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Links to your favorite TV websites

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Reelgood  <reelgood.com>

Library of Congress On Line Catalog

Library of Congress On Line Catalog     *
UCLA Film & Television Archive Collections  *
OAC - Online Archive of California 
 WGA-Writers Guild of America   
imdb - Internet Movie Database    

epguides.com (George Fergus/Dennis J. Kytasaari)    *
Memorable TV   *

TV of your life.com: Classic Television from the 1950s to 1990s   *

Museum of Television & Radio (Library of Congress)    *
Museum of Broadcast Communications     *
 Classic Themes.com   *
 The TV Cowboy Ring
Jim Davidson's Classic TV Info

Televised Opera and Musical Comedy Database  *
- Indiana University Digital Library Program

Herbert Seltz, Project Director <HSELTZ@indiana.edu>

"Billboard" Archive  *    /     "Variety" Archive  *

 McFarland Publishing - Television   *

 "Single Season Sitcoms, 1948-1979 A Complete Guide"
written by Bob Leszczak (MacFarland Publishing)

UK Links:

British Film Institute (bfi) - National Archive     *
Kaleidescope : tv brain.info    *

British TV Missing Episodes Forum (Mark Brown)    *
The Mausoleum Club (Forum)  *

Kaleidoscope (Adrian E.C. Petford)  *
Inside the Tardis: The worlds of Doctor Who (James Chapman)

Dinosaur TV - Save Our Forgotten British Heritage (David Moore) *
Whirligig - 1950's British TV Nostalgia *
British TV Comedy Resources (phill .co.uk) *
Television Heaven  *
Teletronic : Telvision History Site   *

 The Transdiffusion Network  *
Independent TeleWeb - ITW (Jeremy Rogers)   *
Meldrum Home Page - MHP (Darren Meldrum)  *

BBC Radio & Television Archive  *  /  ITV Archive  * /  ITN Source   *

Video Technology
 Film Preservation - Film Restoration
 Kinescope (US) - Telerecording (UK)    

Vidfire -
Breakthrough British Technology Restoring Kinescopes to Videotape Quality

405 -line TV (UK 1940-60s)  /  480i - 525-line US TV  /  576i - 625-line UK-Europe TV

NTSC (Color) 525-line US TV    PAL (Color) 625-line UK-Europe TV

      DVD Digital Video Disc
BD Blu-Ray Disc
SD-TV Standard Definition Television

HD-TV High Definition Television
   1080i - Full HD
4K Resolution (UHD 3840 x 2160) (DCI 4096 x 2160)

8K Resolution  UHD Ultra High Definition

OLED Organic Light-Emtting Diode
QD Quantum Dot Display

4:3 Aspect Ratio - Fullscreen  /   16:9 Aspect Ratio - Widescreen

UK Listings Magazines
Radio Times (BBC)  - TV Times (ITV)

Vintage Times - A collection of RADIO TIMES  &  TV TIMES: Covers *

Let us know if  want your Favorite TV site to be added to this list
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