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Production Companies & TV Networks
From the Golden Age of U.S. Television


DuMont Network (1946-55) (ctva)
DuMont Network (imdb)
CBS Network   - NBC Network

ABC Network  - 
ABC Circle Films (imdb)

 FOX Network 
PBS Public Broadcasting Service (from 1969) (ctva)   
PBS (imdb)

TV Film Production Companies:  

Flying "A" (ctva)   
Flying "A" (imdb)  -  Gene Autry (1907-1998)

ZIV (ctva)
ZIV (imdb)

Four Star (ctva)    Four Star (imdb)


         Screen Gems (1951-74)  Renamed  CPT Columbia Pictures Television (1974-)
Columbia Pictures Television (imdb)
     Columbia-TriStar Television (imdb)

Warner Brothers TV-Wm T. Orr Productions (1955-66)(ctva)

William T. Orr (imdb)
Warner Bros TV (after Wm T. Orr)(ctva)

MCA Revue Studios (1952-Dec 1964)  Renamed 
MCA Universal Television (from Jan 1965) (ctva)

Revue Studios (imdb)
 Renamed   Universal Television (imdb)

Desilu Productions (1951-68) (ctva)  Renamed  Paramount Television (from 1968) (ctva)

Desilu Productions (imdb)
 Renamed  Paramount Television (imdb)

 MGM Television (ctva)   MGM Television (imdb)   
TCF Twentieth Century Fox Television (ctva)
  Filmways Television Productions (ctva)    Filmways Television Productions (imdb) 

Talent Associates Productions (ctva)   Talent Associates Productions (imdb)
David Susskind (1920-87)    Leonard B. Stern (1922-2011)

NTA-National Telefilm Associates (ctva)    NTA National Telefilm Associates (imdb)

TPA-Television Programs of America (ctva)   TPA-Television Programs of America (imdb)
Leon Fromkess (1901-77)


CNP -California National Production (ctva)    CNP-Californai National Productions (imdb)

Guild Films (ctva)   Guild Films (1)(imdb)   Guild Films (2)(imdb)

 Lorimar Productions (ctva)    Lorimar Productions (imdb)  


Cinema Center 100 Productions
Tomorrow Entertainment Inc.
Operation Prime Time
Warner Brothers Animation (imdb)    Warner Brothers TV Animation (imdb)
Hanna-Barbera Productions (imdb|)

US TV Producers (a-z)


Irwin Allen (ctva)   Irwin Allen (imdb)   Irwin Allen Productions (imdb)

    Alan A. Armer

Gene Autry (1907-1998)

Donald P. Bellisario  

 Herbert Brodkin Productions (ctva)  Herbert Brodkin (imdb)

 Stephen J. Cannell Productions (ctva)
    Stephen J. Cannell Productions (imdb)
  Stephen J. Cannell (imdb)

Howard Christie       Douglas S. Cramer 

     Bing Crosby Productions (ctva)  Bing Crosby Productions (imdb)
Bing Crosby (imdb)   

  Walt Disney Television Productions (ctva)   Walt Disney (imdb)

David Dortort

George Eckstein

Don Fedderson (imdb)
Don Fedderson Productions  (ctva)
  Don Fedderson Productions (imdb)

Norman Felton    Leonard Freeman  

 Leon Fromkess (1901-77) - TPA-Television Programs of America (ctva)

Charles Fries     Charles Fries Productions

David Gerber    

       Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions (ctva)
Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions (imdb)
Mark Goodson (imdb)  Bill Todman (imdb)

                Nat Holt Productions (ctva)    Nat Holt (imdb) 

Herbert Hirschman

Gail Patrick Jackson

Leonard Katzman

Glen A. Larson (1937-2014)(imdb)   Glen A. Larson Productions (imdb)

  Herbert B. Leonard

    Sheldon Leonard-Danny Thomas Productions (ctva) 
Sheldon Leonard (imdb)   Danny Thomas (imdb)

Arthur Marks   Art Seid

Quinn Martin (ctva)   Quinn Martin (imdb)   Quinn Martin Productions (imdb)

 Miller-Milkis Productions (imdb)   Thomas l. Miller (imdb)   Edward J. Milkis (imdb) 


Mary Tyler Moore Productions (ctva)   Mary Tyler Moore (imdb)

Matthew Rapf

Hal Roach Productions (ctva)    Hal Roach (imdb)

Fred Silverman-Dean Hargrove Productions (ctva) 
Fred Silverman (imdb)
 Dean Hargrove (imdb)  Dean Hargrove Productions (imdb)

  Aaron Spelling-Leonard Goldberg Productions (ctva)
    Aaron Spelling (imdb)  Leonard Goldeberg (imdb)

David Susskind (1920-87)(imdb)   Leonard B. Stern (1922-2011)

     Ivan Tors Productions (ctva)    Ivan Tors Productions (imdb)   Ivan Tors (imdb)

Charles Marquis Warren (imdb)

Jack Web (ctva)   Jack Webb (imdb)    Mark VII Productions

    William Robert Yates (imdb)

Norman Lear - Bud Yorkin - Tandem - TAT - Embassy Productions (ctva)
 Norman Lear (imdb)   Bud Yorkin (imdb)

UK TV Producers (a-z)


 UK Production Company/ Distributor 
 ITC  ( Lew Grade)   Lew Grade (imdb)

Canadian TV Producers (a-z)


Canadian TV Productions   CBC Productions

Australian TV Producers (a-z)


Australian TV Productions


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