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My Hero:
The Bob Cummings Show
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:
Jim Brent,  J. Fred MacDonald (#1.2)
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MY HERO a.k.a. 'The Bob Cummings Show'
Golden Key Trust production / Cummings-Sharpe production
Official Films presentation
NBC (Saturdays 7:30 pm EST)
Executive Producers, Robert Cummings, Don W. Sharpe
Produced by Mort Green

US Comedy series 1952-53 33 episodes x 30 min bw

Bob Cummings as Robert S. Beanblossom
Julie Bishop as Julie Marshall
John Litel as Willis Thackery

Domestic problems of a happy-go-lucky real estate.
Bob plays Robert S. Beanblossom, agent for the Thackery Realty Company
in this series. Julie Bishop co-stars as his girlfriend.

######## My Hero: Bob Cummings Show ##########
############## season 1952-53 ###############
NBC Saturdays 7:30 pm EST
[01] My Hero: OIL LAND (Debut Episode)
08Nov52 NBC Sat
Synoipsis 1:
Robert Cummings plays the part of Robert S. Beanblossom, a carefree,
somewhat less than efficient real estate salesman. Julie Bishop portrays
the office secretary, and worshiper of Mr. B., Julie Marshall.
In the initial episode, Robert sells a piece of real estate against
boss's wishes. [JB]
Synopsis 1:
Beanblossom tries to raise his sales average by selling a new development,
unaware that Mr. Thackery believes there is oil on the land. Beanblossom
tries to take the initiative with a surprise sale. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Mr. Thackery leaves on a business trip and announces to Beanblossom that
he is not to sell a single acre of the new development he owns. [JB]

1.2 [--] My Hero: LADY MORTICIAN
15Nov52 NBC
Guest Cast:
Vampira ....... daughter of the lady mortician
Robert upsets a real estate deal with an elderly female mortician but
is found attractive by her stunning daughter. [JB]

[03] My Hero: MOVIE STAR
22Nov52 NBC Sat
Synopsis 1:
An actor contemplates the purchase of a large home, but all business
must be transacted on the golf course. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
A famous film actor and prospective client takes an interest in
Beanblossom’s secretary, and he sets out to protect his lady love. [JB]

29Nov52 NBC Sat
Robert takes to the hills and meets up with a Daisy Mae type gal and
her feudin' family. [JB]

[05] My Hero: THE INCOME TAX
06Dec52 NBC Sat
Beanblossom battles the tax collector. [JB]

[06] My Hero: THE CUPID [UCLA]
13Dec52 NBC
Copyright notice on film: c1952 by Cummings-Sharpe.
Golden Key Trust production
Official Films presentation
executive producers, Robert Cummings, Don W. Sharpe
producer, Mort Greene
director, Leslie Goodwins
writers, Ben Starr, Robert Cummings.
Editor, James E. Smith; photography, George E. Diskant;
music, Leon Klatzin.
Guest Cast
Tom Bernard, Barbara Woodell, Stephen Chase.
Contents: Commercials: Dunhill cigarettes.
Robert is baffled by cupid and framed by a new man in the office. [JB]

[07] My Hero: HORSE TRAIL a.k.a. "Horsin' Around" (video title)
20Dec52 NBC Sat
Synopsis 1: "Horse Trail"
When Bob accepts a horse in exchange for an old shack he runs into trouble
because his boss is allergic to horse hair. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Beanblossom is snared into a trap by horse thieves when his boss authorizes
him to make a sale by trade but doesn’t count on a horse being involved.
Synopsis 3: "Horsin' Around" (video)
Bob takes a horse in exchange for an old shack he's been trying to unload.
While he tries to hide it from his boss before he has a chance to explain,
he finds out he was swindled by two crooks, and the horse is stolen!

27Dec52 NBC Sat
Synopsis 1:
Beanblossom makes hot copy for a lady editor and news for the Thackery
Realty as a salesman in the magazine business. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Bob and Julie pretend to be married in order to have pictures appear in
“Modern America Magazine.” [JB]

[09] My Hero: EL TORO [JB]
03Jan53 NBC Sat
Synopsis 1
Robert Beanblossom enters a story writing contest, hoping to win a
mink coat for Julie. [JB]
Synopsis 2
Beanblossom's amateur detective story unfolds in flashbacks. Despite
the most obvious clues, our hero almost manages to avoid capturing the
murderer. [JB]
[--] My Hero: EL TORO (the original, unaired ?, pilot)
Bob tries to unload a mansion in the Hollywood hills by pretending
to be a visiting matador from Mexico.

10Jan53 NBC
Robert Beanblossom impersonates a French caterer to show a lady client
how a party should be staged. [JB]

[11] My Hero: THE HESSE STORY a.k.a. "The Photographer"
17Jan53 NBC
Synopsis 1:
Bob Beanblossom gets into trouble when he hires a famous photographer
Paul Hesse for an assignment. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Bob hires a photographer who supposedly can work wonders in making
a house look good. Then the photographer presents Bob with the bill
-more than the cost of the house!

24Jan53 NBC Sat
Synopsis 1:
Beanblossom goes on a fishing trip with his boss and finds himself
bait for a competitors' blonde daughter. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Bob brags about his camping skills to Mr. Thackery, so he invites
him on a fishing trip in the woods and makes him do all the work.

[13] My Hero: THE TIGER
31Jan53 NBC Sat (Network rerun 27Jun53)
Synopsis 1:
Beanblossom serves eviction papers but turns kitten when he has orders
to be the tiger. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Thackery claims Bob's personality is too easy-going, so Bob
decides to change his image and become a tiger. First order
of business: collecting past-due rent from his clients.

[14] My Hero: THE BOAT
07Feb53 NBC
Synopsis 1:
Beanblossom tangles with gangsters evading the FBI aboard the boat.
Synopsis 2:
When Beanblossom tries to sell a $17,500 cabin cruiser, he is
flabbergasted by the three men pay cash. [JB]

[15] My Hero: THE BICYCLE
14Feb53 NBC Sat (Network rerun 04Jul53)
Synopsis 1:
Beanblossom wins a friend and influences people by the simple process
of repairing an old man's bicycle. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Bob helps an old man who crashes his bicycle into a street light.
The man turns out to be a millionaire who offers Bob an executive
position he can't refuse.
Synopsis 3:
Beanblossom tries to get a bank president a job as a golf caddy. [JB]

21Feb53 NBC Sat
Beanblossom meets a famed woman explorer and decides that she would be the
ideal mate for Mr. Thackery. [JB]

[17] My Hero: SKY HIGH
28Feb53 NBC Sat
Beanblossom is the unexpected host to a penthouse party when he breaks
the key in the lock and thus is unable to break up the party. [JB]

07Mar53 NBC Sat (Network rerun 18Jul53)
Synopsis 1:
Beanblossom sells his boss's family estate, but when the deal is halted
when an aunt arrives for a visit. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Thackery's, Beanblossom's boss, is visited by his maiden aunt.
She is Thackery's financial backer and decides he is not running the
business properly, Beanblossom should take over. [JB]

14Mar53 NBC Sat
Synopsis 1:
Busy Beanblossom plays cupid for a European actress and an egotistical
director in order to sell a honeymoon home. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Beanblossom becomes involved with a very glamorous movie star who is
engaged to a prominent director who is insanely jealous. The director
threatens to call off a big real estate deal with the Thackery Realty
Company when he finds his fiancé alone with Beanblossom. [JB]

[20] My Hero: BUM FOR A DAY [UCLA]
(UK title: "Tramp for a Day")
21Mar53 NBC Sat (Network rerun 25Jul53)
Copyright notice on film: c1953 by Official Films, Inc.
Produced by Edmund Beloin
Directed by Oscar Rudolph
Written by Roland McLane.
Film Editor, Sherman Todd;
photography, George E. Diskant
music, Leon Klatzkin.
Guest Cast:
James Burke, Ned Glass, William Forrest.
Synopsis 1:
Beanblossom turns hobo in an attempt to track down a missing wallet he
believes to be lost among the characters of Skid Row. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Beanblossom impersonates a skid row bum to find the office porter, a
former hobo, who disappeared with $18,000 from the office safe. [JB]
Synopsis 3: "Tramp for A Day" (UK title)
Businesman Robert S. Beanblossom gives 25 cents to a tramp.
Returning to his office he finds his wallet missing. The tramp
returns it and Beanblossom decides to rehabilitate him.
What happens then brings "My Hero" Beanblossom into one chaotic
situation after another. [UK]
(24Sept55 ATV London, UK (station opening day), Saturday 3:30 pm)

[21] My Hero: TOP SECRET
(originally scheduled for 21Mar53)
28Mar53 NBC Sat
Beanblossom is asked to survey property for the Army and keep it top
secret. [JB]

[22] My Hero: THE BIG CRUSH
04April53 NBC Sat
Synopsis 1:
The girl friend of an important real estate man's son develops a crush
on Beanblossom. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
A young bobby-soxer arrives to interview Mr. Thackery. Thackery turns
her over to Beanblossom and she immediately develops a big crush on him. [JB]

11Apr53 NBC Sat (Network rerun 01Aug53)
Beanblossom receives an invitation to join the secret "Araby Club" and
his boss doesn't. [JB]

[24] My Hero: ODD MAN IN aka "Odd Man Out"
18Apr53 NBC Sat
An escaped convict leaves Beanblossom with his striped suit and makes
off with important paper when they battle on a train en route to
Arizona. [JB]

25Apr53 NBC Sat
Beanblossom befriends an eccentric millionaire. [JB]

02May53 NBC Sat
Beanblossom dreams he is stranded on a desert island where natives
have familiar faces. [JB]

09May53 NBC Sat
Mexican renegades make off with Beanblossom's boss and lead the
salesman on a merry chase. [JB]

[28] My Hero: JAILBREAK
16May53 NBC Sat
Synopsis 1:
Beanblossom hires a Skid Row bum for a salesman. When the goes to
jail because it offers more security Beanblossom goes also to found
out some information and is mistaken for a con-man. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Bob takes a bum, reforms him, cleans him up, gets him a job as a
real estate agent, and promptly lands in jail!

23May53 NBC Sat
Synopsis 1:
A beautiful beach house intended for young girls is unwittingly turned
into a school for trained seals by the well-meaning Beanblossom. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Bob rents an expensive mansion full of priceless rugs and antiques to
a kindly old couple who turn out to raise seals as pets!

[30] My Hero: BEAUTY QUEEN
30May53 NBC Sat
Beanblossom enters Julie in the "Miss Real Estate" beauty contest
without her knowledge. [JB]

06Jun53 NBC Sat
A beautiful girl who went to school with Beanblossom thinks he owns
the Thackery Realty Company. [JB]

[32] My Hero: THE DUEL
13Jun53 NBC Sat
Synopsis 1:
Beanblossom tries to promote the romance between his boss and an
attractive client but soon finds himself responsible for a duel. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Bob's latest client is a sculptress who wants him to
model for her. Then her boyfriend shows up and wants to fight Bob
for her honor.

[33] My Hero: SURPRISE PARTY (final new episode)
20Jun53 NBC Sat
Synopsis 1:
Thackery's birthday prompts Beanblossom and Julie to celebrate the
occasion with a surprise party. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Bob plans to throw a surprise birthday party for his boss, but it
doesn't quite work out.

End of "33" original episodes
Summer Network Reruns NBC Saturdays (27Jun53-01Aug53)
[--] 27Jun53 rerun of "The Tiger (Original air date 31Jan53)
[--] 04Jul53 rerun of "The Bicycle" (Original air date 14Feb53)
[--] 11Jul53 (title not known)
Beanblossom maroons his boss, girl friend and a visitor in the middle
of a metropolis.
[--] 18Jul53 rerun of "Wheel of Fortune" (Original air date 07Mar53)
[--] 25Jul53 rerun of "Bum for a Day" (original airdate 21Mar53)
[--] 01Aug53rerun of "Arabian Nights" (Original air date 11Apr53) (final rerun)

######## My Hero: Bob Cummings Show ##########
################# the end ##################

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