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 Screen Gems (1951-74)  Renamed  CPT Columbia Pictures Television (1974-)

Columbia Pictures Television (C.P.T.)
A Unit of The Coca Cola Company  (circa 1974  -)

Screen Gems (1951-74)  Renamed  CPT Columbia Pictures Television (1974-) 

COLUMBIA TELEVISION Crime /Adventure/Drama series

Police Story (David Gerber/Coumbia/NBC)(1973-80)(1987-88) Police Anthology series

Born Free (David Gerber/Columbia/NBC)(1974) starring Gary Collins & Diana Muldaur

Police Woman (David Gerber/Columbia/NBC)(1974-79) starring Angie Dickinson & Earl Holliman

Medical Story (David Gerber/Columbia/NBC)(1975-76) Medical Anthology series

Joe Forrester (David Gerber/Columbia/NBC) (1975-76) starring Lloyd Bridges
Matt Helm (Columbia/ABC) (1975-76) starring Tony Fransciosa

Gibbsville (David Gerber/Columbia//NBC)(fall 1976) starring Gig Young & John Savage

The Feather and Father Gang (Columbia/ABC)(1976-77) Stefanie Powers & Harold Gould

The American Girls (Harve Bennett/Harris Katlemen/Columbia/CBS)(Fall 1978) starring Priscilla Barnes & Debra Clinger

David Cassidy: Man Undercover (David Gerber/Columbia/NBC)(1978-79) starring David Cassidy

Salvage -1 (Harve Bennett/Harris Katlemen/Columbia/ABC)(1979) starring Andy Griffith

Eischied (David Gerber/Columbia/NBC)1979-80) starring Joe Don Baker

From Here To Eternity (Harve Bennett/Harris Katlemen/Columbia/NBC)(1979-80) starring William Devane, Barbara Hershey, Roy Thinnes

Today's F.B.1 (David Gerber/ Columbia? /ABC)(1981-82) starring Mike Connors

Bring'Em Back Alive (Columbia/CBS)(1982-83) Adventure series starring Bruce Boxleitner 

Hardcastle & McCormick (Stephen J. Cannell/Columbia/ABC)(1983-86) starring  Brian Keith, Daniel Hugh Kelly

Crazy Like A Fox (Columbia/CBS)(1984-86) starring Jack Warden & John Rubenstein

Blue Thunder (Columbia/ABC)(1984) Crime Adventure series starring James Farentino

Riptide (Stephen J. Cannell/Columbia/NBC)(1984-86) starring  Perry King, Joe Penny, Thom Bray

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (Columbia/CBS)(1984-87) starring  Stacey Keach (revived 1997-98)

Hell Town (Columbia/NBC)(1985) starring Robert Blake

A Peaceable Kingdom (Columbia/CBS)(1989) L.A. Zoo Drama series starring Lindsay Wagner


The Quest ( David Gerber/Columbia/NBC)(fall 1976)(western) starring Kurt Russell, Tim Matheson 


Barney Miller (Four D/Columbia/ABC)(1975-82) starring Hal Linden

Tabitha (Columbia/ABC)(1977-78) starring Lisa Hartman, Robert Urich (spin-off from "Bewitched")

 Mister Merlin (Columbia/CBS)(1981-82) starring Bernard Hughes

One Of The Boys (Columbia/NBC)(1982) staring Mickey Rooney

Jennifer Slept Here (Columbia/NBC)(1983-84) starring Ann Jillian

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