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The Wackiest Ship in the Army (1965-66) starring Jack Warden, Gary Collins
Wagon Train (Revue/NBC/ABC)(1957-65)
starring Ward Bond, Robert Horton, John McIntire, Robert Fuller

Walt Disney TV Anthologies (1954-83) (by season)  Family Anthology Series 
The Walter Winchell File (Desilu)(1957-58) Crime Anthology Series

The Waltons (Lorimar/CBS)(1972-81)
starring Richard Thomas, Miss Michael Learned, Ralph Waite, Ellen Corby, Will Geer

Wanted: Dead or Alive (Four Star/CBS)(1958-61) starring Steve McQueen
Warner Brothers Presents (1955-56) Anthology Series
Waterfront (1954-55) starring Preston Foster
Way Out (Talent Associates/CBS)(Spring 1961) host Roald Dahl
We'll Get By (CBS) (spring 1975) starring Paul Sorvino and Mitzi Hoag

The Web (Goodson-Todman / CBS) (1950-54) Anthology series
The Web (Goodson-Todman / NBC)(Summer 1957) Anthology series

Tales of Wells Fargo (Revue)(1957-62) starring Dale Robertson

Wendy And Me (1964-65) starring George Burns & Connie Stevens

Wesley (CBS)(Summer 1949)  Live Sitcom starring
Donald Devlin, Johnny Stewart, Frank Thomas, Mona Thomas, Joe Sweeney, Joy Reese, Jack Ayres, Billy Nevard

West Point Story (ZIV)(1956-57) anthology series hosted by Donald May
The Westerner (Four Star/NBC)(fall 1960) starring Brian Keith

Westinghouse Studio One (CBS)(1948-58) 60 min "live" Monday Night Dramatic Anthology
Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse (1958-60) Filmed Anthology series hosted by Desi Arnaz
Westinghouse Playhouse: The Nanette Fabray Show (Revue/NBC)(Early 1961) Comedy series starring Nanette Fabray

Westside Medical (1977) starring James Sloyan, Linda Carlson, Ernest Thompson

What's My Line (CBS)(1950-67) Quiz hosted by John Daly / (syndicated )(1968-75)

When Things Were Rotten (Paramount/ABC) (fall 1975) starring Richard Gautier, Misty Rowe, Bernie Koppell, Dick Van Patten

Whiplash (Australia)(1960-61) starring Peter Graves
Whirlybirds (1957-60) starring KennethTobey & Craig Hill
Whispering Smith (Revue/NBC)(Summer 1961) starring Audie Murphy, Guy Mitchell
The Whistler (1954-55) no host
White Hunter (UK) (1957-58) starring Rhodes Reason

Who's The Boss (Embassy/Columbia/ABC)(1984-92) starring Tony Danza, Judith Light & Katherine Helmond
Who's Watching The Kids (Paramount/ NBC) (Fall 1978) starring Caren Kaye & Lynda Goodfriend

Wichita Town (Mirisch-Four Star/NBC)(1959-60) starring Joel McCrea
Wide Country (Revue/NBC)(1962-63) starring Earl Holliman, Andrew Prine
Wild Bill Hickok (Screen Gems/Synd)(1951-58) starring Guy Madison, Andy Devine

The Wild Wild West (CBS)(1965-69) starring Robert Conrad & Ross Martin

William Tell (UK) (1957-58) starring Conrad Phillips
Willy (Desilu) (1954-55) starring June Havoc
Window On Main Street (1961-62) starring Robert Young
Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years (Screen Gems/ABC)(1960)  WWII documentary series
Wire Service (1956-57) George Brent, Mercedes McCambridge, Dane Clark

The Witness (Talent Associates/CBS)(1960-61)(Legal Drama series)

WKRP in Cincinnati (CBS)(1978-82) starring Garry Sandy ...
Wojeck (CBC)(1966; 1968)(Canadian Drama series) starring John Vernon

Wonder Woman  (Douglas S. Cramer/WB/ABC)(1975-77) staring Lynda Carter
The New Adventures of Wonder Woman (Douglas S. Cramer/WB/ABC)(1977-79) staring Lynda Carter

Wonderful John Acton (NBC)(1953) starring Harry Holcombe

 The World at War  (UK)(Thames/ITV)(1973-75) WWII Documentary series
World Of Giants (1957,1959) starring Marshall Thompson, Arthur Franz
Wrangler (Wolper/NBC)(Summer 1960) starring Jason Evers
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (1955-61) starring Hugh O'Brian

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