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Goodson-Todman Productions

  Mark Goodson (1915-1992)  -    Bill Todman (1916-1979)


 The Web (Goodson-Todman / CBS) (1950-54) Anthology series
The Web (Goodson-Todman / NBC)(Summer 1957) Anthology series

Jefferson Drum (Goodson-Todman/Screen Gems/NBC)(1958) Jeff Richards

Philip Marlowe (Goodson-Todman/ California National /ABC)(1959-60) starring Philip Carey

The Rebel (Goodson-Todman/ABC)(1959-61) starring Nick Adams

One Happy Family (Goodson-Todman/NBC)1961) Comedy series starring Dick Sargent & Jody Warner

The Richard Boone Show (Goodson-Todman/NBC)(1963-64) host Richard Boone

Branded (Goodson-Todman/NBC)(1965-66) starring Chuck Connors

GOODSON- TODMAN  - Quizzes/ Panel Games  - US Game Shows

  Winner Take All (Goodson-Todman) (CBS) (1948-52)

What's My Line? (Goodson-Todman)(CBS)(1950-67) Quiz hosted by John Daly / (syndicated )(1968-75)

Beat the Clock  (Goodson-Todman)(CBS 1950-58)(ABC 1958-61)(Syndicated 1969-74)(CBS 1979-80)

Two For The Money  (Goodson-Todman)(NBC 1952-53)/(CBS 1953-57)

Make The Connection (Goodson-Todman/NBC)(1955)

Password (Goodson-Todman) (CBS 1961-67)(Synd 1967-69)(ABC 1971-75)(NBC 1979-84)

To Tell The Truth (Goodson-Todman)(CBS) (1956-66)/(CBS daytime)(1962-68)  / (Syndicated) (1969-77)(1980) / (NBC)(1990)

I've Got a Secret (Goodson-Todman)(CBS)(1952-67) hosted by Garry Moore / (syndicated)(1972) /(CBS)(1976)

The Match Game (Goodson-Todman)(NBC)(1962-69) / (CBS)(1973-79) / (Syndicated)(1975-81)(1985) / (ABC)(1990-)

Get The Message (Goodson-Todman/ABC)(1964) Daytime Game Show

Call My Bluff (Goodson-Todman)(NBC)(1965) Daytime Game Show Hosted by Bill Leyden

Say When (Goodson-Todman)(NBC)(1965) Game Show Hosted by Art James, Hostess Ruth Hasely

The Don Rickles Show (Goodson-Todman/ABC)(1968-69)   Part Variety / Part Game Show hosted by Don Rickles

Showoffs (Goodson-Todman)(ABC)(1975) Daytime Game Show Hosted by Bobby Van

and many more

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