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Screen Directors Playhouse (1955-56)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive


with contributions by: Jim Brent, Rina Fox
Library of Congress (telnet://locis.loc.gov)
Internet Movie Database (https://us.imdb.com)
UCLA Film and Television Archive

Executive Producer Sidney Van Keuren

for NBC Wednesdays 8:00-8:30pm ET

October 5, 1955 to September 26, 1956

39 episodes (according to USA TV) 35 listed here.

###### Screen Directors Playhouse #########

############# Season 1 1955-56 #############


NBC Wednesdays 8:00-8:30pm ET (5Oct55-26Sep56)


Ep 1.01 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: MEET THE GOVERNOR


director of photography Alfred Gilks

directed by Leo McCarey


Herb Shriner as Clem Waters

Barbara Hale as Jane Waters

Bobby Clark as Sonny Waters

Paul Harvey as Mr. Dirks

Rita Lynn as Mrs. Lamkin

Arthur Q. Bryan as Mr. Hurley

Hayden Rorke as Lawyer

Claud Allister as Butler

William Forrest as Mr. Green

Oliver Cliff as Decorator


A "bumpkin-type" lawyer runs for governor until the opposition digs into his past.


Ep 1.02 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: DAY IS DONE

prod no. 9539


written by William Tunberg

director of photography Hal Mohr

directed by Frank Borzage


Rory Calhoun as Sgt. Norris

Bobby Driscoll as Pvt. Zane

Richard Crane as Archer

Douglas Dick as Carlson

Michael Emmet as Capt. Harris

James Goodwin as Jones

Robert Arthur as 1st Soldier

Wright King as 2nd Soldier

Ron Kennedy as 3rd Soldier

Bill White Jr. as 4th Soldier


During the catastrophic 1951 retreat of American troops in Korea, a recruit finds a

Chinese bugle; his sergeant then attempts to use it to instill the fighting spirit in his men. [JB]


Ep 1.03 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: A MIDSUMMER DAYDREAM

prod no. 9538


written by William Saroyan

director of photography Ed Fitzgerald

directed by John Brahm


Kim Hunter as Elizabeth

Don Hanmer as Patrick

Keenan Wynn as Gambler

Bea Benaderet as Woman

Don Wilson as Man

Eilene Janssen as Girl

Michael Monroe as Boy

David Hoffman as Mr. Glooteneye

Roy Glenn as Bootblack


A young man who wants desperately to get married finds "The" girl in, of all places,

a marriage license bureau. But the happy ending is threatened by the appearance

of a suave, smooth, sophisticated gambling man. [JB]


Ep 1.04 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: ARROYO

prod no. 9604


written by George Waggner

director of photography Ed Fitzgerald

directed by George Waggner


Jack Carson as Lamar

Lynn Bari as Hattie Mae

Lola Albright as Nancy

Neville Brand as Craddick

Lloyd Corrigan as  Hank

William Schallert as Lawyer

John Baer as Dude

Bob Steele as Deputy Dodd

William Erwin as 1st Gambler

Frank Scannell as 2nd Gambler


A small New Mexican town enjoys a reasonably peaceful existence under the rule

of self-appointed judge Lamar Kendall. This state of affairs is disrupted by the appearance

 of a wounded young woman, who reports that an Indian raid has wiped out her wagon train. [JB]


Ep 1.05 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: WANT AD WEDDING

prod no. 9609


written by Dane Lussier & Gertrude Walker

director of photography Ed Fitzgerald

directed by William A. Seiter


Leon Ames as Pop

Fred Clark as Chet Buchanan

Sally Forrest as Polly

James Lydon as Lt. Fred Green

Richard Webb as Hank Douglas

Jacqueline deWit as Mercedes

Pitt Herbert as Charlie

Vici Raaf as Doretta

Jan Shepard as Stella

Fay Roope as Rev. Walker


A young naval officer, alone in a strange city, is planning to be married. Having no friends in town,

 he places an ad in the newspaper advertising for wedding guests. [JB]


Ep 1.06 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: THE LIFE OF VERNON HATHAWAY


written by Barbara Merlin

story by Richard Wormser

director of photography Alfred Gilks

directed by Norman McLeod


Alan Young as Ernest Stockhoeffer/Vernon Hathaway

Cloris Leachman as Irma

Ray Bailey as Howard Barnes

Douglas Dumbrille as Red Beecham

Florenz Ames

Susan Morrow

Jay Novello

Percy Helton

Roy Engel

Roy Glenn

Herb Vigran


A meek little watch repairman daydreams himself into exciting adventures.

 When his alter ego takes over, he begins living his dreams in real life. [JB]


Ep 1.07 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: THE FINAL TRIBUTE

prod no. 9605


written by Octavus Roy Cohen

director of photography Joseph F. Biroc

directed by Andrew L. Stone


Laraine Day as Joyce Carter

Dan O'Herlihy as Dr. Kent

Thomas Mitchell as Dr. Walton

Jonathan Hale as Mayor

Eddie Marr as Alex

Linda Lowell as Margie

Joyce McCluskey as Margie's Mother

Emlen Davies as Mrs. Cole

Marjorie Stapp as Mrs. Raglund

Kenneth Osmond as Raglund boy


A nurse in a small-town doctor's office protests the attitude of the new young physician.

His cold, impersonal treatment of patients is exactly opposite that of the kindly and

gentle elderly doctor he will someday replace. [RF]


Ep 1.08 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: THE BRUSH ROPER

prod no. 9532


written by William Tunberg & Fred Gipson

story by Fred Gipson

director of photography Ed Fitzgerald

directed by Stuart Heisler


Chuck Connors as Art Shirley

Lee Aaker as Cowhide

Walter Brennan as Grandpa Atkins

Edgar Buchanan as Sub Doyal

Olive Carey as Grandma


Grandpa Atkins tries to live up to his tales of former glory as a cowpoke. He learns

a dangerous bull is at large in the brush, saddles up, and goes after him with his rope. [JB]


Ep 1.09 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: TOM AND JERRY


written by Mary McCarey (Leo McCarey's daughter)

director of photography Alfred Gilks

directed by Leo McCarey


Peter Lawford as Tom Macy

Nancy Gates as Jerry Macy

Frank Fay as Father O'Dowd

Marie Windsor as Lola

Charles Lane as Garrity

Charles Herbert

Arthur Q. Bryan

Minerva Urecal

Tommy Bernard

Vernon Rich


A kindly parish priest tries to effect a reconciliation between a husband and wife.

* Note Mary McCarey also wrote a song for this Christmas

story titled, "Don't Say Goodbye to Love". [JB]


Ep 1.10 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: ROOKIE OF THE YEAR

prod no. 9648

07Dec1955 (rebroadcast 18Apr1956)

written by Frank Nugent

story by W.R. Burnett

director of photography Hal Mohr

directed by John Ford


John Wayne as Mike Cronin

Vera Miles as Rose Goodhue, (Ruth Dahlberg) IMDB

Ward Bond as Larry Goodhue alias Buck Garrison

James Gleason as Ed Shafer

Pat Wayne as Lyn Goodhue

Willis Bouchey as Cully, Newspaper Editor

Harry Tyler as Mr. White

William Forrest as Walker

Robert Leyden as Willie

Tiger Fafara as Bobby


A small-town newspaper sports writer harbors an ambition to work for a big city daily.

He sees his chance to achieve his goal while attending the World Series. One of the

rookies shows a style reminiscent of a former all-time great who was banned from

 baseball for accepting a bribe. [RF]


Ep 1.11 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: LINCOLN'S DOCTOR'S DOG


written by William R. Cox

story by Christopher Morley

directed by H.C. Potter

camera James Wong Howe


Robert Ryan as President Lincoln

Charles Bickford as Dr. Stone

Willis Bouchet as Edwin Stanton

Johnny Lee as Simon

Richard Long

Howard Wendell

Paul Keast

Mack Williams

John Craven

Dennis King Jr as Petitioner


Discouraged and saddened by the War Between the States, President Lincoln

 is cheered by the gift of a puppy from his physician. [RF]


Ep 1.12 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: THE SILENT PARTNER

21Dec1955 (rebroadcast 21Mar1956)

written by Barbara Hammer & George Marshall

director of photography Ed DuPar

directed by George Marshall


Buster Keaton as Kelsey Dutton

Zasu Pitts as Selma

Evelyn Ankers as Miss Loving

Joe E. Brown as Arthur Vail

Jack Kruschen as Ernie

Jack Elam as Shanks

Percy Helton as Barney

Joseph Corey as Arnold

Lyle Latell as Ernie's Friend

Charles Horvath as Barber


Watching the TV broadcast of the Academy Awards presentation, a faded actress

realizes that the patron at another table in the restaurant was once a well-known comic.

 Her happy discovery is marred, however, by a man who calls both of them has-beens. [RF]


Ep 1.13 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: THE TITANIC INCIDENT

prod no. 9603

28Dec1955 (rebroadcast 20Jun1956)

written by William R. Cox

director of photography Lothrop Worth

directed by Ted Tetzlaff


Leo Genn as Paul

Barbara Morrison as Mrs. Van Owen

Philip Reed as Sir Hubert

May Wynn as Susan

Pat Whyte as Mr. Fothergill

Ramsay Hill as Mr. Ogden

Michael Hadlow as Cabin Steward

George Leigh as Dining Steward

Mike McHale as Deck Officer


A cardsharp and his wife aboard the Titanic on its fateful last voyage pick a

wealthy Britisher as their pigeon. The cardsharp sets up the Britisher for a

climactic card session, but the tables seem to turn as the ship goes down. [RF]


Ep 1.14 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: HOT CARGO


written by David Dortort

story by Tay Garnett

director of photography Hal Mohr

directed by Tay Garnett


Yvonne De Carlo as Pearl

Rory Calhoun as Joe Mahoney

Alan Reed as Captain Swenson

Peter Brocco

June Vincent as Society Girl

George Lloyd

Joe Haworth

Joe Smith

Frank Richards


A chorus girl, stranded in a waterfront town in the Orient, is befriended by the

skipper of a freighter. She marries the skipper and then meets a good-looking

young harbor policeman who falls in love with her. [JB]


Ep 1.15 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: IT'S ALWAYS SUNDAY

prod no. 9653

11Jan1956 (rebroadcast 28Mar56)

written by D.D. Beauchamp

story by Jesse Goldstein & Frank Fox

director of photography Ed DuPar

directed by Allan Dwan


Chick Chandler as Eddie

Sheldon Leonard as George

Dennis O'Keefe as Reverend Parker

Fay Wray as Mary Parker

Grant Withers as William Brackett Sr.

Eilene Janssen as Nancy Parker

Robert Easton as Stanley Moran

Terry Rangno as Danny Parker

Diane Jergens as Sue Stradler

Jimmy Hayes as Bill Brackett


A kindly minister who believes in doing good for the unfortunate befriends a

pair of itinerants who arrive in town. [RF]


Ep 1.16 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: NUMBER FIVE CHECKED OUT


written by Willard Wiener

story by Ida Lupino

director[s] of photography Lester H. White and Paul Ivano

directed by Ida Lupino


Peter Lorre as Willy

Teresa Wright as Mary

Ralph Moody as Jarvis

William Talman as Barney


A young woman, though she is deaf, is left alone to look after the resort cabins

owned by her father. Two dangerous bank robbers then move in, using the

 secluded spot as a temporary hideout. [RF]


Ep 1.17 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: PRIMA DONNA

prod no. 9652


written by Gene Raymond & Peter Milne

story by Gene Raymond

director of photography Wilfred M. Cline

directed by David Butler


Jeanette MacDonald as Martha

Laraine Day as Herself

Leo Durocher as Himself

Jerome Cowan as Lewis

Jacqueline deWit as Emmy

Jane Darwell as Lena

Alfred Caiazza as Johnny

Jack Lomas as Tad


A philanthropic concert artist takes an interest in a 13-year-old newsboy with

an outstanding singing voice. She runs into difficulties when the boy also

shows a marked preference for baseball. [RF]


Ep 1.18 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: CRY JUSTICE


Directed by George Sherman

Written by Donald Hyde

Director of photography Jack MacKenzie


Macdonald Carey  ..... Gil Foster
James Dunn .......... Sheriff Garrett
Dick Haymes ......... Jim Wheeler
June Vincent ........ June
Roy Roberts ......... Judge
Trevor Bardette ..... Deputy
Paul Bryar .......... Clem
Nacho Galindo ....... Mexican
Synopsis 1:
Bitter because his law partner married the woman he loved, a man plots

 his own disappearance, making it appear he has been murdered by his partner.

Ten years later, the partner is released from prison and seeks revenge. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
A lawyer plots revenge when his partner marries the woman he loves.

The spurned lover plans to disappear to make it look as though

he has been murdered by his partner. [RF]
*Note: Syndication airing on Summer Theater 12Aug58.

Ep 1.19 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: AFFAIR IN SUMATRA


written by Michael Fessier

director of photography Jack MacKenzie

directed by Byron Haskin


Ralph Bellamy as Dr. Martin Kelog

Rita Gam as Lotti

Basil Rathbone as Paul Charters

Greta Granstedt as Tinka

Salvador Baguez as Molu

Napua Woodd as 1st Mother

Julia Montoya as 2nd Mother

Inez Palange as 3rd Mother

Orland Rodriguez as Native Boy


A beautiful half-caste girl is torn between love for her people and love for a man. [RF]


Ep 1.20 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: ONE AGAINST MANY

prod no. 9610


written by Malvin Wald & John Jacobs & Donald S. Sanford

story by Malvin Wald & John Jacobs

director of photography Ed DuPar

directed by William Dieterle


Lew Ayres as Dr. John Mohler

Wallace Ford as Ed Rawlings

Chick Chandler as Dr. McCawlly

Emlen Davies as Mrs. Rawlings

Ray Teal as Farmer Clark

Walter Baldwin as Farmer Everett

Kathryn Card as Mrs. Mohler

Robert Shayne as Dave O'Bryan

Damian O'Flynn as Farmer Novak

Wilfred Knapp as Congressman


A scientist is faced with a difficult decision. A man devoted to saving lives,

he may be forced to kill in order to prevent a state-wide livestock epidemic. [RF]


Ep 1.21 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: IT'S A MOST UNUSUAL DAY

prod no. 9649


written by Claude Binyon

story by William R. Cox

director of photography William Margulies

directed by Claude Binyon


Fred MacMurray as Peter Terrance

Marilyn Erskine as Margie Terrance

Jimmy McHugh as Himself

Veda Ann Borg as Jo Hadley

William Traylor as Peter at 22

Carolyn Craig as Janet Owen

Harry Lauter as Truck Driver

Duncan Richardson as Peter at 13

Jerry Mathers as Peter at 5

Frank Sully as Husky Driver

Scotty Morrow


A married couple take in a night club show starring Jimmy McHugh, and

 are prompted by his melodies to relive their past.


It's a most unusual day sung by Jana Lund

I can't believe that you're in love with me sung by Karen Vonne

I can't give you anything but love sung by Diane Jergens

On the sunny side of the street sung by Darla Hood

I'm in the mood for love sung by Peggy Dietrick. [RF]


[--] Screen Directors Playhouse: THE SILENT PARTNER

21Mar1956 (originally aired 21Dec55)


[--] Screen Directors Playhouse: IT'S ALWAYS SUNDAY

28Mar1956 (originally aired 11Jan56)


Ep 1.22 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: THE SWORD OF VILLON



Hillary Brooke

Pamela Duncan

Errol Flynn (TV debut)

Murvyn Vye


The story of fabled swordsman Francois Villon. [JB]


Ep 1.23 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: MARKHEIM


written by Alfred Harris

story by Robert Louis Stevenson

directerd by Fred Zinneman


Ray Milland

Jay Novello

Rod Steiger


Ep 1.24 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: CLAIRE


written by Philip MacDonald & George Sinclair

story by Ruth Capps

director of photography Paul Ivano

directed by Frank Tuttle


Angela Lansbury as Vera Wayne

George Montgomery as Dr. Stanley Wayne

Amanda Randolph as Kate

Jean Willes as Roberta

William Erwin as Carl


A young doctor brings his second wife to his lakeside home to live. She is

 taunted by the presence of his pet cat, which serves to remind her that because

 she couldn't swim, she stood helplessly by while the first wife drowned. [RF]


Ep 1.25 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: A TICKET FOR THADDEUS

prod no. 9659

09May1956 (rebroadcast 19Sep1956)

written by A.I. Bezzerides

story by Rose C. Feld

director of photography, Paul Ivano

directed by Frank Borzage


Edmond O'Brien as Thaddeus Kubaczik

Narda Onyx as Kathi Kubaczik

Alan Hale as Bowen

Clem Bevans as Jessup

Raymond Bailey as Judge

Hayden Rorke as Collier

Russ Conway as 1st Officer

Frances Robinson as Mrs. Preston


A humble refugee from war-torn Poland has never been able to shed his fear of

anyone in uniform. When the immigrant is involved in a minor traffic altercation, he

tries to prove to the police he was at fault even though he wasn't. [RF]


Ep 1.26 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: THE DREAM

prod no. 9742


written by Richard Karlan & Patricia Karlan

short story by Ivan Turgenev

director of photography Paul Ivano

directed by Hugo Haas


Sal Mineo as Charles Monet

George Sanders as the Baron

Patricia Morrison as Vivienne Monet

John Banner as Prefect of Police

Lita Milan as Amelia

Andre Villon as Waiter

Norbert Schiller as Old Man

Felix Nelson as the Negro


In France in 1887 an impressionable youth gives his mother cause for alarm.

The young man has a recurrent dream in which he searches for his dead father.

The mother is further upset when the boy tells her of meeting a baron who offers to

 take him aboard ship for a journey to the West Indies. [RF]


Ep 1.27 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: WHAT DAY IS IT?

prod no. 9741


written by Jean Holloway

director of photography, Lothrop Worth

directed by Gower Champion


Gower Champion as Conroy Gregory

Marge Champion as Claire Gregory

Bob Dixon as Messenger

Pinky Jackson as Trainer

Cheeta & Chico as Themselves

Music by Leon Klatzkin.

Songs: Yankee doodle boy, Mary's a grand old name by George M. Cohan;

When you're a clown by Jeff Bailey, Jack Latimer.


A husband and wife dance team bicker backstage when the husband can't

remember what special date his wife is observing. Between song and dance

numbers, the arguments escalate until a singing telegram arrives. [RF]


Ep 1.28 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: EVERY MAN HAS TWO WIVES

prod no. 9650


written by Frank Gill Jr. & DeWitt Bodeen

director of photography Paul Ivano

directed by Lewis Allen


Janet Blair as Della

Buddy Ebsen as Fred

Barry Nelson as Bill

Mary Sinclair as Fay

Dave Willock as Counterman

Margaret Bert as Powdermaid


In the spring, when one gentleman's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of a former love,

his wife decides to take drastic action. She and hubby make a trip back to the old home town,

determined to come face to face with his childhood sweetheart. [RF]


Ep 1.29 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: PARTNERS


written by Winston Miller

story by Tay Garnett

director of photography, Lothrop Worth

directed by Tay Garnett


Brandon De Wilde as Terry

Casey Tibbs as Himself (World's Champion Cowboy)

Robert Wilkie as Zecca

Clem Bevans as Stryker

Don Beddoe as Superindentent

James Bell as Joe

Chuck Parkison as Announcer

Paul Birch as Doc

Hal Baylor as Official


A rodeo star befriends an orphan boy who yearns to compete in the rodeo. [RF]


Ep 1.30 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: WHITE CORRIDORS

prod no. 9743


written by Irving & Helen Cooper

director of photography, Jack MacKenzie

directed by Ted Post


John Bentley as Dr. Gorwin

Linda Darnell as Ellen

Virginia Field as Nurse Delcotte

Scott Forbes as Dr. Bruno

Pat Hitchcock as Nurse Winrod

Pat Aherne as Policeman

Gavin Muir as Plainclothesman


An American tourist in London accompanies a friend to the hospital for an emergency operation.

At the hospital, she claims she has witnessed a murder, but the doctors think she is imagining things. [RF]


Ep 1.31 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: THE CARROLL FORMULA


written by John L. Greene

director of photography Benjamin H. Kline

directed by Tay Garnett


Michael Wilding as David Scott

Havis Davenport as Sylvia Richardson

Dayton Lummis as Dr. Hoffman

Steven Geray as Dr. Lehndorff

Howard McNear as Dr. Curtis

Peter Whitney as Attendant

Donald McBride as Col. Hobson

Roy Roberts as General Lafferty

Donald Barry as Soldier


A college professor stumbles across a formula for reducing the size of things. [RF]


Ep 1.32 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: APPLES ON THE LILAC TREE


written by Phil Shuken & Lee Loeb

director of photography Lothrop Worth

directed by John Rich


Macdonald Carey as William Tyler

Joan Caulfield as Maggie Tyler

Edgar Stehli as Professor Weston

Eleanor Audley as Judith Brenner

John Archer as Doctor Wallace

Joseph Kearns as Charley

William Schallert as Phil


A couple's "peculiar marital arrangement is the talk of the town. It seems that the

husband loves to do the housework, while his wife spends the day at the office. [RF]


Ep 1.33 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: THE BITTER WATERS


written by Zoe Akins

from the story Louisa Pallant by Henry James

director of photography Lothrop Worth

directed by John Brahm


Constance Cummings as Louisa Pallant

George Sanders as Charles Ferris

Robert Vaughn as Archibald Parker

Cynthia Baxter as Linda Pallant

Celia Lovsky as Frau Traurnicht

Barbara Morrison as Mrs. Gimingham

Jerry Barclay as Herbert


In a fashionable German resort at the turn of the century, a wealthy young American

touring Europe with his uncle meets a woman and her widowed mother. A romance

develops between the young couple, until the society matron mother brings her own

past to bear on their relationship. [JB]


Ep 1.34 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: THE DAY I MET CARUSO


written by Zoe Akins

story by Elizabeth Bacon Rodewald

director of photography Ed Fitzgerald

directed by Frank Borzage


Sandy Descher as Elizabeth

Lotfi Mansouri as Caruso

Bill Walker as Porter

Emily Lawrence as Cousin Hannah

Walter Coy as Father

Barbara Eiler as Mother

Tito Vuolo as Valet


On a train between Boston and New York, a ten-year-old Quaker girl meets Enrico Caruso.

She takes him to task for his worldliness and extravagances, but is eventually won

over by his voice, as he sings arias from Aida, La Boheme, Tosca, and Pagliacci,

as well as the World War I tune, Over there. [RF]


Ep 1.35 [--] Screen Directors Playhouse: HIGH AIR

prod no. 9658


written by A.I. Bezzerides

story by Borden Chase

director of photography Jack MacKenzie

directed by Allan Dwan


William Bendix as Joe Redman

Dennis Hopper as Steve Redman

John Alderson as Swede

Leo Gordon as Tom Martin

Hal Baylor as Man with Bends

William Doty as Sandhogger #1

Don Kennedy as Sandhogger #2

Mike Ragan as Sandhogger #3

John Mitchum as Sandhogger #4

Duane Thorson as Sandhogger #5


Long separated, a river-tunnel foreman and his son come face to face during

an under-river disaster which almost takes their lives. [RF]



 [--] 25Jan56 NBC Wed 8:00pm - no details

 [--] 08Feb56 NBC Wed 8:00 pm - no details

 [--] 29Feb56 NBC Wed 8:00pm   - no details (leap year)

 [--] 28Mar56 NBC Wed 8:00pm  - no details

 [--] 18Apr56 NBC Wed 8:00pm - rebroadcast of "Rookie of the Year" original airing Dec 7, 1955

 [--] 02May56 - NBC Wed 8:00pm - no details

 [--] 23May56 NBC Wed 8:00pm

 [--] 30May56 NBC Wed 8:00pm

 [--] 20Jun56 NBC Wed - rebroadcast of "The Titanic Incident" original airing Dec 28, 1955.

 [--] 27Jun56 NBC Wed - no details

 [--] 08Aug56 Wed - no details

 [--] 15Aug56 Wed - no details

 [--] 22Aug56 Wed - no details

 [--] 29Aug56 Wed - no details

 [--] 19Sep56 Wed - rebroadcast of "A Ticket for Thaddeus" May 9, 1956.

 [--] 26Sep56 Wed - no details (final episode) (possibly a rerun)

######### Screen Directors Playhouse #########

################ the end #################



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