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Ichabod And Me (1961-62) starring Robert Sterling
I'm The Law (1952-53) starring George Raft

I Cover Times Square (ABC)(1950-51)(Reporter/Crime Drama series) starring Harold Huber

I Dream of Jeannie (Screen Gems/NBC)(1965-70) starring Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman
I Led Three Lives (ZIV)(1953-56) starring Richard Carlson

I Love Lucy (Desilu/CBS)(1951-57) Lucille Ball &Desi Arnaz
I Married Joan (1952-55) starring Joan Davis & Jim Backus
I Spy (anthology series)(1955-56) hosted by Raymond Massey
I Spy (spy series) (1965-68) starring Robert Culp, Bill Cosby

I'm A Big Girl Now (ABC) (1980-81) starring Diana Canova
I'm Dickens, He's Fenster (1962-63) starring John Astin & Marty Ingels.

In The Beginning (TAT/Norman Lear/CBS)(fall 1978) starring McLean Stevenson, Priscilla Lopez
In The Heat Of The Night (Fred Silverman/NBC) (1988-95) starring Carroll O'Connor

The Incredible Hulk (Universal/CBS)(1977-82)(Super Hero series) Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Jack Colvin

Inner Sanctum (1954)(Anthology) host Paul McGrath
Insight (1960-85) Religious Anthology Series

Inspector Morse (1987-2000) (ITV) (UK) starring John Thaw
International Detective (UK) (1959) starring Arthur Fleming
The Interns (Screen Gems/CBS) (1970-71) starring Broderick Crawford
Interpol Calling (UK) (1959) starring Charles Korvin
The Invaders (Quinn Martin/ABC)(1967-68)starring Roy Thinnes
The Investigators (Revue/CBS)(fall 1961) starring James Franciscus, James Philbrook
H.G. Wells' Invisible Man (ITP)(UK)(1958-59) starring Tim Turner (uncredited) Lisa Daniely, Deborah Watling
The Invisible Man (Universal/NBC)(1975-76) starring David McCallum, Melinda Fee, Craig Stevens
Iron Horse (Screen Gems)(1966-68)(western) Dale Robertson, Gary Collins
Ironside (1967-75) starring Raymond Burr,
Don Galloway, Barbara Anderson, Don Mitchell, Elizabeth Baur
Island Son (1989-90) starring Richard Chamberlain
The Islanders (MGM/ABC)(1960-61) William Reynolds, James Philbrook

It Ain't Half Hot Mum (BBC)(1974-81)(UK) starring Windsor Davies & Don Estelle

It Takes A Thief (Universal/ABC)(1968-70) starring Robert Wagner

It's a Business (DuMont)(1952)(Situation Comedy series) starring  Bob Haymes, Leo DeLyon
It's About Time (1966-67) Frank Aletter, Jack Mullaney, Imogene Coca, Joe E. Ross
It's A Great Life (1954-56) starring Michael O'Shea & William Bishop
It's Always Jan (1955-56) starring Janis Paige
It's a Man's World (Revue/NBC) (1962-63) starring Glenn Corbett, Michael Burns
Ivanhoe (Sydney Box/ScreenGems) (1958) UK Historical Adventure series starring Roger Moore

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