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(CBS)(Summer 1967)
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  CBS Wednesday 10pm

US Comedy Variety series Summer 1967 (14-Jun-1967 to - 16-Aug-1967)

Hosted by Steve Allen

Jayne Meadows, Louis Nye, Ruth Buzzi, John Byner
David Winters Dancers, The Terry Gibbs Band

Louis Nye was featured in the "Man in the Street" the suave Gordon Hathaway character.
Comeback intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPN4um707IM

[01] The Steve Allen Comedy Hour.
Lana Cantrell
Sonny & Cher
Dayton Allen
John Byner
Louis Nye
Jayne Meadows
Ruth Buzzi
Sonny & Cher sing "Little Man", "It's the Little Things That Count" and "I've Got a Penny".
Lana Cantrell sings "Sunshine".
Synopsis 1:
Debut-Steve brings back his weekly blend of satire, humor and music. Along for the ride: Louis Nye, Jayne Meadows and Ruth Buzzi.
Tonight's guests are folk-rockers Sonny and Cher, Australian pop stylist Lana Cantrell, and comics Dayton Allen and John Byner.
Synopsis 2:
(Premiere). Steye Allen, the satire man, returns to TV with a man-on the-street interview, telethon takeoffs, and an audience
participation sketch on young lovers. Guests Dayton Allen, Lana Cantreil and Sonny and Cher join regulars Louis Nye, Jayne Meadows and Ruth Buzzi in the sketches;
Lana sings "Sunshine" and Sonny and Cher wail their way through "Little Man"; Nye appears as ad-man Gordon Hathaway; and Dayton
Allen plays a topless waiter among other oddball characters. (Oswego Palladium)

[02] The Steve Allen Comedy Hour.
singers Dionne Warwick
and Gilbert Price
The Session, comedy improvisation troupe (members include Carl Reiner's son Rob Reiner and Joey Bishop's son Larry Bishop).
Sketch called "Mr. Whole World of 1967", a male beauty pageant featuring Steve Allen as Mr. U.S., Louis Nye as Mr. France,
John Byner as Mr. Lichtenstein, Ron Carey as the Reigning Beauty King. Also appearing were Ruth Buzzi and Jayne Meadows. Terry Gibbs conducts the orchestra.
Dionne Warwick sings "Alfie".
Gilbert Price sings "Feeling Good" (from "The Smell of the Greasepaint...").
Warwick and Price also join Steve for a medley of Allen's tunes.
Synopsis 1:
Improvisational comedy by college kids including Carl Reiner's and Joey Bishop's sons spark the hour. The Allen regulars aim their sights
at beauty pageants; Steve questions Louis Nye, John Byner and Ron Carey on leisure time, and plays a medley of Allen tunes for guests Gilbert
Price and Dionne Warwick. Miss Warwick also sings "Alfie," and Price does "Feeling Good." (Binghamton NY Press)
Synopsis 2:
Steve Allen Comedy Hour has a twist tonight that makes the show worth viewing.
It's an improvisional comedy group of young people called The Session including the sons of Carl Reiner and Joey Bishop.
There's also the fine styles of Dionne Warwick, who. sings "Alfie," and Gilbert Price, who offers "Feeling Good" from "The Smell of the Greasepaint..." .
Of the semi - regulars, John Byner's impressionist - humor is most welcome and there's a fair-to-middlin' spoof on beauty pageants by Steve,
Jayne Meadows, Ruth Buzzi, Ron Carey and Louis Nye.

[--] The Steve Allen Comedy Hour.
pre-empted for the Warren Report

[03] The Steve Allen Comedy Hour.
Paul Lynde
Harvey Korman
Dayton Allen
David Frye
and The 5th Dimension
Synopsis 1:
Steve's guests are comic Paul Lynde and Dayton Allen (a former Allen show regular), impressionist David Frye and the 5th Dimension. (Geneva NY Daily Times)
Synopsis 2:
The Steve Allen Comedy Hour brings pie throwing and "Crazy Shots,"
to its format which adds to the show's frantic pace, if not to its quality. The "Crazy Shots" are a series of wild blackouts filmed on Hollywood's Sunset Strip.
The pie-throwing comes in a Shakespeare skit
on Taming of the Shrew during which Allen gets bombed by his wife Jayne Meadows. Also on hand are Paule Lynde as Hollywood mortician Happy
Hapgood, comedian Dayton Allen, impressionist David Frye and The Fifth Dimension, singers. Regulars Louis Nye, Ruth Buzzi and Terry Gibbs
round out the sizeable staff. (Yonkers NY Herald-Statesman)

[04] The Steve Allen Comedy Hour
12Jul1967 CBS
comedian Tim Conway, from the TV series "Rango"
singer Lou Rawls
and comedy team Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.
Lou Rawls - "Dead-End Street."
Synopsis 1:
Guests: Tim "Rango" Conway; jazz singer Lou Rawls, who does his hit "Dead-End Street"; and the comedy team of Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.
Synopsis 2:
Allen alumni Lou Rawls and Tim Conway join the spoofers tonight. The main Slapstick sketch involves a musical horror movie; Tim Conway
and Louis Nye play TV executives; the comedy team of Stiller and Meara kid commercials; singer Lou Rawls wails "Dead End Street;"
and legalized gambling is the topic for the Man-In-The-Street. (Auburn NY Citizen Advertiser)

[05] The Steve Allen Comedy Hour
19July1967 CBS
singing group The Association
comedian-impressionist John Byner
singer Tony Daryll
and jazz pianist Rev. Tom Vaughn.
The Association performs "Never My Love" and "Windy."
Tony Daryll sings "Going Out of My Head."
Father Vaughn performs "Get Me to the Church on Time" on piano.
Vaughn and Steve Allen perform a "Motor City Blues" duet.
Synopsis 1:
The Association singing group, singer Tony Daryll and the Rev. Tom Vaughn, jazz pianist, and comedian-impersonator John Byner are
Steve's guests. Comedy skits galore, as the crew does a scene from a movie that is out of synchronization; the whole cast gets into an Allen
report on extremism; blackout sketches, and a man on the street interview on automobile safety. (Binghamton NY Press)
Synopsis 2:
The Association singing group, Steve Allen's singer-protege Tony Daryll, the Rev. Tom Vaughn, jazz pianist,
and comdian-impersonator John Byner join Steve Allen and series regulars Jayne Meadows, Louis Nye,
Ruth Buzzi and Ron Carey on the color-broadcast of The Steve Allen Comedy Hour Wednesday (10-11 p. m.), on CBS and Channel 12.
The Big Band of Terry Gibbs is featured in comedy sketches, Allen, Miss Meadows, Nye and Byner enact
a scene from a movie which is out of synchronization and the entire cast participates in an Allen report to the people on extremism.
Other comedy spots include Crazy Shots, a series of zany blackouts,
and Allen's man-on-the-street interviews with Nye, Byner and Carey on automobile safety.
Musical highlights feature The Association singing "Never My Love" and "Windy," Tony Daryll singing "Going Out of My Head"
and FatherVaughn's jazz-piano interpretations of "Get Me to the Church on Time," a solo number,
and "Motor City Blues," a duet with Allen.

[06] The Steve Allen Comedy Hour
26July1967 CBS
The Pair Extraordinaire
and comic Fred Smoot.
The Pair Extraordinaire sing "I'm a Believer."
Synopsis 1:
Steve Allen entertains comic Fred Smoot, the singing Pair Extraordinaire and others, at 10 on 5 and 10. (Geneva NY Daily Times)
Synopsis 2:
Hippies of all kinds take the spotlight on the Allen Report. Host Allen kids a Hollywood premiere
interviewing Jayne Meadows, John Byner and Louis, Nye, and later quizzes fashion pros on leisure.
Guest Fred Smoot plays a man shaving with a hangover.
Synopsis 3:
The Steve Allen Comedy Hour seems to be getting better each week and this
one has much to commend it including a backwards magic act (through reverse film) which Allen used in the "old days."
There's also a good movie premiere spoof during which "producer" Louis Nye and his date, "Evelyn Easy"
attend the debut of "Sin in the Supermarket." In another notable segment Allen reports on the latest happenings
in the hippie-movement aided by Nye, Jayne Meadows, Ruth Buzzi, John Byner and Fred Smooth. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman)

[07] The Steve Allen Comedy Hour
02Aug1967 CBS
actor-singer Noel Harrison from TV's "Girl from U.N.C.L.E."
and singer Marilyn Maye.
In sketches relying on word play, a maniacal director (Louis Nye) badgers his actors (Steve and Jayne)
into wringing the utmost from a line; a rock 'n' roll disc jockey leads a shattering home life; and "madlibs"
from the audience add to the havoc of a Western spoof, at 10 on 5 and 10.

[08] The Steve Allen Comedy Hour
16Aug1967 CBS
comedy team Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara
comedian-impressionist John Byner
singerLou Rawls
and singing sextet The Love Generation.
The Love Generation - "Meet Me at the Love-In."
Lou Rawls sings "Show Business."
There's more comedy than music on The Steve Allen Comedy Hour as this summer series continues to improve.
The comedy team of Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (as a married couple, Hershey Horowitz and Mary Elizabeth Doyle)
and comedian - impressionist John Byner (Sen. Bobby Kennedy) are highlights along with singer Lou Rawls
and The Love Generation a vocalizing sextet ("Meet Me at the Love-In") contributing the musical portions.
Steve is joined by regulars Jayne Meadows, Ruth Buzzi, Louis Nye and Ron Carey in a worth-while hour. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman)
Synopsis 2:
Top laughs come from a sketch on a big underworld crime meeting in which Allen and Louis Nye run for syndicate president.
Also of interest, John Byner apes a comic whose act is bombing; host Steve Allen spoofs TV programming, and singer Lou Rawls
sings numbers like "Show Business."(Binghamton NY Press)

[--] 23Aug1967 CBS - CBS News Special: "Can Peace Break Out?

[--] 30Aug1967 CBS - Special: "Model of the Year Pageant"

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