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Saber of London (UK/Danziger)(1957-59) starring Donald Gray
Sailor Of Fortune (UK)(1955-56) starring Lorne Greene

The Saint (ITC)(1962-69) starring Roger Moore
Return Of The Saint (ITC/RAI) (1978-79) starring Ian Ogilvy

Saints and Sinners (1962-63) starring Nick Adams & John Larkin
Sally (Paramount/NBC)(1957-58) starring Joan Caulfield
Salty (fall 1974) starring Mark Slade
Sam (Jack Webb/CBS)(1978) starring Mark Harmon, Len Wayland
Sam Benedict (MGM/NBC)(1962-63) Legal Drama series starring Edmond O'Brien
Funny Face (CBS)(fall 1971)/ The Sandy Duncan Show (CBS)(Fall 1972)

The San Pedro Beach Bums (Aaron Spelling/ABC)(1977)

Sanford And Son (Bud Yorkin/Norman Lear/NBC)(1972-77) starring Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson
Sanford Arms (Bud Yorkin/Norman Lear/NBC)(fall 1977) starring Teddy Wilson (spin-off from Sanford And Son)
Sanford (Bud Yorkin/Norman Lear/NBC)(1980-81) starring Redd Fox (spin-off from Sanford And Son)

Sara (Universal/CBS)(1976) Western series starring Brenda Vaccaro
Sara (NBC)(1985) Comedy series starring Geena Davis

Scales of Justice (UK) (1962-67) hosted by Edgar Lustgarten
The Adventures of The Scarlet Pimpernel (UK)(1954-55) starring Marius Goring
Schaefer Century Theater (syndicated)(1952) Anthology series
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (Revue/CBS)(US anthology) (1951-59) various hosts
Science Fiction Theatre (ZIV)(1955-57) host Truman Bradley
Scotland Yard (UK) (1953-61) hosted by Edgar Lustgarten
Screen Directors Playhouse (Hal Roach Studios/NBC) (1955-56) no host

 Screen Gems (1951-74) Television Subsidiary of Columbia Pictures

The Adventures of the Sea Hawk (1958-59) starring John Howard
Sea Hunt (ZIV-Ivan Tors)(1958-61) starring Lloyd Bridges

Search (Leslie Stevens/WB/NBC)(1972-73) starring Hugh O'Brian, Doug McClure, Tony Franciosa, Burgess Meredith
The Adventures of the Seaspray (Screen Gems)(1966-67) Australian adventure series  starring  Walter Brown, Gary Gray

Seaway (Canada) (1965-66) starring Austin Willis & Stephen Young

Secret Agent (US title) (ITC/CBS)(1964-66) (47 hour-long episodes) starring Patrick McGoohan
Secret Army (BBC) (1977-79) UK WWII Drama series- starring Bernard Hepton, Jan Francis ...
Secret File U.S.A. (Europe)(1954) starring Robert Alda

The Second Hundred Years (Screen Gems/ABC) (1967-68) Monte Markham, Arthur O'Connell
Search (Leslie Stevens/WB/NBC)(1972-73) starring Hugh O'Brian, Doug McClure, Tony Franciosa, Burgess Meredith
Semi-Tough (ABC)(Summer 1980) starring Bruce McGill, David Hasselhoff
The Sentimental Agent (UK) (1963) starring Carlos Thompson
Sergeant Preston of The Yukon (CBS)(1955-58) starring Richard Simmons

Serpico (Paramount/NBC)(1976-77) David Birney, Tom Atkins

Shadow of The Cloak (DuMont )((1951-52) Spy Drama series starring Helmut Dantine

Shaft (MGM/CBS)(1973-74) starring Richard Roundtree
Shane (Paramount/ABC)(fall 1966) starring David Carradine, Jill Ireland
Shannon (1961-62) starring George Nader
Shannon (1981-82) starring Kevin Dobson
Shaping Up (ABC)(Spring 1984) starring Leslie Nielsen

Sharpe (ITV)(UK) (1993-2008) starring Sean Bean
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (1955-56) starring Irish McCalla

A Man Called Shenandoah (MGM/ABC) (1965-66) starring Robert Horton
Sheriff of Cochise (1956-58) / U.S. Marshal (1958-60)
Modern Day Western Crime series starring John Bromfield

Sherlock Holmes (Universal) (1942-46) Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce
Sherlock Holmes (Sheldon Reynolds)(Paris) (1954) Ronald Howard 
  Sherlock Holmes (BBC)(1965) Douglas Wilmer    Sherlock Holmes (BBC)(1968) Peter Cushing
Sherlock Holmes (Granada/ITV)(1984-94) Jeremy Brett

Shirley's World (UK)(fall 1971) starring Shirley Maclaine

Shirley Temple's Storybook (NBC Sundays)(12Jan58-21Dec58)
Shirley Temple's Storybook (ABC Mondays)(12Jan59-21Dec59) (Reruns)

Shirley Temple Theatre (NBC Sundays)(1960-61)

Shotgun Slade (Revue/Synd)(1959-61) starring Scott Brady

Chrysler presents "Shower Of Stars" (CBS)(1954-58)
Sierra (Jack Webb/NBC)(1974) starring James G. Richardson, Ernest Thompson
The Silent Force (Spelling/ABC) (1970-71) starring Ed Nelson, Lynda Day, Percy Rodriguez
The Silent Service (Twin Dolphins)(1957-59) Naval Anthology Series

Simon and Simon (Universal/CBS)(1981-88) starring Jameson Parker & Gerald McRaney

Silver Spoons (Embassy/NBC)(1982-87) starring Joel Higgins, Ricky Schroder, Erin Gray
Silver Theater (CBS) (1949-50) Anthology Series host Conrad Nagel
Sir Francis Drake (UK)(ITC)(1962) starring Terence Morgan
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (UK)(ITC)(1956) starring William Russell

Sirota's Court (Universal/NBC)(1976-77) starring Michael Constantine

The Six Million Dollar Man (Harve Bennett/Universal/ABC)(1973-78) starring Lee Majors
The Sixth Sense (ABC)(1972) starring Gary Collins

Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo (Australian)(1966-68) starring Ed Devereaux
Sky King (1951-62) starring Kirby Grant
Slattery's People (1964-65) starring Richard Crenna
Small Wonder (1985-89) starring Dick Christie, Marla Pennington, Jerry Supiran
The Smith Family (Don Fedderson/ABC)(1971-72) Henry Fonda, Janet Blair, Darleen Carr, Ron Howard
The Smothers Brothers Show (Four Star)(1965-66) starring Tom & Dick Smothers

Soap  (Witt-Thomas-Harris/ABC)(1977-81) starring  Katherine Helmond, Robert Mandan,
Richard Mulligan, Cathryn Damon, Billy Crystal, Diana Canova, Robert Guillaume

So This is Hollywood (NBC) (1955) Mitzi Green, Virginia Gibson

The Soldiers (Bud Yorkin/ NBC)(1955) (sitcom) starring Hal March & Tom D'Andrea
Soldiers Of Fortune (1955-57) starring John Russell & Chick Chandler
Somerset Maugham Theatre (CBS 1950-51)(NBC 1951) Live Dramatic Anthology series

Space: 1999 (Gerry Anderson / ITC)(1975-78) starring Barbara Bain & Martin Landau

Space Patrol (ABC)(1950-55) starring Ed Kemmer
Space Patrol (UK/Roberta Leigh)(1963) starring Larry Dart  (puppet series)

Special Agent 7 (Revue)(1958-59) starring Lloyd Nolan

Spenser: For Hire (Warner Bros/ABC)(1985-88) starring Robert Urich

Staccato (1959-60) starring John Cassavetes
Stage 7 (Sharpe-Lewis/Official) (CBS)(1955) anthology series
Stagecoach West (Four Star/ABC) (1960-61) starring Wayne Rogers, Robert Bray
Stanley (NBC)(1956-57) starring Buddy Hackett
The Star & The Story (Sharpe-Lewis/4Star/Official)(1955-56) anthology , host Henry Fonda

Star Trek (Original Series) (Desilu/Paramount/NBC)(1966-69) starring William Shatner
Starlight Theatre (CBS)(1950-51) "live" dramatic anthology
Star Stage (Revue/NBC) (1955-56) host Jeffrey Lynn
Stars Over Hollywood (NBC)(1950-51)Dramatic Anthology series

Starsky And Hutch (Aaron Spelling-Leonard Goldberg/ABC)(1975-79) starring Paul Michael Glaser, David Soul
Starting From Scratch (syndicated) (1988-89) Connie Stevens, Nita Talbot, Bill Dily
State Trooper (1956-59) starring Rod Cameron

Steptoe and Son (BBC)(UK)(1962-65)(1970-74) starring Harry H. Corbett & Wilfrid Brambell
Steve Canyon (1958-59) starring Dean Fredericks
Steve Donovan, Western Marshal (1955-56) starring Douglas Kennedy, Eddy Waller
Hollywood Off Beat: Steve Randall (1952-53) starring Melvyn Douglas
The Stockard Channing Show: Just Friends (CBS) (Spring/Summer 1980)
Stone (1979-80) starring Dennis Weaver
Stoney Burke (UA/ABC)(1962-63) starring Jack Lord (Modern-day Western series)
Storefront Lawyers/ Men at Law (1971-72) starring Robert Foxworth
Stories of the Century (Studio City/HTS)(1954-55) starring Jim Davis, Mary Castle, Kristine Miller
Straightaway (1961-62) starring Brian Kelly & John Ashley

The Stranger (DuMont Network)(1954-55) starring Bob Carroll
Strange Report (UK) (ITC/MGM)(1969-70) starring  Anthony Quayle, Kaz Garaz

The Streets of San Francisco (Quinn Martin/ABC)(1972-77) starring Karl Malden & Michael Douglas

Strike Force (Aaron Spelling/ABC)(1981-8) starring Robert Stack
Struck by Lightning (CBS) (fall 1979) starring Jack Elam and Jeffrey Kramer
Stryker of The Yard (UK theatrical)(1953-54)starring Clifford Evans
Studio One (CBS)(1948-58) 60 min "live"Monday-night Dramatic Anthology
Heinz Studio57 (DuMont)(1954-55)/(Syndicated)(1955-56)
The Stu Erwin Show: Trouble With Father (1950-55) starring Stu Erwin
Sugarfoot (WB/Wm T.Orr/ABC)(1957-61) starring Will Hutchins
Sunday Showcase (NBC)(1959-60) Sunday Evening Specials
The Super (ABC)(Summer 1972) Richard S. Castellano
The Adventures of Superman (1952-58) starring George Reeves & Phyllis Coates
Surfside 6 (1960-62) starring Van Williams, Lee Patterson, Troy Donahue, Diane McBain

Harold Robbins' The Survivors (Universal/ABC)(1969-70) starring Lana Turner
Kevin McCarthy, Jan-Michael Vincent, Ralph Bellamy, George Hamilton, Diana Muldaur

Survivors (BBC) (1975-77) UK SciFi Drama series- starring Denis Lill, Carolyn Seymour, Ian McCulloch, Lucy Fleming
Suspense (CBS) (1949-54) Anthology Series based on the radio series of the same name
Suspicion (Revue/Shamley-Alfred Hitchcock/NBC)(1957-58) Thriller Anthology Series

S.W.A.T. (Spelling-Goldberg/ABC)(1975-76) starring Steve Forrest, Rod Perry, Robert Urich, Mark Shera

The Sweeney (UK) (Euston//Thames/ITV)((1975-78) starring John Thaw, Dennis Waterman

Switch (Glen Larson/Univ/CBS)(1975-78) starring Robert Wagner, Eddie Albert
Sword of Freedom (UK)(ITC) (1957) starring Edmund Purdom
Sword of Justice (Glen Larson/Universal/NBC)(1978-79) starring Dack Rambo, Bert Rosario, Alex Courtney
Szysznyk (Paramount/CBS)(1977-78) starring Ned Beatty

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