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Quinn Martin (QM) Productions
Quinn Martin (1922-87) (personal credits)  - Quinn Martin Productions (company credits)

 The Untouchables
A Langford Production
in association with
Desilu Productions, Inc
for ABC
Executive Producers
    Quinn Martin (QM), Jerry Thorpe (JT), Leonard Freeman (LF) (final season)
1959-63  118 episodes x 60 min bw - 4 seasons
narrated by Walter Winchell
Robert Stack as Eliot Ness
the federal agents:-
Jerry Paris as Agent Martin Flaherty (1959-1960)
Abel Fernandez as Agent William Youngfellow (1959-1963)
Nick Georgiade as Agent Enrico Rossi (1959-1963)
Anthony George as Agent Cam Allison (1960)
Paul Picerni as Agent Lee Hobson (1960-1963)
Steve London as Agent Rossman (1960-1963)
recurring guest stars
Bruce Gordon as Frank Nitti
Neville Brand as Al Capone
Nehemiah Persoff
Robert Middleton
Harry Guardino
Harold J. Stone
Victor Buono

'The incidents portayed in this series are fictional
although certain of the characterizations are based
upon the book THE UNTOUCHABLES by Eliot Ness and
Oscer Fraley.'

'The Untouchables' theme music by Nelson Riddle
music supervisor Wilbur Hatch

The New Breed
Quinn Martin production
Selmur Production
US police series 1961-62 36 episodes x 60 min bw
(10-3-61 to 9-25-62)
Leslie Nielsen .... Police Lieut. Price Adams
John Berardino .... Sgt. Vince Cavelli
John Clarke .... Patrolman Joe Huddleston
Byron Morrow .... Capt. Keith Gregory
Greg Roman .... Patrolman Pete Garcia

Police series set in LA.

Twelve O'Clock High
Quinn Martin production
Twentieth Century Fox Television
US war adventure series 1964-65 78 episodes (last 17 in color)
Robert Lansing as Brigadier General Frank Savage (1964-1965)(eps 1-31)
John Larkin as Major General Wiley Crowe (1964-1965)
Frank Overton as Major Harvey Stovall (1964-1967)
Lew Gallo as Major Joe Cobb (1964-1965)
Barney Phillips as Major ("Doc") Kaiser (1964-1967)
Paul Burke as Captain/Major/Colonel Joe Gallagher (1964-1967)
Chris Robinson as Tech. Sgt. Sandy Komansky (1965-1967)
Andrew Duggan as Brigadier General Ed Britt (1965-1967)

Pressure problems for officers commanding USAF squadrons in Britain during World War II.

The Fugitive
Quinn Martin Production
United Artists Television, Inc
for ABC
executive producer Quinn Martin
assistant to the executive producer Arthur Fellows
created by Roy Huggins
producer Alan A. Armer

US Crime Drama series 1963-67 4 seasons 120 episodes x 60 min
seasons 1-3 bw  / season 4 color
David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble
Barry Morse as Lt. Philip Gerard

recurring stars
Jacqueline Scott as Donna Taft
Bill Raisch as Fred Johnson, the One-Armed Man
(featured in episode 39
Paul Birch as Police Captain Carpenter

narrated by William Conrad

season 1 opening narration (with moving action)
"The Name - Doctor Richard Kimble.
The Destination - Death Row, State Prison.
The Irony - Richard Kimble is innocent.
Proved guilty, what Richard Kimble could NOT prove was that moments
before discovering his murdered wife's body, he saw a one-armed man
running from the viccinity of his home.
Richard Kimble ponders his fate as he looks at the world for the
last time and sees only darkness.
But in that darkness fate moves it's huge hand"

season 2 opening narration (with still captions)
" Richard Kimble, an innocent victim of blind justice.
Falsely convicted for the murder of his wife.
Reprieved by fate when a train wreck freed him en route
to the death house.
Freed him to hide in lonely desperation. To change his identity.
To toil at many jobs.
Freed him to search for a one-armed man he saw leave the
scene of the crime.
Freed him to run before the relentless pursuit of the police
lieutenant obsessed with his capture. "

director of photography Meredith Nicholson, ASC

'The Fugitive' theme music by Pete Rugolo

The Invaders
Quinn Martin production
Sam Goldwyn Studios
executive producer Quinn Martin

US sci-fi drama series 1966-67 43 episodes x 60 min color
Roy Thines
Architect David Vincent
guest star
Kent Smith as Edgar Scoville
(the one man in a position of authority who believes David Vincent)

"The Invaders - aliens beings from a dying planet.
Their destination - the earth.
Their purpose to make it their world.
David Vincent has seen them.
For him began one lost night on a lonely country road,
looking for a short-cut that he never found.
It began with a closed deserted diner, and a man man too long
without sleep to continue his journey.
It began with the landing of a craft from another galaxy.
Now, David Vincent knows the Invaders are here;
that they have taken human form.
Somehow he must convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare
has already begun."

'The Invaders' theme music by Dominic Frontiere

The F.B.I.
Quinn Martin production
Warner Brothers television
executive producer Quinn Martin
producer Charles Larson
US Police series 1965-74 (9 seasons) 238 x 60 min episodes
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Insp Lewis Erskine
Philip Abbott as Arthur Ward
Stephen Brooks as Agent Jim Rhodes (1965-1967) (season 1,2)
William Reynolds as Agent Tom Colby (1967-1973) (season 3-8)
Shelly Novack as Agent Chris Daniels (1973-1974) (season 9)
Lynn Loring as Barbara Eskine (1965-66)
recurring guest star
John Kerr

'The F.B.I' theme music by Bronislau Kappa

Dan August
Quinn Martin production
US police series 1970-71 26 episodes x 60 min color
Burt Reynolds as Det. Lt. Dan August (series only)2
Norman Fell as Sgt. Charles Wilentz
Ned Romero as Sgt. Joe Rivera
Richard Anderson as Chief George Untermeyer
Ena Hartman as Katy Grant
pilot film 'The House on Greenapple Road'
starring Christopher George as Det. Lt. Dan August (pilot only)

Quinn Martin production
Sam Goldwyn Studios
US detective series 1971-76 pilot + 120 episodes x 60 min color
(5 seasons)
William Conrad as Cannon.

CBS series first aired 9/14/71 and ended 9/19/76; 120 episodes.
Two movies: CANNON (pilot) and RETURN OF FRANK CANNON (1980)
One cross-over episode: BARNABY JONES-- Requiem For A Son (11/28/73)

Quinn Martin Production
in association with
Warner Brothers Television
Produced by Ed Adamson and Richard Alan Simmons
US detective series 1971 2hr. pilot + 1972-73 15 episodes x 60 min color
Robert Forster as Miles C. Banyon
Joan Blondell as Peggy Revere
Richard Jaeckel as Lt. Pete McNeil
Julie Gregg as Abby Graham
Teri Garr as Mabel (#10)
Adventures of Miles C Banyon, a Los Angeles private eye of the thirties.
Barnaby Jones
Quinn Martin Production
Sam Goldwyn Studios
1972-80    8 seasons 175 episodes x hour long episodes
Buddy Ebsen as Barnaby Jones (1972-80)
Lee Meriwether as Betty Jones (1972-80)
Mark Shira as Jedediah Jones JR (1976-80)

The Streets of San Francisco
Quinn Martin production
Warner Brothers Television
for ABC
executive Producer Quinn Martin
assistant to the executive producer John Conwell
Producer, Cliff Gould (season 1) Producer, John Wilder (seasons 2, 3)
Producer, William Robert Yates (seasons 4, 5)

based on characters from a novel by Carolyn Weston
developed for television by Edward Hume

US police series 1972-77 (5 seasons) pilot + 120 episodes x 60 min color
Karl Malden as Lt. Mike Stone (inspectors eight-one)
Michael Douglas as Lt. Steve Keller (seasons 1-4 1972-76)
Richard Hatch as Lt. Dan Robbins (season 5 1976-77)

recurring appearances by
Darleen Carr as Jeannie (Mike Stone's teenage daughter)
Fred Sadoff as Lenny the police phychiatrist
John Kerr as O'Brien
Hari Rhoades
typical end credits (ep 75 - The Glass Dartboard)
supervising producer Russell Stoneham
executive editorial supervisor Richard Brockway
executive story consultant Jack B.Sowards
story editor James Menzies
music by Richard Markowitz
theme music composed by Pat Williams
music supervisor John Elizalde
Director of Photography, Jacques R. Marquette, A.S.C.
production manager Dick Gallegly
in charge of production Howard Alston
photographed completely on location in San Francisco

Bert D'Angelo
Quinn Martin production
produced by Mort Fine

US police series 1976 pilot + 12 episodes x 60 min color
aired from Feb76 - Jul76
Paul Sorvino as Sgt. Bert D'Angelo
Robert Pine as Insp. Larry Johnson
Dennis Patrick as Capt. Jack Breen

A belligerent New York cop is on loan to the SFPD in San Francisco.

'Bert D'Angelo' theme music by Paul Williams

The Manhunter
Quinn Martin production
US crime series 1974-75 pilot + 22 episodes x 60 min
Ken Howard as Dave Barrett
Robert Hogan as Sheriff Paul Tate
Hilary Thompson as Lizabeth Barrett
Ford Rainey as James Barrett
Claudia Bryar as Mary Barrett

Quinn Martin production
produced by Anthony Spinner
US police series 1975 13 episodes x 60 min color
Stacy Keach as Lt. Ben Logan
Carl Franklin as Sgt. Mark Walters
Robert Mandan as Deputy Commissioner Ed Rawlings, Miami P.D
Adventures of a law enforcer in Miami

Most Wanted
Quinn Martin production
US police series 1976-77 pilot + 22 episodes x 60 min color

Robert Stack as Capt. Linc Evers
Shelly Novack as Sgt. Charlie Benson
Jo Ann Harris as Officer Kate Manners
Hari Rhodes as Mayor Dan Stoddard

Tales of the Unexpected
(UK title 'Twist in the Tale')
Quinn Martin production
1977 1 episode x 120 min + 7 episodes x 60 min color
host William Conrad (voice)

A Man Called Sloane
Woodruff production
Quinn Martin Production
Taft Broadcasting company

1979   12 episodes
Robert Conrad as Thomas Remington Sloane III
Dan O'Herlihy as the Director
Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Torque
Karen Purcell as Kelly
Michele Carey as the Voice of EFI 3000

The Runaways a.k.a. 'Operation--Runaway'
Quinn Martin production
New Vistas production

US adventure series 1978-79  17 episodes x 60 min color
Robert Reed as David McKay(1978)
Alan Feinstein as Steve Arizzio(1979)
Karen Machon as Karen Wingate (1978-1979)
Michael Biehn as Mark Johnson.(1978-1979)
Ruth Cox as Susan Donovan (1978)
Patti Cohoon as Debbie Shaw(1979)
James Callahan as Sgt Hal Grady (1979)

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