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UK Live/Taped Drama series Guide

BBC Sunday Night Theatre (1950-59)     -      BBC The Sunday-Night Play (1960-63)

BBC Shakespeare: An Age Of Kings (BBC) (1960) UK Dramatic  series (classic Shakespeare plays)

BBC Shakespeare: The Spread Of The Eagle (BBC) (1963) UK Dramatic  series (3 classic Roman Shakespeare plays)

BBC's The Complete Dramatic Works Of William Shakespeare (1978-85)

BBC Play of the Month (BBC1) (1965-83) UK Dramatic Anthology series (established classic plays)

BBC The Wednesday Play* (BBC1) (1964-70) UK Dramatic Anthology series (new plays)*
BBC Play for Today* (BBC1) (1970-84) UK (follow up to The Wednesday Play) (new plays)*
(*some of the above were shot entirely on 16mm film on location to give a realistic feel)
BBC2 Theatre 625  (1964-68) UK Dramatic Anthology series
BBC2 Thirty-Minute Theatre*  (1965-73) UK Dramatic Anthology series

Dixon of Dock Green (BBC)(1955-76) UK Police series starring Jack Warner as P.C/Sgt George Dixon

 Video - Dixon of Dock Green  #2.11 "The Roaring Boy" (18-Aug-1956)  (3pt)

 Video - Dixon of Dock Green #2.13 "Father in Law" (1-Sep-1956) (4pt)

Maigret (BBC)(1960-63) UK Drama series - starring Rupert Davies

Dr. Finlay's Casebook (BBC Scotland )(1962-70) UK Drama series - starring Bill Simpson

SherlockHolmes (BBC)(1965) UK Detective series - starring  Douglas Wilmer & Nigel Stock

SherlockHolmes (BBC)(1968) UK Detective series - starring  Peter Cushing & Nigel Stock

King of the River (BBC) (1966-67) UK Drama series - starring Bernard Lee

N.E.T. Playhouse (US title) (1966-68) US compilation of plays produced by BBC

Colditz (BBC) (1972-74) UK WWII Drama series- starring Robert Wagner, David McCallum

BBC2 Centre Play (1973-77) (BBC Pebble Mill Studios, Birmingham)

BBC2 Second City Firsts(1973-78) (BBC Pebble Mill Studios, Birmingham)

Survivors (BBC) (1975-77) UK SciFi Drama series- starring Denis Lill, Carolyn Seymour, Ian McCulloch, Lucy Fleming

Secret Army (BBC) (1977-79) UK WWII Drama series- starring Bernard Hepton, Jan Francis ...

Howards Way (1985-1990) (BBC) (UK) Family Drama series starring  Maurice Colbourne, Jan Harvey

BBC2 Play of the Week (1977-79) UK Dramatic Anthology series


ITV Play of the Week (90min) (1956-67) 
ITV Television Playhouse (60min) (1956- 67)      ITV Playhouse (60min) (1967- 83)

 ABC Armchair Theatre (60min) (1955-68)           ATV Weekend Drama (60min) (1960-67) 

Playdate (ITV/Associated-Rediffusion) (60min) (1962) (mainly Canadian plays aired during 1962 ITV Actors Strike) 

ITV Saturday Night Theatre (60min) (1969-71) - retitled  ITV Sunday Night Theatre (60min) (1971-74)   

Murder Bag (1957-59) Crime Sheet (1959) No Hiding Place (1959-67)
(ITV/Associated Rediffusion) UK crime drama series starring Raymond Francis

Somerset Maugham Hour (ITV/Associated-Rediffusion)(1960-62) UK Anthology series

Saki (ITV/Granada)(1962) UK Anthology series - Produced by Philip Mackie
Maupassant (ITV/Granada) (1963) UK Anthology series - Produced by Philip Mackie
The Victorians (ITV/Granada)(1963) UK Anthology series - Produced by Philip Mackie
Paris1900 : Feydeau  (ITV/Granada) (1964) UK Anthology series - Produced by Philip Mackie
The Caesars (ITV/Granada) (1968) UK Anthology series - Produced by Philip Mackie

Police Surgeon (ABC) (live/videotape) (1960) - Ian Hendry

The Avengers (ABC) (live/videotape) (1961) - Ian Hendry 
The Avengers (ABC) (live/videotape) (1962-64) - Honor Blackman

Crossroads (ATV/Central/ ITV)(1964-88)(2001-03)

The Villains (ITV/Granada)(1964-65) UK Play series

Redcap (ABC)(UK)(videotape) (1964-66) starring John Thaw
Public Eye (ABC/Thames/ITV)(UK)(videotape) (1965-75) starring Alfred Burke
Callan (ABC/Thames/ITV)(UK)(videotape)(1967-72) starring Edward Woodward

Thriller   (ATV- ITC/ ITV) (1973-77) UK Thriller Anthology series

Orson Welles' Great Mysteries  (Anglia/ITV)(UK) (1974-1976)
Roald Dahl's Tales Of The Unexpected (Anglia/ITV)(UK)(1979-1988)

Dinosaur TV - Save Our Forgotten British Heritage (David Moore)

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