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Ivan Tors Productions
Ivan Tors (1916-83)
      imdb (personal credits) /   imdb (company credits)

Sea Hunt

Ivan Tors Production / Ziv Television Programs, Inc.
for First-Run Syndication
Created by James M. Buxbaum
US Underwater Adventure series 1958-61 155 episodes x 30 min bw
Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson is a Scuba Diver in the days when it was still very new.
He works alone and the plot was always mostly carried through his voice
over narrations. These gave the show a flavor of a radio program.
Typical adventures were finding a downed satellite or sunken treasure.

The Man & The Challenge
Ivan Tors production
Ziv Televison Programs Inc.
NBC (Saturdays 8:30 pm EST)

US semi-documentary/adventure series 1959-60 36 episodes x 30 min bw
George Nader as Dr. Glenn Barton
Joyce Meadows as Lynn Allen, his assistant.
(NOT Jayne Meadows as stated previoulsy)
A scientist tests problems of human survival. Unusual semi-documentary
series with the accent of space training.
Men into Space  
Ziv Television Programs, Inc. (early eps)
Ziv-United Artists, Inc. (later eps)
CBS (Wednesdays 8:30 pm EST)
Executive Producer Maurice Ziv
Co-Executive Producer Ivan Tors
Produced by Lewis J. Rachmil
Associate Producer Mel Epstein
Production Manager Joe Wonder
Produced with the co-operatiom of the Department of Defense
US sci-fi series 1959-60 38 episodes x 30 min bw
release date 30Sep59
William Lundigan
as Col. Edward McCauley
Joyce Taylor as Mary McCauley (series - not pilot)
Charles Herbert as Peter McCauley
Corey Allen as Lt Johnny Baker
Ken Dibbs as Capt Harvey Sparkman
Angie Dickinson as Mary McCauley (pilot only)
The USAF prepares for space exploration.

The Aquanauts (eps 1-19) Malibu Run (eps 20-32)
Ivan Tors Productions
Ziv Television Programs/ United Artists Television
CBS (Wednesdays 7:30pm EST)
Produced by Ivan Tors
US underwater adventure series 1960-61 32 episodes x 60 min bw
release date 14Sep60
Jeremy Slate as Larry Lahr
Keith Larsen as Drake Andrews (eps 1-14)
Ron Ely as Mike Madison (eps 15-32)
Adventures of professional divers in Honolulu ("The Aquanauts")
then Malibu ("Malibu Run")
Music by Andre Previn

Ivan Tors Films, (early episodes) (1961-62) (black-and-white?)
in association with
ZIV-United Artists Television
Executive Producer, Ivan Tors (early episodes) (1961-62)
Produced by Leon Benson
Rapier production, (later episodes)(1963)(color?)
in association with
United Artists Television
Executive producer, Babe Unger (a.k.a. Maurice Unger?) (later episodes)(1963)
Produced by Leon Benson
First-Run Syndication
US adventure series 1961-63 76 episodes x 30 min (38 bw/38color)
Larry Pennell as Ted McKeever
Ken Curtis as Jim Buckley (later to be Festus on Gunsmoke)
Recurring Cast:
Paul Comi as Chuck Lambert, pilot (1961-62)
Shug Fisher as Charlie Kern, pilot(1962-63)
Page Slattery as Brewster
Two unusual detectives are trained skydivers.
Similar show to "Whirlybirds", only parachutes instead   
of helicopters
Ripcord, Inc. called their airplane "Old Betsy."
Opening Narration
"This is the most danger-packed show on television. Every jump, every
aerial maneuver is real, photographed just as it happened, without
tricks or illusions. All that stands between a jumper and death is

Ivan Tors Films, Inc.
in association with
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.
NBC (Saturdays 7:30 pm EST)
Executive Producer, Ivan Tors
Produced by James M. Buxbaum
Created by Ricou Browning and Jack Cowden
Copyright notice: CLNA: Heritage Entertainment, Inc.
(on original appl.: the Samuel Goldwyn Company (PWH))
US children's adventure series 1964-67 88 episodes x 30 min color
Brian Kelly as Porter Ricks
Luke Halpin as Sandy Ricks
Tommy Norden as "Bud" Ricks
Andy Devine as Hap Gorman (1964-1965)
Ulla Stromstedt as Ulla Norstrand (1965-1966)
Susie, the dolphin as Flipper
In a Florida marine preserve, a boy makes friends with a dolphin.

Ivan Tors Films, Inc.
in association with
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.
CBS (Tuesdays 7:30-8:30 EST pm) (s1-s3)(1966-68)
CBS (Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 EST pm) (s4)(1968-69)
US animal adventure series 1966-69 2hr pilot + 89 epsiodes x 60 min color
release date 11Jan66
Marshall Thompson as Dr. Marsh Tracy
Cheryl Miller as Paula Tracy
Hari Rhodes as Mike
Hedley Mattingly as Hedley
Yale Summers as Jack Dane (1966-1968)
Ross Hagen as Bart Jason (1968-1969)
Erin Moran as Jenny Jones (1968-1969)
Clarence the Lion and Judy the Chimp
Dr. Marsh Tracy was a veterinarian running an animal study center
in Africa. Helping him were his daughter Paula, American Jack Dane
and Mike, a local. Also living with the Tracys--and equally a part
of the show's starring cast--were a crossed-eyed lion named Clarence
and a chimp named Judy. The series' storylines were largely centered
around protecting the wildlife of the local game preserve from poachers
and other threats.
Cowboy in Africa
Ivan Tors Production
US adventure series 1967-68 pilot tvm + 26 episodes x 60 min color
Chuck Connors as Jim Sinclair
Tom Nardini as John Henry
Ronald Howard as Wing Comdr. Howard Hayes
Gerald Edwards as Samson
A Rodeo rider is hired to capture and domesticate African wild animals.
A variation on "Daktari" from the same producer.

Gentle Ben
Ivan Tors Films, Inc.
CBS (Sundays 7:30 pm EST)
Executive Producer Ivan Tors
Produced by George Sherman and Andy White
Filmed on location in Florida
US Family Adventure series 1967-69 56 episodes x 30 min color
Dennis Weaver as Tom Wedloe
Clint Howard as Mark Wedloe
Beth Brickell as Ellen Wedloe
Rance Howard as Henry Boomhauer
Angelo Rutherford as Willie
and Bruno, the bear as "Ben"
The adventures of a boy and his huge pet bear "Ben".

Ivan Tors Production
in association with
Metromedia Producers Corporation
US underwater adventure series 1971 16 episodes x 30 min color
Robert Brown as Carter Primus
Will Kuluva as Charlie Kingman
Eva Renzi as Toni Hayden
"Primus" theme music by Leonard Rosenman
An undersea expert fuights crime as well as sharks. An updated
version of "Sea Hunt"

Salty Company Production
in association with
Twentieth Century-Fox Television
First-Run Syndication
Executive Producer Ivan Tors
Produced by Kobi Jaeger
Filmed in the Bahamas

US adventure series 1974 pilot + 26? episodes x 30 min color
Mark Slade as Taylor Reed (not in pilot?)
Johnny Doran as Tim Reed (Clint Howard in pilot)
Julius Harris as Clancy Ames
Vincent Dale as Rod Porterfield
When their parents are killed during a hurricane in the Bahamas, Taylor
and his brother Tim are unofficially adopted by Clancy Ames, their
rescuer, a retired lawyer who runs the Cove Marina in Nassau. Stories relate their
 experiences, and the adventures shared by Tim and his pet sea lion Salty.

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