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ZIV Television Productions

Frederick W. Ziv (1905-2001)
Obituary  -   ZIV Productions (imdb)

Executive Producer - Maurice Unger aka  Babe Unger
- Vice President in Charge of all  ZIV West Coast Productions - 1950's & early 60's

ZIV  - Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC)

NOTE - imdb  ERROR they quote   ZIV as Producer of "The Fugitive" (Quinn Martin) and "Whirlybirds"(Desilu)

ZIV Anthology series

Fireside Theatre (ZIV/NBC) (1949-55) Anthology Series  - ZIV  to be verified
The Unexpected (ZIV) (1952) Suspense Anthology hosted by Herbert Marshall
Your Favorite Story  (ZIV) (1953-54) Anthology series hosted by Adolphe Menjou 
Science Fiction Thatre (ZIV-Ivan Tors)(1955-57) Anthology series
West Point Story (ZIV)(1956-57) Military Anthology series
Men of Annapolis (ZIV)(1957-58) Naval Anthology series
Target (ZIV)(1957-58) Anthology series hosted by Adolphe Menjou

ZIV Drama/Crime/Adventure series

Boston Blackie (ZIV) (1951-53) starring Kent Taylor
I Led Three Lives (ZIV) (1953-56) starring Richard Carlson 
Waterfront (ZIV)(1954-55) starring Preston Foster
Mr. District Attorney (ZIV)(1954-55) starring David Brian
Highway Patrol (ZIV)(1955-59) starring Broderick Crawford
Man Called "X" (ZIV) (1956-57) starring Barry Sullivan
Doctor Christian (ZIV)(1956-57) starring MacDonald Carey
 Harbor Command (ZIV)(1957-58) starring Wendell Corey
Harbourmaster/Advs.at Scott Island (ZIV)(1957-58) starring Barry Sullivan & Paul Burke

Martin Kane, Private Investigator (ZIV)(UK} (1957-58) starring William Gargan
Dial 999 (ZIV)(UK) (1958-59) starring Robert Beatty
Sea Hunt (ZIV-Ivan Tors)(1958-61) starring Lloyd Bridges
World of Giants W.O.G. (possibly ZIV)(1959) starring Marshall Thompson
Men into Space (ZIV-IvanTors)(1959-60) starring William Lundigan
This Man Dawson (ZIV)(1959-60) starring Keith Andes
Troubleshooters (ZIV)(1959-60) starring Keenan Wynn
The Man & The Challenge (ZIV)(1959-60) starring George Nader
Bold Venture (ZIV)(1959-60) starring Dane Clark
Lock Up (ZIV)(1959-61) starring MacDonald Carey
The Case of the Dangerous Robin (ZIV)(1960-61) starring Rick Jason
Acapulco (ZIV-UA)(1960-61) starring Ralph Taeger (replaced "Klondike" NOT western)
The Aquanauts / Malibu Run (ZIV-UA-Ivan Tors)(1960-61) starring Keith Larsen / Ron Ely
Miami Undercover (ZIV)(1961) starring Lee Bowman
King of Diamonds ((ZIV-UA)(1961-62) starring Broderick Crawford
Everglades (ZIV-UA-Ivan Tors)(1961-62) starring Ron Hayes
Ripcord (ZIV-UA-Ivan Tors)(1961-63) starring Larry Pennell & Ken Curtis
Keyhole (ZIV-UA) (1962) Semi-Documentary series Produced & Narrated by Jack Douglas

Lee Marvin presents Lawbreaker ((ZIV-UA)(1963-64) Semi-Documentary  dramatizations of real cases

ZIV Western series

The Cisco Kid (ZIV)(1951-55) starring Duncan Renaldo & Leo Carillo
Tombstone Territory (ZIV)(1957-59) starring Pat Conway & Richaed Eastham
Mackenzie's Raiders (ZIV)(1958-59) starring Richard Carlson
The Rough Riders (ZIV)(1958-59) starring Kent Taylor
Bat Masterson (ZIV-UA)(1958-61) starring Gene Barry
Klondike (ZIV-UA)(1960-61) starring Ralph Taeger, James Coburn

ZIV Comedy series

Meet Corliss Archer (ZIV)(1954-55) starring Ann Baker
The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre (ZIV)(1955) starring Eddie Cantor

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