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It's a Man's World (1962-63)
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Heyday Productions / Revue Studios / MCA tv
NBC (Mondays 7:30 pm EST)
Created and Produced by Peter Tewksbury

US Comedy/Drama series 1962-63 19 episodes x 60 min bw
Glenn Corbett as Wes Macauley
Michael Burns as Howie Macauley
Ted Bessell as Tom-Tom DeWitt
Randy Boone as Vern Hodges
Harry Harvey, Sr. as Houghton Stott
Jan Norris as Irene Hoff
Kate Murtaugh as Mrs. Iona Dobson
Scott White as Virgil Dobson
Jeanine Cashell as Alma Jean Dobson
Ann Schuyler as Nora

Four guys live on a houseboat called the "Elephant", that is docked
in Cordella, an Ohio River town, and meet the challenges of growing up.

############# It's a Man's World ############
############## season 1962-63 ################
NBC Mondays 7:30 pm Eastern

  [01] It's a Man's World: FOUR TO GO
17Sep62 NBC Mon
The fall school term is about to begin, Ewes and Tom-Tom are concerned over finances, as is Howie,
who has lost the bag containing his newspaper subscription money. [TD]

[02] It's a Man's World: STIR CRAZY
24Sep62 NBC Mon
Written By Peter Tewksbury & Jim Leighton
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
(regulars Mr. Stott, Mrs. Dobson, Alma Jean, Mr. Dobson)
Wes is concerned about his financial situation as usual, the grocery bill is due, Howie needs cash for a gift
for the coach, shoes need to be picked up from the shoe repair. Wes is really uptight when Tom-Tom invites a
guitar-playing drifter to join them for a few nights and blows the money on choice cuts of steak. [TD]

[--] 1Oct62 - pre-empted for news coverage of events at The University of Mississippi (Riots broke out following
the admission of James Meredith, an African-American, to the formerly all-white university.)
("Molly Pitcher and the Green-Eyed Monster" was originally scheduled.)

8Oct62 NBC Mon (postponed from 1Oct62)
Teleplay By David Duncan / Story By James Menzies
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
(regulars Mr. Stott, Nora, Alma Jean)
Guest Cast:
Mary Adams as Mrs. Meredith
It's Wes' birthday and his girl Irene has arranged a party. But Irene's festive mood changes abruptly when
Wes arrives several hours late with Nora in tow. [TA]
It’s Wes’s birthday and Irene has a big party planned for him. Wes has to make a run to Emmett to pick up some
tires for Mr. Stott. On his way back, he ends up rescuing Nora, the free spirit, who has gotten herself into
quite a pickle. As the afternoon turns into quite adventure, Wes and Nora are still talking about it at the
party. Irene, feeling quite left out and quite dull, can’t help herself when she tells Nora off for having
so much fun with Wes. [TD]

[04] It's A Man's World: WINNING HIS WAY
(copyright date 15Oct62)
15Oct1962 NBC Mon (postponed from 8Oct1962)
Written By John McGreevey
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
(regulars Mr. Stott, Irene, Nora, Alma Jean, Mrs. Dobson, Mrs. Dobson)
Guest cast:
Michael Garrett ...... Murry Tanner
Tim Graham ........... Mr. Tucker
Don Voyne ............ Willis Tucker
Robert P. Lieb ....... Mr. Meredith
Tom Lowell ........... Ned Dangler
Dave Weaver .......... The Painter
Synopsis 1:
Tom-Tom, who is broke, has his eye on an expensive auto in a Cordella showroom. He decides to buy the car,
using ingenuity in place of cash. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A lesson about life and money and responsibility is learned by all as Tom-Tom wheels and deals his way through
a typewriter, a record collection and other money making ideas to buy a new car. Wes goes into debt to buy
Howie a new motor bike and Vern learns from Tom-Tom that you have to spend money to make money. [TD]

[05] It's a Man's World: A DRIVE TO EXETER
(a.k.a. "Drive Over to Exeter")
22Oct62 NBC Mon
Written By Earl Hamner Jr. & Jim Leighton
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
(regulars Mr. Stott, Irene, Nora)
Guest Cast:
Max Baer Jr. as The First G.I.
Henry Kulky as The Waiter
Don Wilbanks as The Truck Driver
Hope Summers as the Salvation Army Woman
Carol Swenson as The Girl
Mark Meyer as The Second G.I.
Terry Wadsworth as The Sailor
Monty Ash as The Drunk
Dave Weaver as The Dispatcher
George Taylor as Pop Harris
Synopsis 1:
Wes is horrified to learn that Vern has taken young Howie with him to Exeter, a nearby town with an unsavory reputation.
Wes and Irene recruit Tom-Tom and Nora to help bring the boys back home before Howie's morals are corrupted. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Vern need to borrow Wes’ jeep to visit Exeter, Howie tags along. Wes becomes concerned and is joined by Irene,
Nora and Tom-Tom where a lesson learned by all. [TD]

[06] It's a Man's World: THE BEAVERS AND THE OTTERS
29Oct62 NBC Mon
Written By Ben Masselink & Jim Leighton
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
(regulars Mr. Stott, Irene, Nora, Mrs Dobson, Mr Dobson, Alma Jean (voice only))
Guest Cast:
Sally Mills (Helen)
Amzie Strickland as Mrs Hoff
Robert B. Williams as Mr Hoff
Than Wyenn as Professor Tillman
Synopsis 1:
Wes and Irene's busy schedule doesn't leave them much time alone. Finally Wes, who is fed up with the situation,
talks Vern into taking his place at Stott's gas station while he and Irene head for the lake. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
The town in in the midst of an Indian Summer . After watching everyone enjoy the warm weather and outdoor
activities, Wes and Irene want some time alone. They finally manage to travel across the river and spend
the day together with bittersweet results. [TD]

[07] It's a Man's World: HOWIE'S ADVENTURE
5Nov62 NBC Mon
Written By Peter Tewksbury & Jim Leighton
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
(regulars Mr. Stott, Mrs Dobson, Mr Dobson)
Guest Cast:
Dennis Cross as Mr. Stevenson
Mary Carver as Mrs. Stevenson
Dori Skarnes as Pauline
Paul Trinka as The Truck Driver
Suzanne Noel as Lorrie
Kathy Birch as Sue
Kathe Green as Nan
Kay Parker as Didi
Hal Torey as Mr . Grouse
Jean Wood as Mrs. Grouse
The camping trip to Mountain Run that Tom-Tom, Vern and Howie have planned ends abruptly when Howie is
struck by lightning. The three decide to wait out the storm before returning to town to see the doctor.
During the night Howie wanders off. [TD]

[08] It's a Man's World: THE BRAVEST MAN IN CORDELLA
12Nov62 NBC Mon
Written By Elliott Simms
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
(regulars Mr. Stott, Irene, Mrs. Dobbs, Mr. Dobbs, Alma Jean)
Guest Cast:
Dawn Wells as Molly
Joyce Bulifant as Lois
Diane Sayer as Jeri
James Bonnet as Jeff
Lenore Kingston as Mrs. Davis
Char Stewart as Lillian
Bing Russell as Danny
Andrew Colmar as Calvin
Hal B. Todd as Paul
Gary Conway as Scooter
“Ultimatum For Peace” is the topic of Tom-Tom’s manuscript. He’s asked Molly to type it for him. Molly’s boyfriend
“Scooter”, currently away in the military, is a 200lb ex-football player. When Tom-Tom begins to go out with Molly,
Wes warns him of the danger if Scooter finds out. Tom-Tom refuses to let that worry him. When Scooter returns home
on a two-day leave, the whole town comes to watch the fireworks when Scooter meets Tom-Tom. [TD]

[09] It's a Man's World: THE MAN ON THE SECOND FLOOR
19Nov62 NBC Mon
Teleplay By John McGreevey / Story By Jim Leighton
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
(regulars Mr. Stott, Mrs. Dobson, Mr. Dobson, Alma Jean, Irene)
Guest Cast:
Charles Thompson ..... Lowell D. Cleary
Kate Murtagh ......... Iona Dobson
Scott White .......... Mr. Dobson
Jeanine Cashell ...... Mrs. Dobson
Dan Sheridan ......... Doobel
Maureen Cookson ...... Miss Hodspeth
Howie’s begging Mr. Stott for a job, Mr. Stott will not hire him. Finally Howie is offered a job by Mr. Cleary,
working with him in the insurance officer every day after school and on Saturdays. Howie is very pleased with
his new job. This does not sit well with a jealous Mr. Stott, who resorts to blackmail in order to get Howie
to quit forking for Mr. Cleary. [TD]

[10] It's a Man's World: I COUNT MY LIFE IN COFFEE CUPS
26Nov62 NBC Mon
Written By William Blinn & Michael Gleason
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
(regular Mr. Stott)
Guest Cast:
Ellen Atterbury as Helen
Bebe Smith as Alice
Nolan Leary as Mr. Maynard
Arch Whiting as Skip
Terry Wadsworth as Hugh
Diane Sayer as Jeri Spencer
Vern meets Jeri, who has been left at the drive-in by her date. Jeri is a waitress as the local Luncheonette
and is tired of living in Cordella “where nothing ever happens”. She learns from Vern, some valuable lessons
about self respect and where your dreams can take you. [TD]

[11] It's a Man's World: CHICAGO GAINS A NUMBER
3Dec62 NBC Mon
Written By Elliott Simms
Directed By Lamont Johnson
(regular Mr. Stott, Alma Jean, Mr Dobson)
Guest Cast:
Karl Swenson as Mr. DeWitt
Kathryn Givney as Mr. DeWitt
Anne Anderson as Marilyn
Dawn Wells as Molly
Betsy Jones Moreland as Miss Dugan
Chet Stratton as Frank De Witt
Meg Wyllie as Mr. Kling
Elizabeth Talbot Martin as Mrs. Ryder
Alexander Lockwood as Will Ryder
Elizabeth Harrower as Mrs. Overhill
Mary Lee Dearing as Miranda Overhill
Elsie Barker as Mrs. Prescott
Howard Hoffman as Winters
Tom-Tom is failing in three classes and receives an automatic suspension from school. When he tries to see the
dean, he treated as just a number - Student 1271 to be exact. He walks out, gaining his freedom from timetables
and deadlines. Returning to his hometown of Chicago. “Codella hasn’t lost a son, Chicago has gained a number”.
Arriving unannounced in Chicago, he finds the house empty. While alone, he gets the opportunity to relive how
it would have been if he’d stayed in Chicago to join his father’s business. [TD]

[12] It's a Man's World: THE MACAULEY PROFILE
10Dec62 NBC Mon
Written By Hal J. Todd
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
regulars Mr. Stott, Irene, Mrs. Dobson, Alma Jean)
Lenore Kingston as Mrs. Davis
Paul Comi as Professor Collins
Wes, Tom-Tom and Vern agree to take a series of aptitude tests for Irene - with surprising results! [TD]

[13] It's a Man's World: THE LONG SHORT CUT
17Dec62 NBC Mon
Written By Peter Tewksbury & Jim Leighton
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
(regulars Mr. Stott, Irene, Nora)
Guest Cast:
Joan Tewksbury ........ Mrs. Belknap
Vince Williams ........ Coach Belknap
Harold Gould .......... Arthur Rawlings
Bill Idelson .......... The Salesman
Robert Millar ......... The Customer
On his way to the library to return some books for Wes, Tom-Tom takes a short cut that turns out to be the
long way when he runs into Nora. [TD]

Synopsis 2: (previously shown as synopsis for episode #14)
There are a lot of chores to do and Wes can’t do them all. He entrusts Tom-Tom to take care of a few of them.
Tom-Tom as usual, can’t keep focused long enough to get them done. As a result, his lack of self discipline,
ruins everybody’s day! [TD]

[14] It's a Man's World: THE LONG WAY AROUND
24Dec62 NBC Mon
Written By Robert Bassing
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
(regular Irene)
Guest Cast:
Bernadette Withers ... Ina Babcock
John Halferty ........ Richie Master
Judy Thompson ........ Marilyn Feeney
Michael Agate ........ The Boy
Gil Perkins .......... The Policeman
Proper synopsis for Episode [14] is as follows: [TM]
Howie is “acting out” and bemoaning his perception that all his ninth-grade friends are “creeps”
[except for his longtime pal, Richie, and now even their friendship is being tested when Howie suggests
that they revisit the remote junkyard site where the boys buried their childhood “treasure chest” years
before; but it seems that Richie is more interested in observing the teenage pajama party that classmates
Ina and Marilyn are having next door]. Meanwhile, Wes and Irene’s bowling date is undermined by their
concern over Howie’s whereabouts. [TM]

[15] It's a Man's World: NIGHT BEAT OF THE TOM-TOM
31Dec62 NBC Mon
Written By David Duncan & Jim Leighton
Directed By Lamont Johnson
(regulars Mr. Stott, Nora)
Guest Cast:
Russell Johnson as Reverend Blake
Ford Rainey as The Bum
Pearl Shear as Mrs. Crocker
Med Flory as Mahoney
Joe di Rida as Al
Buck Young as Charlie Hanlon
Karen Norris as The Hotel Clerk
Sam Weston as The Bartender
Tom-Tom has very open view of marriage and female relationships. “one and one make two people”. When Nora cancels
a date at the last minute to meet with an ‘old friend’, Tom-Tom even gives them his dinner reservation. As the
night goes on, though, Tom-Tom discovers he’s not as open minded as he thought. [TD]

[16] It's a Man's World: HOUR OF TRUTH
7Jan63 NBC Mon
Written By William Blinn & Michael Gleason
Directed By Hal J. Todd
(regulars Mr. Stott, Irene, Mrs. Dobson, Mr. Dobson, Alma Jean)
Guest Cast:
Joan Tewksbury as Mrs. Belknap
Russ Whiteman as The Policeman
Lory Patrick as Pat Barber
When he takes a quiz in a fad magazine, Vern learns that he is a ‘social dud’. He decides he’ll break out of that
if he becomes more like Tom-Tom. Tom-Tom tells him to ‘be yourself’ and to ‘get your thoughts out of your head
and into the world’. Vern decides that people will notice him more and respect him more if he just tells the
truth and says what comes to his mind. So every days he vows to take ‘an hour of truth’ so expressing himself
will be easier and easier. Always saying exactly what’s on your mind can get you into a mess of trouble… [TD]

[17] It's a Man's World: THE UNBALANCED LINE
14Jan63 NBC Mon
Teleplay By Jim Leighton & Jim Menzies / Story By James Bonnett
Directed By Hal J. Todd
(regulars Mr. Stott, Irene, Mr. Dobson)
Guest Cast:
R.G. Armstrong as Coach Bergstrom
Diane Sayer as Jeri Spencer
Don Voyne as Willis Tucker
Paul Comi as Professor Collins
Coach Bergstrom helps Wes get a scholarship. This puts Wes in a real time crunch with work, school, and football.
When Wes can’t make time for Irene, it appears that Irene makes time with one of the psychology professors. [TD]

[18] It's a Man's World: MUTINY ON THE ELEPHANT
21Jan63 NBC Mon
Written By Elliott Simms
Directed By Peter Tewksbury
(regulars Mr. Stott)
It’s Louisville or bust! Tom-Tom, Vern, and Howie are headed for Louisville on vacation with Mr. Stott as the captain
of the houseboat ‘The Elephant’. Mr. Stott burdens the boys with numerous ‘abandon ship’ exercises and lessons in
river tides. All useful but absolutely no fun! The boys eventually trick Mr.Stott into leaving the b oat while they
take off for a few hours of fun, but the fun is short-lived. [TD]

[19] It's a Man's World: WINTER STORY (final episode)
28Jan63 NBC Mon
Written By Jim Leighton & Jim Menzies
Directed By Hal J. Todd
(regulars Mr. Stott, Mrs. Dobson, Mr. Dobson, Alma Jean)
Guest Cast:
Diane Mountford as Cathy Brubaker
Howie and Alma Jean are spending a great deal of time together, much to her mother’s dismay. She just
wants Alma Jean to grow up and quit acting sillly. Meanwhile, Vern has his own problems. He’s just
dropped a 50 pound sack of potatoes on his guitar. [TD]

############# It's a Man's World ############
################# the end ##################

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