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Hagen (TCF/Frank Glicksman/Charles Larson/CBS) (1980) Crime series starring Chad Everett with Arthur Hill

Hallmark Hall of Fame (1951-present) (by Season)  NEW
The Halls of Ivy (1954-55) starring Ronald Colman

Hammer House Of Horror (UK) (1980) Hammer anthology series
Hammer House Of Mystery & Suspense (UK) (1984-86) Hammer anthology series

Hanging In (CBS) (summer 1979) starring Bill Macy
Hank (WB) (1965-66) starring Dick Kallman

Happy (CBS)(1960, 1961) starring Ronnie Burns & Yvonne Lime

Happy Days (Miller-Milkis/Paramount/ABC)(1974-84) starring Marion Ross, Tom Bosley, Henry Winkler, Ron Howard

Harbor Command (1957-58) starring Wendell Corey
Harbourmaster/Advs. at Scott Island (1957-58) starring Barry Sullivan & Paul Burke

Hardcastle & McCormick (Stephen J. Cannell/Columbia/ABC)(1983-86) starring  Brian Keith, Daniel Hugh Kelly

Harlem Detective (1953-54) William Hairston, Owen Jordan, William Marshall

Harper Valley P.T.A. (1981-82) starring Barbara Eden
Harrigan & Son (Desilu/ABC) (1960-61) starring Pat O'Brien & Roger Perry
90 Bristol Court: Harris Against The World (1964-65) starring Jack Klugman
Harry O (WB/ABC)(1974-76) starring David Janssen
Harry's Girls (MGM/NBC)(1963-64) starring Larry Blyden

Hart To Hart (Spelling-Goldberg/ABC)(1979-84) starring Robert Wagner & Stefanie Powers
The Hathaways (1961-62) starring Peggy Cass & Jack Weston
Have Gun - Will Travel (1957-63) starring Richard Boone

Having Babies / Julie Farr, M.D. (1976-78) starring Susan Sullivan

Hawaiian Eye (1959-63) starring Robert Conrad, Anthony Eisley, Connie Stevens
Hawaii Five-0 (Leonard Freeman/CBS)(1968-80) starring Jack Lord &James MacArthur
Hawk (Hubbell Robinson/Screen Gems/ABC) (fall 1966) starring Burt Reynolds
Hawkeye and The Last of the Mohicans (1957-58) starring John Hart & Lon Chaney Jr.
Hawkins  (MGM/Norman Felton/CBS) (1973-74) starring James Stewart, Strother Martin
Hazel (1961-66) starring Shirley Booth
The Headmaster (CBS)(Fall 1970)/ The New Andy Griffith Show (CBS)(Early 1971)

Heaven For Betsy (CBS)(1952)(15 min) starring Jack Lemmon

He & She (Talent Associates/CBS)(1967-68) starring Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss
NBC Mystery Movie: Hec Ramsey (Univ)(1972-74) Richard Boone

Hee Haw Honeys (Syndicated) (1978-79) Kenny Price, Lulu Roman, Kathie Lee Johnson, Misty Rowe, Gailard Sartain
Heinz Studio57 (DuMont)(1954-55)/(Syndicated)(1955-56)
Hell Town (1985) starring Robert Blake
Hennesey (1959-62) starring Jackie Cooper
Here Come The Brides (1968-70) starring Robert Brown, David Soul

Here's Lucy (1968-74) starring Lucille Ball & Gale Gordon
Here We Go Again (early 1973) starring Larry Hagman, Diane Baker, Dick Gautier, Nita Talbot
The Hero (Talent Assoc./NBC)(fall 1966) Richard Mulligan, Mariette Hartley
Hey Jeannie (Four Star) (1956-57) starring Jeannie Carson
Hey Landlord (UA/NBC) (1966-67) starring Will Hutchins
The Mickey Rooney Show: Hey Mulligan (NBC)(1954-55)
The High Chaparral (1967-71) Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Henry Darrow

Highcliffe Manor (Alan Landsburg/NBC)(Spring 1979) starring Shelley Fabares

 Highway Patrol (1955-59) starring Broderick Crawford

Highway To Heaven (Michael Landon/NBC) (1984-89) starring Michael Landon & Victor French

The Adventures of Hiram Holliday (1956-57) starring Wally Cox

Hizzoner (Huddleston/NBC) (Spring 1979) starring David Huddleston, Diana Muldaur, Don Galloway

Hogan's Heroes (Bing Crosby prod./CBS)(1965-71)(WWII POW comedy series)  starring Bob Crane
Holiday Lodge (Summer 1961) starring Johnny Wayne & Frank Shuster
Hollywood Off Beat: Steve Randall (1952-53) starring Melvyn Douglas
Hollywood Opening Night (CBS 1951-52) Filmed Anthology / (NBC 1952-53) Live Anthology
Holmes and Yoyo (1976-77) starring Richard B. Shull & John Schuck

Homer Bell (syndicated)(1955)(comedy western series) starring Gene Lockhart as Judge Homer Bell
Hondo (fall 1967) (western) starring Ralph Taeger, Kathie Browne
Honestly, Celeste! (CBS)(fall 1954) starring Celeste Holm
Honey West (4 Star/ABC) (1965-66) starring Anne Francis & John Ericson
The Honeymooners (CBS)(1952-57) starring JackieGleason
Hong Kong (TCF/ABC)(1960-61) starring Rod Taylor & Lloyd Bochner

T.J. Hooker (Spelling-Goldberg/ABC/CBS)(1982-86)
starring William Shatner, James Darren, Heather Locklear, Adrain Zmed

Hopalong Cassidy (1949-54) starring William Boyd
Hotel (Aaron Spelling/ABC) (1982-88) starring Anne Baxter, James Brolin, Connie Sellecca
Hotel de Paree (Columbia/CBS)(1959-60) Western series starring Earl Holliman
Hot l Baltimore (Norman Lear/CBS)(early 1975)
Hot Off The Wire: The Jim Backus Show (1960-61) starring Jim Backus & Nita Talbot
House Calls (1979-82) starring Wayne Rogers, Lynn Redgrave, Sharon Gless
How to Marry a Millionaire (1957-59) starring Barbara Eden
Hudson's Bay (Canada) (1959-60) starring Barry Nelson & George Tobias
The Human Jungle (UK) (1964-65) starring Herbert Lom
The Hunter (1952; 1954) starring Barry Nelson (1952) Keith Larsen (1954)

Husbands, Wives And Lovers (TCF/CBS) (Spring 1978) Hour-long Comedy series

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