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Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Stephen J. Cannell (1941-)

The Rockford Files (Roy Huggins/Stephen J. Cannell/Cherokee/Universal) (1974-80) starring James Garner

Baretta (Roy Huggins/Universal Public Arts/ABC)(1975-78) (Created by Stephen J. Cannell) starring Robert Blake, Tom Ewell

Baa Baa Black Sheep (Stephen J. Cannell/ Universal/NBC)(1976-78) starring Robert Conrad

Richie Brockleman, Private Eye (Stephen J. Cannell/ Universal/ NBC)(1978) starring Dennis Dugan

Stone (Stephen J. Cannell/Universal/ABC) (1979-80) starring Dennis Weaver

 The Greatest American Hero (Stephen J. Cannell/ABC) (1981-83) Adventure series starring William Katt, Robert Culp, Connie Sellecca

The Quest (Stephen J. Cannell /ABC)(1982) Adventure series starring Karen Ausrtin

 Tenspeed and Brown Shoe (Stephen J. Cannell/Paramount/ABC)(1980) starring Ben Vereen & Jeff Goldblum

The Rousters (Stephen J. Cannell/NBC)(1983-84) Adventure seriesstaring Chad Everett

Hardcastle & McCormick (Stephen J. Cannell/Columbia/ABC)(1983-86) starring  Brian Keith, Daniel Hugh Kelly

The A-Team (Stephen J. Cannell/Universal/NBC)(1983-87) Adventure series starring George Peppard

 Riptide (Stephen J. Cannell/Columbia/NBC)(1984-86) starring  Perry King, Joe Penny, Thom Bray

Hunter (Stephen J. Cannell/Lorimar/NBC)(1984-91) starring  Fred Dryer, Stephanie Kramer

Stingray (Stephen J. Cannell/NBC)(1985-87) starring Nick Mancuso

The Last Precinct (Stephen J. Cannell/NBC)(1986) Comedy Police series starring Adam West

J.J. Starbuck (Stephen J. Cannell /NBC)(1987-88) Adventure series starring Dale Robertson

Wiseguy (Stephen J. Cannell/CBS)(1987-90) starring Ken Wahl, Jim Byrnes, Jonathan Banks

Sonny Spoon  (Stephen J. Cannell/NBC)(1988-89) starring Mario Van Peebles 

 21 Jump Street (Stephen J. Cannell/TCF/Fox)(1987-90) starring Holly Robinson Peete, Steven Williams 

UNSUB (abreviation for: unknown subjects)(Stephen J. Cannell/ NBC)(1989) starring  David Soul

Broken Badges (Stephen J. Cannell/ CBS)(1990) starring Miguel Ferrer

Street Justice (Stephen J. Cannell)(1991-93) starring Carl Weathers

The Commish (Stephen J. Cannell/ABC)(1991-96) starring Michael Chiklis

Silk Stockings (Stephen J. Cannell/TCF/CBS)(1991-99) starring Mitzi Kapture, Rob Estes

Renegade (Stephen J. Cannell/USA Network)(1992-97) starring Lorenzo Lamas

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