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The Addams Family (1964-66)
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Filmways TV Productions, Inc.
Current syndicator: Orion Television Syndication
ABC-TV; Fridays, 8:30-9:00 p.m.
Network premiere: September 18,1964
Last prime-time telecast: September 9,1966
Based on characters created by Charles Addams
Executive Producer: David Levy
Producer: Nat Perrin
Associate Producer: Herbert W. Browar

US Comedy Series 1964-66   64 episodes x 30 min b-w
John Astin as Gomez Addams
Carolyn Jones as Morticia Frump Addams
Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester
Ted Cassidy as Lurch
Blossom Rock (Marie Blake) as Grandmama Addams
Lisa Loring as Wednesday Friday Addams
Ken Weatherwax as Pugsley Addams
Felix Silla as Cousin Itt (voice provided by Tony Magro)
Thing - the hand of Ted Cassidy

Music: Vic Mizzy
Director of Photography: Arch R. Dalzell
Art Director: Edward Ilou
Set Decorator: Ruby Levitt

############# The Addams Family ##############
############# season 1 1964-65 ###############
ABC Fridays 8:30 PM Eastern

1.1 [--] The Addams Family: THE ADDAMS FAMILY GOES TO SCHOOL
18Sept64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Ed James and Seaman Jacobs
Director: Arthur Hiller
Guest Cast:
Allyn Joslyn ........ Mr Hilliard
Madge Blake ......... Miss Comstock
Nydia Westman ....... Miss Morrison
Rolfe Sedan ......... Postman
Sam Hilliard is the truant officer for the Sherwood School, and he arrives
at the Addams Family house to investigate the fact that Wednesday and Pugsley
have never been to school. Gomez is appalled of the idea of regimented
schooling, but he gives in, obeying the law. The principal, Miss Comstock,
is happy with their decision, but Gomez and Morticia are horrified when
Wednesday comes home and throws a tantrum. They learn that the she is
reading Grimm's Fairy Tales and that all of the witches, giants and ogres
are killed in the stories. Morticia decides to keep the children home
from school because she won't allow the children to learn such things.
Gomez calls for Mr. Hilliard to return. Mr. Hilliard reluctantly returns,
and Gomez demands that Grimm's fairy stories be removed from the curriculum
before he'll allow his children to return to school. Mr. Hilliard agrees
to everything just to escape the Addams' house.
Additional Information: This is the brief pilot script expanded as the
premiere episode. The "train crash" scene was footage shot for the pilot
presentation. This is the only episode using exterior footage of a real house.
Wednesday's age is given as six and Pugsley's as eight. In next episode,
however, they've somehow aged two years each to match the ages of the
children playing the roles.

25Sept64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Guest Cast:
George Petrie ....... Dr. Black
When Pugsley abandons his pet octopus, adopts a puppy, wear a Boy Scout
uniform, and plays baseball, Gomez and Morticia fear their child is becoming
normal. Distraught, they seek counsel from Dr. Black, a Child Psychiatrist.
Dr. Black advises them that its just a phase and to ride it out. As Pugsley
becomes more "normal" Gomez and Morticia demand that Dr. Black make a house
call. Dr. Black comes to the house and assumes that Pugsley's behavior is
caused by the Addams' choice of furnishings and environment. After talking
to Pugsley to release his antagonisms Pugsley returns to his normal abnormal
self. Dr. Black confused by the results of his therapy quits his practice
determining that he needs to go back to school.

1.3 [--] The Addams Family: FESTER'S PUNCTURED ROMANCE
02Oct64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Jameson Brewer
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Merry Anders ......... Miss Carver
Robert Nunn .......... Miss Carver's Boss
Uncle Fester decides it's time for him to find a mate. Through a matrimonial
column in the newspaper, he conducts a search and mistakes Miss Carver, a
door-to-door cosmetics saleslady, for someone replying to his ad. Fester
doesn't think she's his type, especially when she offers him a free sample
or will deal for cash. Eventually Miss Carver can't take anymore and flees.
Fester thinks he's had a narrow escape from marrying a lunatic and vows off marriage.

1.4 [--] The Addams Family: GOMEZ, THE POLITICIAN
09Oct64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Director: Jerry Hopper
Guest Cast:
Allyn Joslyn ......... Mr. Hilliard
Eddie Quillan ........ George Bass
Bill Baldwin ......... TV Announcer
Bob LeMond ........... Reporter's Voice
Sam Hilliard is running for the city council his campaigner George Bass calls
Gomez and accidentally convinces him that Hilliard is a loser. The Addams'
history of backing losing candidates stirs Gomez's patriotic soul. Gomez and
the faimly back Mr. Hilliard much to his shagrin. Hilliard loses in a
landslide and quits politics for ever.

1.5 [--] The Addams Family: THE ADDAMS FAMILY FAMILY TREE
16Oct64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Hannibal Coons, Harry Winkler, and Lou Huston
Director: Jerry Hopper
Guest Cast:
Frank Nelson .......... Mr. Cecil B. Pomeroy
Kim Tyler ............. Harold Pomeroy
Jonathan Hole ......... Professor Simms
Wednesday and Pugsley get in a fight with Harold Pomeroy at his birthday party
when he states that his family is better than theirs. Gomez wants to challenge
Pomeroy to a duel for besmirching the Addams Family's honor. Fester thinks
that a duel is too risky and offers to shoot Pomeroy in the back. Pomeroy
arrives and Gomez instead apologizes. Gomez is disturbed when Pomeroy haughtly
lauds the Pomeroy ancestry that is being traced by Professor Simms. Gomez
decides to trace the Addams Family tree and hires Professor Simms also. Professor
Simms reveals to the Addams' about Mr. Pomeroy's theving pirate acendants.
Harold Pomeroy brings back the birthday present, a tarantula which had escaped,
to the house. Pugsley and Wednesday take Harold to pick out a new present.
Pomeroy meanwhile discovers oil on the land that adjoins land that Gomez owns
on the edge of the County. Pomeroy returns and to be friendly. Gomez gushes
with admiration to Pomeroy about his dishonest ancestors. Pomeroy thinking
that Gomez is trying to accuse him of being crooked offers Gomez three times
the amount that Gomez paid for his "worthless" land. Mr. Pomeroy and Harold
panic and bolt when Kitty Kat comes in the room. Actually, Gomez liked him
better for those relatives!

23Oct64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Phil Leslie and Keith Fowler
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Guest Cast:
Peter Leeds .......... Oscar Webber
Dorothy Neumann ...... Mrs Magruder
Pearl Shear .......... Mrs Page
George Barrows ....... Gorgo the Gorilla
Gomez visits his old friend Oscar Webber at his circus, which has gone downhill.
Pugsley plays with Gorgo 'The Killer Gorilla' and the two become friends.
Meanwhile, Morticia has invited the Ladies League to tea. They're on a membership
drive and agree to come. Gorgo breaks out of the circus to visit his pal Pugsley,
to Lurch's disapproval. Gomez isn't worried: 'Any boy who loves cobras, toads
and apes can't be all bad.' Lurch feels even worse when Gorgo does a better job
of the laundry than he's ever done. 'Lurch', Gomez tells him, 'there's some
things you can do and some things an ape can do.' It doesn't cheer Lurch up.
The Ladies League arrives for tea, but they aren't prepared to see a gorilla
serve it, and flee. Oscar Webber arrives looking for Gorgo and is appalled to
find him doing the laundry. But Gomez has an idea: Oscar could bill Gorgo as
'The World's Most Domesticated Gorilla' and exhibit him doing housework in an
apron. Oscar takes his advice and makes a fortune.

30Oct64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Keith Fowler and Phil Leslie
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Don Rickles ........... Claude
Skip Homeier .......... Marty
George Barrows ........ Policeman
Two bank robbers try to hide out at the Addams house after their car runs out
of gas. They are mistaken for trick-or-treaters by Gomez and Morticia. Gomez
offers them treats, but sees that their bag is full of money. He apologizes
for being cheap and gives them several hundred dollars. Marty and Claude then
plan to rob the family before making their getaway. Thing realizing that they
are crooks takes Marty's gun and substitutes a banana. The family convinces
them to join with their Halloween tradition of bobbing for live crabs. When
offered another game, Marty exclaims, 'Try it again? I'd rather wrestle a
lion!' Morticia, ever obliging, calls Kitty Kat. Marty, thinking fast, suggests
hide and seek. The Family think this is tame, but oblige their weird guests.
Marty and Claude run off with all the cash they can find, but are picked up
by the police. Gomez reads in the paper that they've been sent up the river.
Morticia approves, 'They needed a vacation.

1.8 [--] The Addams Family: GREEN-EYED GOMEZ
06Nov64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Phil Leslie and Keith Fowler
Director: Jerry Hopper
Guest Cast:
Del Moore ............. Lionel Barker
Pattee Chapman ........ Mildred
Jimmy Ames ............ Charlie
Lionel Barker, an old friend of Morticia' s, arrives at the house. Gomez is
jealous of him, but he's actually a con man, working with his partner, Charlie,
come to fleece the family. Gomez tries to drive him out by making him comfortable,
and when that doesn't work he decides that jealousy can work both ways. He hires
a maid, Mildred, in an effort to make Morticia jealous, but the maid just drives
Gomez crazy. When Gomez tries to make her more assertive, Morticia does become
jealous. Gomez decides he wants to make Morticia happy, by killing himself to
free her to marry Lionel. All his efforts fail, however. Lurch gets Gomez and
Morticia back together by playing their favorite dance, and everything is resolved.
Lionel turns his attention to Mildred when he learns that she has become wealthy
after investing in the stockmarket. Mildred and Lionel elope and Gomez and Morticia are elated.

13Nov64 ABC Fri (Friday the thirteenth)
Teleplay: Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Guest Cast:
Peter Brooks .......... Hubert Peterson
Cynthia Pepper ........ Amanda Peterson
Eddie Marr ............ Mr. Wentworth
Hubert and Amanda Peterson are newlyweds, and they have leased the house next
door. Their bliss starts to erode immediately when they see the Family washing
their pet octopus and Fester testing dynamite caps. Hubert tries to get out of
the lease, but Gomez turns out to be the landlord and won't hear of it. Morticia,
thinking the couple need to relax, has Lurch bring them over for a game of bridge.
The couple are far from relaxed when they finally escape. The Family thinks that
it's their appalling taste in decorating affecting the neighbors, so they redecorate
the house for them in Addams style. Hubert has an inspiration, claiming his company
is transferring him to Hong Kong. Gomez promptly buys the company to prevent the
move - he' s dead set on helping the couple, and can't understand why Amanda faints.

1.10 [--] The Addams Family: WEDNESDAY LEAVES HOME
20Nov64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Jesse White ........... Sgt. Haley
Ray Kellogg ........... Detective
Wednesday packs up her spider and runs away after being scolded for using Uncle
Fester's blasting caps instead of her own.
Wednesday writes this note to her parents:

Gomez and Morticia call the Police Department's Bureau of Missing Persons and get
Sgt. Haley. Before Sgt. Haley arrives Fester has found Wednesday hiding in Pugsley's
room. Morticia decides to use reverse psychology on Wednesday, who promptly runs
away for real. She shows up at Haley's desk at the police station. He calls the
Family, who insist Wednesday isn't really missing. Fester comes to collect Wednesday.
Sgt. Haley is being driven crazy by the Family and runs away, unable to take any more!

1.11 [--] The Addams Family: THE ADDAMS FAMILY MEETS THE V.I.P's
27Nov64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Keith Fowler and Phil Leslie
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Stanley Adams ......... Ila Klarpe
Vito Scotti ........... Miri Haan
Frank Wilcox .......... Sam Harris
Visiting dignitaries from an Iron Curtain country want to see a "typical" American
family. Mr. Harris, the Government agent, is resistant to the idea. Mr. Haan insists,
so they get out the phone book and randomly select a name. They land on the Addams
listing. Mr. Harris tries to dissuade them from visiting the Addams claiming that
they're not normal. This further fuels the V.I.P.'s desire to visit the family.
The V.I.P.'s assume the Addamses are the typical American family. They visit the
house and see Cleopatra, Morticia's carnivorous plant, Uncle Fester's ability to
generate electricity, Pugsley's ray gun and Lurch, who they assume is a robot.
They conclude that Americans highly advanced in science and technology. Mr. Klarpe
makes a note of it and they make a report back home.

1.12 [--] The Addams Family: MORTICIA, THE MATCHMAKER
04Dec64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Story: Maury Gerahty
Director: Jerry Hopper
Guest Cast:
Hazel Shermet ........ Cousin Melancholia
Lee Goodman .......... Charles P. Harvey
Barry Kelley ......... James Ferguson
Hal Baylor ........... Fred
Lennie Bremen ........ Cab Driver
Cousin Melancholia comes to seek solace at the Addams home. Melancholia's fiancee,
Fred, has left to join the Foreign Legion. Morticia is determined to find her a new
man and phones up Hasty Marriage. Gomez, meanwhile, receives a call from his lawyer,
Charles P. Harvey, regarding Gomez's Game Preserve in Nirobi. Harvey hates to go
over, but his firm needs Gomez's approval for a big deal. Gomez doesn't want to deal
with business matters until Melancholia's problem is solved.
Hasty Marriage has been unable to find a man for Melancholia. Morticia suggests that
Gomez use his vast business contacts to find an eligible batchelor for Melancholia.
Gomez is unable to find anyone for Melancholia either. Mr. Harvey, a confirmed
batchelor, springs to mind. Gomez calls Mr. Harvey back and invites him over.
Mr. Harvey is reluctant to go, but his boss insists. When he arrives, Grandmama hits
him with love dust. The love dust has no effect. Meanwhile Morticia has given the
plain Melancholia a makeover. Hr. Harvey waits for Gomez and Melancholia, looking
like Morticia, arrives downstairs and proceeds to try to get Mr. Harvey to propose.
Then Fred arrives - he joined the American Legion, not the Foreign Legion. Thinking
Harvey is flirting with his girl, he punches out his lights and takes his girl back.
When Harvey recovers, Morticia promises to find him another cousin to marry. Gomez
likes him, too, which prompts the poor lawyer to flee and join the Foreign Legion.

1.13 [--] The Addams Family: LURCH LEARNS TO DANCE
11Dec64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Jay Dratler, Jerry Seelen, and Charles Marion / Story: Jay Dratler
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Jimmy Cross .......... Fred Walters
Penny Parker ......... Sally O'Rourke
Lurch is about to turn down his annual invitation to the Butlers Ball as usual. The
Ball this year is a costume party. He admits he doesn't go because he can't dance.
Gomez insists on rectifying this and calls the Fred Walters Dance School. Sally, one
of his teachers, has been mouthing off to the clients, he gives her one last chance
to change her attitude. She is sent to the Addams home. When she first sees her
client, she faints. When she finally manages to teach Lurch some steps, he faints.
Sally then runs away. Wednesday tries to teach him next, but she only knows ballet.
Morticia attempts to teach Lurch the Twist, but it puts his back out. Gomez cures
him by putting him on the rack: 'Another triumph for medical science!' Gomez then
takes over the teaching, and throws out his back, but Lurch gets the idea. Lurch in
a black Spanish Dancer costume, goes to the Ball and no one asks him to dance.
Morticia arrives in costume and mask. She and Lurch dance the tangoand wow the audience.
They return home with a trophy to everyones delight.
Additional Information: Choreography is by Jack Baker.
Guest Appearance: Jimmy Cross, Penny Parker.

1.14 [--] The Addams Family: ART AND THE ADDAMS FAMILY
18Dec64 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Vito Scotti ............ Sam Picasso
Hugh Sanders ........... Bosley Swain
Morticia has taken up painting (she throws the paint at the canvas) and Gomez has art
critic Bosley Swain evaluate her Swain tactfully suggests a teacher, and Grandma
calls Spain for Picasso, getting oddball Sam Picasso in- stead. He tries hard, but
Bosley thinks the man is a crook. Gomez likes Sam, and decides (against Sam's wishes)
to restore Sam's good name. Wednesday tries coaching him, but Sam keeps trying to
escape his dungeon workshop. Swain sees Wednesday's paintings, thinking they're Sam's,
and raves. Sam manages to return to Spain to take up the safer occupation of
bullfighting, while the whole Addams Family takes up brushes.

1.15 [--] The Addams Family: THE ADDAMS FAMILY MEETS A BEATNIK
01Jan65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Henry Sharp and Sloan Nibley / Story: Jack Raymond
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Tom Lowell ............ Rockland Cartwright III
Barry Kelley .......... Rockland Cartwright II
Barry Brooks .......... Mr. Benson
Rockland "Rocky" Cartwright III, a beatnik, crashes his motorbike in front of the
Addams' house. He hurts his leg and and damaged his motorcycle. The family takes him
in and has him stay overnight to recouperate. Rocky is amazed by the Family, and
they're enamoured of him. He admits he's run away from home to escape his His father,
a rich tycoon, father who wants to control his life and groom him for business.
His father goes out looking for his lost son. Rocky wants to hide, so Wednesday and
Pugsley deflect the searchers. The Addams decide to cheer Rocky up by throwing him
a surprise birthday party and invite his father. Rocky's presents are hidden around
the house and he has to hunt for them. The last one is his father, who realizes he
shouldn't interfere in his son's life. If the Addams can accept Rocky as he is, then
so can his own father. Reconciled, they leave together, and Rocky gives Fester his motorbike.

08Jan65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Arthur Lubin
Guest Cast:
George Neise .......... Mr Hollister
Rolfe Sedan ........... Mr Briggs
Norman Leavitt ........ Mr Conkey
Hollister is an undercover operative who's been picking up odd radio signals from
the Addams house. Convinced they're spies, he recruits the postman, Briggs, to help.
Briggs panics when he gets in the house, though, and flees. Hollister then tries
the plumber, Conkey, who's been called in to fix Kitty's water fountain. When
Conkey acts suspiciously, Gomez calls the authorities ending up with Hollister.
Morticia is convinced that Hollister is a spy, so they capture him and toss him
in the dungeon. He sees that the source of the odd signals is Pugsley's new ham radio.
Washington vouches for Hollister, so the Family allow him to go.

15Jan65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Jameson Brewer
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Ellen Corby ........... Mother Lurch
Lurch's mother is coming to visit, and he confesses that she doesn't know he's
just the servant. Morticia sees no problem: he can pretend the house is his,
and she'll be maid and Gomez the butler, while the others move out to the cottage.
Gomez tries to coach Lurch to be the gentleman, its hard to teach Lurch to be the
master. Mother Lurch arrives, a tiny hellion that drives out Gomez and Morticia
insane with her demands. She doesn't trust Gomez and is convinced that he and
Morticia are out to take "Lurch's" money. She vows to protect her "Sonny boy"
from the larcenous couple and whip Gomez and Morticia into shape. Matters worsen,
and she has Lurch fire Gomez and Morticia. Fester and Grandmama are bored living
in the cottage and aim to straighten things out. Mother Lurch has called to an
agency to find new help. Fester and Grandmama show up and she thinks they're the
replacements and hires them. Happy now, she goes home. The only problem left is
that Lurch won't let Gomez or Morticia back in the house since they've been fired
and Fester and Grandmama feel useful and now have some spending money.

1.18 [--] The Addams Family: UNCLE FESTER'S ILLNESS
22Jan65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Bill Lutz
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Loyal "Doc" Lucas ....... Hunter
Lauren Gilbert .......... Dr. Milford
Fester's feeling ill and losing his voltage. Morticia suggests a good moonbathing,
but he only gets moonburn. The Gomez calls the family doctor Dr. Mbongo who has
returned to Africa. Reluctantly, Fester agrees to see a normal doctor, but doesn't
care for Dr. Milford. He won't take his coat off to be examined and is uncooperative.
Dr. Milford attempts to take Fester's tempature, normally -3, and Fester eats the
thermometer and the mercury perks Fester up. Gomez thinks the doctor is a genius
and wants him to check Thing next, but Milford flees in terror. A
Additional Information:
The camera pans back from a close-up of Thing's box on top of Lurch's harpsichord;
without cutting, the shot widens and you can hear a dolly roll out from under the
harpsichord to remove assistant director Jack Voglin from underneath it. He was
providing his hand for Thing because Ted Cassidy was playing the harpsichord.

1.19 [--] The Addams Family: THE ADDAMS FAMILY SPLURGES
29Jan65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: George Haight and Lou Huston / Story: George Haight
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Roland Winters ......... Ralph J. Hulen
Olan Soule ............. Harwood Widdy
Bill Baldwin ........... Track announcer
Gomez and Pugsley build a new computer, Wizzo, because the family wants somewhere
new and interesting to visit. Wizzo suggests the Moon, and the family love the idea.
Their financial advisor, Hulen, tries to talk them out of it because they'd need
billions. Fester suggests betting on horses, using Wizzo to predict the results.
They would have won billions - except that Hulen hated the idea and never placed
the bets. He schemes to make certain they 'lose' their money on a rank outsider
- which then wins at 100-to-1. He faints. The horse is disqualified, so the Family
is glad he didn't place the bets after all. They agree to give up on going to
the moon, and will take up fishing instead. They now want him to buy them a nuclear submarine...

05Feb65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Henry Sharp / Story: Tony Wilson
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Alan Reed ............. Park Commissioner Fiske
Bill Baldwin .......... Announcer
Fiske is the new Zoo commissioner, and plans expansion. Fester complains about
all the robins in the parks as they're too cheery. Gomez agrees to support the
new fund drive and donates $150,000 (and 20 cents to cover the cost of gas to
visit them). Meanwhile, Cousin Itt arrives for a visit and settles into the attic.
He's good at magic tricks, but restless. Morticia thinks they should get him a
job to keep him longer, but what - 'Too short for an actor, too tall for a
producer,' she sighs. Gomez ponders the idea that Itt could join the Beatles.
Then they discover he has a way with animals and think he'd be perfect for a
curator's job at the zoo. Fiske is thrilled, thinking Itt is an exhibit and puts
him in a cage. Later, on the radio, there's news of an escaped beast. Gomez and
Morticia arm themselves to defend the house, prompting Gomez to recall their
safari: 'No one could skin a hippopotamus like you could.' Tish disagrees, '
Darling, any housewife can do that.' The escaped animal is Itt, of course.
Fiske arrives and the Family sorts out what happened. They're outraged about
the treatment Itt received, but Itt enjoyed it and only came back for his brushes.
Fiske, hoarified, says he'll reserve separate cages for the whole Family at
the zoo. Morticia is appalled - it's a family cage or nothing!

1.21 [--] The Addams Family: THE ADDAMS FAMILY IN COURT
12Feb65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Nat Perrin
Guest Cast:
Hal Smith ............ Judge Harvey Saunders
Lela Bliss .......... Mrs Harvey Saunders
James Flavin ......... Lt Poston
Gail Bonney .......... Police Woman
Ray Walker ........... Bailiff
Grandma's been telling fortunes as Madame Bovary, helped by Thing. She's even
set up a tent in the living room. Morticia is appalled and wants her to stop.
It's too late, though, as the police arrest her. Gomez decides to be her lawyer,
as 'Loophole' Addams. He refuses to let Grandma be sworn in, as telling the
whole truth would cramp her style. The Judge orders Gomez off the case, and
Morticia takes over. She accuses the police of harassment, and the Judge finds
the whole family in contempt. The Judge's wife arrives, and turns out to be one
of Grandma's best clients. She insists that her husband dismiss the case.
Additional Information:
In court, Gomez cites cases such as "Voglin vs. Browar,". Jack Voglin was the
Assistant Director and Herb Browar was the Assistant Producer.

1.22 [--] The Addams Family: AMNESIA IN THE ADDAMS FAMILY
19Feb65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Phil Leslie and Keith Fowler
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Gomez is juggling with his Indian clubs and hits himself on the head knocking
himself unconscious. When he comes to, his personality has drastically changed.
He's now acting like a normal person. He's just insured his life for $1 million,
and thinks the family is trying to kill him and collect. He wants Morticia to
wear some cheerier clothes. She thinks another blow on the head might cure him,
but hasn't the heart to do it. Fester does, however, and Gomez is restored.
Unfortunately, Lurch has the same idea and hits Gomez again . . . Then Grandma
'cures' him, only for Pugsley to reverse it . . . Morticia is going crary with
the flip-flopping personalities. Gomez panics, certain they're trying to kill
him, and runs into a suit of armour. The blow cures him - but Fester' s hit
his head and everything starts again.

[--] 26Feb65 - no details

1.23 [--] The Addams Family: THING IS MISSING
05Mar65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Bill Lutz / Story: Lorraine Edwards
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Tommy Farrell ........... Sam Diamond
Charles Wagenheim ....... Mr Boswell
Ray Kellogg ............. Detective
After Fester accidentaily insults Thing, Thing disappears. Gomez plays Sherlock
Holmes to deduce who did it, deciding it must be Lurch because the butler always
does it. Gomez offers a reward, and gets lots of things, but no Thing. Then a
ransom note arrives, and Gomez realizes: 'He's been Thingnapped!' They call in
a detective, Sam Diamond, since the ransom is to be paid in diamonds (the best
they have, which are all cursed). Diamond has to drop the diamonds at the cemetery
at midnight. He returns, shaken, to report that a hand grabbed the loot. He
can't understand why they're so happy, but the Family realizes that it was all
a hoax by Thing, who's been feeling neglected. He wanted to see if they cared
enough to ransom him.

1.24 [--] The Addams Family: CRISIS IN THE ADDAMS FAMILY
12Mar65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Sloan Nibley and Preston Wood / Story: Preston Wood
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Parley Baer ............ Arthur J. Henson
Eddie Quillan .......... Horace Beesley
Bebe Kelly ............. Secretary
Fester's in trouble for breaking the water mains for the fourth time in a row.
Their insurance policy pays for the repair, but is canceled afterward. Fester feels
bad that the insurance coverage has been canceled and decides he'd better get a
job to pay for a new policy himself, so he becomes an insurance salesman.
Unfortunately, it's for their old company, and the only policy he sells is to
the Family. Henson, the manager, wants Gomez to cancel, but Gomez refuses,
saying it would break Fester's heart. Henson then calls the company's owner to
report a swindle, but it turns out that Gomez is the owner. Gomez promotes
Henson's underling to be Henson's new boss. Fester then breaks the water mains
again, but at least their insurance covers it..

1.25 [--] The Addams Family: LURCH AND HIS HARPSICHORD
19Mar65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Byron Foulger ......... Mr. Belmont
Lennie Bremen ......... Workman
Ray Galvin ............ Workman
Lurch' s harpsichord turns out to be a rare survivor of an extinct make, so Gomez
is persuaded to donate it to the local museum. Lurch is left inconsolable, so the
Family attempts to get him interested in other pursuits, like drums and needlepoint
to no avail. Finally, Gomez and Fester make the ultimate sacrifice -they build
Lurch a replacement. .

1.26 [--] The Addams Family: MORTICIA, THE BREADWINNER
26Mar65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Phil Leslie
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Milton Frome ........... Mr Blooker
John 'Red' Fox ........ Man
Maxine Semon ........... Woman
Ceil Cabot ............. Woman
The stockmarket has collapsed, and thousands of people are going broke. Fester and
Morticia think that the Family has lost all its money, while Gomez has bought a
railroad to play with. Morticia rallies the Family to make money without telling
Gomez, as it would upset him. Fester and Lurch start an escort service, Morticia
teaches fencing and the kids start a henbane stand. Thing sells pencils. None of
these are successes. Gomez is planning a vacation and the Family think he's lost
his mind out of shock. Morticia decides to sell her jewels, so Fester blows open
the safe. Inside is a railroad stock. Having heard about some mystery man buying
railway stock, Morticia has Blooker the broker sell it to the "Mystery Man" which
is Gomez. Gomez unwittingly buys his own stock. He' s puzzled by the whole thing
as all their money is safe, except for that in the railroad, which sank into a swamp.

02Apr65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Vito Scotti ........... Professor Altshuler
Tim Herbert ........... Mr. Hinckley
Jimmy Cross ........... Mr. Gilbert
Bob LeMond ............ Announcer's Voice
There have been sightings of UFOs, and when Mr. Hinckley and Mr. Gilbert,
investigators from the MSO (Mysterious Space Objects), comes across the Family
on a moonlight picnic and snail hunt. They think that Lurch and Cousin Itt are
aliens. The family believes the same of him and his assistant. The two 'aliens'
seem shocked, so Gomez and Mortitia lock them up for their own protection. They
then call Professor Altshuler for advice. Professor Altshuler thinks Martians
have invaded and rushes over to see what the Addams Family has found. It turns
out that Mr. Hinckley is his assistant, and the UFOs were Pugsley's home made rockets.

1.28 [--] The Addams Family: MY SON, THE CHIMP
09Apr65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Henry Sharp / Story: Don Quinn
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Robert Nunn .......... Boy's Voice
Fester's working on a new experiment when something goes wrong. An organ grinder's
chimp wanders into the house when Fester's experiment blows up. Pugsley was watching,
and was knocked through a wall. When the smoke clears, Fester sees the chimp and
thinks he's transformed Pugsley into the chimp. Morticia thinks the chimp is nice,
but wants her son back. Fester tries contacting the spirit world for advice.
Pugsley and tries to explain to Fester that he's behind a secret door. He's
eventually freed and the chimp returned to his owner. Wednesday turns up with
a new boyfriend - the invisible man's invisible son.

1.29 [--] The Addams Family: MORTICIA'S FAVORITE CHARITY
16Apr65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Elroy Schwartz and Jameson Brewer / Story: Elroy Schwartz
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Parley Baer .......... Mr. Henson
Maida Severn ......... Mrs. Atherton
Donald Foster ....... Mr. Clayton
John Lawrence ........ Jason
There's a local charity auction being run by Mr Henson, and the Addams Family
hears about it. He doesn't want their help, but they insist on donating items
to it, Morticia complained that the attic it too full and needed cleaning.
Morticia offers a baby strangler plant and a moose's rear clock (the tail
swishes on the hour). Other donated treasures include: Wednesday's headless
Mary, Queen of Scots doll, the old flogging table, and a shrunken head.
Thing's box is accidentally donated as well.
Pugsley is depressed and hides in the chimney because one of the items was his
wolf's head clock that howls on the hour.
Eventually after much prodding Mr. Henson accepts some of the items. At the
auction, Henson almost likes a suit of armor the Family gave until he discovers
Uncle Fester is still inside it. Morticia decides they'll have to get Pugsley's
clock back to get him out of the chimney. Gomez bids at the charity auction
to retrieve it but is out bid for it. Mr. Clayton buys the clock. and takes it
home. Morticia wonders how they are going cheer Pugsley up when Lurch turns up
with the clock. The so unnerved with its howling that Mr. Clayton paid Lurch
to get rid of it! The family also retrieves Thing's box.

1.30 [--] The Addams Family: PROGRESS AND THE ADDAMS FAMILY
23Apr65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Bill Freedman and Ben Gershman /Story: Cecil Beard and Clark Haas
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Parley Baer ............ Mr. Henson
Natalie Masters ........ Phoebe Henson
John Hart .............. Scotty
Richard "Dick" Reeves ... Mike
Mr. Henson has now been made city Commissioner, and he condemns the Addams
Family house to evict them and build a freeway in its place. Gomez has
ignored notices of condemnation. When the Addamses hear a series of loud
explosions not traceable to any family members, they discover that the
trees around the house are being blown up. When the demolition crew tries
to set up the charges to destroy the house, Gomez has them thrown out.
Mr. Henson comes over, giving them 24 hours to vacate. Gomez decides
that he'll fight City Hall and challenge them legally , but sneakily.
He calls the Hensons over and announces he's bought a new plot of land,
where he aims to relocate the Addams family house and creating a new
set of swamps. It's the plot next to the Henson's house. The next day,
they begin to move the house (as their current neighbors cheer), but
Henson hastily revokes the freeway plan and buys the plot from Gomez.
The Addams Family home now is returned to its original site.

1.31 [--] The Addams Family: UNCLE FESTER'S TOUPEE
30Apr65 ABC Fri
Telplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Elizabeth Fraser ........ Madelyn Smith
Frederic Downs .......... Max
Fester's pen-pal Madelyn Cavendish Beauregard Faversham Firestone Smith,
from Paris, Illinois is coming to visit him. He's told her he's a handsome,
romantic type with a lot of hair and is very athletic. Gomez and Morticia
convince Fester he needs a hairpiece and Gomez calls in Max, a toupee
salesman. Max is terrified and leaves the house at a gallop, forgetting his
samples. Fester can't decide which to keep. Madelyn arrives, and is
attracted to Fester, and when she speaks French, he's hooked. Then she
starts to realize that Fester's not what he appears to be and finally
storms out. Fester' s not too bothered. He uses the spare wigs for target practice.

07May65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Richard Deacon ......... Mortimer Phelps
Itt is trying to decide on a career. Morticia suggests he become a marriage
counselor, and she and Gomez pretend to have problems for Itt to solve.
You just think of me as a plaything', she accuses Gomez. Itt manages only
to make matters worse, and Gomez and Morticia spend the night apart. Both
make up in the morning, but realize Itt isn't cut out to be a marriage
counselor. They call in Mr. Phelps, a vocational guidance expert. Phelps
thinks Itt is impossible, but stays when Gomez offers him a large amount
of money. Itt takes a Rorschach test, and gets them all right. And when
Itt takes word association, he again passes - though Phelps isn't sure how
he understood Itt! Phelps becomes enthusiastic, and decides that the best
possible career for Itt is . . . as a marriage counselor. Gomez calls:
'Lurch, show this quack the door!' Itt finally gets a job in Pango Pango,
an island in the South Seas, as a tourist guide.

1.33 [--] The Addams Family: LURCH, THE TEENAGE IDOL
14May65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Phil Leslie / Story: Carol Henning, Mitch Persons, and Ed Ring
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Herkie Styles ......... Mizzy Bickie
Laurie Mitchell ....... Gladys
Noanna Dix ............ Susie
Pam McMyler ........... Claire
Jacque Palmer ......... Joan
Patrick Moore ......... Tommy
Lurch records a song at the harpsichord which eventually attracts swarms of
screaming teenage fans to the house. The rest of the family thinks it is an
invasion. Morticia has a wonderful thought - Lurch is such a marvelous
musician, would he not make a great pop star? Mizzy Bickie, record promoter,
agrees once he hears Lurch, but Lurch is reluctant. Gomez insists, and when
the recording is played on the radio, Lurch becomes a huge star. Kids storm
the house, and Lurch likes it. Lurch starts to neglect his butlering duties,
and fan mail starts arriving by the truck-load. Bickie wants Lurch to do a
world tour, which Lurch agrees to. He gives the Family a signed photo of
himself. Gomez likes it, 'Best picture you ever took, Lurch. Doesn't look
a bit like you.' Outside the house, Lurch encounters the down side of fame
when his fans mob him. He decides he prefers the safe life with the Family
and gives up showbiz.

1.34 [--] The Addams Family: THE WINNING OF MORTICIA ADDAMS
21May65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Charles Marion and Jameson Brewer / Story: Charles Marion
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Lee Bergere .......... Dr. Francis Chalon
Jan Arvan ............ Drashi Dumo
Fester reads an article that claims that apparently happy marriages are dangerous,
because there is sickness hidden within. Since Gomez and Morticia are so happy,
Fester thinks he'd better help out and make them have a few fights for their own
good. He visits Drasi Dumo, Gomez's yoga master, and has Gomez thrown out of his
yoga society saying that Morticia's requested it. Fester's plan backfires because
Gomez enjoys being with Morticia all that time he would have spent on yoga.
Fester then calls the article's author, Dr. Chalon, who comes to offer advice.
He's very attracted to Morticia, and Fester stirs this up to cause trouble.
Dr. Chalon is the best swordsman in France, and Gomez challenges him to a duel.
Fester's getting worried, but Gomez would rather be dead than lose Morticia.
Dr. Chalon calls off the fight, declaring that their marriage is perfect just
the way it is.

############# The Addams Family ##############
############# season 2 1965-66 ###############
ABC Fridays 8:30 PM Eastern (30 episodes)

2.1 [35] The Addams Family: MY FAIR COUSIN ITT
17Sep65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Phil Leslie
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Sig Ruman ............. Erich von Bissell
Jimmy Cross ........... Bennie
Douglas Evans ......... Sam Detrick
Gomez has written a play for the Family to celebrate Wednesday's birthday.
Cousin Itt, Fester and Lurch all want to be the hero. Cousin Itt is brilliant
as the hero, Claude, much to Fester's disgust, he wanted the role. Now all
they need is a director, so Gomez decides to hire a professional. Erich von
Bissell, who wants to rekindle his faded career, and thinks the play beneath
him until Gomez offers $50,000. Meanwhile, Fester locks Itt in a chest so
he can play the hero, Fester is in turn locked in the iron maiden by Lurch,
who also wants the role. When Itt is freed, von Bissell refuses to work with
him, especially when he hears Itt's voice. Offended, Itt hides up the chimney.
Morticia coaxes him down and works on improving his voice. Itt slows his
speech down to reveal a deep baritone, which von Bissell adores. Itt now gets
airs and won't do a silly amateur play. Morticia is appalled and tries in
vain to get the old Itt back. Gomez brings over producer Sam Detrick, who
wants Itt to be the star of his next picture, a monster movie. Itt is so
incensed that his voice returns to normal.

2.2 [36] The Addams Family: MORTICIA'S ROMANCE (Part 1)
24Sep65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Margaret Hamilton ...... Hester Frump
On Morticia and Gomez's thirteenth wedding anniversary, Morticia tells the
children a bedtime story of how she and Gomez met.
Gomez was supposed to marry her sister, Ophelia (also played by Carolyn Jones).
Gomez was 22, and a hypochondriac. Grandmama invited Ophelia and her mother,
Mrs. Frump, over. Ophelia is a blonde, sweetly good-natured and with a habit
of strewing daisy petals everywhere. Gomez is unimpressed, but when her younger
sister Morticia arrives, it's love at first sight. She has Kitty and Cleo with
her. Mrs. Frump insists that Ophelia the older sister, marry first, but Gomez
hates her. She's no only too bright and cheery, but also a judo expert with;
penchant for flipping Gomez. Using judo, Ophelia forces Gomez to propose to her.
Morticia goes to Gomez, who is playing with his train set, and tries to
congratulate him. They blow up trains together. Morticia is obviously the one
for him. When she speaks French it inflames his blood and Gomez is convinced.
But what are they to do about Ophelia?
Morticia calls her Uncle Fester, but he's no help. Gomez tries his Cousin Itt,
who' s better. He suggests Gomez shoot himself. Morticia thinks it's a good
idea, and aims to join him (ala. Romeo and Juliet). Thing, however, stops them.
(Continued in part 2 - Episode 37)
Additional Information:
Carolyn Jones plays three roles: Morticia, the 22 yr-old Morticia, and her sister, Ophelia.

2.3 [37] The Addams Family: MORTICIA'S ROMANCE (Part 2)
01Oct65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Margaret Hamilton ..... Hester Frump
Edward Schaaf ......... Minister
Wednesday and Pugsley refuse to go to sleep until they are told the rest of the
story of their parents' romance.
Plans for Gomez and Ophelia's wedding continue. When Fester arrives, he's
astonished to find that anyone wants to marry Ophelia, but then learns the truth.
He decides that the perfect solution is to have Cousin Itt marry Ophelia, so
Gomez can have Morticia. Ophelia is a fan mysteries, and no one is more
mysterious than Cousin Itt! She's quite entranced with Itt. Meanwhile Gomez
tries to hide in the tunnel under the house. Morticia finds him and forces him
to talk to Ophelia. Gomez explains that he can't marry her, and to his surprise
Ophelia doesn't care, she's smitten with Cousin Itt Gomez then proposes to Morticia,
who accepts. The wedding continues, with a different bride than planned. Ophelia
literally throws over Cousin Itt, he's too much of a playboy for her.
Additional Information:
Carolyn Jones plays three roles: Morticia, the 22 yr-old Morticia, and her sister, Ophelia.

2.4 [38] The Addams Family: MORTICIA MEETS ROYALTY
08Oct65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Leo Rifkin
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Elvia Allman ......... Princess Millicent von Schlepp
Princess Millicent von Schlepp, (who is actually Aunt Millie from Iowa) arrives
for a visit in her sedan chair. She's a snob, even though her husband squandered
all her money but oil stocks. She has a literal handmaiden, Lady Fingers, a hand
that Thing falls desperately in love with. Millicent insists that they spruce up
the place, and dress accordingly. Fester the Jester is not amused. They finally
can take no more, and take her to a hotel. Oil is discovered on her property
and she's rich again. Morticia is relieved that she's gone, and will give no more
orders: 'The Addams Family is a democracy again. Thing is depressed, missing
Lady Fingers. Gomez agrees to invite Millicent back. but Millicent has fired Lady
Fingers and hired a new maid, Esmeralda, another disembodied hand. Thing goes
missing, and Millicent discovers one of her bracelets has been stolen. She thinks
Thing is guilty, but Gomez proves Esmeralda is the thief: Thing retums with Lady
Fingers. The two are engaged. Millicent hires her back, and Thing promises to
wait for Lady Fingers.

2.5 [39] The Addams Family: GOMEZ, THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE
15Oct65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Henry Sharp / Story: Joseph Vogel and Marvin Kaplan
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Parley Baer .......... Mayor Arthur Henson
Jack Barry ........... Reporter
Eddie Quillan ........ Flyde Arbogast
Lennie Bremen ........ 1st Workman
Bart 'Buzz' Greene ... 2nd Workman
Gomez is insulted by his latest tax bill, which is only $84, and complains to the
mayor Henson. Mayor Henson misunderstands and offers him a rebate, convincing
Gomez and Morticia that he's incompetent. Morticia convinces Gomez to run for
office, so Fester gets out Wizzo (their computer) to help with political questions.
Unlike Henson, Gomez won't lie and cheat, and the reporter who interviews him
discovers Gomez has odd views, such as aiming to preserve picturesque slums.
The Mayor challenges Gomez to a TV debate, which Gomez wants to weasel out of,
but then gets utterly preoccupied with. Morticia is distraught and tries to get
him to quit. When that doesn't work, she tries to convince people not to vote
for Gomez, but her efforts all backfire. Gomez is about to be elected, but is
disqualified on a technicality, which makes everyone happy again, especially
the Mayor.

2.6 [40] The Addams Family: COUSIN ITT'S PROBLEM
22Oct65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Carol Henning, Ed Ring, and Mitch Persons
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Meg Wyllie ............ Myrtle Mae Dragwater
Frankie Darro ......... Delivery Boy
Cousin Itt is shedding hair, and the Family is worried that he'll lose his great
good looks along with his hair. Fester gets out his chemistry set to produce a
batch of hair restorer and prevent a disaster.

2.7 [41] The Addams Family: HALLOWEEN-ADDAMS STYLE
29Oct65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Yvonne Peattie ......... Penelope Sandhurst
Bob Jellison ........... Henry Sandhurst
Don McArt .............. Cousin Cackle
Mrs. Sandhurst, one of the neighbors, shocks Wednesday by telling her that there
are no such things as witches. Wednesday returns home in tears, and the Family
has to rally around to prove that Mrs. Sandhurst is wrong and to restore
Wednesday's faith in her favorite holiday. To prove to the children that witches
do exist, Morticia and Gomez attempt to summon one through a seance.

2.8 [42] The Addams Family: MORTICIA, THE WRITER
05Nov65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Peter Bonerz .......... Boswell
Morticia disapproves of the books the children are assigned from school, since
they portray giants, goblins and ghouls as the bad guys. She sets up an office
in a cave and starts writing better stories such as 'The Good Giant Slays Sir
Lancelot' and 'Cinderella, The Teenage Delinquent'. Gomez is worried because
she seems so obsessed and is afraid he'll lose her to her work. She asks him to
send her story to Demon Press (she likes the name), and Gomez agrees to Fester's
suggestion to change it and make it unprintable. When he does, though, Boswell,
the publisher, arrives , thinking Morticia is a genius. He asks for $5,000 to
publish the book, convincing Gomez he's a con artist. Gomez gives him $10,000
to get rid of him. Morticia returns to work, on Goldilocks next: 'Trust a blonde
to bring on trouble.' Gomez discovers that Boswell was for real, and Morticia's
book is selling like crazy becoming the standard work for schools. When she reads
it, though, she's appalled: the witches are bad and nil her other innovations
are changed. Gomez confesses what he did, and Morticia thinks he was very wise,
he's proved to her that publishers have no idea what good literature is!

2.9 [43] The Addams Family: MORTICIA, THE SCULPTRESS
12Nov65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Vito Scotti ........... Sam Picasso
Hugh Sanders .......... Bosley Swain
Morticia wants to do something to add to life artisticaily, so she decides to take
up sculpting. Lurch carries in a huge rock for her and she sets to work. 3 months
later, Fester still isn't impressed, so Gomez calls in art critic Swain for an
informed opinion. He suggests blowing the sculpture up, and Gomez has to hide this
opinion from Morticia. He decides that the best way out of this is to get someone
to buy it, and hires Sam Picasso (last seen in episode 14) to do the deed. Sam
Picasso and Morticia instead decide to sponsor starving artists. Gomez is driven
to distraction (and near-bankruptcy) by this, as Morticia neglects everything to
concentrate on her work. Then she finds the children making fudge and is horrified.
She decides she's been neglecting them and gives up sculpture. Gomez is more than
happy, because he's been feeling neglected also, and Tish promises to make it up to him.

2.10 [44] The Addams Family: GOMEZ, THE RELUCTANT LOVER
19Nov65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Charles Marion and Leo Rifkin / Story: Charles Marion
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Jill Andre ............. Isobel Dunbar
Tom Brown Henry ........ Mr. Jennings
Pugsley is all melancholic because he's in love with his teacher, Miss Dunbar.
Gomez tries to cheer him by buying him a pneumatic drill, but Pugsley already
has one. Pugsley tries to write a love letter, but he can't get it right, so he
copies one of his father's old ones to his mother. He then sends the love letter
to his teacher, Miss Dunbar. She's horrified and goes to visit Pugsley's father.
Naturally, Gomez knows the letter by heart and she thinks he sent it. The shy
and mousey Miss Dunbar is charmed and attracted to Gomez and attacks him. Gomez
tries to put her off, without success. Fester sees him in a compromising position
with Miss Dunbar and tells him, 'I don't know about you, but I come from a long
line of stool-pigeons.' He tells Morticia, who confronts Gomez. Gomez explains
that he's only wooing Miss Dunbar to show her she is an attractive woman and
can get a man of her own. He's afraid to reject her because it might damage her
self-esteem. Morticia doesn't buy it, and is about to leave him. Then the
principal, Mr. Jennings, arrives to look for Miss Dunbar and when he sees the
new version falls for her. She then rejects a relieved Gomez and everyone is happy again.

2.11 [45] The Addams Family: FEUD IN THE ADDAMS FAMILY
26Nov65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Rick Richard and Jerry Gottler / Story: Rick Richard
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Fred Clark ............ Mr. Henry Courtney
Virginia Gregg ........ Mrs. Courtney
Kevin Tate ............ Robespierre Courtney
Aunt Abigail Addams wants to have Gomez removed as the head of the Family fortune,
and is in town on a visit. Meanwhile Mrs. Courtney wants to get to know her,
and she annoys her husband by encouraging their young son, Robespierre, to get
along better with Wednesday, who's in love with Robespierre. Mrs. Courtney thinks
Wednesday's family is Abigail's and agrees to visit for tea. Meanwhile, Wednesday
is getting advice from her relatives on how to catch men, along with a rope, a
gun and love dust. The Courtneys are taken aback when they arrive and meet Itt
and Fester. Fester thinks they're spies when they mention Abigail's name, and
gets obsessed. He breaks their pens, thinking they're bugged. Gomez helps Courtney
to invest and he promptly loses all his money. It finally dawns on Courtney that
his wife was completely wrong, and they leave, laughing hysterically. Abigail
finally drops her plans to sue Gomez it turns out to be Gomez's cousin by marriage.
Additional Information When Fester is ranting on about spies, he suspects that
the Courtneys are working for THRUSH - the villains from The Man From UNCLE, which
was then at the height of its popularity.

2.12 [46] The Addams Family: GOMEZ, THE CAT BURGLAR
03Dec65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Phil Leslie
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Ken Mayer ............. Sergeant Rogers
Bill White ............ Officer Hix
After a large meal, Gomez gets sleepy. That night, he sleepwalks, and when he
returns doesn't get up till four in the afternoon. The news is filled with the
story of a cat burglar on the loose. He sleep-walks again that night, and the cat
burglar strikes again. Fester stands guard, but falls asleep, and the Family is
worried. Fester and Morticia find the stolen loot in their basement, and are
afraid Gomez is the cat burglar sought by the police. They have to keep him from
going out. Grandmama realizes that her yak stew is what's making him sleep-walk,
and Morticia hypnotizes Gomez to find out why he's stealing. He's been reading
about Robin Hood, and has been influenced to imitate him. Morticia wants to use
hypnosis to cure him, but speaks French and he awakens. They lock him in the
basement, but he escapes, returning at three a.m. with more loot. The others
waken him and he realizes what he's been doing and is aghast. This time, though,
the police have followed him. To prevent them from arresting Gomez, Morticia
hypnotizes them and gets them to return the loot.

2.13 [47] The Addams Family: PORTRAIT OF GOMEZ
10Dec65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Leo Salkin, Bill Lutz, and Henry Sharp / Story: Leo Salkin and Bill Lutz
Director: Sidney Salkow
Guest Cast:
Tom D'Andrea ........... Examiner
Ralph Montgomery ....... Photographer
Strife magazine calls to tell Gomez that they're sending a photographer round.
He thinks he's been chosen their Man of the Year. Morticia wants to supply her
own picture of Gomez for the cover, but Cleopatra eats her favorite photo of Gomez.
The photographer who took it is now out of business, so Fester volunteers to
take a new one. When this doesn't come out properly Gomez retreats to the chandelier
in despair. Morticia tracks down the photographer, and discovers he's now taking
photos for drivers' licenses. All they need is for Gomez to apply for his license
- but he can't drive. Lurch has to teach him, but when Gomez takes his test he
terrifies the examiner. He can't understand why Gomez even wants a license.
When Gomez explains, the examiner tells him that the photographer was fired anyway.
Back to square one (and having given up driving) Gomez has Morticia paint his
portrait. The photographer from Strife arrives, but he wants to photograph the
house, chosen Spookiest House of the Year. The Family is tremendously proud.
Additional Information:
Roger Arroyo plays Cousin Itt in this episode.

2.14 [48] The Addams Family: MORTICIA'S DILLEMA
17Dec65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Jerry Gottler and John Bradford
Director: Sidney Miller
Guest Cast:
Anthony Caruso ......... Don Xavier Francisco de la Mancha Molines
Yardena ................ Consuela
Bella Bruck ............ Mada The Duenna
Carlos Rivas ........... Senor Cardona
There's a letter for Gomez from Camplona, Spain - an old family friend, Don Xavier
Francisco de la Mancha Molines is coming to visit. Don Xavier's daughter, Consuela,
is getting married and has assumed it's to Gomez. They arrive with her Duenna, and
Morticia catches onto the problem. She thinks Gomez is two-timing her or building
up a harem. She goes to Itt for advice and he suggests using psychology. Gomez hires
flamenco dancer Senior Cardona to entertain his guests, and the dancer and Consuela
fall for one another. Gomez is still oblivious of everything until Don Xavier
announces that he is betrothed to Consuela. Gomez naturally refuses to marry her.
Don Xavier is insulted and challenges Gomez to a duel. During the fight, Thing
prevents Don Xavier from running Gomez through, and Gomez accidentally brings
the chandelier down on Cardona. Consuela is upset and announces that she's going
to marry the dancer. Everything is resolved and everyone is happy once more.

24Dec65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Gregg Martell ......... Santa Claus
Uncle Fester is chosen to slide down the chimney dressed as Santa Claus to prove
the existence of St. Nick to the children. Fester gets stuck in the chimney, so
Gomez, Lurch, Cousin Itt, and even Morticia and Grandmama each don a red suit
and appear to the children.

2.16 [50] The Addams Family: UNCLE FESTER, TYCOON
31Dec65 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Sloan Nibley and Preston Wood
Director: Sidney Salkow
Guest Cast:
Roy Roberts ........... Thaddeus Logan
Harold Peary .......... Dr. Brown
Fester gets a letter from another of his pen-pals, Diana the bearded lady. Overcome
with emotion, he proposes to her by mail. Morticia is worried about him and poses
as Diana's mother (complete with beard) to try and talk him out of it. She accuses
him of being unable to support her 'daughter', so Fester decides he has to get a
job. He enrolls in a correspondence course in business and starts getting into it.
He gets very aggressive and hones his bargaining ability. He impresses Logan with
his skills and is offered a job. Meanwhile, worried, Gomez calls in a psychiatrist,
Dr. Brown, to help cure Fester. When Logan comes to see Fester, Gomez thinks he's
the psychiatrist and that he's trying to take Fester off to an institution. Gomez
manages to get rid of Logan, and Fester decides he's had enough of work and gives
up on his plans to marry. When the real Brown arrives he thinks Fester's crazy, but
the Family thinks he's cured.

07Jan66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Sloan Nibley and Preston Wood / Story: Lila Garrett and Bernie Kahn
Director: Sidney Salkow
Guest Cast:
Irene Tedrow ........... Inez Thudd
Loyal 'Doc' Lucas ...... Motel Proprietor
Morticia thinks Grandmama and Fester are spoiling the children. Fester arrives,
hallucinating from too much sun, and with his dynamite. When they take it from
him he's upset. When a hurricane hits the Gulf Coast, Gomez and Morticia aim
to go and enjoy it, employing Miss Thudd to look after the children. Fester and
Grandmama are insulted and threaten to leave. Since they have no money, they
decide to split the house instead, painting a line down their half (including half
of Lurch!). Gomez and Morticia check into the Last Chance Motel, which is dirty,
wet and next to a smelly glue factory, the perfect getaway. Then they discover
that Miss Thudd's bag has been accidentally brought along, and it contains treats
for the children. 'She can't be all bad', argues Gomez. 'Really?' asks Morticia
'Reading Dr Spock?' 'Oh', apologizes Gomez. 'I thought it was Dr Spook.' They rush
home, concerned for the children, only to discover that Grandmama and Fester have
fired Miss Thudd and are looking after the children themselves. Gomez and Morticia
are vastiy relieved and apologize. The hurricane now hits the house, so the whole
Family is happy again.

2.18 [52] The Addams Family: FESTER GOES ON A DIET
14Jan66 ABC Fri
Telplay: Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Jack La Lanne ......... Jack La Grann
William Keene ......... Dr. Motley
Peggy Mondo ........... Yvette
Rolfe Sedan ........... Mr. Briggs, the Postman
Pugsley has been exercising, much to his parents' disapproval. Fester gets a letter
from his French pen-pal, Yvette, who is coming to visit. He decides he has to get
into shape, with the help of TV fitness guru Jack La Grann. Gomez and Morticia can't
understand why he's doing this and think he's ill. They call in Dr. Motley, who
panics at some of the results when he tests Fester and flees. When Fester accidentally
hypnotizes himself in an attempt to get fit, Morticia uses the opportunity to question
him. She comes to the conclusion he wants to become an astronaut. NASA isn't amused
when she tries to talk them out of employing Fester, since they have no idea what's
going on. Fester uses a mummy case as a steam bath to lose weight, and explains about
Yvette. When she arrives, she's rather overweight and jilts Fester because he's too skinny!

2.19 [53] The Addams Family: THE GREAT TREASURE HUNT
21Jan66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Nestor Paiva ........... Captain Grimby
Dick Reeves ............ Mr. Brack
In the attic the Family discovers Great-Grandfather Pegleg' s old sea chest. There's
a treasure map in it. Gomez explains that Pegleg was buried at sea with 'full military
honors - handcuffed, blindfolded, dropped off a plank'. Morticia wants to search for
the treasure, but half the map is missing, so the first search is for the rest of the
map. When Gomez finds it they charter a boat from Captain Grimby and his mate, Mr.
Brack. Grimby becomes infected with greed, especially when Gomez offers him $200,000
for the charter. The sailors try to steal the map, but Fester walks in on them. They
torture him to make him open the safe, but he enjoys that. He only gives them the
combination when they stop. The safe is booby-trapped, and they're scared off. Also
in the safe is a code book for the map. When they check it, it turns out that the
treasure is buried under the house, not at sea. They dig up the treasure chest. They
open the chest snd find that its filled with chocolate gold pieces.
Additional Information:
Roger Arroyo plays Cousin Itt in this episode.

2.20 [54] The Addams Family: OPHELIA FINDS ROMANCE
28Jan66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Robets Nichols .......... Horatio Bartholomew
Ophelia needs help with her latest romance. She met Horatio Bartholomew at a Lonely
Hearts' Club, and Grandma Frump objects to him. Gomez and Morticia both think he's
a phony, and try to convince Itt to marry Ophelia instead. She won't listen to them,
and prefers Grandmama's opinion because Grandmama likes him. Horatio claims to have
studied at Heidelberg. Gomez decides to test Horation and fences with him, and loses.
He also loses at cards to him. Morticia tries to prove he's a ladies' man by flirting
with him, but he rejects her for Ophelia. Then Gomez discovers that Horatio is
actually the second richest man in the world and not a phony after all. He tries to
make up for his suspicions by teaching Horatio Zen yoga, but Horatio hates it. Ophelia
decides that this means he's unsuitable and breaks up with him. Itt reappears,
having decided he'd like to marry Ophelia, and she carries him off. Nobody is too
surprised, however, when she breaks off that romance as well.
Additional Information:
Carolyn Jones plays Ophelia Frump in this episode.

2.21 [55] The Addams Family: PUGSLEY'S ALLOWANCE
04Feb66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Parley Beer ............ Mr. Arthur Henson
Natalie Masters ........ Mrs. Henson
Jack Collins ........... Dr. Bird
Robert S. Carson ...... Mr. Glenville
Bernie Tim Herbert
Pugsley wants some money and offers to work for it. This horrifies his parents, Addams
don't work! They agree to let him work to teach him a lesson. Pugsley tries to get
a job at the hospital, helping Dr. Bird with operations, but is thrown out. Then he
sees Mr. Glenville at the bank and tries counting cash in a bank vault, which gets
thrown out again. Next Pugsley tries to work at a funeral home, only to discover it's
merely the front for a bookie joint run by Bennie. Pugsley convinces Wednesday to
join him and they offer to trim hedges, wash the car and clear the attic for the
Hensons (who should know better by now). Mr. Henson convinces them to do all the work
for fifty cents. But when he checks on their work, the hedge is cut into hideous
creatures, the car was washed by filling it with soap and water and the attic isn't
merely cleared, it's gone. He threatens to sue Gomez, who threatens a counter-suit for
exploiting the kids. Mr. Henson apologizes quickly, and Gomez buys his ruined house.
He then gives Pugsley the job of cleaning another attic for a fair rate. Pugsley is
happy, and this time he'll clear it using dynamite...

2.22 [56] The Addams Family: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA FRUMP
11Feb66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Elroy Schwartz
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Margaret Hamilton ....... Hester Frump
George Petrie ........... Dr. Jonley
Annoyed by not being asked to contribute to a charity drive, Gomez decides he'll build
his own old folks' home. Meanwhile, Granny Frump's birthday is coming up and she's
been invited over. Gomez and Morticia plan to send her to a beauty spa, but Pugsley
thinks she's heading for the retirement home. Fester thinks that's a good idea, but
reluctantly suggests that she should make herself too useful to be sent away. Granny
tries hard, but she overdoes it and upsets Lurch by stealing his chores. Wednesday
tries to cheer her up by suggesting she act young. Granny overdoes that, too, dressing
and acting like a child. Gomez and Morticia think she's cracked up, and call in Dr.
Jonley to examine her. Fester discovers the truth and explains to Granny - who then
mistakes Jonley for the beautician and insists on being taken away. She enjoys the
mental hospital for a while, but leaves when they won't give her a perm.
Additional Information:
George Petrie played another psychiatrist in episode 2.

2.23 [57] The Addams Family: MORTICIA, THE DECORATOR
18Feb66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Gene Thompson
Director: Sidney Salkow
Guest Cast:
Jeff Donnell ......... Eleanor Digby
Eddie Quillan ........ Joe Digby
To sell the neighboring Addamses an insurance policy, agent Joe Digby allows Morticia
to redecorate his home. Morticia gives Mr. and Mrs. Digby a stuffed vulture as a present.
Morticia is caught up in the National Beautification Program and decides to become a
decorator. Their new neighbors are the Digbys, and he's an insurance salesman. Gomez
asks him to insure their art collection for a million dollars, and invites him to visit
with his wife. They're taken aback by the Addams's house, and Mrs. Digby explains that
they have to decorate their home. Morticia offers to help, and Mrs. Digby faints.
Once the insurance papers are signed, Mrs. Digby claims she can't afford to use
Morticia, thinking that will end matters. The Family feels sorry for the neighbors
and order Lurch to take over a few decorating items. Fester disapproves and tries to
sabotage this by substituting a genuine antique desk he loathes. Mrs. Digby thinks
she's misjudged Morticia and asks her to do the rest of the house. Morticia complies,
turning the garden into a desert, the house into a jungle and the basement into a
swimming pool by flooding it. Mrs. Digby faints again. Morticia likes the house so
much she's loathe to part with it, and buys it from the Digbys for a showroom. They
offer their neighbors a new home and more decorating help. Surprisingly, the Digbys
emigrate to Timbuktu.
Additional Information:
The Digbys' living room was the set formally used for Wilbur and Carol Post's house
on the "Mister. Ed" series.

2.24 [58] The Addams Family: OPHELIA VISITS MORTICIA
25Feb66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Art Weingarten
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
George Cisar .......... Montrose
Ophelia is still having problems getting a man. As Gomez observes: 'In the school of
romance, I'm afraid she's just a drop-out'. Ophelia's latest beau, Montrose, has
left her (the sixth this year), for the Peace Corps. Fester decides to help her by
joining the Peace Corps to enable him to look for Montrose. When Fester takes the
exam the and returns him home. The family gets the news that the Peace Corps does
not want Fester. They dare not break this news to Fester, who' s keen on his plan,
so they try convince him to stay. Gomez pretends he's lost all his money and needs
help, so Fester will stay. Morticia claims to need inspiration from Fester for her
paintings, so he dresses as an angel and suspends himself from the roof. Ophelia is
still pining for Montrose, who has quit the Corps and returns to her.

2.25 [59] The Addams Family: ADDAMS CUM LAUDE
04Mar66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Sloan Nibley and Bill Lutz
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Allyn Joslyn ........... Sam Hilliard
Carol Byron ............ Secretary
Pat Brown .............. Mrs. Bennet
The school principal threatens to expel the children after they've been playing with
dynamite caps. Morticia hears that Sam Hilliard, former truant officer, is now
running a private school, Mockridge Hall. She wants to get the children enrolled.
Mockridge Hall is strapped for cash and Mr. Hilliard can't turn Gomez's offer of
$10,000 tuition. When Pugsley and Wednesday bring their pets to school, he expels
them. Gomez thinks he's' cracked under the pressure of the money problems and he buys
the school to run it properly. He renames it Addams Hall and Mr. Hilliard resigns
immediately, so Morticia persuades Gomez to take over. The parents of the other pupils
insist that Mr Hilliard return or they'll take their children out. Morticia is
touched by their loyalty to Mr. Hilliard (actually, they're terrified of Gomez).
Gomez brings him back with a promise not to interfere. Wednesday and Pugsley decide
they prefer their old school, and return there.

2.26 [60] The Addams Family: CAT ADDAMS
11Mar66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Paul Tuckahoe
Director: Stanley Z. Cherry
Guest Cast:
Marty Ingels ............ Dr. Marvin P. Gunderson
Loyal 'Doc' Lucas ....... Jungle Doctor
Kitty Kat, the Family's pet lion, is feeling ill and off his food. Gomez first tries
to call a Jungle Doctor in Africa to make a house call. The doctor won't make a
house call from Africa so Grandmama insists on calling in the best medical advice
that Gomez's money can buy, Dr. Gunderson.

2.27 [61] The Addams Family: LURCH'S LITTLE HELPER
18Mar66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Phil Leslie
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Robby the Robot ....... Smiley
Morticia is afraid that they are overworking Lurch, so Gomez builds him a robot
assistant. Lurch doesn't like 'Smiley until he realizes he's now the Head Butler.
He then has Smiley do all of the work in his stead. The problem is Smiley is too
strong, and this causes all kinds of complications, and he simply can't cook. Gomez
begins wishing he'd never had this particular bright idea, since Lurch has stopped
working. They decide to cure him by telling him! he's no longer needed and he can
take a long rest. Lurch is now worried, because he likes his job, and he's afraid
he's been replaced. Thing suggests sabotaging Smiley. When Gomez rings for Smiley,
Lurch appears, with a wrench, to announce that Smiley has resigned...

2.28 [62] The Addams Family: THE ADDAMS POLICY
25Mar66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Mr Henson Parley Baer Mr Joe Digby Eddie Quillan Morticia has a new flame thrower,
which Fester tests, setting their polar bear on fire. They make a claim to their
insurance company, infuriating Mr. Henson the manager. His clerk, Joe Digby, had
forgotten to cancel the Family's coverage. Digby is in a quandary as Gomez wants
the bear replaced, but he can't find one big enough. Mr. Henson, furious, he has
Fester re-enact the accident, and then fires Mr. Digby. Gomez feels sorry for
the clerk and decides to help him by opening his own insurance company. The Family
will be his staff, and they will specialize in covering people conventional
insurance rejects. When their first client arrives, Fester gives him a medical
exam that almost breaks his leg. Grandmama uses her crystal ball to work out his
life expectancy and reveals him to be Mr. Henson in disguise. Gomez threatens
to remove all his companies' insurance from Henson's firm, and Henson is faced
with the staggering loss has to back down and rehire Digby. Digby manages to
replace the bear, but Fester promptly sets it on fire again.

2.29 [63] The Addams Family: LURCH'S GRAND ROMANCE
01Apr66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Gene Thompson and Art Weingarten
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
(no details)
Trivia Diane Jergens Morticia's old school chum Tiny Trivia arrives for a visit.
She's into show-biz and very theatrical. Lurch fails for her, but she has no time
for him. Wednesday tries to teach Lurch modern dance to help him snare Trivia, but
that's a failure. Fester offers Lurch advice about women, which merely discourages
Lurch, and he decides to kill himself. Gomez tries to help out by writing a
suicide note, but Lurch changes his mind and decides to live. Morticia suggests
serenading Trivia, this too ends in failure. Grandmama suggests a love potion.
The love potion worked too well, and Trivia attacks Lurch, and then Gomez. The
potion just makes her insatiable for all men. Fester tries to explain, but she
goes for him next, and then Itt. Finally, the potion wears off, and she returns
to normal. Lurch is glad to see her leave. Grandmama can't understand what went
wrong, but will test the potion on herself next.

2.30 [64] The Addams Family: OPHELIA'S CAREER (final episode)
08Apr66 ABC Fri
Teleplay: Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Guest Cast:
Ben Wright ........... Mr. Rudoipho
Ralph Rose ........... Signor Bellini
Ophelia arrives in tears as usual, as she's been jilted again. Morticia thinks she
should take up a career to distract her from her bad track record with men.
Chemistry is a failure, so Cousin Itt offers to teach her singing. This doesn't
work too well, and she sings like he talks. Gomez hires Signor Bellini to help
with the effort. He gets furious with her and thratens to quit. Ophelia tries
singing choral music, in a chorus of voices she is fabulous, which stuns Bellini.
Six months later, she's audition ing for Signor Rudoipho, the great impresario.
Fester tries to calm her nerves by giving her a throat tonic, which ruins her
voice. Morticia tries to console her sister by writing a new opera for her,
'Afternoon In A Swamp'. Ophelia tries singing again and even cuts a record, which
she sends the Family. She now has a two-tone voice.. . alto and bass.

############# The Addams Family ##############
################# the end ##################

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