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Occasional Wife (1966-67) starring Michael Callan
The Odd Couple (ABC)(1970-75) starring Tony Randall & Jack Klugman
Official Detective (1957-58) anthology series hosted by Everett Sloane
Oh! Susanna (1956-60) starring Gale Storm
O'Hara U.S. Treasury (Jack Webb/CBS)(1971-72) starring David Janssen
O. Henry Playhouse (1957) Anthology Series - host Thomas Mitchell
Oh Those Bells! (spring 1962) starring The Wiere Brothers
O.K. Crackerby! (1965-66) starring Burl Ives
Omnibus (CBS)(1952-56)/ (ABC)(1956-61)

On Our Own (Time-Life/CBS)(1977-78) starring Lynnie Greene, Bess Armstrong

On The Rocks (ABC)(1975-76) starring Jose Perez

One Day At A Time (Norman Lear/CBS)(1975-84) starring Bonnie Franklin
One Happy Family (Goodson-Todman/NBC)1961) starring Dick Sargent & Jody Warner

One Of The Boys (Columbia/NBC)(1982) staring Mickey Rooney
One Step Beyond (1959-61)(anthology) hosted and directed by John Newland

One West Waikiki (Rysher/Glen Larson/CBS) (1994-96) starring Cheryl Ladd, Richard Burgi

On Trial/The Joseph Cotten Show (Revue/NBC)(1956-57) Anthology Series
O.S.S. (UK)(1957) starring Ron Randell
The Oregon Trail  (Universal/NBC)(pilot 1976- series fall 1977) Rod Taylor, Darleen Carr, Andrew Stevens
Orient Express (Europe/UK Anthology series)(1952-53)
The Outcasts (Screen Gems)(1968-69) Western starring Don Murray & Otis Young
Our Man Higgins (1962-63) starring Stanley Holloway
Our Miss Brooks (1952-56) starring Eve Arden

Out Of The Blue (Paramount/ABC) (fall 1979) starring Jimmy Brogan, Dixie Carter
The Outer Limits (UA/Leslie Stevens/ABC)(1963-65) SciFi Anthology
Outlaws (1960-62) Barton MacLane, Don Collier, Jock Gaynor, Bruce Yarnell, Slim Pickens
The Outsider (1968-69)starring Darren McGavin

Over My Dead Body (Universal/CBS) (1990-91) starring Edward Woodward
Overland Trail (1960) starring William Bendix and Doug McClure
Overseas Press Club - Exclusive! (UK)(1957) anthology series
OwenMarshall, Counselor at Law (Universal/ABC)(1971-74) starring Arthur Hill
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1952-66) starring Ozzie & Harriet Nelson

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