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1st & Ten (TCF/ABC)(1984-91) starring Delta Burke, O.J. Simpson, Shannon Tweed et al.

The Six Million Dollar Man (Harve Bennett/Universal/ABC)(1973-78) starring Lee Majors
The Sixth Sense (ABC)(1972) starring Gary Collins

9 To 5 (1982-83) Rita Moreno (1986-88) Sally Struthers
12 O'Clock High (Quinn Martin/TCF/ABC)(1964-67) WWII Air Force Drama series
starring Robert Lansing, John Larkin, Paul Burke,Frank Overton, Andrew Duggan

13 Demon Street (Sweden)((1960) (Anthology series)  Hosted by Lon Chaney, Jr.
13 Queens Boulevard (Toy/ABC)(Spring-Summer 1979) starring Eileen Brennan

20th Century-Fox Hour (1955-57) Dramatic Anthology Series
21 Beacon Street (Filmways/NBC)(1959-60) starring Dennis Morgan

240-Robert (Filmways/Rosner/NBC)(1979-81) Adventure series starring Joanna Cassidy

26 Men (1957-59) starring Tris Coffin
77 Sunset Strip (1958-64) starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr, Roger Smith, Edward Byrnes
77th Bengal Lancers, Tales of (1956-57) starring Philip Carey & Warren Stevens
87th Precinct (1961-62) starring Robert Lansing & Ron Harper
90 Bristol Court: Karen (1964-65) starring Debbie Watson
90 Bristol Court: Harris Against The World (1964-65) starring Jack Klugman
90 Bristol Court: Tom, Dick & Mary (1964-65) starring Don Galloway

2000 Malibu Road (Aaron Spelling/ABC) (1992) Lisa Hartman, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Beals

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