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MCA Revue Studios (1952-Dec 1964)  Renamed  MCA Universal TV (from Jan 1965)

Universal Television
Universal City Studios, Inc. / an MCA company
(from circa January 1965  -)

MCA Revue Studios (1952-Dec 1964)  Renamed  MCA Universal TV (from Jan 1965)

UNIVERSAL TELEVISION Drama/Anthology series

UNIVERSAL TELEVISION Drama series  & Mini series

The Name of The Game (Universal/NBC) (1968-71) Reporter Drama series - Gene Barry, Robert Stack, Tony Franciosa

Harold Robbins' The Survivors (Universal/ABC)(1969-70) starring Lana Turner
Kevin McCarthy, Jan-Michael Vincent, Ralph Bellamy, George Hamilton, Diana Muldaur

The Bold Ones (Universal/NBC)(1969-73)
4 mini-series in one slot - The New Doctors/ The Protectors/ The Lawyers/ The Senator

Four in One (Universal/NBC)(1970-71)
4 mini-series in one slot - McCloud/ San Francisco International Airport/ Night Gallery/ The Psychiatrist

The Man and the City (Universal/ABC)(1971-72) starring Anthony Quinn

OwenMarshall, Counselor at Law (Universal/ABC)(1971-74) starring Arthur Hill

The Sixth Sense  (Universal/ABC)(1972) starring Gary Collins

The Men (ABC)(1972-73)
3 mini-series in one slot - Assignment Vienna (MGM) / The Delphi Bureau (WB)/ Jigsaw (Universal)

Lucas Tanner (Universal/NBC)(1974-75) starring David Hartman

Kingston: Confidential (Universal/NBC)(Summer 1977) Reporter Drama series starring  Raymond Burr

Rosetti and Ryan (Universal/NBC) (fall 1977) Legal Drama series starring Tony Roberts & Squire Fridell

What Really Happened to the Class of '65? (Universal/NBC) (1977-78) hosted by Tony Bill

UNIVERSAL TELEVISION Medical Drama series 

Marcus Welby MD (Universal/ABC)(1969-76) Medical Drama series starring Robert Young

Matt Lincoln (Universal/ABC) (1970-71) Medical Drama series starring Vince Edwards, Chelsea Brown

Doctors Hospital (Universal/NBC) (1975-76) Medical Drama series starring George Peppard


Ironside (Universal/NBC)(1967-75) starring Raymond Burr,
Don Galloway, Barbara Anderson, Don Mitchell, Elizabeth Baur

The Outsider (Roy Higgins/ Universal Public Arts/NBC)(1968-69) starring Darren McGavin

It Takes A Thief (Universal/ABC)(1968-70) starring Robert Wagner

Sarge (Universal/NBC)(1971-72) starring George Kennedy

Griff (Universal/ABC)(1973-74) starring Lorne Greene, Ben Murphy

Toma (Roy Huggins/Universal/ABC)(1973-74) starring Tony Musante, Susan Strasberg, Simon Oakland

Kojak (Universal/CBS)(1973-78)(1989-90) starring Telly Savalas

Kolchak: The Night Stalker (Universal/ABC)(1974-75) starring Darren McGavin

The Rockford Files (Roy Huggins/Universal/NBC)(1974-80)(TVMs 1994-99) starring James Garner, Noah Beery

Ellery Queen (Universal/NBC)((1975-76) Jim Hutton. David Wayne

Baretta (Roy Huggins/Universal Public Arts/ABC)(1975-78) (Created by Stephen J. CAnnell) starring Robert Blake, Tom Ewell

Switch (Glen Larson/Universal/CBS)(1975-78) starring Robert Wagner, Eddie Albert

City of Angels (Universal/NBC)(early 1976) starring Wayne Rogers

Delvecchio (Universal/CBS)(1976-77) Judd Hirsch

Quincy, M.E. (Glen Larson/Universal/NBC)(1976-83) starring Jack Klugman

Richie Brockleman, Private Eye (Stephen J. Cannell/ Universal/ NBC)(1978) starring Dennis Dugan

Mrs Columbo / Kate Loves A Mystery (Universal/NBC)(1979) starring Kate Mulgrew

Stone (Stephen J. Cannell/Universal/ABC) (1979-80) starring Dennis Weaver

Magnum, P.I. (Donald Bellisario/Glen Larson/Universal/CBS) (1980-88) starring Tom Selleck

Shannon (Universal/CBS)(1981-82) starring Kevin Dobson

Simon and Simon (Universal/CBS)(1981-88) starring Jameson Parker & Gerald McRaney

Murder She Wrote (Universal/CBS)(1984-96) starring Angela Lansbury

The Equalizer (Universal/CBS)(1985-89) starring Edward Woodward

The Law and Harry McGraw (Universal/CBS)(1987-88) Jerry Orbach, Barbara Babcock

Over My Dead Body (Universal/CBS) (1990-91) starring Edward Woodward

  UNIVERSAL TELEVISION  Crime - "Mystery Movie" series

US Mystery Movie series Guide (1968-77)

NBC Mystery Movie: Columbo (original series) (Universal)(1968-1978) starring Peter Falk
NEW Columbo (revival series) (Universal)(1989-2003) starring Peter Falk

NBC Mystery Movie: McCloud (Universal)(1970-77) Dennis Weaver

NBC Mystery Movie: McMillan & Wife (Universal)(1971-77) Rock Hudson, Susan St. James

NBC Mystery Movie: Cool Million (Universal) (fall 1972) James Farentino

NBC Mystery Movie: Madigan (Universal)(1972-73) Richard Widmark

NBC Mystery Movie: Banacek (Universal)(1972-74) George Peppard

NBC Mystery Movie: Hec Ramsey (Universal)(1972-74) Richard Boone

NBC Mystery Movie: The Snoop Sisters (Universal)(1972 pilot; 1973-74) Helen Hayes, Mildred Natwick

NBC Mystery Movie: Tenafly (Universal)(1973-74) James McEachin

NBC Mystery Movie: Faraday and Company (Universal)(1973-74) Dan Dailey, James Naughton

NBC Mystery Movie: McCoy (Universal)(1975-76) starring Tony Curtis

NBC Mystery Movie: Lanigan's Rabbi (Universal)(1977) starring Art Carney, Bruce Solomon


The Virginian (Revuel/NBC)(1962-64) (Universal/NBC)(1965-71)  western series starring James Drury

Laredo (Universal/NBC) (1965-67) starring Philip Carey, William Smith, Neville Brand, Peter Brown

The Road West (Universal/NBC)(1966-67) Barry Sullivan, Andrew Prine

Alias Smith and Jones (Roy Huggins-Glen Larson/Universal/ABC)(1971-73) starring  Pete Duel, Ben Murphy, Roger Davis

Sara (Universal/CBS)(1976) Western series starring Brenda Vaccaro

The Oregon Trail  (Universal/NBC)(pilot 1976- series fall 1977) Rod Taylor, Darleen Carr, Andrew Stevens



Paris 7000 (Universal/ABC)(Early 1970) Adventure Drama series starring George Hamilton

Sword of Justice (Glen Larson/Universal/NBC)(1978-79) starring Dack Rambo, Bert Rosario, Alex Courtney

 B.J.and The Bear  (Glen Larson/Universal/NBC)1979-81) starring Greg Evigan

The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (Glen Larson/Universal/NBC)(1979-80)/ Lobo (1980-81) starring Claude Akins

UNIVERSAL TELEVISION Sci-Fi/ Super Hero series

The Six Million Dollar Man (Harve Bennett/Universal/ABC)(1973-78) starring Lee Majors

The Bionic Woman (Harve Bennett/Universal/ABC/NBC)(1976-78) starring Lindsay Wagner

The Invisible Man (Universal/NBC)(1975-76) starring David McCallum, Melinda Fee, Craig Stevens

Gemini Man (Universal//NBC)(1976) starring Ben Murphy

The Incredible Hulk (Universal/CBS)(1977-82)(Super Hero series) Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Jack Colvin

Codename: Foxfire (Universal/NBC)(1985) Adventure series starring Joanna Cassidy


90 Bristol Court: Karen  (Kayro-Vue/Universal/NBC)1964-65) starring Debbie Watson
90 Bristol Court: Harris Against The World (Kayro-Vue/Universal/NBC)1964-65) starring Jack Klugman
90 Bristol Court: Tom, Dick & Mary (Kayro-Vu/Universal/NBC)(1964-65) starring Don Galloway

The Munsters (Kayro-Vue/Universal/CBS)(1964-66) starring Fred Gwynne & Yvonne De Ca

The John Forsythe Show (Universal/NBC)(1965-66) starring John Forsythe

Tammy (Universal/ABC)(1965-66) starring Debbie Watson

The Jean Arthur Show (Universal/CBS)(fall 1966) co-starring Ron Harper

Pistols 'n' Petticoats (Universal/CBS)(1966-67) (comedy western) starring Ann Sheridan

Mr. Terrific (Universal/CBS) (Early 1967) starring Stephen Strimpell

The Partners (Universal/NBC)(1971-72) starring Don Adams, Rupert Crosse

Sirota's Court (Universal/NBC)(1976-77) starring Michael Constantine

Holmes And Yoyo (Universal/ABC)(1976-77) starring Richard B.Shull & John Schuck

Delta House (Universal/ABC)(Early 1979) starring John Vernon, Stephen Furst, Bruce McGill and James Widdoes

Turnabout (Universal/NBC)(1979) starring John Schuck & Sharon Gless
House Calls (Universal/CBS)(1979-82) starring Wayne Rogers, Lynn Redgrave, Sharon Gless

Nobody's Perfect (UK:"Hart of the Yard")(Universal/ABC)(Summer 1980) starring Ron Moody & Cassie Yates

Charles In Charge (Universal/CBS)(1984-92) starring Scott Baio

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