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The People's Choice (1955-58)
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Norfolk Productions and McCadden Corporation
An Irving Brecher Production
NBC (Thursdays 8:30 pm EST -season 1 )(1955-56)
NBC (Thursdays 9:00 pm EST  -seasons 2, 3)(1956-58)
Produced by Irving Brecher, Jackie Cooper, E.J. Rosenberg, Bob Finkel
Created by Irving Brecher

US Comedy series 1955-58     approx 104 episodes x 30 min bw (6Oct55-25Sep58) (3 seasons)

Jackie Cooper    / Obituary Jackie Cooper (1922-2011) (Dies  3 May 2011Age 88)
as Socrates "Sock" Miller (1955-58)
Pat Breslin as Amanda "Mandy" Peoples Miller (1955-58)
Margaret Irving as Aunt Gus (1955-58)
Paul Maxey as Mayor John Peoples (1955-58)
John Stephenson as Roger Crutcher (1955-57)
Leonid Kinskey as Pierre (1955-56)
Dick Wesson as Rollo (1956-58)
Cleo, the basset hound
and: Mary Jane Croft as Cleo's voice

A politically ambitious young man loves the Mayor's daughter.

 Written by Bob Fisher and Alan Lipscott
Directed by Jackie Cooper
With: (End Cast)
Margaret Irving ..... Aunt Gus (regular)
Paul Maxey .......... Mayor John Peoples (regular)
Frank Ferguson

############# The People's Choice ############
############## season 1 1955-56 ##############
NBC Thursdays 8:30 pm Eastern
37 new episodes

1.01 [--] The People's Choice: (Pilot)
06Oct55 NBC Thur
Recurring Cast:
Leonid Kinskey (as Pierre)
Sock is on the trail of a rare migratory bird while his friends secretly plot to get him elected as city councilman
on a write-in ticket. These well-meaning political backers include Mandy Peoples, daughter of the mayor, and Pierre,
a penniless artist. [JB]

1.02 [--] The People's Choice: HOW SOCK MET MANDY
13Oct55 NBC Thur
Guest cast:
Elvia Allman (as Miss Larson, Sock's boss)
Peter Votrian (as Quentin)
Richard Deacon (as Dr. Baxter)
Through flashback we learn how Sock's first meeting with Mandy almost cost him his job. The naturalist is hot on the
trail of a bird he believes is in the New City area. Mandy not only scares the bird away with a tire blowout, but she
also convinces Sock's boss that his interests in New City are purely romantic. [JB]

1.03 [--] The People's Choice: THE UNSEATING OF COUNCILMAN SOCK
20Oct55 NBC Thur
Sock Miller's position as city councilman is challenged before he even takes the oath of office. The young naturalist's
rival digs up a technicality which threatens to disqualify the new official. [JB]

1.04 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK PLAY CUPID
27Oct55 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Jacqueline Beer (as Yvette)
Jay Novello (as Andre)
Pierre, Sock and Aunt Gus go nightclubbing to see Andre and Yvette, a French mind-reading act. But tonight Yvette's
clairvoyant mind is definitely disturbed and the act dissolves in a torrent of tears. Pierre rises to the occasion and
offers Sock's trailer to the now-unemployed pair. [JB]

1.05 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK vs. CRUTCHER
03Nov55 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Jose Gonzales Gonzales (as Miguel)
Greentree, Mel Blanc (as Greentree)
Carlos Vera (as Sanchez)
Sock learns that his dog Cleo is in the dog pound charged with snapping at someone. Mandy thinks the case needs legal
action and suggests Roger, Sock's political and romantic rival. [JB]

1.06 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK'S NEW SECRETARY
10Nov55 NBC Thur
Sock does a favor for the mayor and hires Gigi, the daughter of a big part contributor, as his secretary. The girl
proves incapable but Sock cannot fire her. He and Mandy find another solution. [JB]

1.07 [--] The People's Choice: NATURE STUDY
17Nov55 NBC Thur
Sock Miller's efforts to help a pretty young schoolteacher with three of her troublesome pupils almost ruins his
romance with Mandy. [JB]

1.08 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK HIRES MANDY
24Nov55 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Joi Lansing (as Vicki Sommers)
Michael Emmet (as Eric Drake)
Hal Smith (as Joe)
Sock must choose between two applicants for the job as his secretary. One is a beautiful and efficient young lady;
the other is his girl friend Mandy Peoples. Rather than to dictate to the girl he dates, Sock hires the other. Mandy
doesn't understand his reasoning at all. [JB]

1.09 [--] The People's Choice: THE PARTING OF SOCK AND MANDY
01Dec55 NBC Thur
Sock faces the problem of how to escape marriage and yet continue dating a girl. Mayor Peoples issues an ultimatum
about Sock's romance with Mandy. [JB]

1.10 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK AND THE BEAUTY CONTEST
08Dec55 NBC Thur
Sock is selected by Mayor peoples to judge a beauty contest in which one of the contestants is Sock's girl
friend Mandy. [JB]

1.11 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK'S TEENAGE TROUBLE
15Dec55 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Olive Sturgess (as Linda)
Norman Ollestad (as Kip)
Sock finds himself the unwilling object of a pretty teenager's affections. He goes for help to an expert on young love:
the local football hero and man-about-town. The young man's solution is not to Sock's liking at all. [JB]

1.12 [--] The People's Choice: THE CHRISTMAS STORY
22Dec55 NBC Thur
Mandy Peoples breaks her traditional date for Christmas Day to spend the holiday with none other than Sock Miller.
Sock's announcement that he intends to spend the day looking for rare birds in the mountains comes as a rather
unpleasant surprise. [JB]

1.13 [--] The People's Choice: AN ADVENTURE OF SOCK
29Dec55 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Myrna Hansen (as Barbara Andrews)
Frank Wilcox (as Mr. Andrews)
Mario Siletti (as Waiter)
Dorothy Bernard (as TV Announcer)
In a flashback, we learn how Sock first met his basset hound, Cleo. It all started when Sock returned from overseas. [JB]

1.14 [--] The People's Choice: AUNT GUS LEAVES SOCK
05Jan56 NBC Thur
Mandy and Aunt Gus join forces in an attempt to prove to Sock that a bachelor's life is not for him. Though he's
outnumbered, Sock manages to put up a good fight. [JB]

1.15 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK AND AUGIE
12Jan56 NBC Thur
Sock's efforts to raise money for a boy's club hits a snag when one youngster resorts to stealing cars. [JB]

1.16 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK, THE MARRIAGE BROKER
19Jan56 NBC Thur
Attempting to rid himself of his boss, Miss Larson, Sock turns cupid and promotes a wedding between her and a
Mr. Baxter, the man she has been seeing for eight years. [JB]

1.17 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK, THE DEDICATED COUNCILMAN
26Jan56 NBC Thur
Guest cast:
Peggy Knudsen .......... Maggie Roberts
Monty Ash .............. Simon
Patty Ann Gerrity ...... Little Girl
Sock goes out bird hunting with a pretty girl and winds up in the doghouse with both Mayor Peoples and his daughter
 Mandy. It seems the girl is a photographer and neither the Mayor nor Mandy approves of the pictures she takes. [JB]

1.18 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK PROPOSES TO MANDY
02Feb56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Eleanor Audley (as Moderator)
Gail Bonney (as Mrs. Moore)
Councilman Sock Miller finds himself in hot waster with his girl friend. While on a TV panel, he remarks that he is
still a bachelor because he hasn't found the girl that can fulfill his requirements. [JB]

1.19 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK, THE BUSINESSMAN
09Feb56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Alta Corbin (as Harriet)
Elaine Riley (as Josie)
Robert Burton (as Gerstel)
Marshall Bradford (as Rep. Tuttle)
Howard Wendell (as Sen. Klauber)
Netta Packer (as Mrs. Klauber)
Selmer Jackson (as Admin. Stetson)
Claud Allister (as Butler)
Sock Miller, thinking that he will please Mandy, gives up his sideline as government ornithologist and goes into the
laundry business. But when he learns that Mandy has tricked him into the move he plots an ingenious revenge. [JB]

1.20 [--] The People's Choice: THE DOMESTIC RELATIONS
16Feb56 NBC Thur
Sock Miller, confident bachelor, counsels Ernie, a worried husband, on how to handle women. Not the least of the
explosive reactions occurs when Ernie hires a beautiful secretary. [JB]

1.21 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK, THE CITY FATHER
23Feb56 NBC Thur
Sock Miller champions a politically explosive cause to spend tax money for a city-operated day nursery. But Mayor
Peoples throws a wrench into the operations and Sock finds himself surrounded by babies and deserted by his fellow
councilmen. [JB]

1.22 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK, THE ESCORT
01Mar56 NBC Thur
Sock is chosen as official escort to a comely goodwill ambassador from south of the border. The lovely lass and her
pet chihuahua delight both Sock and Cleo, but not Mandy. [JB]

1.23 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK STRIKES IT RICH
08Mar56 NBC Thur
Sock gets some profitable uranium stock and finds out what it feels like to be rich. Everyone wants to get into the
deal and even Mayor Peoples decides that Sock would be the finest of sons-in-law. [JB]

1.24 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK AND THE MAYOR'S ROMANCE
15Mar56 NBC Thur
Sock tries to promote a romance between his Aunt Gus and Mayor Peoples, but everything he does goes haywire. [JB]

1.25 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK AND THE SYRENE
22Mar56 NBC Thur
Sock does his bit for our "boys" in service by inviting Sgt. Dooley of the Marines to stay with him and Aunt Gus in
their trailer. The sergeant turns out to be a woman who wants to use Sock to make her boy friend, a Marine Colonel,
jealous. Sock finds himself in hot water with the Colonel, Mayor Peoples and Nancy. [JB]

1.26 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK AND THE MOVIE OFFER
29Mar56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Gregory Walcott (as Stone Kenyon)
Rita Lynn (as Gina Pagannina)
George Givot (as Vittorio Cellini)
A famous film director sees Sock, his girl friend Mandy and Cleo the basset hound when the trio makes a brief television
appearance for charity. The director is interested in one of them for a motion picture, but there is considerable
confusion as to just which one. To add to the confusion, the director's girl friend, a beautiful Italian actress, begins
to show a romantic interest in Sock. [JB]

1.27 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK vs. STONE KENYON
05Apr56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Gregory Walcott (as Stone Kenyon)
Mandy stands Sock up and accepts an invitation to attend the premiere of a Western movie with the star of the picture.
Sock, undaunted, tries to find a way to beat his rival to the draw. [JB]

1.28 [--] The People's Choice: WEDDING BELLS
12Apr56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
George Dunn (as Orville)
Sock thinks Aunt Gus has finally found the man of her dreams and he suspects that the suitor is none other than Mayor Peoples. [JB]

1.29 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK AND CAPTAIN TURNER
19Apr56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Tim Johnson (as Cadet Turner)
Maurice Manson (as Capt. Turner)
A lonely boy is heartbroken when he discovers that his father, who he thought was a Navy hero, is in reality the
captain of a Staten Island ferry boat. [JB]

1.30 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK AND THE PROXY MARRIAGE
26Apr56 NBC Thur
Just for old time's sake, Sock agrees to act as a stand-in groom in a secret proxy wedding for a Marine buddy. But he
has some fast explaining to do when the bride's grandfather shows up with a shotgun. [JB]

1.31 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK, THE BUDGET BALANCER
03May56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Lola Albright (as Dancer)
Arthur Q. Bryan (as Carter)
It's Sock to the rescue when a pretty dancer gets her high heels caught in a loose grating. She claims her twisted
ankle can ruin her plans for movie stardom. The Mayor claims she arranged the whole thing in order to bring suit! [JB]

1.32 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK, THE FUND RAISER
10May56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Ida Moore (as Little Old Lady)
Sock attempts to tech his girl Mandy a lesson about a woman's place when she takes over his duties as chairman of
the mayor's annual boxing bouts. But Sock himself becomes the victim of a sweet little old lady who is actually an
accomplished thief. [JB]

1.33 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK AND THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB
17May56 NBC Thur
Aunt Gus decides to get even with Sock and Mandy for their matchmaking efforts to pair her off with the mayor.
Her arrival at the mayor's home in a glamorous get-up has a disastrous effect on a visiting bigwig from Washington. [JB]

1.34 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK AND MANDY'S CAREER
24May56 NBC Thur
Sock doesn't realize there may be romantic complications when he urges his girl friend Mandy to pursue a career.
He is disturbed to learn she will leave for San Francisco to work with a young and very handsome gentleman. [JB]

1.35 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK AND THE MAYOR'S ELECTION
31May56 NBC Thur
 An Irving Brecher Production
Written by Bob Fisher & Alan Lipscott
Directed by Robert S. Finkel
With: (end credits)
Margaret Irving ..... Aunt Gus (regular)
Paul Maxey .......... Mayor John Peoples (regular)
John Stephenson ..... Roger Crutcher (regular)
Beverly Wills
Mary Webster
Florence Shaen
Rosemary Edelman
Penny Carroll
Mandy tries to convince her friend that Sock should be the Mayor's assistant. [JB]

1.36 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK AND THE PEOPLES' PAGEANT
07Jun56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Ellen Corby.
Sock wants to put his city "on the map" by staging a centennial pageant to honor an ancestor of a prominent congressman. [JB]

1.37 [--] The People's Choice: SOCK AND PIERRE'S JOB
14Jun56 NBC  Thur
Sock tries to lend a helping hand to an artist friend in need of finances. He invites the mayor and Mandy to a
swimming party to persuade them to commission a mural by his friend for one of the city schools. [JB]
Summer Reruns (21Jun56-27Sep56)
21Jun56    An Adventure of Sock (original air date 29Dec55)
28Jun56    Sock Hires Mandy (original air date 24Nov55)
05Jul56        Sock's Teenage Trouble (original air date 15Dec55)
12Jul56        Aunt Gus Leaves Sock (original air date 05Jan56)
19Jul56        Sock and the Beauty Contest (original air date 08Dec55)
26Jul56        Sock, the Businessman (original air date 09Feb56)
02Aug56    Sock, the City Father (original air date 23Feb56)
09Aug56    Sock and the Syrene (original air date 22Mar56)
16Aug56    Sock, the Escort (original air date 01Mar56)
23Aug56    Pre-empted for the Republican Party Convention
30Aug56    Sock and the Movie Offer (original air date 29Mar56)
06Sep56        Sock vs. Stone Kenyon (original air date 05Apr56)
13Sep56        Sock Proposes to Mandy (original air date 02Feb56)
20Sep56        Sock, the Fund Raiser (original air date 10May56)
27Sep56        Sock and the Lonely Hearts (original air date 17 May56)

############# The People's Choice ############
############## season 2 1956-57 ##############
NBC Thursdays 9:00 pm Eastern

 2.01 [38] The People's Choice: SOCK LOSES A BET
04Oct56 NBC Thur
Sock returns from his vacation fishing trip sporting a rough and bristly beard. His girl friend Mandy has a job
lined up for Sock as manager of a new television station. She knows the millionaire-owner will never be impressed
by Sock's beard. The problem: how to trick Sock into shaving it off. [JB]

[--] 11Oct56 Pre-empted for Political Talk by Adlai E. Stevenson, Democratic candidate for President.

2.02 [39] The People's Choice: THE MAYOR PROPOSES
18Oct56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Frank Ferguson (as Mr. Judson)
Both the mayor and another politician decide that Aunt Gus is "the object of their affection." Sock and Mandy
attempt to lend cupid a helping hand. [JB]

[--] 25Oct56 Pre-empted for Political Talk by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

2.03 [40] The People's Choice: THE WEDDING PLANS
01Nov56 NBC Thur
Sock wants his Aunt Gus and the mayor to have a wedding with all the trimmings, so he invests in what he thinks
will be a quick money-making venture. It seems, however, that the eating place to which he has lent his name is
a cover-up for a bookmaking joint![JB]

2.04 [41] The People's Choice: THE BACHELOR PARTY
08Nov56 NBC Thur
The mayor overhears Sock ordering champagne and caviar and is convinced he is a freeloader and talks him into
signing up for an Arctic expedition. [JB]

2.05 [42] The People's Choice: SOCK GIVES GUS AWAY
15Nov56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Florenz Ames (as Judge Cagle)
Selmer Jackson (as Adm. Corey)
Ken Christy (as Sen. Klauber)
Both Sock and the about-to-be-married mayor suffer pre-nuptial jitters. Sock is preparing to give his Aunt Gus
away during the ceremony as well as advise Mayor Peoples about bees in a ventilating shaft at city hall. [JB]

2.06 [43] The People's Choice: SOCK, THE ACTING MAYOR
22Nov56 NBC Thur
While Mayor Peoples is away on his honeymoon, Sock Miller, as acting mayor, is faced with a case of blackmail.
A mysterious woman claims she encountered the mayor in a nightclub. [JB]

2.07 [44] The People's Choice: SOCK TAKES A BOARDER
29Nov56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Arthur Walsh (as Alvin Preston)
Benny Rubin (as Harry Mench)
Mandy wants to be sure her husband Sock will not attempt to return to the life of a bachelor. She tries to convince
him he should take in a boarder. [JB]

2.08 [45] The People's Choice: SOCK AND THE LAW
06Dec56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Dorothy Patrick Davis (as Joyce Lee)
Touch Connors (as Bob Staples)
Helen Spring (as Mrs. Lee)
Sock finds it difficult to explain to girl friend Mandy how he acquired a long blonde hair on his suit.
Mandy isn't a blonde, and neither is Cleo, Sock's faithful hound! [JB]

2.09 [46] The People's Choice: SOCK TAKES THE PLUNGE
13Dec56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
James Bell (as Clay Hunnicott)
Sock finally succumbs to Mandy's charms and the two decide to make a quick trip to a Nevada town to be
married in secret. But neither of them reckoned on spending the night in jail. [JB]

2.10 [47] The People's Choice: MANDY'S MALE ANIMAL
20Dec56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
El Brendel (as Virgil)
Hollis Irving (as Gloria)
Christine Nelson (as Evelyn)
Harry Jackson (as Kenneth)
Chet Stratton (as Norman)
Mandy learns some of her former school chums are arriving in town to show off their husbands. She takes advantage
of the fact that her father, the mayor, is out of town to present Sock as her husband. Explanations are in order
when the mayor returns earlier than expected. [JB]

2.11 [48] The People's Choice: SOCK, THE GREEK GOD
27Dec56 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Lillian Bronson (as Flora Dunn)
Bunny Waters (as Diane)
In a newspaper interview, Mandy tells a reporter that Sock wants a new playground for a crowded section of town.
Mayor Peoples reads the story and tells Sock he must either get the playground free or resign. [JB]

2.12 [49] The People's Choice: SOCK AND THE HEX
03Jan57 NBC Thur
The mayor, who still doesn't know Sock and Mandy are married, tells Sock he can't see Mandy again until he's passed his
bar exams. Sock returns home to his trailer and discovers his old boyhood friend, Hex Hexley, has moved in with him. [JB]

2.13 [50] The People's Choice: HOW SOCK MET ROLLO
10Jan57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Jean Porter (as Blonde)
Cleo, Sock's Basset Hound, retells the story of just who saved whose life when Sock and Hex were Marine Corps buddies. [JB]

2.14 [51] The People's Choice: SOCK'S SECRET HONEYMOON
17Jan57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
William Bakewell (as Bill King)
Sock and Mandy make elaborate plans to get the mayor out of town, and Sock's roommate out of the trailer. They
want to leave town secretly themselves for their delayed honeymoon. [JB]

2.15 [52] The People's Choice: SOCK'S BIVOUAC
24Jan57 NBC Thur
Sock is called up for his annual two weeks' training in the Marine reserves. He plans to have Mandy stay with a
friend near the base who knows of their secret marriage, but something goes wrong with the plan. [JB]

2.16 [53] The People's Choice: SOCK'S MASTER PLAN
31Jan57 NBC Thur
Secretly married, Sock and Mandy plan to spend a weekend together at Palm Springs. They try to throw the mayor
and Rollo off the scent by staging a fight. But the intrepid matchmakers follow Sock to Palm Springs to try to
effect a reconciliation. [JB]

2.17 [54] The People's Choice: SOCK GETS THE WORKS
07Feb57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Peter Hanson (as Dick Larkin)
Sock is upset because his secret bride accepts a date with a handsome man whose senator-uncle may hold the deciding
vote in her mayor-father's freeway plan. [JB]

2.18 [55] The People's Choice: AUNT GUS TELLS ALL
14Feb57 NBC Thur
Aunt Gus promises to keep the secret that Sock and Mandy are married, but she has a habit of talking in her sleep. [JB]

2.19 [56] The People's Choice: SOCK'S TIGHT SQUEEZE
21Feb57 NBC Thur
Sock and Mandy's plans for a secret honeymoon cruise to Hawaii are ruined when the mayor assigns Sock the
important task of working with an influential senator. [JB]

2.20 [57] The People's Choice: ALMOST A FATHER
28Feb57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Suzane Dalbert (as June Miller)
Sock's secret bride Mandy accompanies his cousin's wife to an obstetrician, and Sock mistakenly believes he
is soon to be a father. [JB]

2.21 [58] The People's Choice: THE PATSY
07Mar57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Nan Leslie (as Mona)
Addison Richards (as Mr. Barker)
Fred Kruger (as Secretary)
Mandy's former college roommate borrows Sock in an attempt to impress her wealthy father with the fact that not
all suitors are interested in her for her money. Sock is in something of a quandary when the girl's father insists
they marry immediately. [JB]

2.22 [59] The People's Choice: THE DOMESTICS
14Mar57 NBC Thur (Network rerun 26Sep57)
Sock and Mandy attempt to slip away for a secret honeymoon rendezvous at a friend's cabin at Big Bear Lake, unaware
that they have moved into the wrong home. [JB]

2.23 [60] The People's Choice: SOCK'S OUT-OF-TOWN JOB
21Mar57 NBC Thur
Sock decides he needs a better-paying job so that he and Mandy can announce their marriage. The best offer is from
a fish cannery in Seattle, Washington, which needs an assistant advertising director. [JB]

2.24 [61] The People's Choice: ONE-RING CIRCUS
28Mar57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
James Best (as Mr. Hunnicut)
Bill Henry (as Reporter)
Sock and Mandy officially announce their engagement even though they have been secretly married four months. Mandy
decides to redecorate Sock's trailer with appropriate feminine ruffles.[JB]

2.25 [62] The People's Choice: SOCK GOES FOR THE DOUGH
04Apr57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Doris Singleton (as Kit Gowdy)
Tommy Farrell (as Freddy Filcher)
Sock does his best to resist when a quiz show offers him $5000 if he can date a gorgeous girl for one week without
getting romantic. This, of course, plays havoc with his personal life. [JB]

2.26 [63] The People's Choice: THE INK BLOTS
11Apr57 NBC Thur
Mandy's well-meaning father asks a visiting psychologist friend to determine whether Sock is the right man to marry
his daughter. Unfortunately the intended bridegroom is not home when the psychologist calls, and he confuses roommate
Rollo with Sock. [JB]

2.27 [64] The People's Choice: SOCK AND MANDY, PAPERHANGERS
18Apr57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Charles Lane (as Manager)
When Mayor Peoples and his wife, Sock's Aunt Gus, leave town for a brief vacation, Sock manages to snarl up the
situation at City Hall. He unknowingly gives a painting contractor the go-ahead to paint the City Hall, thinking the
contractor is discussing decoration of one room in the Mayor's home. [JB]

2.28 [65] The People's Choice: THE LATE HUSBAND
25Apr57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Virginia Welles (as Lily Devere)
Ross Elliott (as Photographer)
Sock's basset hound Cleo is smitten with a handsome French poodle owned by an actress recently moved into the trailer
court. Unfortunately Mandy is under the impression that the romantic attraction is between Sock and the actress. [JB]

2.29 [66] The People's Choice: THE QUEEN AND ME
02May57 NBC Thur
Secretly married, Sock resents Mandy's request that he stop going out with the boys as though he were still single.
In a fantastic dream, Sock sees himself as an Oriental potentate with a harem all his own. [JB]

[--] 09May57 Pre-empted for "Ray Bolger Special"

2.30 [67] The People's Choice: BOOMERANG
16May57 NBC Thur
Sock has some fast thinking to do when a salesman arrives in town to sue the mayor for damage done him by the mayor's
car. Sock realizes the accident happened when he and Mandy eloped to Nevada, and the mayor doesn't know Sock and Mandy
are married. [JB]

2.31 [68] The People's Choice: THE HOT CERTIFICATE
23May57 NBC Thur
Mandy is frantic when it seems the mayor has learned the hiding place of her marriage certificate. She and Sock look for
somewhere else to hide it. The most convenient place, at the moment, is under basset hound Cleo's sweater. [JB]

2.32 [69] The People's Choice: THE SOPHISTICATES
30May57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Joi Lansing (as Blonde)
Mayor Peoples seems to be on the verge of discovering that his daughter Mandy and Sock are married. The young couple
decides to stage a fake break-up to squelch his suspicions. But the mayor goes one step further, and arranges a date
for Sock with a beautiful blonde. [JB]

2.33 [70] The People's Choice: SOCK, THE MATCHMAKER
06Jun57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Elaine Edwards (as Girl)
Alex Campbell (as Judge Lucas)
Sock plays Cupid when he learns friend Rollo is in love with the daughter of a wealthy family. Sock suggests that,
since her grandfather refuses to sanction their marriage, Rollo and the girl elope. [JB]

Summer Reruns 13Jun57-19Sep57
13Jun57    Sock Loses a Bet (original air date 04Oct56)
20Jun57    Sock, the Acting Mayor (original air date 22Nov56)
27Jun57    Sock Takes a Boarder (original air date 29Nov56)
04Jul57    Sock and the Law (original air date 06Dec56)
11Jul57    Sock Takes the Plunge (original air date 13Dec56)
18Jul57    Sock and the Hex (original air date 03Jan57)
25Jul57    How Sock Met Rollo (original air date 10Jan57)
01Aug57    Aunt Gus Tells All (original air date 14Feb57)
08Aug57    Sock, the Greek God (original air date 27Dec56)
15Aug57    Almost a Father (original air date 28Feb57)
22Aug57    Sock's Bivouac (original air date 24Jan57)
29Aug57    Sock's Master Plan (original air date 31Jan57)
05Sep57    Sock and Mandy, Paperhangers (original air date 18Apr57)
12Sep57    The Ink Blots (original air dates 11Apr57)
19Sep57    Sock Gets the Works (original air date 07Feb57)

############# The People's Choice ############
############## season 3 1957-58 ##############
############### (final season) ###############
NBC Thursdays 9:00 pm Eastern

3.01 [71] The People's Choice: THE NICKEL PICKLE
03Oct57 NBC Thur
Sock takes a job for the district attorney in an effort to trap a thief who has been robbing the city's parking meters. [JB]

3.02 [72] The People's Choice: THE GIVEAWAY
10Oct57 NBC Thurs
Guest cast:
George Chandler ...... Hunnicut
Synopsis 1:
When Sock passes his bar exams, he and Mandy decide to reveal to her father they have been secretly married for nearly
a year, but before they tell him the mayor unveils his plans to give them a huge formal wedding. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Sock passes his bar exams and then breaks the news to his father-in-law about his secret marriage. [RF]

3.03 [73] The People's Choice: THE CAVEMAN
17Oct57 NBC Thur
Sock gets a blow on the head and dreams he is in the Stone Age. Even here he has father-in-law trouble when Mayor
Peoples emphasizes a point by hitting Sock on the head with a stone hatchet. [JB]

3.04 [74] The People's Choice: THE RETIRING MAYOR
24Oct57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Sandra Giles (as Valerie Lane)
A female reporter gets an erroneous story from Rollo to the effect that Mayor Peoples is retiring and Sock is running
in his place. Sock believes the story and gives a statement to the press. [JB]

3.05 [75] The People's Choice: THE RELUCTANT HOUSE GUEST
31Oct57 NBC Thur
Sock and Mandy decide to move out of Mayor Peoples' house and live by themselves. But Rollo, afraid he may also have
to move, comes down with a rare disease in order to continue living rent-free. [JB]

[--] 07Nov57 NBC Thur - "The People's Choice" pre-empted for "Bob Hope Special"

3.06 [76] The People's Choice: THE LEGAL EAGLE
(possibly originally scheduled for 07Nov57 NBC Thur)
( this slot pre-empted, so this episode may never have been shown on the network run)
Newly admitted to the bar, Sock finds himself in a precarious position before he has brought his first case to court. [JB]

3.07 [77] The People's Choice: BARKERVILLE
14Nov57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Addison Richards (as B. J. Barker)
The Millers and Cleo move into Barkerville, where Sock takes over as head of the new housing development. His boss,
J. B. Barker, has told Sock to sell the remaining houses. But Sock learns that there are actually a few hundred houses
yet to be sold. [JB]

3.08 [78] The People's Choice: THE MODEL HOUSE
21Nov57 NBC Thur
Mandy persuades Sock to let her buy furniture for their new house. At the same time the owner of the housing
development decides to equip the model house with furniture. The orders get mixed up. [JB]

3.09 [79] The People's Choice: MOVIES ARE BADDER THAN NEVER
28Nov57 NBC Thur
Sock Miller arranges for a movie company to use the housing development he is managing as a location for a film about
 a typical American community. Mandy is critical of the idea, and trouble starts when a glamorous movie star arrives. [JB]

3.10 [80] The People's Choice: THE RUNAWAY DOG
05Dec57 NBC Thur
Sock is trying to please Mr. Quimby, an influential home buyer who is thinking of moving to the Barkerville
development. When Sock finds that Quimby hates dogs, he decides to hide Cleo. [JB]

3.11 [81 The People's Choice: THE GOOD PROVIDER
12Dec57 NBC Thur
Sock is having difficulty selling houses in the new development he manages. [JB]

3.12 [82] The People's Choice: THE HELPMATE
19Dec57 NBC Thur
Mandy's meringue cake converts a reluctant prospect for a house into an enthusiastic buyer. But Sock resents
Mandy's interference in his business and tells her to be more retiring. [JB]

3.13 [83] The People's Choice: SOCK'S OLD FLAME
26Dec57 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Marcia Henderson.
Sock receives a phone call from an old girlfriend of his and prepares to meet her without telling Mandy. [JB]

3.14 [84] The People's Choice: THE COOKIE JAR
02Jan58 NBC Thur
Mandy has put her hard-earned savings into a cookie jar and now has $100. She resists the temptation to take the
money and put a down payment on a mink stole, and Sock, who needs a new library of law books, manfully leaves the
nest-egg alone. Then Mandy's uncle visits and complications develop. [JB]

3.15 [85] The People's Choice: THE WRONG INDIANS
09Jan58 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Howard McNear (as Quentin Quigley)
Rodd Redwing (as Prof. Woodrow Swift)
King Donovan (as Homer Jordan)
June Dayton (as Sally West)
Sock's boss warns him that he is not selling houses fast enough. After much thought on the subject Sock comes up
with an idea that he hopes will enable him to sell a whole block of houses. [JB]

3.16 [86] The People's Choice: THE SHERIFF
16Jan58 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Andy Clyde (as the Old Man)
An elderly prospector makes a grand entrance into Barkerville with Calamity, his trusted burro. He announces that
he's glad to be back as sheriff after an absence of many years. Sock tries to explain to the old man that he is in
the wrong town. [JB]

3.17 [87] The People's Choice: THE SALTED CELLAR
23Jan58 NBC Thur
Mayor Peoples convinces Sock that his friend Rollo will never be able to support himself unless Sock insists he get
out on his own. Sock decides to give Rollo one last chance and hires him as a real-estate salesman. [JB]

3.18 [88] The People's Choice: SLEEPING BEAUTY
30Jan58 NBC Thur
Sock Miller starts suffering from insomnia caused by his inability to sell houses. Then he learns that his boss is
going to pay him a visit, and Sock becomes panic-stricken. [JB]

[--] 06Feb58 NBC Thur - "The People's Choice" pre-empted for "Bob Hope Special"

3.19 [89] The People's Choice: DISTAFF STUFF
13Feb58 NBC Thur
Mandy decides to apply for a job as a county tax collector in order to add to the family income. But Sock thinks a
man should be able to support his wife and tries to stop Mandy from getting the appointment. [JB]

3.20 [90] The People's Choice: THE MALE EGO
20Feb58 NBC Thur
Sock loses the sale of a house because the prospective buyer's wife dislikes a minor detail. Convinced that women
are beginning to take over the world, Sock goes to sleep and has nightmare on the subject. [JB]

3.21 [91] The People's Choice: THE FAMILY WAY
27Feb58 NBC Thur
Before leaving for vacation the family doctor tells Sock that he is about to become a father. Though he is overjoyed,
Sock decides to wait until Mandy tells him before celebrating. [JB]

3.22 [92] The People's Choice: THE VETERAN
06Mar58 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Walter Reed (as Dr. Howard)
Grandon Rhodes (as Dr. Baggot)
Nora Marlowe (as Mrs. Baggot)
When Mayor Peoples learns that he is to become a grandfather he pays a visit to Sock and Mandy to see whether he can
help the young couple. After his arrival he decides that Mandy's doctor is too young and his office is too far away
from their home. [JB]

3.23 [93] The People's Choice: CLEO, SECRET DOG
13Mar58 NBC Thur
Mayor Peoples, elated over the prospect of becoming a grandfather, decides that Cleo's barking will annoy the baby
when it arrives home. [JB]

3.24 [94] The People's Choice: THE PRACTICAL JOKER
20Mar58 NBC Thur
Sock has plans for linking his housing development with the main highway. All he has to do is buy a piece of land
belonging to James Parnell, a notorious practical joker. [JB]

3.25 [95] The People's Choice: LITTLE WHITE LIES
27Mar58 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Phil Phillips (as Danny Hadley)
Sock Miller feels sorry for a young man who is trying to enlist members for a club of junior chemists in order to
win a prize. Hearing that only one more member is needed, Sock decides to help out. [JB]

3.26 [96] The People's Choice: THE TYCOON
03Apr58 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Addison Richards (as B. J. Barker)
John Stephenson (as Roger Crutcher)
An old boy friend of Mandy's drops in for a visit. He tells them how rich and successful he's become, and Sock,
not to be outdone, invents a tale of his own importance. Then J. B. Barker, Sock's boss, arrives. [JB]

3.27 [97] The People's Choice: SOCK'S LIFESAVER
10Apr58 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Carla Merey (as Max)
William Newell (as Charlie Pike)
Lee Erickson (as Bernard)
Sock agrees to baby-sit for his former Marine Corp commander, Col. Bascomb, by taking care of his daughter,
Max, for a week. But Max turns out to be a teenager with a yen for judo! [JB]

3.28 [98] The People's Choice: UNCLE WILLIE (aka Sock's Uncle)
17Apr58 NBC Thur
Mayor Peoples insists on paying all the expenses toward the birth of his grandchild; Sock and Mandy refuse to accept
his help. Later they receive a letter, postmarked years before and apparently lost in transit, containing a large sum
in currency. A typewritten note explains that the money is from Sock's black-sheep Uncle Willie. [JB]

3.29 [99] The People's Choice: LADIES AIDE
24Apr58 NBC Thur
Sock Miller enlists the aid of three teenage girls to help him raise funds for a local boys club. [JB]

3.30 [100] The People's Choice: ROLLO MAKES GOOD (a.k.a. "Ore Rush")
01May58 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Angie Dickinson (as Geraldine)
Rollo suddenly gets a bad case of spring fever. In fact, he wants to get married. After meeting the girl Rollo
is so smitten with, Sock is convinced that she is a fortune hunter. [JB]

3.31 [101] The People's Choice: THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY
08May58 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
John Douchette (as Louis)
Sock Miller is invited to go on a fishing trip with an old Marine Corps buddy. He accepts the invitation even
though it means he will be away for his first wedding anniversary. [JB]

3.32 [102] The People's Choice: ROLLO'S WEDDING
15May58 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Angie Dickinson (as Geraldine)
Frank Wilcox (as Mr. Gibson)
Addison Richards (as B. J. Barker)
Rollo announces that he and Geraldine are going to elope. Sock tries to prevent his friend from acting hastily.
He thinks Rollo should ask Geraldine's father for permission to marry his daughter. [JB]

3.33 [103] The People's Choice: MISSING MOOLAH
22May58 NBC Thur
A middle-aged couple ask Sock Miller, who is justice of the peace, to marry them. When Sock learns they have no
license, he tells them there will be a three-day waiting period. The couple decides to move in with Sock and Mandy
until they have a license. [JB]

3.34 [104] The People's Choice: DAISIES WON'T TELL (final episode)
29May58 NBC Thur
Guest Cast:
Elvia Allman (as Aunt Hattie)
Addison Richards (as J. B. Barker)
Jack Albertson (as Luther Jenkins)
Sock's boss, J. B. Barker, comes to visit and seems to be very interested in Aunt Hattie. Sock and Mandy assume that
romance is in the air and they even make plans for the wedding. [JB] 

Summer Reruns 05Jun58-25Sep58
05Jun58    The Giveaway (original air date 10Oct57)
12Jun58    Barkerville (original air date 14Nov57)
19Jun58    The Model House (original air date 21Nov57)
26Jun58    The Good Provider (original air date 12 Dec 57)
03Jul58        The Runaway Dog (original air date 05Dec57)
10Jul58        The Wrong Indians (original air date 09Jan58)
17Jul58        The Cookie Jar (original air date 02Jan58)
24Jul58        The Salted Cellar (original air date 23Jan58)
31Jul58        The Sheriff (original air date 16Jan58)
07Aug58    The Practical Joker (original air date 20Mar58)
14Aug58    Cleo, Secret Dog (original air date 13Mar58)
21Aug58    The Tycoon (original air date 03Apr58)
28Aug58    Little White Lies (original air date 27Mar58)
04Sep58        Rollo Makes Good (original air date 01May58)
11Sep58        Sock's Lifesaver (original air date 10Apr58)
18Sep58        Rollo's Wedding (original air date 15May58)
25Sep58        The First Anniversary (original air date 08May58)

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