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Irwin Allen Guide
Irwin Allen (1916-1991)

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea     Episode Guide
Cambridge Productions, Inc
Irwin Allen Production
in association with
Twentieth Century Fox-Television
created and produced by Irwin Allen
Tv series based on his 1961 film of the same name
US adventure sci-fi series 1964-68 110 episodes x 60 min (32 bw 78 color)
(4 seasons)
Richard Basehart as Admiral Harriman Nelson
(Walter Pigeon in the 1961 movie)
David Hedison as Cdr./Capt. Lee Crane
(Robert Sterling in the 1961 movie)
Robert Dowdell as Lt. Cdr. Chip Morton
Henry Kulky as Chief Petty Officer Curley Jones (1964-1965)
Terry Becker as Chief Sharkey (1965-1968)
Allan Hunt as Stu Riley (1965-1967)
Del Monroe as Kowalsky
Paul Trinka as Crewman Patterson
Arch Whiting as Crewman Sparks
Richard Bull as Doctor
An atomic submarine, the 'Seaview' scours the ocean bed for
villains and monsters.
'Voyage to the bottom of the Sea' theme music by Lionel Newman

Lost in Space Episode Guide
Twentieth Century-Fox Television
Irwin Allen Production
created by Irwin Allen
associate producers Jerry Briskin (yr 1) William Faralla (yr 2&3)
story editor Anthony Wilson

US sci-fi series 1965-68 83 episodes x 60 min (29 bw 54 color)
Guy Williams as Prof. John Robinson
June Lockhart as Maureen Robinson
Mark Goddard as Don West
Marta Kristen as Judy Robinson
Billy Mumy as Will Robinson
Angela Cartwright as Penny Robinson
Jonathan Harris as Dr. Zachary Smith
Bob May as Robot
Dick Tufeld as Robot's voice

music by Lionel Newman

The Time Tunnel  Episode Guide
Twentieth Century-Fox Television
Kent Productions Ltd
Irwin Allen Production
created by Irwin Allen

US sci-fi series 1966-67 30 episodes x 60 min color

James Darren as Dr. Tony Newman
Robert Colbert as Dr. Doug Phillips
Lee Meriwether as Dr. Ann MacGregor
Whit Bissell as Gen. Heywood Kirk
John Zaremba as Dr. Raymond Swain

Scientist build a time tunnel and get caught in the fourth dimension.

Land of the Giants   Episode Guide
Twentieth Century-Fox Television
Irwin Allen Production
created by Irwin Allen
US sci-fi series 1968-70 51 episodes x 60 min color
Gary Conway as Capt. Steve Burton
Don Matheson as Mark Wilson
Stefan Arngrim as Barry Lockridge
Don Marshall as Dan Erikson
Deanna Lund as Valerie Scott
Heather Young as Betty Hamilton
Kurt Kasznar as Cdr. Alexander Fitzhugh
Kevin Hagen as Inspector Kobrick
Chipper (Barry's Dog)
A rocketship crashes on a planet ruled by giants.

Swiss Family Robinson   Episode Guide
UK title 'Island Of Adventure'
Irwin Allen Production
Twentieth Century-Fox Television
ABC (Sundays 7:00 PM ET)
Based on the novel by Johann David Vyss

US Adventure series 1975-76 24 episodes x 60 min color
Martin Milner as Carl Robinson
Pat Delany as Lotte Robinson
Willie Aames as Fred Robinson (series)
(Michael-James Wixted as Fred Robinson (pilot only)
Eric Olson as Ernie Robinson
Helen Hunt as Helga Robinson
Eric Olson as Ernie Robinson
Cameron Mitchell as Jeremiah Worth

The adventures of the ship-wrecked Robinson family, stranded on an
almost-deserted island, are dramatized in this series based on Johann
Wyss's 19th century novel.

Not to be confused with "The Swiss Family Robinson" (1973) Canadian tv series 26 eps x 30 min .


Code Red   Episode Guide
 Irwin Allen Production
in association with
Columbia Pictures Television
ABC (Sundays)

US Adventure Series 1981-82 90 min pilot + 18 episodes x 60 min color

Lorne Greene as Battalion Chief Joe Rorchek
Julie Adams as Ann Rorchek (Joe's wife)
Andrew Stevens as Ted Rorchek (their son)
Sam J. Jones as Chris Rorchek
Martina Deignan as Haley Green
Adam Rich as Danny Blake
Joe Maross as Capt. Mike Benton
James Crittenden as Rags Harris
Dennis Haysbert as "Stuff" Wade
Jack Lindine as Al Martelli

Adventures of a family of firefighters headed by Joe Rorchek (Lorne Greene).

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