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 NTA National Telefilm Associates (imdb)
N.T.A. -National Telefilm Associates

 Ely A. Landau (1920-1993) Born in New York, USA
He was the founder with two others, of National Telefilm Associates.

THE PASSERBY (anthology series) (1951-56)
The Passerby (1951-56)(15 min)(syndicated anthology series)  - episode guide
Ely Landau, Inc. Production
Filmed in New York
released through National Telefilm Associates.
First-Run Syndication
Produced by Ely Landau

US Anthology series circa 1951-56 18 episodes plus  x 15 min.
Similar to "The Whistler" in that a mysterious narrator introduces each
episode. All you can see are his shoes as he walks about and is witness to his tales.

Combat Sergeant (Summer 1956) starring Michael Thomas, Cliff Cark  - episode guide
NationaL TeleFilm Associates Production
ABC (Fridays)
US Military Forces adventure series 1956 13 episodes x 30 min bw
release date 29Jun56-27Sep56
Michael Thomas as Sgt. Nelson
Cliff Clark as Gen. Harrison
Dominick Delgarde as Abdulla
Frank Marlowe as Corporal Murphy
Mara Corday as Corporal Harbin
World War II series about the Allied Forces battle aginst Rommel's Afrika Corps.

Crunch and Des (1956) starring Forrest Tucker & Sandy Kenyon - episode guide
Pembroke Company Production
National Telefilm Associates (NTA)
First-Run Syndication
Based on stories by Philip Wylie.
US adventures series 1956 39 episodes x 30 min
Forrest Tucker as Crunch Adams
Sandy Kenyon as Des "Desperate" Smith
Joanne Bayes as Sari Adams
Half-hour adventure series, set in the Bahamas, featured Forrest Tucker
as Crunch Adams, owner of the Crunch Adams Charter Boat Service and
skipper of the "Poseidon", and Sandy Kenyon as his partner,
Des (short for "Desperate") Smith. 
Notable Guest Appearance:
Inger Stevens (episode title not known)
Episodes on KIRO-7 Seattle, Washington in 1958,
aired under the series title "Charter Boat"


Official Detective (Desilu/NTA/Synd.)(1957-58) Crime Anthology host Everett Sloane


Grand Jury (Desilu/NTA) (1958-60) starring Lyle Bettger & Harold J. Stone

GeorgeJessel's Showbusiness (NTA/synd)(1958) showbiz documentary series  - episode guide
National Telefilm Associates, Inc.
for First Run Syndication
Produced and Directed by George Bilson
US Showbusiness Documentary Comedy Series 1958 26 episodes
Hosted by George Jessel
George Jessel (1898-1981) . American entertainer in vaudeville from childhood. After making the mistake
of turning down 'The Jazz Singer' he had a very spasmodic film career, but in the fifties he produced a number of
musicals for Fox, plus this television series.

The Third Man (UK/US) (1959) starring Michael Rennie  - episode guide
US filmed episodes 1-20 (1959):-
Prestige Productions
filmed at the Hollywood studios of
20th Century-Fox Film Corporation
for the British Broadcasting Corporation
National Telefilm Associates Inc.
A BBC Release
Executive Producer for NTA, Mort Abrahams / Produced by Felix Jackson
UK filmed episodes 21-77 (1960-63):-
Filmed at British Lion Shepperton Studios, England (early UK episodes)
Filmed at Associated-British Elstree Studios, England (later UK episodes)
A BBC Film Release
Produced in association with Prestige Prductions
Executive Producer for BBC, Ronald Waldman (early UK eps)
Produced by Felix Jackson
Associate Producer Bernard Coote
Executive Producer (later UK eps) Vernon Burns (eg #72 The Man at the Top)
Produced by John Moxey (later UK eps) (eg ep72 The Man at the Top)
based on characters in the novel 'The Third Man'
by Graham Greene and on the 1949 motion picture of the same name
starring Orson Welles and Joseph Cotton, directed by Carol Reed.
US/UK detective-spy series 1959-63 77 episodes x 30 min bw
Michael Rennie as Harry Lime
Jonathan Harris as Bradford Webster
recurring cast in UK episodes:
Rupert Davies as Inspector Arthur Shillings
Naomi Chance as Janet
Harry Lime, once the mysterious figure of the Viennese shadows,
is now an honest international businessman. Lime, brought to life
by Michael Rennie (Orson Welles in the film), is staunchly supported
by that unsmiling pillar of New England rectitude, Bradford Webster
played by Jonathan Harris
'The Harry Lime theme' composed by Anton Karas (zither)
First 20 episodes filmed in US, thereafter production moved to UK.

PLAY OF THE WEEK  (1959-61)
Play of the Week (PBS)(1959-61)  - episode guide
NTA Production in association with Talent Associates
Produced in New York City
PBS and Syndication
Executive Producer David Susskind (mainly season 1)
Executive Producer Worthington Miner (mainly season 2)

US Dramatic Anthology Series 1959-61
 Anthology series which relied heavily on talent from Broadway.
Robert Rafelson 34 adaptations for Play of the Week
This highly acclaimed, award winning series aired on various networks as specials.

Assignment: Underwater (1960-61) starring Bill Williams  - episode guide
Liberty Productions, Inc.
National TeleFilm Associates Production (N.T.A.)
First-Run Syndication
Executive Producer Frank Defelitta / Produced by Bernard Glasser
Associate Producer Mort Zarcoff
N.T.A. Production Executive Mort Abrahams
US Adventure series 1960-61 39 episodes x 30 min bw
Bill Williams as Bill Greer
Diane Mountford as Patty Greer, Bill's daughter

The story of Bill Greer, an ex-marine turned owner of the "Lively Lady",
a charter boat for hire.

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