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U.S. Anthology series Guide
(alphabetical order) (A-Z)

20th Century-Fox Hour (CBS)(1955-57) Dramatic Anthology Series

ABC Album - retitled - Plymouth Playhouse (ABC)(Spring 1953) hosted by Donald Cook
ABC Stage '67 (ABC)(1966-67) Drama/Comedy/Music/Documentary Anthology Series
Actors Studio-aka-The Play's the Thing (ABC/CBS)(1948-50) 30 min "live" Dramatic Anthology
Adventure Theater  (DanzigersUK/NBC) (Summer1956 &1957)  Anthology series hosted by Paul Douglas 
Alcoa Hour (NBC)(1955-57) "live" Sunday-night Dramatic Anthology series
Alcoa/Goodyear AWARD Theatre (Four Star/NBC)(1957-60) Half-hour Filmed Dramatic Anthology Series
Alcoa presents One Step Beyond (1959-61) hosted and directed by John Newland
Alcoa Premiere (ABC) (1961-63) host Fred Astaire
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Revue-Shamley)(1955-62)(30min) Anthology Series
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (CBS) (1962-65) host Alfred Hitchcock
Appointment with Adventure (CBS) (1955-56) Anthology series (live)
Armstrong Circle Theatre (NBC 1950-57)(30 min)/ (CBS 1957-63)(60 min) Dramatic Anthology

The Barbara Stanwyck Show (ESW/NBC)(1960-61)(Anthology Series) starring & hosted by Barbara Stanwyck
Behind Closed Doors (Screen Gems/Gallu) (1958-59) Spy Anthology hosted by Bruce Gordon

(Ripley's) Believe It or Not (NBC)(1949-50) Dramatic Anthology series (60 min)
Best of Broadway (CBS)(1954-55)

The Best in Mystery (NBC)(Summer 1954) Reruns from "Chevron Theatre"
Best of The Post (Syndicated)(1959-60) "Saturday Evening Post" stories

Betty Crocker Star Matinee (ABC)(1951-52) Saturday Midday Anthology series

The Big Story (NBC) (1949-58) Newspaper Reporter Anthology Series
Big Town (CBS)(1950-54) Patrick McVey / (NBC)(1954-56) Mark Stevens

Bigelow Theatre (CBS 1950-51) Bigelow-Sanford Theater (DuMont Fall 1951) Dramatic Anthology series
Billy Rose's Playbill (NBC)(1950-51) Dramatic Anthology series

The Black Robe aka Police Night Court (NBC)(1949-50) Anthology series based on actual Police Night Court Cases

Bob Hope presents The Chrysler Theatre (Hovue-Morpics/NBC)(1963-67) hour-long Dramatic & Comedy Anthology series
Boris Karloff - Thriller (Revue/Hubbell-Robinson/NBC)(1960-62) host Boris Karloff

Broadway Television Theatre (syndicated)(1952-54) hour-long dramatic anthology series
Buick-Electra Playhouse (CBS)(1959-60) 90 min Specials

Campbell Playhouse (NBC)(Summer 1952) / Campbell TV Soundstage (NBC)(1953-54)
Campbell Star Stage (Revue/NBC) (1955-56) host Jeffrey Lynn
Cameo Theatre (NBC) (1950-55) Anthology Series
Camera Three
(CBS 1956-79)(PBS 1979-80) Arts Documentary Anthology

Cavalcade of America (1952-55)/ DuPont Cavalcade Theatre (Four Star/ABC)(1955-57)
CBS Playhouse (CBS)(1966-70) Specials/Anthology series

CBS Workshop (CBS)(Sundays at Midday)(1952) Experimental Anthology series
CBS Workshop (CBS)(Sundays at Midday)(1960) Experimental Anthology series

Celanese Theatre (ABC)(1951-52) "live" Dramatic Anthology
Celebrity Playhouse (Screen Gems/NBC) (1955-56) filmed anthology series
Center Stage (ABC)(Summer 1954) filmed anthology

Cheer Television Theatre  (MCA/NBC) (1954) Filmed Anthology series (30May54-27Jun54)

Chevrolet Tele-Theatre (NBC)(1948-50) "live" Dramatic Anthology
Chevy Mystery Show (NBC)(Summer 1960, Summer 1961)  Anthology Series

Chevron Theatre (MCA Revue/Syndicated)(1952-54) Filmed Anthology Series

Chevron Hall Of Stars (Four Star/Warren Lewis/Syndicated)(1956) Dramatic Anthology

Chrysler Medallion Theater (CBS)(1953-54)  "live" Dramatic Anthology
Bob Hope presents The Chrysler Theatre (Hovue-Morpics/NBC)(1963-67) hour-long Dramatic & Comedy Anthology series
Circle of Fear (NBC)(1973) mid-season title change for "Ghost Story"
Chrysler presents Climax! (CBS)(1954-58) host William Lundigan

The Clock (NBC/ABC)(1949-52) Suspense Anthology series narrated by Larry Semon

Colgate Theatre (NBC)(1949-50) &  (Summer1958)  Anthology Series
Conflict (WarnerBrothers/ABC)(1956-57) Anthology Series
Conrad Nagel Theater (Syndicated) (1955-56) filmed anthology series
CosmopolitanTheatre (DuMont)(1951) Dramatic Anthology
Counterpoint (1955-56) - syndicated title for reruns of  Rebound (1952-53)
Crossroads (1955-57) Religious Anthology Series
Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson (1954) host Gloria Swanson
Curtain Call (NBC)(Summer 1952) "live" dramatic anthology

Damon Runyon Theater (1955-56) hosted by Donald Woods
Danger (CBS) (1950-55) Anthology Series hosted by Richard Stark

Dark Destiny (WOR-TV New York) (1952) Half-hour Dramatic Anthology Series

Dark of Night (DuMont Network) (1952-53) Half-hour Mystery Anthology Series

The David Niven Show (Four Star/NBC)(Summer 1959) host David Niven

Deadline (Official Films/synd) (1959) Newspaper Anthology hosted by Paul Stewart
Death Valley Days (1952-70) Western Anthology series
Decision (/NBC)( Summer1958) Anthology Series

Demi-Tasse Tales (CBS) (1953) Half-hour Anthology series

Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse (1958-60) host Desi Arnaz
Destiny (Revue/CBS)(Summer Reruns 1957/ Summer Reruns 1958) Anthology Reruns - host Francis L. Sullivan
The Dick Powell Show (Four Star/NBC) (1961-63) host Dick Powell

Walt Disney TV Anthologies (1954-83) (by season)  Family Anthology Series  NEW

Doorway To Fame (DuMont) (1949) Half-hour Dramatic Anthology series

Dow Hour Of Great Mysteries (/NBC) (1960) host Joseph N. Welch

Cavalcade of America (1952-55)/ DuPont Cavalcade Theatre (1955-57)

Durkee Story Theater (Hal Roach/DuMont-NBC)(1950-51) Filmed Anthology Series
DuPont presents The June Allyson Show (Four Star) (1959-61) hosted by June Allyson
DuPont Show of the Month (CBS) (1957-61) Dramatic Anthology Series
DuPont Show of the Week (NBC) (1961-64) Dramatic/Musical/Documentary Anthology Series

Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre (ZIV)(1955) comedy anthology, host Eddie Cantor

Edward Arnold Theater (Syndicated)(1954) Dramatic Anthology Series
Elgin TV Hour (ABC)(1954-55)

Escape (CBS)(1950) Thriller Anthology series produced by Wyllis Cooper
Escape (Jack Webb/NBC)(1973) Dramatic Anthology series narrated by Jack Webb

Ethel Barrymore Theatre (DuMont)(1956) Dramatic Anthology Series
Eye Witness (NBC)(1953) "Live" Mystery Anthology series, hosted by Lee Bowman

Fanfare (NBC)(Summer1959)  Anthology series - mainly reruns

(Your) Favorite Story (ZIV)(1953-54) host Adolphe Menjou

Fear And Fancy (ABC)(Summer1953) Supernatural Anthology Series

Fireside Theatre (NBC) (1949-55)/ Jane Wyman Fireside Theatre (1955-58) Anthology Series
First Person
(NBC Summer 1953) Anthology series

Flight (C-Nat.) (1958-59) Airforce anthology series, host General George C. Kenney
Footlights Theater (CBS)(Summer 1952 / Summer 1953) "live" dramatic anthology

Ford Star Jubilee (CBS)(1955-56)(music/variety/drama specials)
Ford Theatre (CBS) (1948-51) 60 min "live" Anthology /
Ford All-Star Theatre (Screen Gems/ NBC/ABC) (1952-57) 30 min filmed Anthology

Ford Startime (NBC) (1959-60) 60 min  Dramatic/Variety Anthology + some 90 min specials
Four Star Playhouse (1952-56) hosts Dick Powell, Ida Lupino, David Niven, Charles Boyer
Front Row Center (CBS) (1955-56) Anthology Series
Frontier (California National/NBC)(1955-56) Western Anthology series

Gangbusters! (1952) Crime Anthology, host Chester Morris
General Electric Theater - GE Theater (Revue/CBS)(1953-62) host Ronald Reagan
General Electric Summer Originals (ABC)(Anthology)(Summer 1956)
General Electric True - GE True (Jack Webb/CBS)(1962-63) host Jack Webb
George Sanders Mystery Theatre (Screen Gems/NBC) (Summer 1957) Anthology Series
Ghost Story (NBC)(1972) host Sebastian Cabot
Goodyear Television Playhouse (NBC)(1951-57) "live" Sunday-night Dramatic Anthology series
Goodyear-Alcoa AWARD Theatre (NBC)(1957-60) Dramatic Anthology Series
The Great Adventure (CBS) (1963-64) host Van Heflin, Russell Johnson
Great Ghost Tales (NBC)(Summer 1961)("live" anthology) host Frank Gallup
Great Performances (PBS)(1972-79) Anthology series
Gruen Guild Playhouse (ABC/DuMont)(1951-52) various hosts
Gulf Playhouse (NBC)(1952-53) "live" dramatic anthology

 Hallmark Hall of Fame (1951-present) (by Season)  NEW

Handle With Care  -aka -The Mail Story  (ABC)(7Oct54-30Dec54) (30min) Dramatic Anthology series about the US Post Office
Hands of Destiny/ Hands of Murder/ Hands of Mystery (DuMont)(1949-52)  Dramatic Anthology
Heinz Studio57 (DuMont)(1954-55)/(Syndicated)(1955-56)

High Tension (WOR-TV Ch.9 New York)(1953-54)
Hollywood Opening Night (CBS 1951-52) Filmed Anthology / (NBC 1952-53) Live Anthology
Hollywood Premiere Theatre / Hollywood Theatre Time (ABC) (1950-1951)
Hollywood Television Theatre
(PBS)(1970-78) Dramatic Anthology series

I Spy (1955-56) host Raymond Massey
Inner Sanctum (1954) host Paul McGrath
Insight (1960-85) Religious Anthology Series

Jane Wyman Fireside Theatre (1955-58) / Fireside Theatre (NBC) (1949-55) Anthology Series
The Joseph Cotten Show- On Trial (Revue/NBC)(1956-57) Anthology Series
Joseph Schildkraut Presents (DuMont)(1953-54) Filmed Anthology (30 min)
June Allyson presents The Du Pont Show (Four Star) (1959-61) hosted by June Allyson

Kaiser Aluminum Hour (NBC)(1956-57) Dramatic Anthology
Kodak Request Performance (NBC)(1955) Anthology series
Kraft Television Theatre (NBC) (1947-58) "live" Wednesday  night  Anthology Series
Kraft Television Theatre (ABC) (1953-55) "live" Thursday  night  Anthology Series - aka "Pond's Theater"  (13Jan55-7Jul55)
Kraft Mystery Theatre (NBC)(Summer 1961,1962,1963) host Frank Gallup
Kraft Suspense Theatre (Roncom/Revue/NBC)(1963-65)

Lawbreaker (U-A) (1963-64) Crime Anthology, host Lee Marvin
Lights Out (NBC)(1949-52) Anthology Series host Frank Gallop

Lilli Palmer Theatre (UK)(1955-56) anthology series- host Lilli Palmer  (some American episodes added to US syndication package)

The Lloyd Bridges Show (Four Star/CBS)(1962-63) host Lloyd Bridges
The Loretta Young Show (NBC)(1953-61) host Loretta Young
Love Story (DuMont)(1954) Dramatic Anthology

Love Story (Paramount/NBC)(1973-74) Dramatic Anthology series

Lux Video Theatre (CBS 1950-54)(30 min)/ (NBC 1954-57)(60 min) Dramatic Anthology
Lux Playhouse (Revue/CBS)(1958-59) Anthology Series   -   (alternated with season 8 of  Schlitz Playhouse)

Magnavox Theatre (CBS)(Fall 1950) "live" Dramatic Anthology Series

The Mail Story -aka- Handle With Care (ABC)(1954) (30min) Dramatic Anthology series about the US Post Office

Man Behind The Badge (1953-55) host Charles Bickford

Masterpiece Theatre  (PBS)(1971-2007) Anthology series - mainly British Drama

Matinee Theater (NBC)(1955-58) "live" daytime daily Dramatic Anthology Series
Max Liebman Presents (NBC)(1954-56) Monthly series of Lavish Musical Specials
Chrysler Medallion Theater (CBS)(1953-54)  "live" Dramatic Anthology
Medic (1954-55) Medical Anthology series, host Richard Boone
Medical Story (1975-76) Medical Anthology series
Men of Annapolis (ZIV)(1957-58) Naval Anthology Series

Revlon Mirror Theater (NBC Summer 1953)(CBS Fall 1953) hostess Robin Chandler

Mr. Arsenic (ABC) (1952) Anthology series - host Burton Turkus
Mr. Black (ABC) (1949) Anthology series - host Anthony Christopher
Mr. Citizen (ABC) (1955) Anthology series - host Allyn Edwards

Moment Of Fear (NBC)(Summer 1960)(live) (Summers 1964 & 1965) (rerun of filmed dramas) Anthology Series

Morning Playhouse (CBS Daytime)(1959)(Reruns of "Schlitz Playhouse")

Motorola TV Hour (ABC)(1953-54) Anthology Series

Nash Airflyte Theatre (CBS)(1950-51) "live" Dramatic Anthology series
Navy Log (Sam Gallu)(1955-58) Navy Anthology Series
NBC Presents ... (NBC) (1949) Anthology

NET Playhouse (PBS/NET)(1966-72) Anthology series

The Next Step Beyond (1978-79) Hosted and Directed by John Newland

Norman Corwin Presents (Syndicated)(1971) (half-hour Dramatic Anthology series)  

Night Gallery  (Universal/NBC)(1969-73) Supernatural Anthology series - Hosted by Rod Serling

O. Henry Playhouse (1957) Anthology Series - host Thomas Mitchell
Official Detective (Desilu) (1957-58) Crime Anthology Series host  Everett Sloane
Omnibus (CBS 1952-56) (ABC 1956-57) (NBC 1957-61)
On Trial/The Joseph Cotten Show (Revue/NBC)(1956-57) Anthology Series

Orient Express (European Anthology series) (1952-53) (filmed in Europe- syndicated in the US)
Our American Heritage (NBC)(1959-61) American History Anthology Series
Alcoa presents One Step Beyond (ABC)(1959-61) hosted and directed by John Newland

Out Of The Fog (ABC)(1952) Half-hour Mystery Anthology series

Out There (CBS)(1951-52) SciFi Anthology
The Outer Limits (UA/Leslie Stevens/ABC)(1963-65) SciFi Anthology

Panic! (NBC)(Summer 1957)/ No Warning (NBC)(Summer 1958) Anthology Series
The Passerby (circa 1951-56)(15 min)(syndicated anthology series)
Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (Revue/ABC)(1953-55) hosts Arlene Dahl, Anita Colby, Polly Bergen

Personal Appearance Theater (ABC)(1951-52) Drama/Comedy Anthology series

Philco Television Playhouse (NBC)(1948-55)  "live" Sunday night Dramatic Anthology
Philip Morris Playhouse (CBS)(1953-54) "live" Dramatic Anthology
Playhouse 90 (CBS)(1956-60) Dramatic Anthology Series
Play of the Week (PBS)(1959-61)
Playwrights '56 (NBC)(1955-56) Anthology Series
The Play's the Thing-aka-Actors Studio (ABC/CBS)(1948-50) 30 min "live" Dramatic Anthology
Plymouth Playhouse (ABC)(Spring 1953) hosted by Donald Cook (original title "ABC Album")

Police Night Court: The Black Robe  (NBC)(1949-50) Anthology series based on actual Police Night Court Cases

Police Story (CBS) (1952) Police Anthology series
Police Story (Columbia/NBC) (1973-80)(1987-88) Police Anthology series
Pond's Theater (ABC)(13Jan55-7Jul55) New Title & Sponsor for Kraft Television Theatre

Producers' Showcase (NBC}(1954-57) prestige monthly Dramatic/Musical Anthology series
Profiles In Courage (NBC)(1964-65) Anthology series
Prudential Family Playhouse (CBS)(1950-51) "live" Dramatic Anthology series
Pulitzer Prize Playhouse (ABC) (1950-52) Dramatic Anthology series
Pursuit (CBS)(1958-59) "live" Anthology Series

Rebound (ABC/DuMont) (1952-53) / Counterpoint (1955-56) (syndicated title)
Rendezvous (1958-59) UK/US anthology hosted by & starring Charles Drake
Revlon Mirror Theater (NBC Summer 1953)(CBS Fall 1953) hostess Robin Chandler
The Richard Boone Show (NBC)(1963-64) host Richard Boone

Ripley's Believe It or Not (NBC)(1949-50) Dramatic Anthology series (60 min)
The Robert Herridge Theater (CBS Films/Syn)(1959-60) host Robert Herridge
Robert Montgomery Presents (NBC)(1950-57)(30 min) Dramatic Anthology

Royal Playhouse (DuMont)(1951-52) Dramatic Anthology series (30 min)

Romance - aka - Theatre of Romance (CBS)(1949-50) Anthology series (30 min)

Rheingold Theatre (New York Title) : Douglas Fairbanks Presents (1953-57) UK Anthology series - host Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Schilling Playhouse (syndicated) (1959-60) Hosted by Charles Drake - episodes first shown on "Rendezvous"
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (1951-59) various hosts
Schaefer Century Theater (syndicated)(1952) Anthology series
Science Fiction Theatre (ZIV)(1955-57) host Truman Bradley
Screen Associates Films (1952-53) Anthology series   aka  Televideo Theater (syndicated)(1952-53)
Screen Directors Playhouse (Hal Roach Studios/NBC) (1955-56) no host

The Seven Lively Arts (CBS) (1957-58) Arts Anthology series hosted by John Crosby

Shirley Temple's Storybook (NBC Sundays)(12Jan58-21Dec58)
Shirley Temple's Storybook (ABC Mondays)(12Jan59-21Dec59) (Reruns)

Shirley Temple Theatre (NBC Sundays)(1960-61)
Short Short Dramas (NBC)(1952-53) (duration15 min)
The Silent Service (Twin Dolphins)(1957-59) Naval Anthology Series
Silver Theater (CBS) (1949-50) Anthology Series host Conrad Nagel

Sneak Preview (NBC)(Summer 1956) Dramatic Anthology series - Summer Replacement for Jane Wyman's Fireside Theatre - mainly Unsold Pilots

Soap Box Theater (ABC)(1950) Dramatic Anthology series

Somerset Maugham Theatre (CBS 1950-51)(NBC 1951) Live Dramatic Anthology series

Spotlight Playhouse (CBS)(Summers 1955 to 1959) Dramatic Anthology series - mainly reruns

Stage 7 (Sharpe-Lewis/Official) (CBS)(1955) anthology series

Stage 13 (CBS)(1950)  Suspense Anthology series. Produced & Directed by Wyllis Cooper
The Star & The Story (Sharpe-Lewis/4Star/Official Films)(1955-56) anthology , host Henry Fonda
Starlight Theatre (CBS)(1950-51) "live" Dramatic Anthology
Stars Over Hollywood (Revue/NBC) (1950-51) Filmed Dramatic Anthology series
Campbell Star Stage (Revue/NBC) (1955-56) host Jeffrey Lynn
Star Tonight (ABC)(1955-56)

Strange Stories (syndicated )(1956)  Anthology series  hosted by Edward Arnold
Heinz Studio57 (Revue/DuMont)(1954-55)/(Syndicated)(1955-56)
Westinghouse Studio One (CBS)(1948-58) 60 min "live" Monday Night Dramatic Anthology
Summer Playhouse 64 (Don Fedderson/CBS)(Summer 1964 ) Anthology of  Pilots for Projected Series
Sunday Showcase (NBC)(1959-60) Sunday Evening Specials

Sunkist Premiere Theatre (syndicated)(1952) filmed Anthology series

Sure As Fate (CBS)(1950-51) "live" Mystery Anthology series narrated by Paul Lukas
Suspense (CBS) (1949-54) Anthology Series based on the radio series of the same name
Suspicion (Revue/Shamley-Alfred Hitchcock/NBC)(1957-58) Thriller Anthology Series

Tales of the Black Cat (NBC)(1950-51) Filmed Dramatic Anthology series - hosted by James Monks and his cat, Thanatopis -  reruns from Fireside Theatre
Tales of the City (CBS)(Summer1953) Anthology series hosted by Ben Hecht
Tales of the Unexpected (Quinn Martin/NBC)(1977) Anthology series narrated by William Conrad
Tales Of Tomorrow (ABC)(1951-53) Sci-Fi Anthology - no host

 Target (ZIV)(1958) Anthology Series host Adolphe Menjou
Telephone Time (Hal Roach Studios)(1956-58) Dramatic Anthology Series

Chevrolet Tele-Theatre (NBC)(1948-50) "live" Dramatic Anthology

Televideo Theater (syndicated)(1952-53) 30 min filmed Anthology   - see -   Screen Associates Films  (1952-53) 30  min filmed Anthology

Television Theatre (CBS)(Spring 1950) Dramatic Anthology series (60 min)

Terror (WOR New York)(1952) Anthology series

Theatre Hour (CBS)(1949-50) Dramatic Anthology series (60 min)

Theatre of the Mind (NBC)(1949)  Psychological Drama Anthology series

Theatre of Romance - aka - Romance (CBS)(1949-50) Anthology series (30 min)

They Stand Accused (originally titled "Cross Question") DuMont (1949-52)(revived 1954) Live Courtroom Dramas (60min)

Thriller (Revue/Hubbell-Robinson/NBC)(1960-62) host Boris Karloff

The Trap (CBS)(Spring 1950) "Live" Dramatic Anthology series hosted by Joe DeSantis

Trapped: Tales of the Supernatural (WOR-TV New York) (1950-52) Dramatic Anthology series hosted by John Carradine

Triangle Theater (syndicated/reruns)(1954-56) host Adolph Menjou
True Story (NBC)(1957-61)Saturday Noon Dramatic Anthology Series
TV Readers Digest (ABC) (1955-56) host Hugh Reilly, Gene Raymond

The Twilight Zone (original series) (CBS) (1959-64)  Anthology series hosted by Rod Serling
The Twilight Zone (revival series) (CBS) (1985-89)  Anthology series narrated by Charles Aidman, Robin Ward

The Unexpected (ZIV) (1952) Suspense Anthology hosted by Herbert Marshall
The Unforeseen  (CBC) (1958-60) Canadian Anthology series

U.S. Steel Hour (ABC)(1953-55)(CBS 1955-63)

The Veil (1958) Anthology Series host Boris Karloff

The Vise (Danzigers/UK) (1954-55) Anthology series hosted by Ron Randell  (filmed in the UK for ABC in the US)

Visions (PBS)(1976-80) Specials/Anthology series

The Doctor (syndicated title: The Visitor) (NBC)(1952-53) starring/host Warner Anderson

Volume One (ABC)(1949) Dramatic Anthology series written, produced & hosted by Wyllis Cooper

Walt Disney TV Anthologies (1954-83) (by season)  Family Anthology Series  NEW

The Walter Winchell File (Desilu)(1957-58) Crime Anthology Series

Warner Brothers Presents (Warner Brothers/ABC)(1955-56) Anthology Series

Way Out (Talent Associates/ CBS) (Spring 1961) host Roald Dahl
The Web (Goodson-Todman / CBS) (1950-54)
The Web (Goodson-Todman / NBC)(Summer 1957)
West Point Story (ZIV)(1956-57) Military Anthology Series

Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse (1958-60) host Desi Arnaz
Westinghouse Studio One (CBS)(1948-58) 60 min "live" Monday Night Dramatic Anthology

The Whistler (1954-55) William Forman as the Voice of The Whistler

Windows (CBS)(Summer 1955) Anthology Series

You Are There (CBS Sundays)(1953-57) host Walter Cronkite
Your Favorite Story (ZIV)(1953-54) host Adolphe Menjou
Your Jeweler's Showcase (CBS)(1952-53) 30 min filmed Anthology
Your Play Time (CBS - Summer 1953,1954)(NBC - Summer 1955)
Your Show Time (Hal Roach Studios)(NBC) (1949) 30 min Filmed Dramatic Anthology

Your Story Theatre (Hal Roach Studios)(DuMont-NBC)(1950-51) Dramatic Anthology series

Zane Grey Theater (4 Star)(1956-61) Western Anthology Series - host Dick Powell

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