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Screen Gems (1951-74)  Renamed  CPT Columbia Pictures Television (1974-)

Screen Gems Television
(Television Subsidiary of Columbia Pictures) (1951-74)

 From 1964-1969 Jackie Cooper was Vice President of program development at Columbia Pictures Screen Gems tv division.

Screen Gems (1951-74)  Renamed  CPT Columbia Pictures Television (1974-)

SCREEN GEMS Dramatic Anthology series

Ford All-Star Theatre (Screen Gems/ NBC/ABC) (1952-57) 30 min filmed Anthology

Celebrity Playhouse (Screen Gems/NBC) (1955-56) filmed anthology series

George Sanders Mystery Theatre (Screen Gems/NBC) (Summer 1957) Anthology Series

                    Alcoa/Goodyear Theatre  (Screen Gems-Briskin/NBC)(1958-60) (seasons 2&3) Half-hour Filmed Dramatic Anthology Series

Ghost Story (William Castle/Screen Gems/NBC)(1972) host Sebastian Cabot

Circle Of Fear (William Castle/Screen Gems/NBC)(1973) mid-season title change for "Ghost Story"

SCREEN GEMS Crime/Adventure/Drama series

Captain Midnight (Screen Gems)(1954-56) starring Richard Webb

Jungle Jim (Screen Gems)(1955-56) starring Johnny Weissmuller

Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers (Screen Gems) (1956-57)  Philip Carey & Warren Stevens

Ivanhoe (Sydney Box/ScreenGems) (1958) UK Historical Adventure series starring Roger Moore

Behind Closed Doors (Screen Gems/Gallu) (1958-59) spy anthology hosted by Bruce Gordon

Rescue 8 (Screen Gems)(1958-60) starring Jim Davis

Naked City (Screen Gems/ABC)(1958-63) starring Paul Burke, Horace McMahon

Tightrope! (Screen Gems/CBS)(1959-60) starring Mike Connors

Manhunt (Screen Gems/Jerry Briskin) (1959-61) starring Victor Jory

Dan Raven (Screen Gems)(1960-61) starring Skip Homeier

Route 66 (Screen Gems/CBS) (1960-64) starring Martin Milner, George Maharis, Glenn Corbett

Shannon (Screen Gems) (1961-62) starring George Nader

Empire (Screen Gems/NBC)(1962-63) starring Richard Egan
Redigo (Screen Gems/NBC)(fall 1963) starring Richard Egan

The Wackiest Ship in the Army (1965-66) starring Jack Warden, Gary Collins

Hawk (Hubbell Robinson/Screen Gems/ABC) (fall 1966) starring Burt Reynolds

The Adventures of the Seaspray (Screen Gems)(1966-67) Australian adventure series  starring  Walter Brown, Gary Gray

The Interns (Screen Gems/CBS) (1970-71) Medical series starring Broderick Crawford

The Young Rebels (Screen Gems/Aaron Spelling/ABC)(1970-71) starring Rick Ely

SCREEN GEMS Western series
Wild Bill Hickock  (William F. Broidy/ Screen Gems) (1951-54)  starring Guy Madison Andy Devine
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
(Screen Gems/ABC)(1954-59) starring Lee Aaker
Tales of the Texas Rangers (Screen Gems/ABC) (1955-58) starring Willard Parker, Harry Lauter
Circus Boy (Screen Gems/Jerry Briskin/NBC/ABC)(1956-58) starring Mickey Braddock
Jefferson Drum (Screen Gems/Goodson-Todman / NBC) (1958) starring Jeff Richards
Casey Jones  
(Screen Gems/Syndication)(1958-59) starring Alan Hale Jr
The Man from Blackhawk
(Screen Gems/ABC)(1959-60) starring Robert Rockwell
Two Faces West
(Screen Gems/Syndication) (1960-61) starring Charles Bateman
Iron Horse
  (Screen Gems/ABC) (1966-68) starring Dale Robertson, Gary Collins

Here Come The Brides  (Screen Gems/ABC) (1968-70) starring Robert Brown

The Outcasts (Screen Gems /ABC)(1968-69) Western starring Don Murray & Otis Young

SCREEN GEMS Comedy series 

Father Knows Best (Screen Gems/CBS/NBC)(1954-63) starring Robert Young & Jane Wyatt
The Ed Wynn Show (Screen Gems/NBC)(1958-59) starring Ed Wynn
The Donna Reed Show (Screen Gems/ABC)(1958-66) starring Donna Reed
Dennis The Menace (Screen Gems/CBS)(1959-63) Jay North, Herbert Anderson, Gloria Henry, Joseph Kearns, Sylvia Field
My Sister Eileen (Screen Gems/CBS)(1960-61) starring Elaine Stritch & Shirley Bonne
The Hathaways (Screen Gems/ABC)(1961-62) starring Peggy Cass & Jack Weston
Hazel (Screen Gems/NBC/CBS)(1961-66) starring Shirley Booth
Grindl (Screen Gems/David Swift/NBC)(1963-64) starring Imogene Coca
The Farmer's Daughter (Screen Gems/ABC)(1963-66) starring Inger Stevens
Bewitched (Screen Gems/ABC)(1964-72) Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Dick Sargent
Gidget (Screen Gems/ABC) (1965-66) starring Sally Field, Don Porter
Camp Runamuck (Screen Gems/David Swift)(1965-66) starring Dave Ketchum & Arch Johnson
I Dream of Jeannie (Screen Gems/Sidney Sheldon/NBC)(1965-70) starring Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman
The Monkees (Screen Gems/Raybert/NBC)(1966-68) Micky Dolenz, David Jones, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork
Occasional Wife (Screen Gems/NBC)(1966-67) starring Michael Callan
Love On A Rooftop (Screen Gems/ABC)(1966-67) starring Peter Deuel & Judy Carne
The Second Hundred Years (Screen Gems/ABC) (1967-68) Monte Markham, Arthur O'Connell
The Flying Nun (Screen Gems/ABC) (1967-70) starring Sally Field
The Ugliest Girl in Town (Screen Gems/ABC)(1968-69) starring Peter Kastner
Mr Deeds Goes To Town (Screen Gems/ABC)(1969-70) starring Monte Markham
 Nancy (Screen Gems/Sidney Sheldon/NBC)(1970-71) starring Renne Jarrett, Celeste Holm

The Partridge Family (Screen Gems/ABC)(1970-74) Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, Susan Dey, Danny Bonaduce
The Good Life (Screen Gems/Lee Rich/NBC)(1971-72) starring Larry Hagman, Donna Mills
Getting Together (Screen Gems/Thornhill/ABC)(1971-72) starring Bobby Sherman
Bridget Loves Bernie (Screen Gems/Douglas S Cramer/Thornhill/CBS)(1972-73) starring David Birney & Meredith Baxter
The Paul Lynde Show (Screen Gems/ABC)(1972-73) starring Paul Lynde & Elizabeth Allen
Temperatures Rising (Screen Gems/ABC) starring James Whitmore (1972-3) Paul Lynde (1973-74)
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (Screen Gems/ABC)(fall 1973) Robert Urich, Anne Archer, David Spielberg, Anita Gillette
Needles and Pins (Screen Gems/David Gerber/NBC)(1973-74) starring Norman Fell
The Girl with Something Extra (Screen Gems/Thornhill/NBC)(1973-74) starring Sally Field, John Davidson

SCREEN GEMS Documentary series

Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years (Screen Gems/ABC)(1960)  WWII documentary series

Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman (Screen Gems/Synd) (1964 ) documentary series

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