourne]

22Jan69 CBS Wed (repeated 10Sep69)
Guest Cast:
Richard Hoyt .... Ice Cream Man
James Millhollin .... Selwyn
Jack Perkins .... Mr. Bender
George Petrarca .... Customer
Bob d'Arcy .... Bakery Man
Synopsis 1:
Bert's Birthday [*c]
Synopsis 2:
Measurements bespeak problems ... Rufus is trying to get Bert's measurements for a surprise birthday gift - a toupee. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
A toupee can be cause for a good deal of embarrassment and also a few laughs on The Good Guys. Rufus has decided the hairpiece will be a
perfect present for Bert, but he goes daft trying to get the right measurements. That's only the beginning. Getting Bert to put it on is even trouble.
[TA / Yonkers NY Herald Statesman]

29Jan69 CBS Wed (repeated 30Apr69)
Production Crew:
Executive Producer: Leonard Stern
Directed by Reza S. Badiyi
Written by Jack Rose and Mel Tolkin
Story Editor: Mel Tolkin
Associate Producer: Budd Cherry
Music Composer & Conductor: Jerry Fielding
Director of Photography: William T. Cline A.S.C.
Production Executive: Harry R. Sherman
Art Director: Frank T. Smith
Assistant Director: Hal Galli
Set Decorator: David Love
Film Editor: Beryl Gelfond
Music Supervisor: Don Ray
Production Supervised by Roden Productions
Camera Coordinator: Gil Clasen
Man's Costumer: Bernie Pollack
Woman's Costumer: Barbara Phillips
Script Supervisor: Lily La Cava
Title Visualization: Reza S. Badiyi

Guest Star:
Alan Hale .... Big Tom
Guest Cast:
Toni Gilman ........... Gertie
Victor Tayback .... Steve Zabisco
Pepper Martin ......... Minister
Oscar Lane ............. Harry
George Wilburn ........ First Brother
Synopsis 1:
The pressure is on after Rufus proposes on behalf of a truck driver pal. If anything causes the wedding to fall through,
Rufus will be plenty broken up - by the girl's burly brothers. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Bert's friend is in love. [*C]
YouTube (3 parts):

05Feb69 CBS Wed (repeated 23Apr69)
Guest Cast:
Tom Poston .... Julian Brent
Valerie Hawkins .... Stella
Joseph Mascolo .... Enrico
Pat O'Hara ... Chauffeur
Sunni Walton .... Girl
Synopsis 1:
Bert hires a man who is irresistible to women and unhappy about it. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Bert inherits a whole new set of problems when he hires Julian Brent. Julian claims women find him irresistible ... and he's not kidding. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Guest star Tom Poston portrays Julian, a new night cook at Bert's place who claims he has to hide out because he is irresistible to women.
Even after their waitress (Valerie Hawkins) ignores her jealous boy friend (Joseph Mascolo) and falls for Julian, Rufus and Bert can't
believe he is the world's greatest lover until he and Claudia mysteriously disappear. [TA / Schenectady NY Gazette]

1.19 [--] The Good Guys: WIN, PLACE AND KILL
12Feb69 CBS Wed (repeated 04Jun69)
Guest Cast:
Roy Glenn (Roy E. Glenn Sr.) .... Charlie
Lee Kolima .... Chop-Chop
Jack Perkins .... Mr. Bender
Nick Stevens .... Pete
Leonard Stone .... Gunner
Joe Besser ..... Gerald
Synopsis 1:
A Bookie running business out of the restaurant. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
A bookie who's been operating out of the diner takes it on the lam, leaving the good guys right in the path of two baddies in
hot pursuit of the bookie and the $50,000 he stole. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Rufus and Bert frantically try to hide $50,000 from two thugs chasing a bookie who used Bert's place as his headquarters. [TA / Tonawanda NY News]

1.20 [--] The Good Guys: FATHER KNOWS NOTHING
19Feb69 CBS Wed (repeated 09Jul69)
Guest Cast:
Jim Backus .... Henry Arsdale
Jack Perkins .... Mr. Bender
Synopsis 1:
Claudia's father visits. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Claudia's father comes to visit and is appalled to find his daughter working in the diner. [Tarrytown NY Daily News]
Synopsis 3:
Jim Backus plays Claudia's snooty father, a rich gent who pretends his days are numbered so he can whisk his daughter to a holiday in Florida. [TA]

26Feb69 CBS Wed (repeated 20Aug69)
Guest Cast:
Michael Constantine .... Larry Tomack
George Petrarca .... Customer
Andree MacColl ... Script Girl
Synopsis 1:
A Hollywood Movie Studio uses the restaurant for a Dramatic Movie with Rufus, Bert and Claudia starring. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
A Hollywood movie company takes over the diner to film a drama of stark realism ... starring Bert, Rufus and Claudia. [TA]

1.22 [--] The Good Guys: THE SPLITTING HEADACHE
05Mar69 CBS Wed. (repeated 14May69)
Guest Cast:
Alan Hale Jr. … Big Tom
Patricia Stich .... Sylvia
Synopsis 1:
Big Tom (Alan Hale Jr.) doesn't like married life and rooms with Rufus. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Rufus and Bert map battle plans when Big Tom leaves his wife - bringing his headaches, laundry and immense appetitive to Rufus' apartment. [TA]

12Mar69 CBS Wed (repeated 06Aug69)
Guest Cast:
Jim Backus .... Henry Arsdale
Patty Regan .... Dorothy Sherman
Marjorie Reynolds .... Annie Butterworth
Synopsis 1:
Bert schemes to get Henry leave. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Bert tries to get rid of his pompous father-in-law by marrying him off. His efforts take a bad bounce when a lady astrologer
sends the gent into the army of Rufus' widowed mother. [TA]

19Mar69 CBS Wed (repeated 17Sep69)
Guest Cast:
Dort Clark .... Auctioneer
Joan Delaney .... Arlene
Liam Dunn .... D.W. Watson
Ann Loos .... Nun
Peggy Rea .... Nun
Synopsis 1:
Dismay runs rampant. Bert is crushed because he must auction off his restaurant - and Rufus is thunderstruck when he accidentally buys it. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Bert is forced sell the restaurant. [*C]
Synopsis 3:
In a transitional episode, Bert is forced to put his diner up for auction...and Rufus winds up being the top bidder. [wtv-zone.com]

1.25 [--] The Good Guys: THE BLUEBOOK BLUES
26Mar69 CBS Wed (repeated 23Jul69)
Guest Cast:
Jim Backus .... Henry Arsdale (Claudia's father)
Jonathan Daly .... Dewey Hamilton
Synopsis 1:
Claudia accepts to go to a formal social event held by an old boyfriend and Bert and Rufus pose as waiters at the event. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Unexpected confusion abounds after Claudia accepts an invitation to the social event of the season, hosted by a boringly rich former beau. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
When Claudia's father arranges to have one of her former beaux invite her to an elegant party, Bert and Rufus pose as servants so they can keep an eye on her.
Angered at being spied on, Claudia pretends to throw
herself at stuffy Dewey Hamilton. Bert jealously sets
out to break them up.
A few sources list this episode's title as THE PROSPECTOR. But this sounds more like an alternative title for "Biggest Madre Of Them All" (#2.08),
which features a prospector character.

Spring-Summer Re-Runs: CBS Wednesdays (2Apr69 through 17Sep69)
02Apr69 - repeat from 25Sep68 ("Keep the Home Fires Burning")
09Apr69 - repeat from 9Oct68 (pilot, "Let 'em Eat Rolls")
16Apr69 - repeat from 08Jan69 ("They Eat by Night")
23Apr69 - repeat from 05Feb69 ("The World's Second Greatest Lover")
30Apr69 - repeat from 29Jan69 ("The Courtship Of Miles Butterworth" aka "Big Tom Gets Married")
07May69 - repeat from 13Nov68 ("Nostradamus Rides Again")
14May69 - repeat from 05Mar69 ("The Splitting Headache")
21May69 - repeat from 20Nov68 ("Credit Won't Buy You Happiness")
28May69 - repeat from 23Oct68 ("Bert's Rufus-In-Law")
04Jun69 - repeat from 12Feb69 ("Win, Place, and Kill")
11Jun69 - pre-empted for a rerun of the Peanuts special "You're in Love, Charlie Brown."
18Jun69 - repeat from 27Nov68 ("A View From The Terraza").
25Jun69 - repeat from 18Dec68 ("Ouzo Annie")
02Jul69 - repeat from 11Dec68 ("Sake to Me")
09Jul69 - repeat from 19Feb69 ("Father Knows Nothing")
16Jul69 - repeat from 01Jan69 ("Take A Computer to Lunch")
23Jul69 - repeat from 26Mar69 ("The Bluebook Blues")
30Jul69 - repeat from 04Dec68 ("Guess Who's Coming to Poker?")
06Aug69 - repeat from 12Mar69 ("Love Comes to Annie Butterworth")
13Aug69 - repeat from 15Jan69 ("Wanted: An Honest Thief")
20Aug69 - repeat from 26Feb69 ("Once More Without Feeling")
27Aug69 - repeat from 16Oct68 ("A Man For Off-Season")
03Sep69 - repeat from 06Nov68 ("Is This Trip Necessary?")
10Sep69 - repeat from 22Jan69 ("The Importance Of Being Hairy")
17Sep69 - repeat from 19Mar69 ("The Best Ship of All Is Friendship") Final repeat.

################ The Good Guys ###############
############## season 2 1969-70 ##############
CBS Fridays 8:00 PM Eastern

Season 2 Production Crew
(episodes 2.08 & 2.11)
Created by Jack Rose
Story Editors: Bob Schiller and Bob Weiskopf
Associate Producer: David Davis
Music Composer & Conductor: Jerry Fielding
Director of Photography: Robert Hoffman
Unit Production Manager: Lionel A. Ephraim
Art Director: Frank T. Smith
Set Decorator: Joanne Mac Dougall
Production Supervised by Roden Productions
Post-Production Supervisor Ted Rich, A.C.E.
Title Visualization: Reza S. Badiyi
Assistant Director: Neil T. Maffeo
Casting: Pat Harris
Music Supervisor: Martin Klein
Music Editor: Gene Feldman
Sound Engineer: Eddie Knowles
Man's Costumer: Bernie Pollack
Woman's Costumer: Barbara Phillips
Make-up: Gary Liddiard
Script Supervisor: Lily La Cava
A Leonard Stern Presentation for
Talent Associates Ltd./ Norton Simon Inc.

2.01 [26] The Good Guys: WINER, DINER, AND MOVER
26Sep1969 CBS Fri
Guest Cast:
Jack Perkins .... Mr. Bender
Synopsis 1:
Bert decides to transport the entire diner to a beachfront location - but the move must be made without Claudia catching on.
He promised her he'll give up the diner and get a job. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Bob Denver and Herb Edelman are back at the diner, bumbling about in much the same manner as they did last season.
For their second start tonight, the two oafs move the diner to a new location with Rufus in charge. Predictably,
Rufus makes a mess of things, while Bert takes his wife out on the town in the hope of surprising her with their new hot spot.
This remains a comedy for the kids. [TA / Binghamton NY Press]

2.02 [--] The Good Guys: TWO'S A CROWD
03Oct1969 CBS Fri
Guest Cast:
Fabian Dean .... Police Man
Sidney Clute .... Customer
Owen Bush .... Delivery Man
Howard Dayton .... Man
Michael Lerner .... Customer
Sherry Miles .... Girl
Bert becomes so annoyed by Rufus that he decides to put a dividing line down the middle of the diner which neither one is allowed to cross;
The arrangement is more than the customers can bear. [twcc.com]

2.03 [--] The Good Guys: TO CATCH A RUFUS
10Oct1969 CBS Fri
Guest Cast:
Michael Bell .... Motorcyclist
Henry Capps .... Marine
Michael Ford .... Hippie
Synopsis 1:
Money is disappearing and Bert suspect Rufus is thief. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Money keeps disappearing from the diner's cash register, and Bert suspects Rufus is the thief, so he uses a hidden camera to catch him. [twcc.com]

2.04 [--] The Good Guys: FLY IN MY STEW
17Oct1969 CBS Fri
Guest Cast:
Vincent Price .... Mr. Middleton
Jack Perkins .... Mr. Bender
Synopsis 1:
A health inspector visits. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
A health inspector visits the diner and isn't pleased with his findings, so he puts the place on probation. [twcc.com]
Synopsis 3:
A health inspector pays a visit to the diner and isn't pleased with his findings, so he puts the place on probation and vows to
return for another inspection, but Bert and Rufus are unsure of when he'll be back. [webring.org]
Synopsis 4:
Vincent Price plays a Health Inspector who drops into the diner unexpectedly, and equally unexpectedly finds a fly In his stew.
Given a period of grace to make their place immaculate, the boys and Claudia go berserk in their determination to get a "Clean" bill of health. [TA]

2.05 [--] The Good Guys: CLAUDIA SOWS A FEW
24Oct1969 CBS Fri
Guest Cast:
David Fresco .... Sidney
Michael Lerner .... Arthur
Joe E. Tata .... Lab Worker
Frank Whiteman .... Luther
Synopsis 1:
Claudia and Bert plant wildflowers by tossing them on the ground as they drive; The act arouses the suspicions of two policemen
who arrest them for trying to plant marijuana. [twcc.com]
Synopsis 2:
Claudia sets out to beautify the countryside by sowing flower seed capsules, but police think she and Bert are disposing of illegal drugs. [TA]

2.06 [--] The Good Guys: TOTAL HONESTY
31Oct1969 CBS Fri
Guest Cast:
Hamilton Camp .... Baitman
Woodrow Parfrey .... Chaplain
Elliott Reid .... Ralph Arnold
Rufus and Bert try to help out their old Army captain, who has actually become a millionaire. [twcc.com]

07Nov1969 CBS Fri
Written by Arnold Horwitt
Directed by George Tyne
Guest Cast:
James Gregory ......... Chief Andrews
Dort Clark ........... The Inspector
Synopsis 1:
Bert and Rufus try and become volunteer fireman and Rufus makes it. [*C]
Synopsis 2:
Bert And Rufus get the bright idea to join the volunteer fire department to help out the community, and mostly to get the
firemen to eat at the diner. However, first they must pass a test, and also get voted in. One of the biggest obstacles is
the firehouse mascot - a dog named Charlie who hates Bert. [RL]

2.08 [--] The Good Guys: BIGGEST MADRE OF THEM ALL
(possible) aka - THE PROSPECTOR
14Nov1969 CBS Fri
Executive Producer: Jerry Davis
Produced by Bob Schiller and Bob Weiskopf
Directed by Jerry Davis
Written by Si Rose
Film Editor: Harold Wilner
Make-up: Gary Liddiard
Music Editor: Gene Feldman
Guest Cast:
Percy Helton .... Sierra Jake (the prospector)
Art Metrano .... Coffee Salesman
Remo Pisani … Cafe Owner #1
Ralph Montgomery … Cafe Owner #2
Synopsis 1:
A dishonest good guy? A treasure hunt raises the fearful question. [TVGuide.com]
Synopsis 2:
A customer offers Bert, Claudia and Rufus an old treasure map as payment instead of cash, prompting them to head out in search of riches. [twcc.com]
Synopsis 3:
In lieu of paying for his meal, an old prospector gives Bert and Rufus an old pirate map. Bert, Rufus and Claudia head to Lobo Point to find the treasure. [TA]
Synopsis 4:
Bert, Claudia and Rufus Go Looking For Treasure. [*C]
YouTube (3-parts):

2.9 [--] The Good Guys: NO ORCHIDS FOR THE DINER
21Nov1969 CBS Fri
Written by Ron Friedman
Directed by Coby Ruskin
Guest Cast:
Phyllis Diller ....... Lilli Resphighi
Joe Besser ........... Florian
Warde Donovan ........ Moriss
Jack Perkins ......... Mr. Bender
Stafford Repp ........ Angel
Phyllis Diller plays a famous restaurant critic, and Joe Besser and Warde Donovan are her entourage. Every chance Bert gets to
impress the critics with his culinary skills turns to disaster. [RL]

2.10 [--] The Good Guys: THE EYES HAVE IT [verified -RL]
28Nov1969 CBS Fri
Written by Bob Fisher and Arthur Marx
Directed by Seymour Robbie
Guest Cast:
Richard Deacon ...... Mr. Fogarty
Alvia Alman
Maudie Prickett
Synopsis 1:
Claudia's eyesight is failing, and failing fast. When a nail winds up in a customer's hamburger, she decides to see an eye doctor.
Bert is against the idea of her wearing glasses, and wants her to get contact lenses (he thinks glasses will detract from her natural beauty).
She doesn't want the contacts, however, because of the added expense. [RL]
Synopsis 2:
Richard Deacon is featured. When Rufus drops one of Claudia's new contact lenses into a cream pie, he sets off a messy search of the diner
that involves a fussy customer—guess who? [TA / Binghamton NY Press]

2.11 [36] The Good Guys: A CHIMP NAMED SAM - aka - THE CHIMP
05Dec1969 CBS Fri
Written by Arnold Horwitt
Directed by Alan Rafkin
Film Editor: Bob Moore
Make-up: Ken Chase
Guest Star:
Eddie Mayehoff ......... Commander Spalding
Guest Cast:
Frank Campanella ....... Cogan
Del Moore .............. Bascomb
Burt Mustin ............ Mr. Kiley
Alan Drake ............. Truck Driver
Nico Stevens … Customer #1
Marvin Downey … Customer #2
Rufus awakens to find a basket left at the doorstep of his trailer. Initially he thinks it's a baby, but it turns out to be a chimp named Sam,
left behind by a neighbor who had to move abroad unexpectedly. Sam proves to be quite helpful at the diner, quite good at pinball, and quite
the piano player. In fact, Sam becomes so popular with the customers that Bert becomes jealous. [RL]
YouTube (3-parts):

2.12 [--] The Good Guys: A FAMILIAR RING
12Dec1969 CBS Fri
Guest Cast:
James Millhollin .... Salesman
Jeanne Sorel .... Elvira
Dick Wilson .... Ira
Synopsis 1:
Bert and Claudia differ about how to spend insurance money they collected for her lost ring.
Synopsis 2:
Claudia has lost her engagement ring and wants to use the insurance money to buy new diner fixtures, while Bert would rather replace the ring. [twcc.com]

2.13 [--] The Good Guys: COMMUNICATION GAP [verified -RL]
19Dec1969 CBS Fri
Written by Lee Loeb and Howard Albrecht
Directed by Charles Rondeau
Guest Cast:
Yvonne Craig ......... Dr. Cummings
John Harmon .......... Charlie
Art Lewis ............ Husband
Patty Regan .......... Wife
Nico Stevens ......... Executive
Ed Deemer ............ Customer
Viola Harris ......... Customer
Rufus develops a major crush on a female meditation instructor. He and Bert join her "communication class" so that Rufus can get to know her better. Sadly, he does
get to know her really well, and finds out she's already married. [RL]

2.14 [--] The Good Guys: A FINE KETTLE OF FISH
02Jan1970 CBS Fri
Guest Cast:
Sid Grossfeld .... Sid Cooper
Ralph Rose .... Morgan
Synopsis 1:
Bert and Claudia go on a second honeymoon while Rufus is left in charge of the diner and their landlord's tropical fish. [twcc.com]
Synopsis 2:
Herb Eldeman, as Bert, gets to do his thing on The Good Guys, which is to act nervous. He gets so distraught, in fact, that his doctor
tells him to get away from it all for a few days. The only way he can do that is by putting Rufus (Bob Denver) in charge of the diner,
and if he is nervous with Rufus when he is there, wait and see how bad Bert gets when he's not there. [Tarrytown NY Daily News]

2.15 [--] The Good Guys: DEEP ARE THE ROOTS
09Jan1970 CBS Fri
Guest Cast:
Danny Bonaduce .... Stevie
Richard X. Slattery .... C.W. Hacker
Maudie Prickett .... Lotus Plimpton
Diana Hayes .... Customer
Synopsis 1:
Bert and Claudia have Rufus' family tree drawn up and
are shocked to see he comes from long line of cowards. [Tarrytown Ny Daily News]
Synopsis 2:
You wouldn't think family lineage would include a record for cowardice, but that's the case for Rufus on The Good Guys.
How to overcome the bad news falls to the ingenuity of Bert and Claudia, and they succeed
enough to almost insure Rufus a hero's funeral. [Buffalo NY Courier Express]
Synopsis 3:
Rufus faces a showdown with a bully.
Synopsis 4:
Rufus tries to summon the courage to stand up to a gruff landowner in order to impress Bert and Claudia's nephew. [twcc.com]

2.16 [--] The Good Guys: COMPULSION
16Jan1970 CBS Fri
Guest Cast:
Rueben Singer … Dr. Booth
Cliff Osmond .... Burglar
Synopsis 1:
Rufus goes under hypnosis---and Bert forgets the spell-breaking word. [TVGuide.com]
Synopsis 2:
Rufus has a craving for sweet snacks, so Bert sends him to the office of Dr. Booth, who cures him via hypnosis. [twcc.com]
Synopsis 3:
Bob Denver doesn't heed lessons on how to look as if he's in a trance. He always looks that way on The Good Guys. Tonight, however,
he falls into the real thing, submitting to hypnosis to conquer his sweet tooth. The problem is how to wake him up again.
A so-so solution follows. [TA / Niagara Falls NY Gazette]

2.17 [42] The Good Guys: ART A LA CARTE (final episode) [verified -RL]
23Jan1970 CBS Fri
Written by Albert E. Lewin
Directed by charles Rondeau
Guest Cast:
Ned Wertimer ......... Luigi Piccardo
Marshall Kent ........ Customer
Dick Elliott ......... Customer
Kirk Scott ........... Customer
Synopsis 1:
A destitute artist is saved by Rufus just before he jumps off the pier in an effort to "end it all." To keep him (Luigi Piccardo)
from trying to end his life again, the good guys encourage his artistry and hang his paintings all over the restaurant - much to the
dismay of the customers. When they realize that the artwork is driving customers again, they try to come up with another plan. [RL]
Synopsis 2:
The guys try to help an artist seeking exposure for his paintings, which they gladly display on the diner walls;
Their presence causes customers to lose their appetites. [twcc.com]

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