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Volume One (ABC)(1949) Dramatic Anthology series written, produced & hosted by Wyllis Cooper

Your Show Time (Hal Roach Studios)(NBC) (1949) 30 min Filmed Dramatic Anthology

Theatre of the Mind (NBC)(1949)  Psychological Drama Anthology series

They Stand Accused (originally titled "Cross Question") DuMont (1949-52)(revived 1954) Live Courtroom Dramas (60min)

Theatre of Romance - aka - Romance (CBS)(1949-50) Anthology series (30 min)

Theatre Hour (CBS)(1949-50) Dramatic Anthology series (60 min)

Ripley's Believe It or Not (NBC)(1949-50) Dramatic Anthology series (60 min)

Doorway To Fame (DuMont) (1949) Half-hour Dramatic Anthology series

Suspense (CBS) (1949-54) Anthology Series based on the radio series of the same name

Soap Box Theater (ABC)(1950) Dramatic Anthology series

Stage 13 (CBS)(1950) Anthology series. Produced & Directed by Wyllis Cooper
 Hollywood Premiere Theatre / Hollywood Theatre Time (ABC) (1950-1951)

Your Story Theatre (Hal Roach Studios)(DuMont-NBC)(1950-51) Dramatic Anthology series

Trapped: Tales of the Supernatural (WOR-TV New York) (1950-52) Dramatic Anthology series hosted by John Carradine

Hallmark Hall of Fame (1951-present) (by Season)  NEW

Kraft Television Theatre (NBC) (1947-58) "live" Wednesday  night  Anthology Series
Kraft Television Theatre (ABC) (1953-55) "live" Thursday  night  Anthology Series

Actors Studio (ABC/CBS)(1948-50) 30 min "live" Dramatic Anthology
Chevrolet Tele-Theatre (NBC)(1948-50) "live" Dramatic Anthology

 TELEVISION PLAYHOUSE (NBC) (1948-57) "live" Sunday night Anthology Series
Philco Television Playhouse (NBC)(1948-55)  "live" Sunday-night Dramatic Anthology
Goodyear Television Playhouse (NBC)(1951-57) "live" Sunday-night Dramatic Anthology series
Alcoa Hour (NBC)(1955-57) "live" Sunday-night Dramatic Anthology series 

Ford Theatre(CBS) (1948-51) 60 min "live" Anthology / Ford All-Star Theatre (Screen Gems/ NBC/ABC) (1952-57) 30 min filmed Anthology
Westinghouse Studio One (CBS)(1948-58) 60 min "live" Monday Night Dramatic Anthology

Mr. Black (ABC) (1949) Anthology series - host Anthony Christopher

Doorway To Fame (DuMont) (1949) Half-hour Dramatic Anthology series

Police Night Court: The Black Robe  (NBC)(1949-50) Anthology series based on actual Police Night Court Cases

Hands of Destiny/ Hands of Murder/ Hands of Mystery (Dumont)(1949-52)  Dramatic Anthology

Theatre Hour (CBS)(1949-50) Dramatic Anthology series (60 min)

The Clock (NBC/ABC)(1949-52) Suspense Anthology series narrated by Larry Semon

Colgate Theatre (NBC)(1949-50) &  (Summer1958)  Anthology Series

Your Show Time (NBC) (1949) 30 min filmed Anthology
NBC Presents ... (NBC) (1949) Anthology
Silver Theater (CBS) (1949-50) Anthology Series host Conrad Nagel
Lights Out (NBC)(1949-52) Anthology Series host Frank Gallop
Suspense (CBS) (1949-54) Anthology Series based on the radio series of the same name
The Big Story (NBC) (1949-58) Newspaper Reporter Anthology Series
Fireside Theatre (NBC) (1949-55)/ Jane Wyman Theatre (1955-58) Anthology Series
Bigelow Theatre (CBS 1950-51) Bigelow-Sanford Theater (DuMont Fall 1951) Dramatic Anthology series

Tales of the Black Cat (syndicated)(1950) (30 min) filmed Anthology series hosted by James Monks and his cat, Thanatopis

Television Theatre (CBS)(Spring 1950) Dramatic Anthology series (60 min)

Stage 13 (CBS)(1950)  Suspense Anthology series. Produced & Directed by Wyllis Cooper

Soap Box Theater (ABC Fridays 8:00-8:30pm)(1July1950-3Dec1950) Dramatic Anthology series

Escape (CBS)(1950) Thriller Anthology series produced by Wyllis Cooper
 The Trap (CBS)(Spring 1950) "Live" Dramatic Anthology series hosted by Joe DeSantis

Magnavox Theatre (CBS)(Fall 1950) "Live" Dramatic Anthology Series

Your Star Theatre - aka - Durkee Story - aka - Home Theatre (DuMont)(1950-51) Dramatic Anthology series

Story Theater(DuMont-NBC)(1950-51) Filmed Anthology Series
Stars Over Hollywood (Revue/NBC) (1950-51) Filmed Dramatic Anthology series

Sure As Fate (CBS)(1950-51) "live" Mystery Anthology series narrated by Paul Lukas
Prudential Family Playhouse (CBS)(1950-51) "live" Dramatic Anthology series

Nash Airflyte Theatre (CBS)(1950-51) "live" Dramatic Anthology series
Starlight Theatre (CBS)(1950-51) "live" Dramatic Anthology
Billy Rose's Playbill (NBC)(1950-51) Dramatic Anthology series
Somerset Maugham Theatre (CBS 1950-51)(NBC 1951) Live Dramatic Anthology series

Tales of the Black Cat (NBC)(1950-51) Filmed Dramatic Anthology series - hosted by James Monks and his cat, Thanatopis -  reruns from Fireside Theatre

Pulitzer Prize Playhouse (ABC) (1950-52) Dramatic Anthology series
The Web (Goodson-Todman/CBS) (1950-54) Anthology series
Danger (CBS) (1950-55) Anthology Series hosted by Richard Stark
Cameo Theatre (NBC) (1950-55) Anthology Series
Robert Montgomery Presents (NBC)(1950-57)(30 min) Dramatic Anthology
Armstrong Circle Theatre (NBC 1950-57)(30 min)/ (CBS 1957-63)(60 min) Dramatic Anthology
Lux Video Theatre (CBS 1950-54)(30 min)/ (NBC 1954-57)(60 min) Dramatic Anthology
CosmopolitanTheatre (DuMont)(1951) Dramatic Anthology

Royal Playhouse (DuMont)(1951-52) Dramatic Anthology series (30 min)
Gruen Guild Playhouse (ABC/DuMont)(1951-52) various hosts
Celanese Theatre (ABC)(1951-52) "live" Dramatic Anthology

Personal Appearance Theater (ABC)(1951-52) Drama/Comedy Anthology series

Betty Crocker Star Matinee (ABC)(1951-52) Saturday Midday Anthology series

Out There (CBS)(1951-52) SciFi Anthology
Tales Of Tomorrow (ABC)(1951-53) Sci-Fi Anthology - no host
Hollywood Opening Night (CBS 1951-52) Filmed Anthology / (NBC 1952-53) Live Anthology
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (1951-59) various hosts
The Passerby (circa 1951-56)(15 min)(syndicated anthology series)

Mr. Arsenic (ABC) (1952) Anthology series - host Burton Turkus
Gangbusters! (1952) Crime Anthology, host Chester Morris
The Unexpected (ZIV) (1952) Suspense Anthology hosted by Herbert Marshall
Schaefer Century Theater (syndicated)(1952) Anthology series
Curtain Call (NBC)(Summer 1952) "live" dramatic anthology

Out Of The Fog (ABC)(1952) Half-hour Mystery Anthology series

CBS Workshop (CBS)(Sundays at Midday)(1952) Experimental Anthology series

Sunkist Premiere Theatre (syndicated)(1952) filmed Anthology series

Terror (WOR New York)(1952) Anthology series

Screen Associates Films (1952-53) Anthology series  aka  Televideo Theater (syndicated)(1952-53)
Your Jeweler's Showcase (CBS)(1952-53) 30 min filmed Anthology

Gulf Playhouse (NBC)(1952-53) "live" dramatic anthology
Footlights Theater (CBS)(Summer 1952 / Summer 1953) "live" dramatic anthology
Short Short Dramas (NBC)(1952-53) (duration15 min)
Orient Express (European Anthology series) (1952-53) (filmed in Europe- syndicated in the US)

Dark of Night (DuMont Network) (1952-53) Half-hour Mystery Anthology Series

Rebound (ABC/DuMont) (1952-53) / Counterpoint (1955-56) (syndicated title)

Chevron Theatre (MCA Revue/Syndicated)(1952-54) Filmed Anthology Series

Campbell Playhouse (NBC)(Summer 1952) / Campbell TV Soundstage (NBC)(1953-54)

Dark Destiny (WOR-TV New York) (1952) Half-hour Dramatic Anthology Series
Broadway Television Theatre (syndicated)(1952-54) hour-long Dramatic anthology series
Four Star Playhouse (1952-56) hosts Dick Powell, Ida Lupino, David Niven, Charles Boyer
Cavalcade of America (1952-55)/ DuPont Cavalcade Theatre (1955-57)
Omnibus (CBS 1952-56) (ABC 1956-57) (NBC 1957-61)
Death Valley Days (1952-70) Western Anthology series
Plymouth Playhouse (ABC)(Spring 1953) hosted by Donald Cook
Eye Witness (NBC)(1953) "Live" Mystery Anthology series, hosted by Lee Bowman
Demi-Tasse Tales (CBS) (1953) Half-hour Anthology series

First Person (NBC Summer 1953) Anthology series
Tales of the City
(CBS)(Summer1953) Anthology series hosted by Ben Hecht

Fear And Fancy
(ABC)(Summer1953) Supernatural Anthology Series

Revlon Mirror Theater (NBC Summer 1953)(CBS Fall 1953) hostess Robin Chandler

Chrysler Medallion Theater (CBS)(1953-54)  "live" Dramatic Anthology
Philip Morris Playhouse (CBS)(1953-54) "live" Dramatic Anthology
Motorola TV Hour (ABC)(1953-54)
Joseph Schildkraut Presents (DuMont)(1953-54) Filmed Anthology (30 min)
Your Favorite Story (ZIV)(1953-54) host Adolphe Menjou

High Tension (WOR-TV Ch.9 New York)(1953-54)
Your Play Time (CBS - Summer 1953,1954)(NBC - Summer 1955)
Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (Revue/ABC)(1953-55) hosts Arlene Dahl, Anita Colby, Polly Bergen
Man Behind The Badge (1953-55) host Charles Bickford
You Are There (CBS Sundays)(1953-57) host Walter Cronkite
U.S. Steel Hour (ABC)(1953-55)(CBS 1955-63)
The Loretta Young Show (NBC)(1953-61) host Loretta Young
General Electric Theater (Revue/CBS)(1953-62) host Ronald Reagan

Cheer Television Theatre  (MCA/NBC) (1954) Filmed Anthology series (30May54-27Jun54)

The Mail Story -aka- Handle With Care (ABC)(1954) (30min) Dramatic Anthology series about the US Post Office

Love Story (DuMont)(1954) Dramatic Anthology
Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson (1954) host Gloria Swanson
Inner Sanctum (1954) host Paul McGrath
Center Stage (ABC)(Summer 1954) filmed anthology

The Best in Mystery (NBC)(Summer 1954) Reruns from "Chevron Theatre"
The Whistler (1954-55) no host
Medic (1954-55) Medical Anthology series, host Richard Boone
Best of Broadway (CBS)(1954-55)
Elgin TV Hour (ABC)(1954-55)

The Vise (Danzigers/UK) (1954-55) Anthology series hosted by Ron Randell  (filmed in the UK for ABC in the US)
Triangle Theater (syndicated/reruns)(1954-56) host Adolph Menjou
Max Liebman Presents (NBC)(1954-56) Monthly series of Lavish Musical Specials
Heinz Studio57 (DuMont)(1954-55)/(Syndicated)(1955-56)
Producers' Showcase (NBC}(1954-57) prestige monthly Dramatic/Musical Anthology series
Chrysler presents Climax! (CBS)(1954-58) host William Lundigan

Walt Disney TV Anthologies (1954-83) (by season)  Family Anthology Series  NEW

Pond's Theater (ABC)(13Jan55-7Jul55) New Title & Sponsor for Kraft Television Theatre
Kodak Request Performance (NBC)(1955) Anthology series
Stage 7 (Sharpe-Lewis/Official) (CBS)(1955) anthology series
Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre (ZIV)(1955) comedy anthology, host Eddie Cantor
Mr. Citizen (ABC) (1955) Anthology series - host Allyn Edwards
Appointment with Adventure (CBS) (1955-56) Anthology series (live)
Screen Directors Playhouse (Hal Roach Studios/NBC) (1955-56) no host
TV Readers Digest (ABC) (1955-56) host Hugh Reilly, Gene Raymond
The Star & The Story (Sharpe-Lewis/4Star/Official Films)(1955-56) anthology , host Henry Fonda
Counterpoint (1955-56) - syndicated title for reruns of  Rebound (1952-53)
I Spy (1955-56) host Raymond Massey
Front Row Center (CBS) (1955-56) Anthology Series
Playwrights '56 (NBC)(1955-56) Anthology Series
Frontier (California National/NBC)(1955-56) Western Anthology series
Damon Runyon Theater (1955-56) host Donald Woods
Campbell Star Stage (Revue/NBC) (1955-56) host Jeffrey Lynn
Celebritiy Playhouse (Screen Gems/NBC) (1955-56) filmed anthology series
Conrad Nagel Theater (Syndicated) (1955-56) filmed anthology series
Star Tonight (ABC)(1955-56)

Windows (CBS)(Summer 1955) Anthology Series

Spotlight Playhouse (CBS)(Summers 1955 to 1959) Dramatic Anthology series - mainly reruns

Warner Brothers Presents (WarnerBrothers/ABC)(1955-56) Anthology Series

Lilli Palmer Theatre (UK)(1955-56) anthology series- host Lilli Palmer  (some American episodes added to US syndication package)
Crossroads (1955-57) Religious Anthology Series
Science Fiction Theatre (ZIV)(1955-57) host Truman Bradley
20th Century-Fox Hour (CBS)(1955-57) Dramatic Anthology Series
Navy Log (Sam Gallu)(1955-58) Navy Anthology Series
Matinee Theater (NBC)(1955-58) "live" daytime daily Dramatic Anthology Series
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Revue/Shamley/CBS/NBC)(1955-62)(30min) Anthology Series

Camera Three (CBS 1956-79)(PBS 1979-80) Arts Documentary

Ethel Barrymore Theatre (DuMont)(1956) Dramatic Anthology Series

Chevron Hall Of Stars (Four Star/Warren Lewis/Syndicated)(1956) Dramatic Anthology

Strange Stories (syndicated )(1956)  Anthology series  hosted by Edward Arnold

General Electric Summer Originals (ABC)(Anthology)(Summer 1956)

Sneak Preview (NBC)(Summer 1956) Dramatic Anthology series - Summer Replacement for Jane Wyman's Fireside Theatre - mainly Unsold Pilots

Adventure Theater  (DanzigersUK/NBC) (Summer1956 &1957)  Anthology series hosted by Paul Douglas

Conflict (WarnerBrothers/ABC)(1956-57) Anthology Series
West Point Story (ZIV)(1956-57) Military Anthology Series
On Trial/The Joseph Cotten Show (Revue/NBC)(1956-57) Anthology Series
Kaiser Aluminum Hour (NBC)(1956-57) Dramatic Anthology
Telephone Time (Hal Roach Studios)(1956-58) Dramatic Anthology Series
Playhouse 90 (CBS)(1956-60) Dramatic Anthology Series
Zane Grey Theater (4 Star)(1956-61) Western Anthology Series - host Dick Powell
O. Henry Playhouse (1957) Anthology Series - host Thomas Mitchell
The Web (Goodson-Todman/NBC)(Summer1957) Anthology Series
George Sanders Mystery Theatre (Screen Gems/NBC) (Summer 1957) Anthology Series
Panic! (NBC)(Summer 1957)/ No Warning (NBC)(Summer 1958) Anthology Series
Destiny (Revue/CBS)(Summer Reruns 1957/ Summer Reruns 1958) Anthology Reruns - host Francis L. Sullivan
The Seven Lively Arts (CBS) (1957-58) Arts Anthology series hosted by John Crosby
Suspicion (Revue/Shamley-Alfred Hitchcock/NBC)(1957-58) Thriller Anthology Series

Official Detective (Desilu/NTA/Synd.)(1957-58) Crime Anthology host Everett Sloane
The Walter Winchell File (Desilu/Synd.)(1957-59) Crime Anthology host Walter Winchell
Men of Annapolis (ZIV)(1957-58) Naval Anthology Series
The Silent Service (Twin Dolphins)(1957-59) Naval Anthology Series
Official Detective (Desilu) (1957-58) Crime Anthology Series host  Everett Sloane
Alcoa/Goodyear AWARD Theatre (NBC)(1957-60) Dramatic Anthology Series
DuPont Show of the Month (CBS) (1957-61) Dramatic Anthology Series
True Story (NBC)(1957-61)Saturday Noon Dramatic Anthology Series
Target (ZIV)(1958) Anthology Series host Adolphe Menjou
The Veil (1958) Anthology Series host Boris Karloff

Decision (NBC)( Summer1958) Anthology Series
Colgate Theatre (NBC)(Summer1958) (previously 1949-50) Anthology Series

Behind Closed Doors (Screen Gems/Gallu) (1958-59) Spy Anthology hosted by Bruce Gordon
Flight (C-Nat.) (1958-59) Airforce anthology series, host General George C. Kenney
Lux Playhouse (CBS)(1958-59) Anthology Series   -   (alternated with season 8 of  Schlitz Playhouse)
Pursuit (CBS)(1958-59) "live" Anthology Series
Rendezvous (1958-59) UK/US anthology hosted by & starring Charles Drake
Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse (1958-60) host Desi Arnaz

 The Unforeseen  (CBC) (1958-60) Canadian Anthology series

Shirley Temple's Storybook (NBC Sundays)(12Jan58-21Dec58)
Shirley Temple's Storybook (ABC Mondays)(12Jan59-21Dec59) (Reruns)

Shirley Temple Theatre (NBC Sundays)(1960-61)

The David Niven Show (Four Star/NBC)(Summer 1959) host David Niven

Fanfare (NBC)(Summer1959)  Anthology series - mainly reruns

Deadline (Official Films/synd) (1959) Newspaper Anthology hosted by Paul Stewart

Morning Playhouse (CBS Daytime)(1959)(Reruns of "Schlitz Playhouse")
Best of The Post (Syndicated)(1959-60) "Saturday Evening Post" stories
Sunday Showcase (NBC)(1959-60) Sunday Evening Specials
The Robert Herridge Theater (CBS Films/Syn)(1959-60) host Robert Herridge
Ford Startime (NBC) (1959-60) 60 min  Dramatic/Variety Anthology + some 90 min specials
Buick-Electra Playhouse (CBS)(1959-60) 90 min Specials

Schilling Playhouse (syndicated) (1959-60) Hosted by Charles Drake - episodes first shown on "Rendezvous"
DuPont presents The June Allyson Show (Four Star) (1959-61) hosted by June Allyson
Alcoa presents One Step Beyond (1959-61) hosted and directed by John Newland
Play of the Week (PBS)(1959-61)

Our American Heritage (NBC)(1959-61) American History Anthology Series

The Twilight Zone (original series) (CBS) (1959-64)  Anthology series hosted by Rod Serling


CBS Workshop (CBS)(Sundays at Midday)(1960) Experimental Anthology series

Dow Hour Of Great Mysteries (/NBC) (Summer/Fall 1960) host Joseph N. Welch

Chevy Mystery Show (NBC)(Summer 1960) Anthology Series
Moment Of Fear (NBC)(Summer 1960)(live) (Summers 1964 & 1965) (rerun of filmed dramas) Anthology Series

Shirley Temple Theatre (NBC Sundays)(1960-61)
The Barbara Stanwyck Show (1960-61)
Thriller (Revue/Hubbell-Robinson)(1960-62) host Boris Karloff

Insight (1960-85) Religious Anthology Series
Way Out (Talent Associates/CBS)(Spring 1961) host Roald Dahl
Great Ghost Tales (NBC)(Summer 1961)("live" anthology) host Frank Gallup
The Dick Powell Show (4 Star/NBC) (1961-63) host Dick Powell
Alcoa Premiere (ABC) (1961-63) host Fred Astaire
Kraft Mystery Theatre (NBC)(Summer 1961,1962,1963) host Frank Gallup
DuPont Show of the Week (NBC) (1961-64) Dramatic/Musical/Documentary Anthology Series
General Electric True (Jack Webb/CBS)(1962-63) host Jack Webb
The Lloyd Bridges Show (Four Star/CBS)(1962-63) host Lloyd Bridges
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (Revue/Shamley/CBS/NBC) (1962-65) host Alfred Hitchcock
Lawbreaker (U-A) (1963-64) Crime Anthology, host Lee Marvin
The Great Adventure (CBS) (1963-64) host Van Heflin, Russell Johnson
The Richard Boone Show (NBC)(1963-64) host Richard Boone
Kraft Suspense Theatre (Roncom/Revue/NBC)(1963-65)
The Outer Limits (UA/Leslie Stevens/ABC)(1963-65) SciFi Anthology

Bob Hope presents The Chrysler Theatre (Hovue-Morpics/NBC)(1963-67) hour-long Dramatic & Comedy Anthology series

Summer Playhouse 64 (Don Fedderson/CBS)(Summer 1964 ) Anthology of  Pilots for Projected Series
Profiles In Courage (NBC)(1964-65) Anthology series

ABC Stage '67 (ABC)(1966-67) Drama/Comedy/Music/Documentary Anthology Series

CBS Playhouse (CBS)(1966-70) Specials/Anthology series

NET Playhouse (PBS/NET)(1966-72) Anthology series  

Night Gallery  (Universal/NBC)(1969-73) Supernatural Anthology series - Hosted by Rod Serling


Hollywood Television Theatre (PBS)(1970-78) Dramatic Anthology series

 Norman Corwin Presents (CBC)(1972-73) Canadian Anthology series

Masterpiece Theatre  (PBS)(1971-2007) Anthology series - mainly British Drama

Great Performances (PBS)(1972-79) Anthology series

Ghost Story (NBC)(1972) host Sebastian Cabot
Circle of Fear (NBC)(1973) mid-season title change for "Ghost Story"

Escape (Jack Webb/NBC)(1973) Dramatic Anthology series narrated by Jack Webb

Love Story (Paramount/NBC)(1973-74) Dramatic Anthology series
Police Story (1973-80)(1987-88) Police Anthology series
Medical Story (1975-76) Medical Anthology series
Visions (PBS)(1976-80) Anthology series

Tales of the Unexpected (Quinn Martin/NBC)(1977) Anthology series Narrated by William Conrad

The Next Step Beyond (1978-79) Hosted and Directed by John Newland


The Twilight Zone (revival series) (CBS) (1985-89)  Anthology series narrated by Charles Aidman, Robin Ward

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