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Way Out (1961)
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Talent Associates production for CBS

Executive producer David Susskind

March 31, 1961 to July 14, 1961  CBS Fri 9:30 - 10:00


Host: Roald Dahl


 ######## Way Out ########

####### 1961 season ######



1.01 [--] Way Out: WILLIAM AND MARY

31-Mar-1961 CBS Fri

written by Roald Dahl

directed by Marc Daniels

producer Jacqueline Babbin


Henry Jones as William Pearl

Mildred Dunnock as Mary Pearl

Fritz Weaver as Dr. Landy

Barnard Hughes as Dr. Foster

The post-mortem brain of an Mr. Pearl is kept alive in a tank with an eye-stem + ear-drum

attached, his growing agitation expressed only with wordless electronic static on an

ocilloscope as his wife blasts twist records and exhales cigarette smoke into his tank. [RF]


1.02 [--] Way Out: THE DOWN CAR

07-Apr-1961 CBS Fri

written by Phil Reisman Jr.

directed by Marc Daniels

George Turner as John Ventry
After two Navy buddies go into business together one makes a huge mistake by gambling

the companies profits away. The matter is handled by his partner who is haunted by

his so-called partners suicide. [RF]


1.03 [--] Way Out: THE SISTERS

14-Apr-1961 CBS Fri

written by Irving Gaynor Neiman

directed by Tom Donovan


Carmen Mathews as Harriet

Two sisters, one possessive the other impulsive, bring about their own demise. [RF]


1.04 [--] Way Out: BUTTON, BUTTON

28-Apr-1961 CBS Fri

written by Elliott Bakers

directed by Tom Donovan

Richard Morse as Captain Stone
Captain Stone has nightmares about a nuclear holocaust that should he ever push the

 Button will bring about the catastrophy he fears most. [RF]


1.05 I[--] Way Out:  HEARD YOU CALLING ME

05-May-1961 CBS Fri

written by Sumner Elliot

directed by Daniel Petrie


Constance Ford as Freda Mansfield

Anthony Dawson as George Frobisher

Angela Thornton as Rose Thorn

Neil Fitzgerald as Doctor

George Turner as Mr. Burnly

Jean Cameron as Phone Operator

Freda has ghostly visions of a woman trying to tell her something about her fiancee. [RF]


1.06 [--] Way Out: THE CROAKER

12-May-1961 CBS Fri

written by Phil Reisman Jr.

directed by Paul Bogart


Rex Everhart as Fred Tench

John McGiver as Mr. Rana

Madeleine Sherwood as Cora Tench

Richard Thomas as Jeremy Keeler

Paul Richards as Sergeant McGoogan

Mr. Rana slips swamp water into his neighbor's cocktails changing them into frogs. [RF]


1.07 [--] Way Out: FALSE FACE

26-May-1961 CBS Fri

written by Larry Cohen

directed by Paul Bogart


Alfred Ryder as Michael Drake

Martin Brooks as the Man

Gerry Jedd as Rita Singer

An over-ambitious method actor sneaks around skid row to steal ideas on playing

a ravaged wino- actually becoming the skuzziest bum for real - and even

the dirtiest dregs avoid him. [RF]


1.08 [--] Way Out: DISSOLVE TO BLACK

02-Jun-1961 CBS Fri

written by Irving Gaynor Neiman

directed by Bill Corrigan


Kathleen Widdoes as Bonnie Draco

Moultrie Patten as George

Mark Lenard as Paul #1

Michael Conrad as Paul #2

Richard Morse as Harry #1

James Patterson as Harry #2

Dan Morgan as Murderer #1

Leonardo Cimino as Murderer #2

Frank Daly as Victim


Bonnie's first acting job is a creepy one, she works at a television studio at night

and during rehearsal witnesses a real killing. [RF]


1.09 [--] Way Out: DEATH WISH

09-Jun-1961 CBS Fri

written by Irving Gaynor Neiman

directed by Boris Sagal


Charlotte Rae as Hazel Atterbury

Don Keefer as George Atterbury

Heywood Hale Broun as Mr. Petard

Chuck Morgan as Charon


Hazel Atterbury lives and breathes TV. She watches and talks

about it all the time. When she asks her husband George

what his favorite show was, he tells her it's the one on which

a man murdered his wife because she talked too much. [RF]


1.10 [--] Way Out: THE OVERNIGHT CASE

16-Jun-1961 CBS Fri

written by Nicholas Pryor

directed by Paul Bogart


Martin Balsam as Bill Clayton

Barbara Baxley as Norma

Kevin McCarthy as Dr. Paul Sandham


Norma awakens from a bad dream and doesn't recognize her surroundings. She doesn't

even recognize her husband, Bill. Only the presence of an overnight case seems to

strike a familiar and disturbing note. [RF]


1.11 [--] Way Out: HUSH, HUSH

23-Jun-1961 CBS Fri

written by Robert Van Scoyk

directed by Mel Ferber


Woodrow Parfrey as William Rogers

Philip Coolidge as Professor Ernest Lydecker

Rosemary Murphy as Bernice Lydecker

Mary Cushman as Margaret Ainsley

Barry Newman as Police Officer

John F. Hamilton as Janitor


Professor Ernest Lydecker makes a major discovery.

He puts a laboratory mouse into a state of perfect tranquility

and it's all done with sound waves. [RF]


1.12 [--] Way Out: SIDE SHOW

30-Jun-1961 CBS Fri

written by Elliott Baker

directed by Seymour Robbie

Host Roald Dahl
Murray Hamilton ..... Harold Potter
Doris Roberts ....... Edna Potter
Martin Huston ....... Ronnie
Carolyn Groves ...... Betty
Myron McCormick ..... Barker
Margaret Phillips ... Cassandra
Synopsis 1:
Harold Potter is nagged by his wife and seeks out a sideshow at a carnival

where he is mesmerized by Cassandra and her act. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Harold Potter goes to the local carnival, in the side show he sees Cassandra,

the headless feature attraction - who asks him to come back tomorrow night. [RF]

1.13 [--] Way Out: SOFT FOCUS

07-Jul-1961 CBS Fri

written by Phillip Reisman Jr.

directed by Ron Winston


Barry Morse as Peter Pell

Mitchell Ryan as Bill Fontaine

Joan Hotchkis as Louise Pell

Anne Meacham as Dolly Granger

Dortha Duckworth as Mrs. Bickell

A photographer disfigures people's faces by painting a weird fluid on their photos

- until the bottle splashes on his portrait - erasing half his face. [RF]


1.14 [--] Way Out: 20/20

14-Jul-1961 CBS Fri

written by Jerome Ross

directed by Paul Bosner


Walter Slezak as Harvey Cartwright

Milton Selzer as Harvey Cartwright

Sudie Bond as Mrs. Jellifer

Tom Shirley as Huddleston

Ruth White as Stephanie Cartwright

Frederick Rolf as Jellifer

Harvey Cartwright is a timid little man with a shrew of a wife; he is an encyclopedia salesman.

Since he can't see well with his new eyeglasses, he accidentally goes to the

wrong address: the Jellifers had not asked about a free trial offer of encyclopedias.

Their line is taxidermy, they keep stuffed animals-- like Mahatma, a stuffed viper.

He finds out that his new eyeglasses have magical powers: by putting them on,

he is reunited with the Jellifers at their place. The Jellifers tell him their stuffed animals can

come back to life and kill people; Harvey offers them money to have Mahatma the viper

kill his nagging wife Stephanie at 3:00 a.m. [RF]

 ######## Way Out ########

######### the end ########



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