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I.T.C. (Lew Grade) - series guide

aka -  I.T.P. -  circa 1958 - "William Tell" & "The Invisible Man"

UK ITC Filmed Historical Adventure series

The Adventures of The Scarlet Pimpernel (ITC) (1954-55) starring Marius Goring
The Adventures of Robin Hood (ITC) (1955-60) starring Richard Greene
The Count of Monte Cristo (ITC) (1956) starring George Dolenz
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (ITC) (1956) starring William Russell
The Buccaneers (ITC)(1956) starring Robert Shaw
Sword of Freedom (ITC) (1957) starring Edmund Purdom
William Tell (ITC) (1958-59) starring Conrad Phillips
Sir Francis Drake (ITC) (1961-62) starring Terence Morgan

UK  ITC Filmed Gerry Anderson series

(Sci-Fi / Puppet/ Live Action) (click above for separate list)

UK  ITC Filmed Crime /Adventure/ Drama series

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (ITC)(1957-58) starring J. Carrol Naish

Assignment: Foreign Legion (1957-58) anthology series - host Merle Oberon
White Hunter (ITP)(1957-58) starring Rhodes Reason
O.S.S.(ITC)  (1957-58) starring Ron Randell
H.G. Wells' Invisible Man (ITP) (1958-59) starring Tim Turner (uncredited) Lisa Daniely, Deborah Watling
Interpol Calling (ITC)(1959) starring Charles Korvin
The Four Just Men (ITC)(1959) Dan Dailey, Jack Hawkins, Richard Conte, Vittoria DeSica

Danger Man (ITC)(1960-61) (39 half-hour episodes) UK Spy series starring Patrick McGoohan

Ghost Squad (ITC)(1961) starring Donald Wolfit

The Saint (ITC)(1962-69) starring Roger Moore

Man of The World (ITC)(1962) starring Craig Stevens
The Sentimental Agent (ITC)(1963) starring Carlos Thompson

Espionage (Herbert Brodkin/ATV-ITC) (1963-64) anthology series
Court Martial (1964-65) starring Peter Graves & Bradford Dillman

Gideon's Way (ITC)(1964) starring John Gregson

Danger Man (UK title) (ITC)(1964-66) (47 hour-long episodes) UK Spy series starring Patrick McGoohan
Secret Agent (US title) (ITC/CBS)(1964-66) (47 hour-long episodes) UK Spy series starring Patrick McGoohan

Seaway (1965-66) starring Austin Willis & Stephen Young
The Baron (ITC) (1966) starring Steve Forrest

The Prisoner (ITC)(1967-68)(17 episodes) starring Patrick McGoohan

Man in a Suitcase (ITC)(1967-68) starring  Richard Bradford

The Champions (ITC)(1968-69) starring Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo & William Gaunt

Department S (ITC) (1969-70) starring Joel Fabiani, Peter Wyngarde, Rosemary Nichols

Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased) (ITC) (1969-70) starring Mike Pratt, Kenneth Cope, Annette Andre

Strange Report (ITC/MGM)(1969-70) starring  Anthony Quayle, Kaz Garaz

The Persuaders! (ITC)(1971-72) starring  Roger Moore, Tony Curtis

Jason King (ITC) (1971-72)  starring Peter Wyngarde

The Adventurer (ITC) (1972) starring Gene Barry

The Protectors (ITC) (1972-74) starring Robert Vaughn, Nyree Dawn Porter

The Zoo Gang (ITC) (1974) starring Brian Keith, John Mills, Lilli Palmer, Barry Morse

Thriller (ATV- ITC) (1973-77) UK Thriller Anthology series (Videotaped)

Return Of The Saint (ITC/RAI) (1978-79) starring Ian Ogilvy

UK  ITC Filmed Comedy series

 From A Bird's Eye View (ITC) (summer 1971) starring Millicent Martin
Shirley's World (ITC) (autumn 1971) starring Shirley Maclaine

 UK ITC VideoTaped - Music/Variety/Comedy

Taped at ITC-ATV Elstree Studios, London (Lew Grade) - mainly US guest stars

Broadway Goes Latin - hosted by Bandleader Edmundo Ros (ITC)(1962) (bw film x 30min)

Sunday Night At The London Palladium (ATV)(1956-73) - Episode Guide
Some Episodes  of  "The London Palladium Show"  were made for the US  NBC Network  in 1966 in Color  with
Guest Hosts:  Lorne Greene, Kate Smith, Hugh O'Brian,  Robert Harbin, Fess Parker, Roger Moore

Piccadilly Palace - Morecambe and Wise (ATV-ITC/ABC)(Summer 1967)(20May67-9Sep67)(taped in the UK)
Summer Replacement for "The Hollywood Palace"

Spotlight (ATV-ITC/ CBS)(Summer 1967) (4Jul67-29Aug67) (taped in the UK)
Summer Replacement for "The Red Skelton Show"

Showtime (US title) / The Big Show (UK title) (ATV-ITC/ CBS)(Summer 1968) (11Jun68-17Sep68) (taped in the UK)
Summer Replacement for "The Red Skelton Show"

This is Tom Jones  (ATV-ITC/ABC)  (1968-71) (color videotape)

The Liberace Show (ATV-ITC)(1969) (color videotape)

The John Davidson Show (ATV-ITC) (Summer 1969)  (color videotape)

The Englebert Humperdinck Show (ATV-ITC/ABC)(1970) (color videotape)

Kraft Music Hall (US title) / The Des O'Connor Show (UK title) (ATV-ITC/NBC)
 (Summer1970/ Summer1971)(20May70-2Sep70)(2Jun71-1Sep71) (taped in the UK)

The Val Doonican Show (ATV-ITC/ABC)(Summer1971)(5Jun71-14Aug71)(taped in the UK)

 The Kopycats (ATV-ITC)(1972)   featured on  " The ABC Comedy Hour"  

The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine (ATV-ITC)(1971-72) (color videotape)

The Julie Andrews Hour (ITC/ABC)(1972) (color videotape)(taped in Hollywood)

The Muppet Show   (ATV- ITC) (1976-81) UK Family Puppet series (colour videotape)

Bonkers!  (ATV- ITC) (1979) UK Comedy series starring The Hudson Brothers and Bob Monkhouse (colour videotape)

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