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    Late 1940's

Perry Como Show (mainly 15min) (NBC/CBS)(1948-55)  -  Perry Como Show (60 min)(NBC)(1955-59)
Kraft Music Hall: The Perry Como Show (60 min)(NBC)(1959-63)

Crystal Room (ABC/ WJZ-TV New York Sundays 8:30-9:30pm)(15Aug1948 to 12Sep1948) with Maggi McNellis

The Milton Berle Show (NBC)(1948-59)(1966-67)

Ed Sullivan hosts "Toast of the Town" (CBS)(1948-55 (music/variety)
The Ed Sullivan Show

Eddie Condon Floor Show (WNBT) (1949) (Jazz Music Show)

Lambs Gambol (NBC)(1949)(30 min Music Variety series)

The Molly Picon Show (ABC)(1Mar1949-12Apr1949)(15min)(Short lived Music Variety Show)

The Benny Rubin Show (NBC Fridays 9-9:30pm)((29Apr1949 to 24Jun1949)

Get Together with Gambling (WOR-TV Ch 9 New York)(1949-50)(Music Variety series hosted by John Gambling

The Ed Wynn Show (CBS)(1949-50)

54th Street Revue (CBS Fridays 9-10pm)(5May1949-25Mar1950) Music Variety Comedy Series

Cavalcade Of Stars (DuMont)(1949-52)

 The Paul Whiteman Revue (ABC)(1949-52)

A Couple of Joes (ABC)(1949-50) Music Variety Series hosted by Joe Bushkin & Joe Rosenfield

College Of Musical Knowledge (NBC) hosted by Kay Kyser (1949-50) Tennessee Ernie Ford (Summer 1954)

Garrow at Large (NBC)(1949-51) / The Dave Garroway Show (NBC (1953-54)

NBC Opera (NBC)(1949-64)(music specials)

The Fred Waring Show (CBS)(1949-54)(Summer 1957)

Versatile Varieties -aka- The Bonny Maid Versatile Variety Show (NBC 1949-51) (CBS Early 1951) (ABC Fall1951)

Mohawk Showroom presents The Morton Downey Show (NBC 1949) The Roberta Quinlan Show (NBC 1949-51)


The Steve Allen Show (CBS/NBC/ABC/Synd/CBS)(1950-67) hosted by Steve Allen

Abe Burrows Almanac (CBS) (1950)  Variety series  -   Twin Time (CBS) (1950) hosted by Jack Lemmon

Hold That Camera (DuMont)(1950) Game Show hosted by Jimmy Blaine turned Variety Show host by Kyle MacDonnell

Cavalcade Of Bands (DuMont)(1950-51)

Saturday Night Revue (NBC)(Feb-March 1950) Music Variety show Live from Chicago

Tin Pan Alley TV (ABC)(Summer 1950)

Showtime, U.S.A. (ABC)(1950-51) (excerpts from Broadway Musicals & Dramas)

Broadway Open House (NBC Late Night)(1950-51) hosted by Jerry Lester & Morey Amsterdam

Penthouse Party (ABC)(1950-51) hosted by Betty Furness

The Don McNeill's TV Club (ABC)(1950-51) hosted by Don McNeill

Holiday Hotel (ABC)(1950-51)

Don Ameche's Musical Playhouse (ABC)(1951)

The Peter Lind Hayes Show -aka- The Peter & Mary Show (NBC Thursdays)(23Nov50-29Mar51)

Star Of The Family (CBS)(1950-52) hosted by Morton Downey, Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy

Songs For Sale (CBS)(1950-52) hosted by Jan Murray (1950-51), Steve Allen (1951-52)

Sid Caesar: Your Show Of Shows  (NBC)(1950-54)  / Caesar's Hour (NBC)(1954-57)
Sid Caesar Invites You (ABC)(1958) / The Sid Caesar Show (ABC)(1963-64)

4 Star Revue (NBC Wednesdays) (1950-51)  -  All-Star Revue (NBC Saturdays)(1951-53)

Ford Star Revue (NBC Thursdays)(1950-51) host Jack Haley

 Lucky Strike & Richard Hudnut presents "Your Hit Parade" (NBC/CBS)(1950-59)(music/variety)

The Arthur Murray Party (ABC/DuMont/CBS/NBC) (1950-60) Music Variety Dance Series

Camel Caravan: The Vaughan Monroe Show (CBS 1950-51) / (NBC Summer 1954,1955)   Music Variety Series

Frank Sinatra - tv series & specials (CBS 1950-52 Variety)(ABC 1957-58 Variety + Anthology)(1959-98 Specials)

The Alan Young Show (CBS)(1950-53) Music Variety Comedy Series

The Ken Murray Show (CBS)(1950-53) Music Variety Comedy Series

The Kate Smith Hour (NBC Daytime) (1950-54)

Colgate Comedy Hour(NBC)(1950-55) most episodes hosted by Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis 

The Bob Hope Show (NBC)(1950-84) Music Variety Series & Specials hosted by Bob Hope

Perry Como Show (mainly 15min) (NBC/CBS)(1948-55)  -  Perry Como Show (60 min)(NBC)(1955-59)
Kraft Music Hall: The Perry Como Show (60 min)(NBC)(1959-63)

Big Joe's Happiness Exchange (DuMont)(1951) hosted by Joe and Choo Choo Rosenfield

The Garry Moore Evening Show (CBS)(1951) hosted by Garry Moore

Summertime Revue (WJZ ch7 New York)(1951) hosted by Earl Wrightson and Maureen Cannon 

The Victor Borge Show (NBC)(1951)

The Buddy Rogers Show (WOR-TV ch 9 New York)(1951) Daytime Music Variety Show hosted by Buddy Rogers

The Sam Levenson Show (CBS)(1951-52)(1959)

The Freddy Martin Show - aka - The Hazel Bishop Show (NBC) (1951)

The Patricia Bowman Show (CBS) (1951) (15 min)

General Electric Guest House (CBS) (Summer 1951) hosted by Durward Kirby

The Frances Langford - Don Ameche Show (ABC Daytime Variety)(1951-52)

Ford Festival presents The James Melton Show (NBC)(1951-52)

Faye Emerson's Wonderful Town (CBS) (1951-52)

The Kate Smith Hour (NBC Primetime)(1951-52)
TV's Top Tunes (CBS) (1951-55)

Dinah Shore (15min show) (NBC)(1951-57)  -  The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (hour long)(NBC)(1956-63)

The RCA Victor Show: The Ezio Pinza Show/ The Dennis Day Show (NBC)(1951-54)

The Sammy Kaye Show (CBS/NBC/ABC) (1951-59) hosted by bandleader Sammy Kaye

The Red Skelton Show (NBC/CBS) (1951-71) starring Red Skelton

Royal Showcase (NBC-Synd)(1952)  hosts George Abott (to 06-Apr-1952) / Jack Carson (from 13-Apr-1952)

The Red Buttons Show (CBS 1952-54) (NBC 1954-55)

The Jane Froman Show - USA Canteen (CBS) (1952-55)

Art Linkletter's House Party (CBS) (1952-69) Mon-Fri Daytime Talk/Music Variety Series

The Jackie Gleason Show (CBS) (1952-70)

The George Jessel Show (ABC)(1953-54) starring George Jessel  - America's Toastmaster General"

Coke Time (NBC)(1953-57)(15min)(twice weekly)  hosted by Eddie Fisher

The Eddie Albert Show (CBS Daytime) (Early 1953) (Daytime Music Variety - Monday to Friday)

Nothing But The Best (NBC) (Summer 1953) hosted by Eddie Albert (summer replacement for Fireside Theatre)

The Larry Storch Show (CBS)(Summer 1953)(60 min Music Variety series)

Your Chevrolet Showroom (ABC)(1953-54)  hosted by Cesar Romero

The Dave Garroway Show (NBC)(1953-54) (30 min Music Variey series)

The Bob Crosby Show (CBS Daytime)(30 min)(1953-57) /  (NBC)(60 min)(Summer 1958)

The Blue Angel (CBS)(Summer 1954) hosted by Orson Bean

The Betty White Show (Don Fedderson/ NBC Daytime Talk-Variety (1954)

The Tonight Show (NBC)(1954-) late night talk show starring Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson etc 

The Tony Martin Show (NBC)(1954-56)(15min)(weekly)  hosted by Tony Martin

The Martha Raye Show (NBC)(1954-56) hosted by Martha Raye (comedienne)

Max Liebman Presents (NBC)(1954-56) Monthly series of Lavish Musical Specials

Chrysler presents "Shower Of Stars" (CBS)(1954-58)

The George Gobel Show (NBC1954-59)(CBS 1959-60) hosted by George Gobel

The Jo Stafford Show (CBS)(1954-55) hosted by Jo Stafford

The Jimmy Durante Show (NBC)(1954-56) 

The Donald O'Connor Show (NBC)(1954-55) 

The Jack Carson Show (NBC) (1954-55)

The Perry Como Show (60 min)(NBC)(1955-59)

Ford presents "The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show" (NBC/ABC)(1955-65)

The Lawrence Welk Show (ABC 1955-71)(Syndicated 1971-83)

The Julius LaRosa Show (CBS/ Summer 1955)(NBC/ Summer 1956 & Summer1957) music variety series

Ford Star Jubilee (CBS)(1955-56)(music/variety/drama specials)

Ozark Jubilee/ Country Music Jubilee/ Jubilee U.S.A. (ABC) (1955-61)

The Grand Ole Opry (tv version) (ABC/Syndicated) (1955-57)

The Nat "King" Cole Show (NBC)(1956-57)

The Jonathan Winters Show (NBC) (1956-57) (15min)

The Steve Allen Show (NBC)(1956-60)

 The Russ Morgan Show (CBS)(Summer 1956) - bandleader Russ Morgan & singer Helen O'Connell

The Tony Bennett Show (NBC)(11Aug56-8Sep56) (summer replacement for "The Perry Como Show")

The Walter Winchell Show (NBC)((Fall 1956)  hosted by Walter Winchell

Washington Square (NBC) (1956-57)  Sunday afternoon series hosted by Ray Bolger 

The Ray Anthony Show (ABC) (1956-57)

 The Patti Page Show (Summer 1956)  / The Big Record (1957-58) hosted by Patti Page  /  The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show (1958-59)

The Vic Damone Show (CBS)(Summer 1956-57) / The Lively Ones (NBC)(Summer 1962-63) hosted by Vic Damone

The Rosemary Clooney Show (syndicated)(1956-57) / The Lux Show starring Rosemary Clooney (NBC)(1957-58)

Georgia Gibbs: Million Record Show (NBC)(Summer 1957)

Andy Williams (Summer 1957-58-59)  / The Andy Williams Show  (NBC 1962-71) / Andy (syndicated 1976)

The Jimmy Dean Show (CBS 1957-59) (ABC 1963-66) (syndicated 1974)

The Guy Mitchell Show (ABC)(1957-58)

The Patrice Munsel Show (ABC)(1957-58)

The Polly Bergen Show (NBC) (1957-58)  - alternated with -  Club Oasis (NBC) (1957-58)

The Gisele MacKenzie Show (NBC) (1957-58)

Art Ford's Greenwich Village Party (DuMont) (1957-58) Music Variety Series

The Eddie Fisher Show (NBC) (1957-59)

Pat Boone Chevrolet Showroom (ABC)(1957-60)

Mantovani (syndicated) (1958-59)(30 min)(filmed) music variety  - possibly filmed in the UK

The Ben Hecht Show (ABC)(1958-59)(Mon-Fri)(late night talk)

Kraft Music Hall: The Milton Berle Show (season 9) (NBC) (1958-59)

Kraft Music Hall: The Perry Como Show (60 min)(NBC)(1959-63)

Kraft Music Hall: The Dave King Show (30 min)(NBC)(Summer Replacement 1959) 

The Jimmie Rogers Show (NBC)(Spring-Summer 1959) /  (CBS)(Summer 1969)

The Clay Cole Show (syndicated) (1959-67) (pop music) 

Ford Startime (NBC) (1959-60) 60 min  Dramatic/Variety Anthology + some 90 min specials

The Bell Telephone Hour (NBC)(1959-68)(music/variety)

The Big Party for Revlon (CBS)(Fall 1959)(music/variety)

Playboy's Penthouse (1959-61) hosted by Hugh Hefner 


The Revlon Revue (Sharpe-Lewis/CBS)(Early 1960)(music/variety)

The Kate Smith Show (CBS)(Early 1960)

The Jo Stafford Show (ATV-ITC)(UK)(1961-62) hosted by Jo Stafford

Here's Hollywood (NBC Daytime)(1960-62)  Celebrity Interview Show

The Bob Newhart Show (NBC)(1961-62)(Comedy Variety series)

The Edie Adams Show - aka - Edie's Here (ABC)(1962-64)

The Ray Anthony Show (Syndicated) (1963)

The Jack Barry Show (Syndicated)(1963-64)

The Danny Kaye Show (CBS)(1963-67)

The Wilburn Brothers Show (Syndicated) (1963-74) Country & Western Music  series hosted by Teddy & Doyle Wilburn

Hollywood Palace (ABC)(1964-70)

Regis Philbin (Various Talk Shows)(1964-2011)

Fanfare (CBS)(Summer 1965) hosted by Al Hirt

The Steve Lawrence Show (CBS)(Fall 1965)

The Dean Martin Show (NBC)(1965-74) 

Mickie Finn's (NBC)(1966)

The John Gary Show (CBS)(Summer 1966)

The Roger Miller Show (NBC)(Fall 1966)

The Las Vegas Show - hosted by Bill Dana (United Network)(Summer 1967)

Spotlight  (UK)(ATV-ITC/ CBS)(Summer 1967) (CBS airdates 4Jul67-29Aug67) (taped in the UK)
Summer Replacement for "The Red Skelton Show"

Away We Go (CBS) (Summer 1967) Music Variety Series - hosted by George Carlin & Buddy Greco
Summer Replacement for "The Jackie Gleason Show"

The Pat Boone Show (NBC Daytime)(1966-67)

The Steve Allen Comedy Hour (CBS)(1967)

Pat Boone in Hollywood (Syndicated)(1967-68) Daily Music/Talk Show

 The Peter Martin Show (syndicated) (1967-68 (pop music)

The Jonathan Winters Show (CBS) (1967-69) (60min)

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (CBS 1967-69) (ABC Summer 1970)

The Jimmie Rogers Show (NBC)(Spring-Summer 1959) /  (CBS)(Summer 1969)

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (NBC/Schlatter-Friendly)(1967-73) hosted by Dan Rowan & Dick Martin

Showtime (US title) / The Big Show (UK title) (ATV-ITC/ CBS)(Summer 1968) (CBS airdates 11Jun68-17Sep68) (taped in the UK)
Summer Replacement for "The Red Skelton Show"

The John Gary Show (Synd (1968)

The Dom DeLuise Show (CBS)(Summer 1968)

Operation: Entertainment (ABC)(1968-69)

The Don Rickles Show (Goodson-Todman/ABC)(1968-69) Part Variety / Part Game Show hosted by Don Rickles

The Rosey Grier Show (ABC)(1968-70) Talk Show/ Music Variety Show hosted by Rosey Grier

The Dennis Wholey Show (NBC-Synd)(1969-70) Variety-Talk Show

Jimmy Durante presents The Lennon Sisters Hour (ABC) (1969-70)

The Johnny Cash  Show (ABC)(1969-71)

The Jim Nabors Hour (CBS)(1969-71)

The Barbara McNair Show (Syndicated)(1969-71)

Hee Haw (CBS/Syndicated) (1969-92) Country Music & Comedy hosted by Roy Clark & Buck Owens


Pat Paulsen's Half A Comedy Hour (ABC)( Early 1970)

Johnny Cash Presents The Everly Brothers Show (ABC)(Summer 1970)

The Tim Conway Comedy Hour (CBS) (1970)(Variety)

 The Don Knotts Show (NBC)(1970-71)

The Flip Wilson Show (NBC)(1970-74)

The Pearl Bailey Show (ABC)(1971)

Rollin' On The River - Kenny Rogers & The First Edition (CTV)(Canada) (1971-73)

Stand Up And Cheer - Johnny Mann Singers (Syndicated) (1971-74)

The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour (CBS)(1971-74) hosted by Sonny & Cher
The Sonny Comedy Revue  (ABC)(1974) hosted by Sonny Bono
Cher (CBS)(1975-76) hosted by Cher
The Sonny & Cher Show (CBS)(1976-77) hosted by Sonny & Cher

The David Steinberg Show (CBS)(1972) (60 min Summer Replacement)

John Byner Comedy Hour (CBS)(1972) (60 min Summer Variey Show)

The New Bill Cosby Show (CBS)(1972-73)

Half The George Kirby Comedy Hour (CTV)(Canada) (1972-73)

The Wacky World of Jonathan Winters (syndicated) (1972-74)

The Helen Reddy Show (NBC) (Summer 1973)

90 Tonight (NBC) (1973)  hosted by Cleavon Little

NBC Follies (NBC) (Fall 1973)  hosted by Sammy Davis Jr

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast (NBC)(1973-79)

The Tony Orlando and Dawn Show (CBS)(1974-76)

Pop! Goes the Country (Syndicated 1974-83) hosted by Ralph Emery (1974-80)  hosted by Tom T. Hall (1980-83)

Nashville on the Road (Syndicated 1975-83)

The Smothers Brothers Show (NBC)(Early 1975)

The Jim Stafford Show (ABC)(Summer 1975)

The Gladys Knight & The Pips Show (NBC)(July 1975)

The Ben Vereen Show:  Ben Vereen ... Comin' At Ya (NBC)(August 1975)

Sammy And Company - hosted by Sammy Davis, Jr. (Syndicated) (1975-77)

The Bobby Vinton Show (CTV)(Canada) (1975-78)

The Rich Little Show (NBC)(1976)

Lorenzo & Henrietta Music Show (MTM)(Synd)(1976)

Celebrity Revue (Filmed in Vancouver, Canada for US Syndication) (1976-77)

The Kelly Monteith Show (CBS Summer 1976)  (BBC 1979-84)

The Diahann Carroll Show (CBS)(Summer 1976)

The Brady Bunch Hour (ABC)(1977) starring Florence Henderson & Robert Reed

The Keane Brothers Show (CBS)(Summer 1977)

Dick Clark's Live Wednesday (NBC)(Fall 1978)


The Toni Tennille Show (Synd) (1980-81)(Talk/Variety)

The Tim Conway Show (CBS) (1980-81)(Variety)

Barbara Mandrell & the Mandrell Sisters (NBC)(1980-82)

 US TV Chat/ Talk/Discussion Shows

The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson (1962-92) 

US TV Music/Arts/Drama

NBC Experiment in Television  (NBC) (1967-71)(Experimental Drama/ Music/Arts Specials)

 US TV  Pop Music  Shows

American Bandstand (ABC)(1957-87)/  (syndicated) (1987-89)  (rock/pop music)

  Shindig (ABC)( Produced by Jack Good)(1964-66) (rock/pop music)

Hullabaloo (NBC)(1965-66) (rock/pop music)


Canadian Music Variety Series

Rollin' On The River - Kenny Rogers & The First Edition (CTV)(Canada) (1971-73)

Half The George Kirby Comedy Hour (CTV)(Canada) (1972-73)

The Bobby Vinton Show (CTV)(Canada) (1975-78)

UK ITC VideoTaped - Music/Variety/Comedy

Taped at ITC-ATV Elstree Studios, London (Lew Grade) - mainly US guest stars

Sunday Night At The London Palladium (ATV)(1956-73) - Episode Guide
Some Episodes  of  "The London Palladium Show"  were made for the US  NBC Network  in 1966 in Color  with
Guest Hosts:  Lorne Greene, Kate Smith, Hugh O'Brian,  Robert Harbin, Fess Parker, Roger Moore

Piccadilly Palace - Morecambe and Wise (ATV-ITC/ABC)(Summer 1967)(20May67-9Sep67)(taped in the UK)
Summer Replacement for "The Hollywood Palace"

Spotlight (ATV-ITC/ CBS)(Summer 1967) (4Jul67-29Aug67) (taped in the UK)
Summer Replacement for "The Red Skelton Show"

Showtime (US title) / The Big Show (UK title) (ATV-ITC/ CBS)(Summer 1968) (11Jun68-17Sep68) (taped in the UK)
Summer Replacement for "The Red Skelton Show"

The John Davidson Show (ATV-ITC) (Summer 1969)(taped in the UK)

The Liberace Show (ATV-ITC)(1969)(taped in the UK)

This is Tom Jones  (ATV-ITC)  (1968-71) (taped in Hollywood & the UK)

The Englebert Humperdinck Show (ATV-ITC)(1970) (taped in the UK)

 Kraft Music Hall (US title) / The Des O'Connor Show (UK title) (ATV-ITC/NBC)
 (Summer1970/ Summer1971)(20May70-2Sep70)(2Jun71-1Sep71) (taped in the UK)

The Val Doonican Show (ATV-ITC/ABC)(Summer1971)(5Jun71-14Aug71)(taped in the UK)

 The Kopycats (ATV-ITC)(1972)   featured on  " The ABC Comedy Hour"    

The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine (ATV-ITC)(1971-72) (taped in the UK)

The Julie Andrews Hour (ITC/ABC)(1972) (taped in Hollywood)

The Muppet Show   (ATV- ITC) (1976-81) UK Family Puppet Series (taped in the UK)

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