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Yancy Derringer (Sharpe-Lewis/CBS)(1958-59) starring Jock Mahoney

Year At The Top (Don Kirshner/ Norman Lear/CBS)(Summer 1977) starring Greg Evigan, Paul Shaffer, Gabriel Dell
The Yellow Rose (1983-84) starring Sam Elliot, David Soul, Susan Anspach, Cybil Shepherd
You Are There (CBS Sundays)(1953-57) host Walter Cronkite

You Bet Your Life (NBC)(1950-61) Quiz hosted by Groucho Marx

You'll Never Get Rich (CBS/Nat Hiken)(1955-59) starring Phil Silvers as Sgt. Bilko
Young Dan'l Boone (TCF/CBS)(fall 1977) starring Rick Moses
The Young Lawyers (1970-71) starring  Lee J. Cobb
The Young Rebels (Screen Gems/Aaron Spelling/ABC)(1970-71) starring Rick Ely
Your Favorite Story (1953-54) hosted by Adolphe Menjou
Your Jeweler's Showcase (CBS)(1952-53) 30 min filmed Anthology
Your Play Time (CBS - Summer 1953,1954)(NBC - Summer 1955)
Your Show Time (NBC) (1949) 30 min filmed Anthology

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