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The Munsters (1964-66)
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    Kayro-Vu ProductionUniversal Television
CBS (Thursdays 7:30pm ET)
Created & Produced by by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher

US Comedy Series 1964-66 70 episodes x 30min + 4 movies
Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster  
Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster 
Al Lewis as Grandpa
Butch Patrick as Eddie
Beverly Owen as Marilyn (eps 1-13) / Pat Priest as Marilyn (eps 14-70)

Events in the lives of The Munsters, a family who resemble movie monsters:
Herman (Frankenstein-like), a funeral director for Gateman, Goodbury & Graves;
Lily his wife (vampire); Eddie, their son (wererwolf); Grandpa, Lily's father
(Count Dracula); and Marilyn their poor unfortunate niece, a beautiful young
woman, who is the black sheep of the family.

 ################ The Munsters ################
############## pilots (unaired) ##############

[--] My Fair Munster (1st Pilot) (1963)(unaired)(with Joan Marshall and Happy Derman) [slightly different cast]
This initial 15-minute, color unaired pilot for the series starts out with Marilyn being escorted
home after a night out and her would-be beau being frightened off when he sees Marilyn's Uncle
Herman. Grandpa heads to his lab to concoct a love potion that will entice whomever Marilyn should
want--despite her appearance.

[--] My Fair Munster (2nd Pilot)(unaired) (with Yvonne DeCarlo and Butch Patrick)
Marilyn comes home from a date, and her date is scared away when Herman opens the door. Herman and
Lily discuss Marilyn's problems, so Grandpa goes down to make a love potion to try to solve them.

 ################ The Munsters ################
############## season 1 1964-65 ##############
CBS Thursdays 7:30-8:00pm Eastern / 38 episodes

1.1 [--] The Munsters: MUNSTER MASQUERADE
24 Sep 64 CBS Thur
 Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Lawrence Dobkin
Guest Cast:
Linden Chiles
Frank Wilcox
Mabel Alberston
Synopsis 1:
The Munsters are invited to a masquerade party by Marilyn’s boyfriend. With carefully-picked costumes
for the event everyone is shocked when Herman wins…for wearing one mask under another one.
Synopsis 2:
The first episode of this classic series was truly something special. It did not waste time by having
a entire episode devoted to explaining about the family that was really simple to understand.
This episode starts off with Marilyn and a fiance. The problem arises when his parents invite the
family to a masquerade party, but do not invite Grandpa. First impression is horrible when Lily
asks if Grandpa can come. At the party the father of Marilyn fiance dresses up exactly like Herman.
They don't notice Herman because he is dressed as a knight. When Herman takes off his costume from
winning the contest; everybody thinks Herman has a second costume on. Lily is apalled at them making
fun of her handsome Herman and storms out. Then Marilyn becomes angry at her fiance for making
fun of Herman. When her fiance sees Herman's true form he runs out and is never heard from agin.

1.2 [--] The Munsters: MY FAIR MUNSTER [3rd remake of pilot]
1 Oct 64
Written by Norm Liebmann & Ed Hass
Directed by David Alexander
Guest Cast:
John Fiedler
Claire Carleton
Synopsis 1:
After another date runs away, Grandpa develops a love potion intending to help Marilyn.
Unfortunately, things don't go as planned.
Synopsis 2:
This episode is a true classic. In this one, Marilyn's dates keep on running off every single
time they come to the front door. So Grandpa takes and makes a love potion and pores it into
the oatmeal. When Marilyn says she's not going to eat breakfast, Lily and Herman take and
eat the oatmeal with the love potion in it. They both realize how beautiful each other is
and Eddie takes some of the oatmeal too, and runs home because of all the girls liking him.
Then, the neighbor Mrs. Cribbids and the mail man get a spell on them from the oatmeal, they
practiculy fall in love with Herman and Grandpa and end up chasing each other around the whole
house. At the end, Grandpa says that he dumps the potion into Mrs.Cribbids batch of cabbages
and at Mrs. Cribbids home, the mail man is there for supper and he and her take a sniff at the
soup, it's the cabbages! They both fall in love and while Lily and Herman are looking in the
window, Herman replies saying:"Well, It takes all kinds of people to make a world!"

1.3 [--] The Munsters: A WALK ON THE MILD SIDE
8 Oct 64
 Written by Norm Liebmann & Ed Hass
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Synopsis 1:
Herman struggles with insomnia. As a remedy, he decides to go walking through the park, where
there are reports of a monstrous villain.
Synopsis 2:
In this funny episode, Herman can't get any sleep at all because of Grandpa's experiments. So
Herman decides to take a walk in the park, and one of the persons living in the park shocks to
see that there's a monster! The police is right onto it. A wacko-police Sgt. takes and sends
his men out to get the monster. When the cops take and grab Herman, (thinking that Herman's
a monster), Herman runs into the house and locks up the door with clocks, and big furniture.
Herman tells Lily, that the monster is real, and that it has four blue arms and it grabbed him.
In that story, the episode goes on when the wacky police sgt. takes and disguises himself as
a woman to capture a crook who's been terrorizing women walking at night stealing their money,
and jewalry. Later on that night, Herman and Lily find out that Marilyn and her new boyfriend
are going to the park so Herman goes to protect her from the monster. He does protect her and
at the end, Herman gets a reward but he decides to let it pass because of the public. At the
police office, the sgt. describes to his boss what the monster looks like and describes
Herman!!!! So the wacky sgt. gets a job in the dessert!

1.4 [--] The Munsters: ROCK-A-BYE MUNSTER
15 Oct 64
Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by David Alexander
Guest Cast:
Paul Lynde
Sid Melton
Marilyn Lovell
Synopsis 1:
When Herman and Grandpa overhear a conversation they believe Lily is pregnant, and they could not be
more wrong.
Synopsis 2:
In this episode, Marilyn is taking in on baby-sitting Dr.Dudley's son. Herman takes and finds out
about it and thinks that Lily's going to have a baby. At that time, Lily wants to get something
special for Herman's birthday so she goes to the car dealership. She buys a fancy hot-rod and a herse!!
She wants the company to take and combine them together. When Dr.Dudley's son takes and comes over,
Eddie takes Dr.Dudley's son to the living room to play with the toys. Dr.Dudley's son takes and shows
Eddie how his little wind-up frankenstein toy, and lets it walk into the middle of the living room.
Herman takes and notices the toy and thinks that it's his son!! As he picks up the toy, the head snaps
off and Herman tells Grandpa"They had the same trouble with me when I was his age!" After Herman faints
because he finds out he's not a father to a second son, Lily takes and shows Herman his present which is
the"Munster Koach!" It turns out to be a happy ending or unhappy ending to the Munster family.
Munster Koach Created by: George Barris.

1.5 [--] The Munsters: PIKE'S PIQUE
22 Oct 64
 Written by Norm Liebmann & Ed Hass
Directed by Seymour Burns
Guest Cast:
Richard Deacon
Jane Withers
Pat Harrington
Synopsis 1:
When the gas company decides to run a new pipeline, it poses a problem for the Munsters. At the
depth the gas company is planning it would send the pipe right through Grandpa’s lab. Work presses
on till the workers are frightened by the way the Munsters look.
Synopsis 2:
This episode makes the guy on the Dick Van Dyke show a real Munster by the way he acts. Herman
has been having trouble with his sinuses because he keeps on having attacks. When Grandpa takes
and gives him medicine, two plumbers, crash into the basement wall. Bordon T.Pike owner of a
plumbing company, decides to go over to the Munster's house to apologize for the break-in.
In this scene inside the house, Grandpa is building a house of cards without using his hands.
Grandpa hates the idea of getting money for the plumbers breaking in the basement. At Pike's home,
his wife is jealous because he goes out with his mother? It's true. But when Marilyn comes to
the door to pick up the money, Bordon's wife takes and throws a fit and slams the door on Marilyn's
face. Herman and Grandpa are upset. When Herman goes over to straighten this mess out, Bordon's
wife thinks that it's Marilyn again coming to see Bordon. Bordon's wife takes a golf club and opens
the door. When the door opens, she finds that it's Herman, and she faints. Herman gets punched in
the nose by Bordon because he thought the Herman hit his wife. At the end, Grandpa takes and lets
Herman sign the check with an invisible pen, but then when he finds out that they get $1500, he
puts the signature back on the check leaving Bordon and the mayor, shocked. Hide-Out: In this
episode, Herman's lightning bolt on his forehead is backwards!

1.6 [--] The Munsters: LO-CAL MUNSTER
29 Oct 64
 Written by Norm Liebmann & Ed Hass
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
Paul Lynde
Caryl Rowe
Dick Winslow
Synopsis 1:
An army reunion looms and Herman wants to attend. He wants to wear his uniform, but has gained too much
weight. He visits Dr. Dudley to see if a diet would be healthy. After strange occurrences, Dr. Dudley
tells Herman he will be dead if he doesn't go on a diet.
Synopsis 2:
This episode brings out the military man in Herman. Herman wants to go to his military out-fit reunion.
But Lily won't let him because he's to fat. So Herman goes to a checkup and gets on a diet. Herman
takes and eats pills, and drinks water. But when Grandpa takes and catches Herman taking a piece of
bread at night, Herman takes and tells Grandpa that he's got one more day. On the last day, Herman
takes and faints because Grandpa gives him on what they have for Thanksgiving because Herman's last day
on the diet is Thanksgiving! Grandpa takes and ties Herman down on the bench in the basement. When
Herman takes and sees a commercial on turkey dinner, He breaks the belts and breaks down the door
of a neighbors and eats their turkey dinner! At the end, Herman walks out and shows off his uniform
for the reunion. Classic Joke :Herman:"I thought I heard a burgler." Grandpa: "Of course, and you'd
thought you find him in the refridgeratoer!"

1.7 [--] The Munsters: TIN CAN MAN
5 Nov 64
 Written by Robert Lewin
Directed by Earl Bellamy
Guest Cast:
Arch Johnson
Richard Simmons
Rand Brooks
Synopsis 1:
With expulsion from school a possibility, Grandpa helps Eddie create a robot. Herman is mistaken
for the robot, winning Eddie first place.
Synopsis 2:
Eddie is failing classes in school and the parents are worried. Grandpa then takes and helps Eddie
build a real robot! Meanwhile, Taggard takes and goes to the Munster home and tries to get Eddie out
of school. When Marilyn goes over to the principal to tell about how Eddie has been lacking in class
to build a robot, the principal takes and brings Eddie's marks up and the Munsters go to the science
fair. But when Mr.Taggard takes and puts a wrench into the robot making the robot short-circuit,
Grandpa takes and works on the robot trying to get it running. During that time, Lily and the rest
of the family wants Herman to distract the audience until Grandpa gets the robot working. The
audience is surprised to think that Herman is the robot! After the robot explodes, Eddie goes and
tells the principal the bad news. The whole audience and the principal give Eddie a big hand! At the end,
Grandpa fixes the robot, and they teach it how to say jokes! Classic Quote: Marilyn:"I'm so glad
that they sent that Mr.Taggard back to prison service."Herman:"It's men like him who gives prisons a bad
name!" Classic Joke: Eddie: "Why did the fireman wear red suspenders?" Robot: "To keep their pants up!"

1.8 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN THE GREAT
12 Nov 64
 Written by ?
Directed by ?
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Synopsis 1:
Herman bends a metal pipe in front of one of Eddie's friends, whose father is a wrestling manager.
The father recruits Herman--who becomes a disguised wrestler under the appellation of "The Masked Marvel."
Herman, however, is a natural loser as he listens to the sob stories of his opponents and lets them win.
Synopsis 2:
This episode takes and shows how to support a family. This episode starts off with a wrestling managers
son and Eddie who watch Herman bend a piece of steel metal. When the manager's son sees the metal from his
son, he calls Herman up and asks if Herman would wrestle. Herman agrees but refuses to tell the family.
Everytime when Herman fights someone, his components, take and make excuses to win. Later on in that time,
Herman tells Grandpa his secret and Grandpa promises to keep that secret. At the end, Herman beats someone
from in the audience who has been kicked out of matches for throwing tire rings into the match. When
Herman takes and warnes everyone from the fire, they all run when they see Herman's face and Herman wins
lots of money and they put it towards Eddie's collage fund. Classic Quote: Herman:"Grandpa, didn't you
know that curosity killed the bat?" Grandpa: "Ha ha, but satisfaction brought him back!"

19 Nov 64
 Written by Norm Liebmann & Ed Hass
Directed by Lawrence Dobkin
Guest Cast:
Jean Willes
Mike Mazurki
Synopsis 1:
When Herman’s brother Charlie shows up, it can’t be a good thing. Charlie is a con-artist
and coincidentally Lily just inherited five thousand dollars.
Synopsis 2:
This teaches audiences how to love their family. Herman's twin brother Charlie drops in
for a visit and things turn upside down when Charlie sells Lily a machine that's phoney for
$500. When Herman finds out that Mrs.Cribbods took and bought the same machine, he buys
back the machine and gives it to Chralie because Chralie uses a scheme to get the machine
since Grandpa made it work! When they all find out that Charlie had got them, they all go after
him. In the car, Charlie's broker Knuckles, takes and let Charlie show how the phoney machine
now works. There's a few minor adjustments to it and the machine blows up. Classic Scene:
Mrs.Cribbods thinks that Herman and his twin brother Charlie are one.

1.10 [--] The Munsters: AUTUMN CROAKUS
26 Nov 64
Written by James Allardice & Tom Adair
Directed by Lawrence Dobkin
Guest Cast:
Linda Watkins
Neil Hamilton
Richard Reeves
Synopsis 1:
All alone and depressed Grandpa heads for a match making agency to help him find love.
An elderly woman shows up and they hit it off. She turns out to be a black widow…ready
to take Grandpa for all he is worth.
Synopsis 2:
This episode makes people be on the look out for bad guys. Grandpa wants someone to be
with him for the rest of his life and when he takes and replies to a marriage mail form,
the lady he's going to marry is a killer. In this ending, the police capture the killer
and they put her in jail. Hide-Out: In the beginning, someone is walking in the back of
the set wearing a white t-shirt.

3 Dec 64
 Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Maxie Rosenbloom
Val Avery
Synopsis 1:
Late one night, Herman heads to the car to retrieve Lily's coat, but is so tired that he falls
asleep. He has left the keys in it and the car is stolen by bank robbers with him in the backseat.
When he wakes up and goes into the crooks' hideout, he is mistaken for "Big Louie" and ends up
being an accomplice.
Synopsis 2:
In this episode, Herman falls alseep in his car when he goes to get his wife's wolf-dyed mink coat.
Two crooks break in the car and steal it using the car for a robbery. The three men in the story,
think that Herman is their number one helper. When Herman drives his car to the bank, they take
and rob it and make Herman drive. During that time, Lily takes and calls the police and they find
someone matched up to the desciption that Lily gave them. It's not Herman though. Herman then
takes and crashes the car leaving the police to take the men to jail. This episode teaches one never
to fall asleep in your car while it's not running, especially on 1313 Mockingbird Lane!

1.12 [--] The Munsters: SLEEPING CUTIE
10 Dec 64
Written by James Allardice & Tom Adair
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
Grant Williams
Gavin Macleod
John Holt
Synopsis 1:
Grandpa mistakenly mixes a sleeping-beauty potion for Marilyn when she has trouble sleeping.
Now, she requires the kiss of a prince to wake her. They run an advertisement in the paper
without much luck.
Synopsis 2:
This episode really brings out Sleeping Beauty. In this one, Marilyn has trouble sleeping
and Grandpa makes a potion for her to sleep. Grandpa has also made a potion for gas that turns
from water! But when Marilyn is asleep taking accidently the Sleeping Beauty Potion, Herman
tells Grandpa to sign the papers, but don't keep any money. When the young man comes over to
give Grandpa the papers, he finds Marilyn in the dungeon asleep and he kisses her. She wakes
up and they both go out to eat at the end. Classic Quote from Herman:"Take the car kids but
don't stay out too late or else it'll turn into a pumpkin!"

1.13 [--] The Munsters: FAMILY PORTRAIT
Prod. no. 24816
17 Dec 64
 Written by James Allardice & Tom Adair
Directed by Lawrence Dobkin
Guest Cast:
Fred Beir
Harvey Korman
Roy Roberts
Synopsis 1:
Event Magazine has selected The Munsters as “the average American family.” Grandpa is less than
thrilled by being called average. His little disappearing act could cost them the money that
comes with the title.
Synopsis 2:
Two men want to take a picture of the Munsters. When they find out that the Munsters home is
creepy and that the family is strange, they call their boss and the boss makes them take the
picture anyway. Meanwhile, Grandpa takes and hides out because of the idea of being an"Average
American Family", they find Grandpa and take the picture with the biggest camera they could
find because their other one broke! But in front of the magazine, the bottom of the Munsters'
picture reads" Average American Family Celebrates Halloween!" They get fed up except for
Herman who says "Just Laugh It Off!"

1.14 [--] The Munsters: GRANDPA LEAVES HOME
Prod. no. 24820
24 Dec 64
Written by Richard Conway & Roland Maclane
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
Robert Strauss
Bill Dunigan
Sarah Jane Ross
Synopsis 1:
Initially Lily and Herman believe Grandpa is trying to get some attention when he decides to
leave the Munster family. Soon after his departure Grandpa is missed and found doing magic
at a local night club.
Synopsis 2:
Grandpa gets disgusted on how Lily and Herman are treating him. So he decides to leave. When
he does, he ends up doing magic shows at a night club. When Lily finds this out, she gets
angry because her father left. Later on, Herman and Lily go to Grandpa's magic show and watches
his act. He gets locked up in the box and he can't get out. So Herman takes and gives Grandpa
a hand and when Herman opens up the box, Grandpa turns into a wolf and then back into himself.
The owner of the club offers Grandpa a years-round work for him. Grandpa decides that his
family is more important so he goes home and celebrates his birthday.
Classic Tv Show Gag: Grandpa Lights his finger to light the candles.

1.15 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN'S RIVAL
Prdo. no. 24823
31 Dec 64
 Written by Richard Conway & Roland Maclane
Directed by Joseph Pevney II
Guest Cast:
Chet Stratton
Tommy Farrell
Lee Bergere
Herman lent Lily’s brother some money, and Lily thinks Herman overdrew at the bank. Lily decides
to get a part time job, which leads the family to suspect she is having an affair.

1.16 [--] The Munsters: GRANDPA'S CALL OF THE WILD
Prod. no. 24822
7 Jan 65
 Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Earl Bellamy
Guest Cast:
Ed Peck
Don Haggerty
Bing Russell
The Munsters decide to embark on a camping trip. When nature calls, wolves that is, Grandpa
is reminded of the old country. When Lily realizes her father has been captured as a rare
Transylvanian wolf, she goes to claim him.

1.17 [--] The Munsters: ALL-STAR MUNSTER
14 Jan 65
Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Earl Bellamy
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Herman heads to the college to help Marilyn out with a tuition problem. By accident he wanders
into the gym, and is offered a chance to play college basketball.

1.18 [--] The Munsters: IF A MARTIAN ANSWERS, HANG UP
21 Jan 65
Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
Herbert Rudley
Ray Montgomery
Ronnie Dape
Herman believes he has contacted Martians on a radio in Grandpa’s lab. What he doesn’t know is
that the "Martians" are really two kids with space toys.

1.19 [--] The Munsters: EDDIE'S NICKNAME
28 Jan 65
Written by Richard Bare
Directed by Joseph Pevney II
Guest Cast:
Paul Lynde
Alice Beckes
Kids can be mean and Eddie figures this out when the kids at school call him Shorty. Grandpa
tries to help by mixing a potion to make Eddie grow taller, but all he grows is extra hair.

1.20 [--] The Munsters: BATS OF A FEATHER
4 Feb 65
Written by James Allardice & Tom Adair
Directed by Jerry Paris
Guest Cast:
Alvy Moore
Barbara Babcock
Allan Hunt
Eddie’s school is holding a pet fair and each child can bring a pet. Spot is Eddie’s first choice
but won’t come out of hiding. Eddie decides to take what he thinks is Igor the bat…which leads
to more problems.

1.21 [--] The Munsters: DON'T BANK ON HERMAN
11 Feb 65
Written by Douglas Tibbles
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Maurice Manson
Mousie Garner
Audrey Swanson
While at the local bank to make a withdrawal, Grandpa and Herman are thought to be bank robbers.
The bank hands over $18,000 in cash, but later Herman feels guilty. While trying to return the
money, he ends up in more hot water.

1.22 [--] The Munsters: DANCE WITH ME, HERMAN
18 Feb 65
Written by Douglas Tibbles
Directed by Joseph Pevney II
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Herman wishes to take Marilyn to a school dance and decides to take dance lessons. At the school
he is convinced to sign a ten year contract totaling 1500 lessons.

1.23 [--] The Munsters: FOLLOW THAT MUNSTER
25 Feb 65
Written by ?
Directed by ?
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Lily suspects Herman of having an affair, because he is leaving at night. What she does not know
is he is practicing to become a detective. Suspicious of his activities she hires a private eye…
which leaves Herman following himself.

1.24 [--] The Munsters: LOVE LOCKED OUT
4 Mar 65
Written by James Allardice & Tom Adair
Directed by Charles Barton
Guest Cast:
Elliott Reid
Norman Grabowski
An office party keeps Herman out late causing Lily to lock him out of the bedroom. After Herman
has a night on the sofa, they are unable to resolve their issues and each seek counseling.

1.25 [--] The Munsters: COME BACK, LITTLE GOOGIE
Prod. no. 24835
11 Mar 65
Written by Ted Bergman, Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Joseph Pevney II
Guest Cast:
Bill Mumy
Russy Conway
Grandpa thinks he has done it again: a magic trick has backfired. He is convinced that he turned
Eddie's friend, Googie, into a monkey.

1.26 [--] The Munsters: FAR OUT MUNSTERS
18 Mar 65
Written by ?
Directed by ?
Guest Cast:
(no details)
The Standells, a rock group, are coming to Mockingbird Heights. They have a tendency to damage
the places they stay in, so they decide to get a run-down house in the suburbs. This house
happens to belong to the Munsters. The Munsters are paid to go stay in a hotel, but they can't
stand the beds, lack of dust, or fresh air, so they return to their house, where the Standells
are holding a concert for beatniks and hippies.

1.27 [--] The Munsters: MUNSTERS ON THE MOVE
25 Mar 65
Written by George Tibbles, Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Joseph Pevney II
Guest Cast:
Bert Freed
Charles Seel
Eddie Hanley
Herman tells the family that they will be moving to Buffalo, and everyone is happy with the
choice. However, Eddie is not there when Herman announces it; he is talking with someone on
his baseball team saying that his family will never move. The Munsters sell the house, but
when they find out Eddie's opinion, they try to take it back. The man refuses, and they find
out he intends to tear down the house. When the wrecking crew comes, Lily, Grandpa, Marilyn and
Eddie pretend that they're in the French Revolution, defending their home. The crew isn't
persuaded, however, until Herman comes and demonstrates his strength by leaning on the wrecking ball.

1-28 [--] The Munsters: MOVIE STAR MUNSTER
1 Apr 65
Written by Lou Shaw, Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Joseph Pevney II
Guest Cast:
Jesse White
Walter Burke
Synopsis 1:
A couple of crooks want to collect insurance money by fraudulent means. They pose as movie producers
and recruit Herman to star in their movie. When they try to hit him with a car, the car is totaled,
and the crooked driver is injured, but Herman is fine. They continue to try to kill him, hurting
themselves instead. Meanwhile, Grandpa and Lily hear about criminals who pose as movie producers,
and figure out what's going on.
Synopsis 2:
In this episode there are two man who are posing as movie producers. What they want is to find
somebody that is stupid enough go through with there scheme of getting into an accident and
collecting insurance money. Do you even need to ask who they get? (HERMAN) They try this many times
such as having Herman get hit by a car. The only problem is instead of getting hurt; when the car
runs into Herman it is totaled. While doing this Herman gets a big ego on being a movie star.
Meanwhile, the police are looking for these people because they know what they are capable of.
The last part shows them trying to get Herman to walk into a door while on the other side there
is no room; only the pavement 10 stories below. Herman realizes what they want to do and scares the
two man so much they run out the door and fall to the street below.

1.29 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN THE ROOKIE
8 Apr 65
Written by Dick Conway, Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Joseph Pevney II
Guest Cast:
Leo Durocher
Elroy Hirsch
Synopsis 1:
Herman is playing baseball in the park with Eddie when he hits a baseball so far it hits Leo
Durocher, the manager of the Dodgers. When Mr. Durocher finds out how far the ball park is,
he wants to recruit whoever hit it. He finds Herman and signs him up for the team. Herman
plays baseball in front of Mr. Durocher--convincing him that maybe he wouldn't be the
greatest asset.
Synopsis 2:
This episode starts out with Herman and Eddie spending quality time together. He shows Eddie
how to hit a ball, but when he hits the ball eight blocks, he hit the manager of the Dodgers
on the head. Leo Durocher is so impress he wants Herman to play for the Dodgers. Down at the
stadium, Herman is finding it hard to fit in. First of all he hit a ground ball so hard it
puts a hole in the shortstop's glove. He destroys the fence in Centerfield, blows a hole in the
field, and the players are so intimidated, that they want to go back to the minors. Herman is
disappointed when the Dodgers refuse to sign him. They had two main reasons. First: It would
cost them $75,000 to repair the Stadium, everytime Herman played. Second: The Dodgers would
need insurance for the rest of the team when Herman played. Lily is glad to have her pussycat again.

1.30 [--] The Munsters: COUNTRY CLUB MUNSTER
15 Apr 65
Written by Douglas Tibbles
Directed by Joseph Pevney II
Guest Cast:
Woodrow Parfrey
Dan Toblin
Al Checco
Synopsis 1:
Herman is watching TV when the announcer says that Herman Munster has won a membership to the
Mockingbird Heights Country Club. He is excited about winning and decides he wants to take up golf.
Grandpa and Lily go to the club, but they misunderstand what's going on, and everyone there
misunderstands their misunderstanding. They decide they don't like it. Herman, however, still
goes golfing--causing great damage to the course.
Synopsis 2:
Herman is hearing the results of a contest he has entered. Happily,he finds that he has won First
Prize: Full Membership at the local Country Club. Not sure about the Munsters, the Country Club
invites Herman to play golf, and Lily and Grandpa to a luncheon. Lily and Grandpa feel insulted
when they arrived because the other members thinks Lily is drunk because of her appearance. They
think Grandpa is from a costume party. Then Herman goes golfing with Eddie as caddy. Herman
basically destroys the golf course. Herman cancels his membership the next day when he looks at
the newspaper to see that a Monster destroyed the golf course. Herman and the family do not
realize that it was him. Herman playing golf is probably my favorite skit in the whole series.

  Marineland Carnival Starring the Munsters (1 hr Easter Special)
18 Apr 65
In this Easter Special, the Munster family pays a visit to Marineland in California.
Also featured are The New Christy Minstrels.
Prod. no. 24841
22 Apr 65
Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Joseph Pevney II
Guest Cast:
Charles Robinson
Richard Hale
Synopsis 1:
The Munsters receive a mysterious package from Uncle Gilbert from Transylvania. Upon opening it,
they find Spanish gold doubloons. They put the money in the bank, and one of the bank men falls
in love with Marilyn. He makes plans to elope with her--so he can inherit the money.
Synopsis 2:
Marilyn has finally found her man. She loves him and supposedly he loves her. He asks her to elope,
but a tip by a unknown person leads the rest of the family to believe that he may be after her for
the money and the house. Grandpa devises a plan to send Marilyn to Translyvania, but instead of
sending Marilyn, he sends the whole family to St. Louis. The only one left at home is Herman, who
confronts the man. He is so scared by Herman's appearance he runs off never to be seen again.

1.32 [--] The Munsters: MUMMY MUNSTER
29 Apr 65
 Written by Dick Conway
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Philip Ober
Pat Harrington, Jr.
Dennis Cross
Synopsis 1:
Herman takes a sleeping pill from Grandpa, and then goes to pick Marilyn up from the natural history
museum. However, he cannot find her, and falls asleep in an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, which
will be opened for the first time the next morning. When the sarcophagus is opened, Herman is still
sleeping, and the archaeologists and historians think he is King Amenhotep IV who ruled during the
18th Dynasty.
Synopsis 2:
There is a new exhibit at the Mockingbird Heights museum. A mummy's coffin that has never been opened
before. Marilyn goes to see the exhibit and Herman is supposed to pick her up later. Grandpa is
experimenting with sleeping pills that will let you set the time you sleep and wake up. At the
museum Herman who took one of the pills goes to sleep in the empty coffin. The curators think Herman
is the mummy!! Lily comes to claim Herman as her husband and she takes him home while he is still
sleeping. The curators think she stole the exhibit.

1.33 [--] The Munsters: LILY MUNSTER - GIRL MODEL
Prod. no.24842
6 May 65
Written by Dick Conway, Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Earl Bellamy
Guest Cast:
Roger C. Carmel
Nima Shipman
Kimberly Beck
Synopsis 1:
Lily decides to enter the work force. She applies to several jobs, but is not accepted. She
goes to a fashion designer to be a model. The designer is very picky, but loves Lily's exotic
flair and the way she literally floats around the room. Herman, however, doesn't like the idea.
Synopsis 2:
Lily want to get a job away from the home. Most jobs she gets fired from and they just do not
work out. One clothes designer is looking for a lady that has a certain flare; nobody has more
flare than Lily. She is hired right on the spot. Herman get very jealous about Lily new job.
He devises a plan to get her to quit. Grandpa takes a pill that turns him into a beautiful
lady and Herman a Texan playboy. They go to one of Lily's show and the plan works except Lily
thinks that Herman really is a playboy. Grandpa ran out of the pills so he cannot prove that Herman
isn't a playboy. Eddie took one of the pills and now is a girl!! Now Lily sees that Herman wasn't
lying. Eddie as a girl along with Grandpa is hilarious.

1.34 [--] The Munsters: MUNSTER THE MAGNIFICENT
Prod. no. 24843
13 May 65
Written by James Allardice & Tom Adair
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
Dave Ketchum
Eddie Ryder
Synopsis 1:
Eddie tells Herman he entered him into a talent show at his school. Grandpa gets a pair of magic
ballet slippers that will let Herman be an excellent dancer, no matter what the genre. Then
Herman finds out Eddie wants him to perform magic. Herman is a failure at magic, so Grandpa
does the magic for him.
Synopsis 2:
In this episode it is parent's talent night at Eddie's school. Grandpa think Eddie signed him
up for magic, but Eddie signed Herman up to do magic. Herman doesn't want to let Eddie down,
so he takes the job. At the show when Herman is doing the trick Grandpa does the really magic
offstage and it looks like Herman is really doing the magic. For his last trick Herman is
going to make somebody dissappear. Grandpa doesn't know this trick. He gets Lily, against her
own will to be his assistance. She plays a trick on Herman. When he switches her around in
the box she goes offstage, Herman is horrified when he cannot get Lily to return. Lily
finally surprises Herman at home.

1.35 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN'S HAPPY VALLEY
Prod. no. 24846
20 May 65
Written by Dick Conway
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
John Hoyt
Richard Reeves
Bartlett Robinson
Synopsis 1:
A couple of con-artists try to trick the Munsters into buying some land at "Happy Holiday Valley."
The Munsters go to check it out, and it is a ghost town. Enchanted by it, they decide to stay.
However, the people who sold it to them didn't think they'd really like it, so they want to
scare them away.
Synopsis 2:
Herman has bought some new resort property. Lily and Grandpa think he has been cheated out of
two thousand dollars. This resort village turns out to be a ghost town and the Munsters loves it.
The people who sold them the property have been given a better offer and they want it back.
Herman refuses to sell it to them, so they resort to scaring them off the property. They try
dressing up as ghosts and they try making noises that cannot be explained. In the last part
they dress up as ghosts and Herman mistakes them for other guset. The two are so afraid of
Herman's appearance that they ran off. Herman laters sells the property to a companies that turns
the property into a misile site.

1.36 [--] The Munsters: HOT ROD HERMAN
Prod. no. 24847
27 May 65
Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
Henry Beckman
Brian Corcoran
Synopsis 1:
Eddie gets Herman involved in a race against his friend Sandy Baker's father, who happens to
be a professional driver. Mr. Baker makes a bet on who will win, and Herman accepts. Herman
loses, and must forfeit the Koach. Grandpa comes up with the solution, making the Drag-ula
out of a coffin so that he can race it and win back the family car.
Synopsis 2:
Eddie asks his dad to build him a racing car to beat a rival family. Herman does this out
of love for Eddie and at the race track Herman bets the hot rod (Munster's Family Car) that
he will win. Of course, Herman loses and Lily is terribly upset, so Grandpa builds his own
hot rod out of a coffin to win the car back. At the race track the bet is made and Grandpa
easily wins the race. The Munster's get their family car back.

1.37 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN'S RAISE
Prod. no. 24840
3 Jun 65
Written by Douglas Tibbles, Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
John Carradine
Benny Rubin
Synopsis 1:
At Lily's suggestion, Herman goes in to Mr. Gateman asking for a raise. Herman comes home
and tells Grandpa he got fired. He doesn't want Lily to know, so he goes looking for work,
pretending he still works at the parlor. He has serious trouble at each of his new jobs.
Synopsis 2:
The Munster's are having trouble making ends meet. Lily demands that Herman ask his boss
for a raise. Herman does, but he automatically gets fired. Herman does not want to admit
this to Lily so he tries a new job each day. He even tries to work in the laundromat. Lily
eventually finds out about Herman losing his job and talks to Herman's boss. Lily work her
magic and Herman gets his job back and a raise.

1.38 [--] The Munsters: YES, GALEN, THERE IS A HERMAN (aka MY FRIEND HERMAN)
10 Jun 65
Written by ?
Directed by ?
Guest Cast:
Brian Nash
Synopsis 1:
When Herman walks home from work, he meets a boy named Galen Livingston Stewart whose head
is trapped between some bars. He bends the bars and frees him. They soon become friends,
and Herman takes him home. When Gale, as he is called, tells his parents about Uncle Herman,
they get mad and think he is making up some fantastic story.
Synopsis 2:
On his way home from work Herman finds a boy with his head stuck in a fence; Herman bends
the metal bars and he instantly gains a friend. They meet several time over the next few
weeks. Galen (the name of the boy) tells his parents about this gigantic green man he talks
to everyday. They are terribly worried about Galen making up these stories. Herman even takes
Galen home one day and show Galen home movies of the burning of Rome. Galen's parents take him
to a psychiatrist and the two visit the house together. So shocked by what he sees the doctors
runs away thinking he is crazy. Galen's parents decide if he wants to use his imagination at
this age then he might at well. So they pretend there is a Herman, not knowing about the real one.

################ The Munsters ################
############## season 2 1965-66 ##############
CBS Thursdays 7:30-8:00pm Eastern / 32 episodes

2.1 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN'S CHILD PSYCHOLOGY
Prod. no. 27013
16 Sep 65 CBS Thur
Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Gene Blakely
Michel Petit
Eddie's friend says that he will be running away from home, and tries to convince Eddie to
do the same. When the family is nice to Eddie, he says they are being mean, and says he will
run away and live in a cave in the woods. Herman plays along, thinking if he lets him leave,
he'll come back. When Eddie leaves and doesn't return, Herman goes to look for him. He goes
to the cave and takes home what he thinks is Eddie--but is really a baby bear.

2.2 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN, THE MASTER SPY
Prod. no. 27001
23 Sep 65
Written by Douglas Tibbles
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
(no details)
The Munsters take a trip to the beach. Eddie buries Grandpa, and Herman goes scuba-diving.
However, when it is time to leave, they do not know where he is. In the ocean, Herman is
picked up by a Russian boat. He makes friends with the Russians and sings songs and tells
jokes with them. They think he is the missing link--but the commissar thinks he's a new
American spy.

2.3 [--] The Munsters: BRONCO BUSTIN' MUNSTER
Prod. no. 27003
30 Sep 65
Written by Dick Conway, Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Don Barry
William Phipps
Mockingbird Heights is celebrating Frontier Days, and Eddie enters Herman in a bucking
bronco contest. Grandpa turns himself into a horse so that Herman can win--but the
people in charge of the event plan on putting Herman on Volcano, a horse they say isn't
a horse; she's a time bomb.

2.4 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN MUNSTER, SHUTTER BUG
7 Oct 65
Written by Dick Conway
Directed by Earl Bellamy
Guest Cast:
Herbie Faye
Joe De Santis
Alma Murphy
Herman acquires a new hobby: photography. He goes out and takes all sorts of pictures--
including one of bank robbers making their getaway. The robbers find out that Herman has
evidence against them, so they keep a close eye on the Munsters.

2.5 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN, COACH OF THE YEAR
Prod. no. 27008
14 Oct 65
Written by Dick Conway, Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
Henry Beckman
Eddie is a failure on the track team, so Herman gives him strenuous training. Grandpa makes
a magic pill that will make him an amazing runner, without Herman knowing.

2.6 [--] The Munsters: HAPPY 100th ANNIVERSARY
Prod. no. 27016
21 Oct 65
Written by Douglas Tibbles
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Robert Cornthwaite
Jack Grinnage
Foster Brooks
Grandpa reminds Herman that the 100th anniversary of Herman and Lily will be coming up.
Herman and Lily both secretly decide to take money out of their account to buy an expensive
gift for the other. There isn't enough money for both withdrawals, so they both receive
an "insufficient funds" notice. They both look for jobs to get money, and both find jobs
at the shipyard, working right next to each other. They begin flirting with each other--
not knowing who they are under the welding masks.

2.7 [--] The Munsters: OPERATION HERMAN
Prod. no. 27004
28 Oct 65
Written by Dick Conway, Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
Don Keefer
Bill Quinn
Dayton Allen
Eddie brings a note home from school saying that his tonsils are bad. He goes with Herman
to the doctor, who says the tonsils have to go. After the operation, Herman wants to take
Eddie his Woof-Woof doll. The visiting hours are over though, so Grandpa and Herman try
to sneak in.

2.8 [--] The Munsters: LILY'S STAR BOARDER
4 Nov 65
Written by Douglas Tibbles
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Charles Bateman
Buddy Lewis
Lily rents out a room. A man named Chester rents it, and gets along well with the family--
except for Herman, who is suspicious and jealous. Herman and Grandpa do some sneaking, and
determine that he is a gangster when they see his gun and other paraphernalia. However,
they don't notice his identification. He is a police lieutenant.

2.9 [--] The Munsters: JOHN DOE MUNSTER
Prod. no. 27019
11 Nov 65
Written by Richard Bare
Directed by Earl Bellamy
Guest Cast:
Frank Maxwell
Willie Bouchey
Olan Soule
The Munsters are all waiting for Herman to come home, especially Eddie, since Herman promised
him a kite. On his way home, however, a 300-pound safe drops on Herman's head, giving him
amnesia. Grandpa and Lily see him on the news, and go to claim him. Unfortunately, Herman
doesn't remember them, and they are instructed not to tell him who he is, since it would be
a great shock. There is only one way to get Herman back--to adopt him.

2.10 [--] The Munsters: A MAN FOR MARILYN
Prod. no. 27015
18 Nov 65
Written by James Allardice & Tom Adair
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Roger Perry
Dick Wilson
Jackie Coogan, Jr.
When Marilyn arrives home from another wedding, the Munsters feel bad that she will never
marry. Grandpa decides to turn a nearsighted frog into a prince by turning a potion into
a fly and having the frog eat it. However, nothing happens. The Munsters go out but Marilyn
stays home in her room. She gets locked in and calls for the help of a passing stranger,
who climbs up the trellis to rescue her. From her description of the situation, he thinks
some monsters have her held prisoner. When the Munsters arrive, he jumps out the window--
and Grandpa and Herman think the potion had a delayed reaction and he is the frog.

2.11 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN'S DRIVING TEST
Prod. no. 27018
25 Nov 65
Written by Dick Conway
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Charlie Ruggles
France De Salle
Herman gets the job of driving the hearse at the parlor, but in order to do so, he must
renew his license. He and Grandpa go over the rules of the road, then Herman goes to
take the driving test, and passes--until he crashes into the instructor's car. Grandpa
suggests going to a small town to take the test.

Prod. no. 27006
2 Dec 65
Written by Lou Shaw, Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Frank Evans
Gary Owens
Eddie's friend brings a tape recorder to the Munsters' house. After everyone has gone to
bed, Herman has fun with it and sings "Dry Bones." Eddie's friend's father works for a
radio station, and thinks Herman's song is a demo tape. He plays it on the radio, and
it is a big hit, except among the Munsters. Herman starts to become a conceited celebrity
--and the family doesn't like it.

2.13 [--] The Munsters: UNDERGROUND MUNSTER
Prod. no. 27025
9 Dec 65
Written by ?
Directed by ?
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Spot runs away and goes to the sewer. Herman goes to find him, and is seen by workers in
the sewer. Hearing of the monsters, the mayor plans on using explosives underground.

Prod. no. 27023
23 Dec 65
Written by George Tibbles
Directed by Charles Rondeau
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Herman and Grandpa find a treasure map in the dungeon. They follow it, and find a treasure
--but can't agree on whose it is.

2.15 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN'S PEACE OFFENSIVE
30 Dec 65
Written by Douglas Tibbles
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Chet Stratton
Bryan O'Byrne
A bully is teasing Eddie at school--and Clyde, a new employee at the Gateman, Goodbury
and Graves funeral parlor, is teasing Herman.

2.16 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN PICKS A WINNER
Prod. no. 27022
6 Jan 66
Written by ?
Directed by ?
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Eddie is caught gambling, and to teach him a lesson, Herman takes his money and bets it
on a losing horse. Grandpa, however, thinks it's a horrible way to teach a lesson, so
he makes it win.

2.17 [--] The Munsters: JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE
Prod. no. 27027
13 Jan 66
Written by Richard Bare
Directed by Gene Reynolds
Guest Cast:
Dom DeLuise
Herman decides to mess around in Grandpa's lab, and a bolt of electricity strikes him in
the head. This gives him the appearance of a normal man--so the family is devastated.

2.18 [--] The Munsters: HEAP BIG HERMAN
Prod. no. 27028
20 Jan 66
Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Ned Romero
Len Lesser
Felix Locher
At Herman's demand, the Munsters, excluding Marilyn, ride a train to go to Buffalo Valley.
Everyone falls asleep when he reads from a travel brochure. When the train makes a stop, he
goes out, and is lulled to sleep by the barren landscape. The train leaves without him, and
he goes to a nearby Indian village--where an old Indian thinks he is an ancient god.

Prod. no. 27020
27 Jan 66
Written by Ted Bergman
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Elvia Allman
Charles Lane
Adele Claire
The family receives an inheritance, but the sexes disagree on how to use the money. They
split the money for their differing endeavors. Lily and Marilyn open Madame Lily's Beauty
Salon, and Herman and Grandpa try to develop a way to send electricity through the air.
Unfortunately, things don't go quite as planned.

2.20 [--] The Munsters: GRANDPA'S LOST WIFE
Prod. no.27026
3 Feb 66
Written by Douglas Tibbles
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Jane Withers
Douglas Evans
Herman is reading a detective magazine in bed when he wakes Lily up to show her something
terrifying --Grandpa is in a "Wanted" ad. They find out that a lady in Sioux City, Iowa claims
he is her husband. Grandpa insists he knows nothing about it, but he is willing to say he is
her husband when he learns she is wealthy.

2.21 [--] The Munsters: THE FREGOSI EMERALD
10 Feb 66
Written by Richard Bare
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Paul Reed
Louise Glenn
Joan Swift
It is Marilyn's birthday, and everyone has a gift for her. Eddie found his gift in the attic.
It is a ring which Grandpa says is the Fregosi Emerald, which gives bad luck to whoever is
wearing it. Herman doesn't believe it, but bad luck does indeed follow the wearer. Then it
gets stuck on Herman's finger, so they try to find a member of the Fregosi family to remove the curse.

2.22 [--] The Munsters: ZOMBO
17 Feb 66
Written by Dennis Whitcomb
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Louis Nye
Jackie Minton
Digby Wolfe
Eddie is watching his favorite TV show, Zombo, when he learns that he won the "I Like Zombo
Because" contest. Eddie idolizes Zombo's ghoulish appearance and creepy mannerisms. Herman
is jealous of it, so he tries to become just like him. Eddie is sorely disappointed when he
meets the real Zombo.

2.23 [--] The Munsters: CYRANO DE MUNSTER
24 Feb 66
Written by Douglas Tibbles
Directed by Joseph Pevney II
Guest Cast:
Joan Staley
Chett Stratton
Eileen O'Neal
Herman gets some poetry published in a mortician magazine, and Clyde, a coworker, is
impressed and wants Herman to write poetry for him to woo a girl. The girl is impressed
by Clyde's "ability." Meanwhile, Lily finds the poetry--and gets suspicious.

2.24 [--] The Munsters: THE MUSICIAN
3 Mar 66
Written by Richard Bare
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
John Carradine
At Herman's insistence, Eddie takes up an instrument--the trumpet. Herman has faith that
his son's awful playing will get better--but the family doesn't want to wait to find out.
Grandpa creates a potion to make him good. However, he must make it again when Mr. Gateman
is coming, and since the potion wasn't exactly the same, Eddie turns into a defiant hipster.

2.25 [--] The Munsters: PREHISTORIC MUNSTER
10 Mar 66
Written by Douglas Tibbles
Directed by Joseph Pevney II
Guest Cast:
Harvey Korman
George Petrie
Richard Poston
Eddie tells Herman that he is going to enter him into the Father of the Year Contest, and
Marilyn makes a clay bust of him for her art class. When the professor finds out the
subject of the sculpting is alive and breathing, he gets with some of the other professors
to call Herman in. While they are examining him for being a missing link, he thinks he they
are taking his sizes down for the suits he thinks he has won in the contest.

2.26 [--] The Munsters: A VISIT FROM JOHANN
17 Mar 66
Written by ?
Directed by ?
Guest Cast:
John Abbott
Dr. Victor Frankenstein IV calls Herman and tells him he has something of interest. He has
Johann, a primitive monster who looks just like Herman, with him. Dr. Frankenstein asks
Herman to take him home to civilize him, but not tell people. When Johann escapes from the
lab, Lily thinks he is Herman--and takes him for a romantic getaway.

2.27 [--] The Munsters: EDDIE'S BROTHER
24 Mar 66
Written by ?
Directed by ?
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Eddie wants a younger brother, so Grandpa makes a robot brother named Boris. Being a robot,
Boris is the perfect child--so Eddie soon resents him.

2.28 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN THE TIRE KICKER
31 Mar 66
Written by James Allardice & Tom Adair
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Frank Gorshin
Johnny Silver
Rian Garrick
Herman buys a car for Marilyn from "Fair Deal Dan"--but the car is a piece of junk, and Herman
is arrested for having a stolen car.

2.29 [--] The Munsters: A HOUSE DIVIDED
7 Apr 66
Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Earl Bellamy
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Grandpa and Herman are working on a small car for Eddie's birthday, but Herman accidentally
loses control of it when he rides around the neighborhood, causing its destruction. Grandpa
and Herman get into a big argument, and Grandpa says half of the house is his, so Herman draws
a line throughout the house, making each stay on his own side.

2.30 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN'S SORORITY CAPER
14 Apr 66
Written by Douglas Tibbles
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
David Macklin
Bonnie Franklin
Ken Osmond
Grandpa puts Herman into a deep sleep to cure Herman's hiccups. Two college students
go into the Munsters' house for fraternity initiation, and take Herman and put him
in a sorority apartment, where he awakens.

2.31 [--] The Munsters: HERMAN'S LAWSUIT
21 Apr 66
Written by Douglas Tibbles, Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Dorothy Green
Simon Scott
Jerome Cowan
A lady hits Herman in her car, totaling it. She thinks that she has injured him
and tries to settle for $10,000 for his injuries. However, Herman thinks this is
what he owes her for the car.

2.32 [--] The Munsters: A VISIT FROM THE TEACHER
12 May 66
Written by Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Directed by Ezra Stone
Guest Cast:
Pat Woodall
Willis Bouchey
Eddie writes an essay entitled "My Parents: An Average American Family"--in blood,
at Grandpa's suggestion. His teacher consults the principal, who thinks that Eddie's
"imagination" might be due to an underprivileged childhood. This prompts them to
pay a visit to the Munsters.

################ The Munsters ################
################## Movies ##################

Munster Go Home! (Feature Film) (96min) (Special)(1966)
Aired: 15-Jun-1966
Herman arrives home from work only to discover his Uncle Cavanough, from England, has passed away.
He soon finds out from the will, that he has inherited his uncle's entire estate, lands and properties,
making him Lord Munster, fifth Earl of Shroudshire! Little do the Munsters know though, that their
other relatives in England would prefer Freddie Munster to be Lord Munster. Uncle Cavanough bestowed
everything to Herman to take his revenge out on his hated son Freddie. The Munsters arrive in England
by boat, bringing along the Koach. The American Munsters soon find out everyone in the town hates
them because of the British ones' reputation. What's a Munster to do? Aunt Effigie, Uncle Cavanough's
wife, convinces Herman to enter the Shroudshire Road Race. Sadly, this is all part of a master plan
to do in Herman, and win the title of Lord Munster back to Freddie. Plenty of other secrets are abound,
including a counterfeit ring, and an unknown person called "The Griffin"!

The Munsters' Revenge (Reunion TV Movie) (2 hrs)(1981)
Aired: 27-Mar-81
Dr. Diablo, owner of a local wax museum, has many wax statues that are really robots. They are all
for use in a master plan to steal priceless items from the tomb of a mummy being shown at a Halloween
exhibition. Unfortunately, there are two robots that look just like Herman and Grandpa! Herman and
Grandpa must clear their name, and stop Dr. Diablo, while Marilyn woos police detective Glen Boyle.
Cousin Phantom of the Opera is also there to save the day when Marilyn is in a bell jar.

 Here Come the Munsters (Reunion TV Movie) (2 hrs)(1995)
Aired: 31-Oct-95
The newly immigrated Munsters move from Transylvania to the USA, to get away from the persecution they
suffered while they were there. They meet up with Marilyn and her parents who are living at 1313
Mockingbird Lane. The Munsters settle in and make themselves feel at home. After a while Marilyn talks
about how her father has disappeared, and she can't find him, while her mother has gone into shock
because of all the hysteria.

The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas (Reunion TV Movie) (2 hrs)(1996)
Aired: 17-Dec-96
The Munsters want to have a little Christmas fun. They make a tree with all the decorations, but one
problem is that Eddie feels down in the dumps because he misses Transylvania. He also does not believe
in Santa Claus. Herman, Lily, Grandpa, and Marilyn try to find ways to make Eddie feel better, by
inviting friends and relatives to a monster "Munster" party. Grandpa even conjures up the real Santa.

Revivial  TV Series:  The Munsters Today (Synd)(1987-91)

################ The Munsters ################
################## the end #################

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