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Revue Production (Filmed Episodes)

NBC Fri 8:30-9:00

NBC Fri 9:00-9:30 Sep 1956  *Note sometimes aired 9:30-10:00


US Anthology series   39  episodes x 30 min  (9Sep55-7Sep56)


Host: Jeffrey Lynn

Two thirds of the plays were live, the remainder were filmed.

They originated from both Hollywood & New York.


Sometimes called NBC Star Stage.

####### Star Stage #######

#### season 1 1955-56 #####


NBC Fridays 9:00-9:30pm (9Sep55-7Sep56) *Note sometimes aired 9:30-10:00


1.01 Star Stage: THE TOY LADY  (possible aka "The Actress" - Filmed) (or #1.25)

09-Sep-1955 NBC Fri

written by Max Watson

Lorne Greene
Sylvia Sidney
An aging stage actress has a difficult time accepting that she is no

longer young and glamorous and begs her surgeon boyfriend for help.


1.02 Star Stage: COP WITHOUT A BADGE (Possibly Live)

16-Sep-1955 NBC Fri

written by Joel Carpenter

James Gregory

Joey Walsh

A man makes a citizen's arrest after witnessing an accident.


1.03Star Stage: ON TRIAL (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)

23-Sep-1955 NBC Fri

Written by Don M. Mankiewicz & Larry Marcus
Joseph Cotten
Robert Middleton
Frank Gerstle
Sallie Brophy
A lawyer prosecutes a seaman responsible with tossing

 six refugees out of a lifeboat. [RF]
*Note this was the pilot for Cotten's series -  
On Trial/The Joseph Cotten Show (Revue/NBC)(1956-57)


1.04 Star Stage: FIRST DATE (Possibly Live)

30-Sep-1955 NBC Fri

written by Doris Frankel

Phyllis Newman .... Suki
Robin Morgan ...... Laurie
Joyce Smight ...... Carol
When the youngest daughter has a date with a college boy,

 her family is upset by her decision to date him.


1.05 Star Stage: HONEST JOHN AND THE 13 UNCLE SAMS (Possibly Live)

07-Oct-1955 NBC Fri

written by Joel Carpenter

Brian Donlevy ..... Honest John

Honest John is a very powerful man who finds that things are changing

 the way he would like so he hires a bunch of men to parade town in Uncle Sam costumes.


1.06 Star Stage: THE U.S. vs ALEXANDER HOLMES  (possible aka "Hate at Forty Fathoms" - Filmed)
14-Oct-1955 NBC Fri
Joseph Cotten ..... Alexander Holmes
A sea captain is brought to trial after his ship sinks.


1.07 Star Stage: TRUMPET MAN (Possibly Live)

21-Oct-1955 NBC Fri


Gary Merrill

Rudy Bond ..... Sid Griffin

A musician tries to make a comeback after his drinking

almost loses him his wife and career.


1.08 Star Stage:  A LETTER TO MR. PRIEST (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)
28-Oct-1955 NBC Fri
Wendell Corey ..... Mr. Priest
Alice Ghostley
Voted "most likely to succeed" a lawyer recounts

his life to his class and how he achieved his success.


1.09 Star Stage: DR. JORDAN (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)
04-Nov-1955 NBC Fri
Sidney Blackmer
Dennis Morgan
Cloris Leachman
Foreign agents target a physicist with a secret nuclear formula.


1.10 Star Stage: SPRING OVER BROOKLYN (Possibly Live)

11-Nov-1955 NBC Fri

adapted by George Marrow

based on a short story by Zachary Gold


Alan Young


The tale of a romance between two Brooklyn youngsters. [RF]


1.11 Star Stage: IN HOUSES I ENTER (Possibly Live)

18-Nov-1955 NBC Fri

written by Arthur Behrstock

Wallace Ford
James Daly


A young doctor enters into practice with an older physician. The younger man

soon learns that medicine is more than book knowledge, and the older man

realizes that medicine is more than a "bedside manner". [RF]


1.12 Star Stage: THE GIRL WHO WASN'T WANTED (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)

25-Nov-1955 NBC Fri

adapted by Richard Collins

from a story by Stephen McNeil


Jeanne Crain ....... Nancy

John Ericson ....... Rick

Marjie Millar ....... Jennifer

Larry Keating ....... Blake

Robert Bice ....... Ferrino


The daughter of a retired prizefighter has set her cap for a brilliant young lawyer.

 There's only one catch. The lawyer already has a fiancee, his boss's daughter. [RF]


1.13 Star Stage: THE MARMALADE SCANDAL (Possibly Live)

02-Dec-1955 NBC Fri

written by George Lowther


Mildred Natwick

Rhys Williams


A middle-aged widow in a small Scottish town has won fame and a small fortune

from her fabulous recipe for marmalade. There's a local man who wants to win her

 for his bride, but our thrifty miss believes that woman can live on marmalade alone! [RF]


1.14 Star Stage: THE THOUSAND DOLLAR BILL (Possibly Live)

09-Dec-1955 NBC Fri

written by Inez Karma

Eddie Bracken
Hildy Parks
A salesman after finding a thousand dollar bill becomes Mr. Popular.


1.15 Star Stage: FOREIGN WIFE (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)
16-Dec-1955 NBC Fri
Phyllis Kirk
Stephen McNally
A Colonel's wife, who is from Vienna, is targeted by spies

 to steal military secrets from her husband.


1.16 Star Stage: THE RECLUSE (Possibly Live)

23-Dec-1955 NBC Fri


Don Taylor

Georgann Johnson

Harry Townes

A recluse changes the lives of a couple at Christmas.


1.17 Star Stage: THE KNIFE (Possibly Live)
30-Dec-1955 NBC Fri
Donald Woods
Barbara Joyce
Pud Flanagan
A widower tries his best to raise his son properly.

1.18 Star Stage: THE MARSHAL AND THE MOB (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)
06-Jan-1956 NBC Fri (rerun 06Jul56 on NBC)
Dan Duryea ....... Jason
Ward Bond ........ Patterson
Kem Dibbs ........ Harve
Barbara Eiler..... Carol
Paul Guilfoyle ... Jenks
Tim Graham ....... Savannah
A group of ranchers plan a lynching, but the new marshal

seems strangely reluctant to face danger. [JBeer]


1.19 Star Stage: OF MISSING PERSONS (Possibly Live)
13-Jan-1956 NBC Fri

Ralph Meeker
Joan Lorring

A woman hires a man to locate her one true love.


1.20 Star Stage: ARTICLES OF WAR (Possibly Live)
20-Jan-1956 NBC Fri
Ralph Bellamy
Edward Binns

A major in the Western Army of the 1870's must decide

when discipline yields to mercy. [RF]

1.21 Star Stage: SCREEN CREDIT (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)
27-Jan-1956 NBC Fri
Cornel Wilde
Carolyn Jones
Charles Lane
Jim Backus
Joan Banks
Harold Peary
Allen Jenkins

A comedy about a best-selling author who goes to Hollywood to adapt his book

for the screen. He finds himself lost in the hectic life of the film capital. (film) [RF]


1.22 Star Stage: KILLER ON HORSEBACK (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)

03-Feb-1956 NBC Fri

Teleplay by Lawrence Kimble
Directed by John English
Director of Photography, John McBurnie
Art Director Martin Obzina
Assistant Director James Hogan
Film Editor Daniel S. Nathan
Set Decorator James S. Redd
Sound William Lynch
Rod Cameron ........ Trooper Rod Blake
Beverly Garland .... Ellie Austin
Claude Akins ....... Henley
Tol Avery .......... Bert Rogers
Robert Burton ...... Sheriff Grundy
Robert Anderson .... Swede Austin
Simon Scott ........ Ryan
Raymond Hatton ..... The Old Man
Pat Conway ......... Saunders
James Flavin ....... The Police Director
Bob Morgan ......... The Gym Deputy
On a lonely trail in Nevada, a rancher notices a saddle tramp leading

a limping horse. Approaching to offer help, the rancher is shot by the tramp.

 State Trooper Rod Blake sets out to find the rancher's attacker. [RF]
*Note: This was the pilot for the syndicated series "State Trooper".

Syndication airing on Western Theater 21Aug59.

1.23 Star Stage: WHITE NIGHT (Possibly Live)

10-Feb-1956 NBC Fri

written by Robert Wallsten

Polly Bergen
Paul Douglas
A comedy of errors as a cab driver picks up a fare,

a dancer with a boat-load of problems.


1.24 Star Stage: THE SCHOOL MISTRESS (Possibly Live)

17-Feb-1956 NBC Fri

written by Saul Levitt

Jessica Tandy
A teacher wanting to become headmistress feels that one

student is holding back her promotion.


1.25 Star Stage: CAREER (possible aka "The Actress" - Filmed) (or #1.01)

24-Feb-1956 NBC Fri


Greer Garson

Patric Knowles

Linda Bennett

An actress' box office power is dwindling so she plans

 to adopt an orphan to increase her popularity.


1.26 Star Stage: I AM HER NURSE (Possibly Live)

02-Mar-1956 NBC Fri

Written by George Bellak

Adapted from a story by Mary Roberts Rinehart.


Mary Astor ........ Nurse

Patricia Smith ....... Wife

Philip Abbott .... Husband


The life of a lonely night-nurse is changed after she cares for

a young girl who has attempted suicide. [RF]


1.27 Star Stage: CLEOPATRA COLLINS (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)

09-Mar-1956 NBC Fri


Betty Grable .......Cleopatra Collins

Casey Adams ....... Pete

Rick Jason .......Pookey

Michael Winkleman ....... Bobbie

Louise Beavers ....... Effie

Gordon Mills ....... Harry

Jack Kruschen ....... Horace

Leon Tyler ....... Delivery Boy


Cleo Collins a former Miss America has put the Boardwalk of Atlantic City far

behind her and settled down to a well adjusted and happy married life. She is

now the mother of two children and has been wed for eight years. Her husband,

Pete has always been slightly uneasy about her glamorous past. When Cleo

decides to celebrate her birthday with a quiet evening at home for just the two of

them, things begin to pop! Past admirers and show-business contacts have remembered

Cleo's birthday and intrude on her plans for a quiet remembrance.

The list of intruders includes: a Miami hotel owner, her former agent, a florist,

and last but not least, Pookey the Rajah of Pukhanistir! [RF]


1.28 Star Stage: THE MAN WHO WAS IRRESISTABLE TO WOMEN (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)

16-Mar-1956 NBC Fri

Written by Jackson Stanley


Art Carney ....... Henri

Lisa Ferraday ...... Claudine

Carmen Mathews ..... Mme. Dunois

Marjorie Barrett .... Josette


Henri, a meek stagehand in love with Claudine, discovers an ancient French recipe

for winning the affections of a lady. Putting his new-found knowledge to use

he finds that the recipe has magic charms for all, except the lady of his choice. [RF]


1.29 Star Stage: THE SECRET PLACE (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)

23-Mar-1956 NBC Fri


Kevin McCarthy

Teresa Wright

A woman torn by a romance from her past helps her

to relax her hold on her own daughter.


1.30 Star Stage: SCANDAL ON DEEPSIDE (possible aka "Witch of Far Island" - Filmed)

30-Mar-1956 NBC Fri

Written by Kay Arthur


Maureen O'Sullivan


Scandal on Deepside revolves around a beautiful woman who is the subject

of much gossip on the island of Deepside in Maine. Her aloff behavior has

inspired rumors of a lost and tragic love affair. [RF]


1.31 Star Stage: THE SAINTED GENERAL (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)
06-Apr-1956 NBC Fri
Yvonne De Carlo ..... Dona Maria Sanchez
Luther Adler ........ General Sanchez
Lawrence Dobkin
The wife of a general has secretly taken his money

 to build a school and church. [RF]

1.32 Star Stage: BEING NICE TO EMILY (Possibly Live)
written by Richard De Roy
Anne Jeffreys
Robert Sterling
Fredd Wayne
Three U.S. airmen escape imprisonment with the help of a girl,

 years later the men are visited by that same girl.

1.33 Star Stage: THE SHADOWY THIRD (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)
20-Apr-1956 NBC Fri (rerun 31Aug56)
Based on the story by Ellen Glasgow
Joan Fontaine
Judith Evelyn
John Baragrey

Margaret Randolph, a young nurse, traveling back to New York

from her home in a southern city, recounts the story of an

 experience that threatens to haunt her. [RF]


1.34 Star Stage: A PLACE TO BE ALONE (Possibly Live)
27-Apr-1956 NBC Fri
Adapted by A.J. Russell

From a story by Edmund Ware
John Forsythe
Georgianne Johnson

As a result of a childhood vow never to cry, a mining

engineer has lived a self-contained and rather Spartan life.

His convictions are put to the test by a tragic accident. [RF]


1.35 Star Stage: BEND TO THE WIND (Possibly Live)

04-May-1956 NBC Fri

written by George Lowther

Brandon de Wilde
Meg Mundy
James Gregory
A country boy has a problems with his step-father.


1.36 Star Stage: THE GUARDIAN (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)

Preston Foster ..... Sam Hodges
Barbara Hale
Range Rider Sam Hodges falls in love with a sickly school teacher's wife.


1.37 Star Stage: THE MAN IN THE BLACK ROBE (Revue Prod.)(Filmed)

18-May-1956 NBC Fri (rerun 07Sep56)

Narrator: Joseph Cotten
Paul Douglas ...... Harry Manning
John McIntire ..... Judge Cardiff
Joyce Jameson ..... Bonnie
John Hoyt ......... Hunnicutt
Frank McHugh
A mobster thinks he can get away with murder without a conviction.

*Note: This was the pilot for "On Trial" with Joseph Cotten.


1.38 Star Stage: FOUNDATIONS (Possibly Live)

25-May-1956 NBC Fri

Written by George Bellak

Producer: S. Mark Smith

John Baragrey
Polly Bergen
An architect's marriage is in danger unless he changes his priorities.


1.39 Star Stage: THE REAL THING (Possibly Live)

01-Jun-1956 NBC Fri

written by A.J. Russell

George McCready
A father does not believe that his son's intended is the right choice for him.


######## Star Stage #######

######### the end ########


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