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The Patti Page Show (Summer 1956)

Roncom Production
NBC (Saturdays 8:00-9:00pm ET)

US Music Variety series 1956   4 episodes x 60min (16Jun56-7Jul56)

Hostess Patti Page

Regulars: The Spellbinders, The Frank Lewis Dancers
Music: The Carl Hoff Orchestra
(Jack Rael was Patti Page's long time musical director)

############# The Patti Page Show ############
############## season Summer 1956 ############
NBC Saturdays 8:00-9:00pm Eastern
Summer Replacement for "The Perry Como Show"

[01] The Patti Page Show [Premiere]
16Jun1956 NBC Sat
a Roncom production
producer, Norman Frank
director, Grey Lockwood
writers, Bob Corcoran, James Shelton.
Announcer: Don Pardo.
Musical director, Carl Hoff.
Hostess: Patti Page
singer Eddy Arnold,
magician The Great Carl Ballantine,
Jan August,
Richard Hayman,

comedienne Jean Carroll,
The Riff Troupe,
and The Spellbinders.
Patti Page stars tonight in the first of the four shows she will do.
Her guests include singer Eddy Arnold, comedienne Jean Carroll, comedian-magician Mr. Ballantine and the Wazon Troupe
of acrobats.
The theme of the show is ’do-it-yourself,’ and Patti opens with a production number, "Deed I Do".
Her solos include "The Strangest Romance", "When Your Lover Has Gone", and "Then I’ll be Happy".
The Spellbinders, a vocal group which will appear regularly on the show, harmonize "Shine on Harvest Moon",
and back up Patti on "April in Paris".

[02] The Patti Page Show
23Jun1956 NBC Sat
Hostess: Patti Page
entertainer Bob Hope
and singer Guy Mitchell

[03] The Patti Page Show
30Jun1956 NBC Sat
Hostess: Patti Page
vocalist Don Cherry
comedian Joey Bishop
acrobatic dancers Chiquita and Johnson
and George Prentice in a musical comedy act.

[04] The Patti Page Show [Final show of the series]
07Jul1956 NBC Sat
Hostess: Patti Page
singer Julius LaRosa
Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang
comedienne Beverlee Dennis
and tightrope walker Dieter Tasso.

This was a short lived summer replacement for "The Perry Como Show" which did not fare well for Patti and wound up
turning into
"The Julius La Rosa Show" (NBC)(14Jul56-4Aug56) followed by "The Tony Bennett Show" (NBC)(11Aug56-8Sep56)

Feedback from Bill Busse:
I just found your information on this summer replacement show and your comment that 'it didn't fare too well' is because
this was a summer replacement for 4 weeks only, the other stars who took the summertime were already booked.
Patti Page only took the show because it would be an entry into prime time in the regular season September through May.
As you will see she went on "The Big Record" which not only was the first variety/musical show to be broadcast in color but
was also nominated for a Grammy.
Thanks, Bill Busse <billbusse@midco.net> ( March 2012)

The Big Record (1957-58)
Sponsored by Oldsmobile.
CBS (Wednesdays 8-9pm ET)
Produced by Lester Gottlieb, Lee Cooley & Jack Philbin
Created by Lester Gottlieb
Director Jerome Shaw
Writers, Bill Jacobson, Jack Elliott

US Music Variety 1957-58 26episodes x 60min / 12 episodes x 30min (30min from 26Mar58)

Hostess Patti Page
Regulars: The Vic Schoen Orchestra
Music director, Vic Schoen
Choreographer June Taylor
Settings Gary Smith

A series designed to compete with "Your Hit Parade"

############## The Big Record ################
############## season 1957-58 ################
CBS Wednesdays 8:00-9:00pm Eastern (18Sep57-11Jun58)

[01] The Big Record [Premiere]
18Sep1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
Tony Bennett
David Wayne
Ella Logan
Hoagy Carmichael
Sal Mineo
Eddie Cantor
Jane Morgan
Mitch Miller
Bill Ward and the Dominos
and Michiko Hamamura of Japan.
David Wayne and Ella Logan sing excerpts from the Broadway musical "Finian's Rainbow" in which they appeared together
in 1947.
Patti Page sings "Old Cape Cod", "Tennessee Waltz", "Almost Like Being in Love" and "This is My Song".
Tony Bennett sings "Middle of an Island".
Sal Mineo performs "You Shouldn't Do That".
Jane Morgan sings "Fascination".
Mitch Miller performs "Bowery Grenadiers".
Eddie Cantor does "Makin' Whoopee".
Hoagy Carmichael performs "Ol' Rockin' Chair".
Billy Ward & His Dominos perform "Stardust".
Michiko Hamamura sings "Banana Boat".
David Wayne and Ella Logan do "Glocca Morra".
Patti, Hoagy and Tony close with "Up a Lazy River".
*NOTE: Eddie Cantor became the hero of "The Big Record" TV premiere for saying "All right, boys, let's do it live"
when a taped recording of "Makin' Whoopee" broke.

[02] The Big Record
25Sep1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
Jeanette MacDonald
Nelson Eddy
Janis Paige
Larry Storch
Don Rondo
Webb Pierce
The Mills Brothers
and Stan Kenton and His Orchestra.
Patti and Janis make fun of the current TV trend toward corn-fed mountain music and perform "Bye, Bye Love".
Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy revive "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life".
Don Rondo sings "White Silver Sands".
The Mills Brothers do "Glow Worm".

[03] The Big Record
02Oct1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
Julie London
Paul Whiteman
Johnny Mathis
Les Paul and Mary Ford
Fernando Lamas of Broadway's "Happy Hunting"
The Coasters
and English bandleader Ron Goodwin.
Patti joins the Les Paul - Mary Ford combo on "Mockingbird Hill".
Latin lover Fernando Lamas makes eyes at Patti during a rendition of "Baby It's Cold Outside".
Fernando solos with "Beautiful Woman".
Paul Whiteman has Patti decked out as a flapper, rolling her eyes to "That's My Weakness Now".
Julie London sings the blues.
Johnny Mathis peforms "Chances Are".

[04] The Big Record
09Oct1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
actress Rhonda Fleming
musical comedy star Alfred Drake
singer Julius LaRosa
comedian Jack E. Leonard
pianist Erroll Garner
British singer Russ Hamilton
and The Andrews Sisters.
Julius LaRosa sings "Famous Last Words".
The Andrew Sisters do "Let There Be Love", plus a medley.
Rhonda Fleming sings "Around the World" from her new album.
Alfred Drake croons "So In Love".
Erroll Garner demonstrates his keyboard genius.
Russ Hamilton sings "Rainbow".
Jack E. Leonard stops the show with his "Boll Weevil" number.

[05] The Big Record
16Oct1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
singer Vic Damone
dancer-actress Ann Miller
Opera star Lauritz Melchior
French chanteuse Lilo
Pop singer Bobby Helms
The Four Lads
and Frank Yankovic & His Midwest Polka Band.
The Four Lads perform "Eyes of God".
Vic Damone sings "Affair to Remember".
Bobby Helms sings "My Special Angel" and a reprise from Patti Page of the 1953 hit "Cross Over the Bridge."
Lauritz Melchoir belts out "Siegmund's Song".
Ann Miller advises "Shake the Blues Away" in song and dance.
Polka king Frankie Yankovic and His Midwest Polka Band perform.
French chanteuse Lilo sings "Je t'aime".

[06] The Big Record
23Oct1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
entertainer Liberace
vibraphonist Lionel Hampton
singer Della Reese
The Ames Brothers
Country singer Jimmy Dean
Chico Hamilton & His Jazz Quartet
Pianist Pee Wee Hunt
from the Broadway musical "New Girl in Town" Del Anderson, Eddie Phillips and Mark Dawson.
and 18-year-old singer Trish Dwelley.
The Ames Brothers perform "Melodie D'Amour".
Jimmy Dean sings "Deep Blue Sea".
Della Reese performs "And That Reminds Me".
The tune "Sunshine" from Broadway's "New Girl in Town" performed by Del Anderson, Eddie Phillips and Mark Dawson
in the "Sunshine Girl" production number.

[07] The Big Record
30Oct1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
Jazz singer Sarah Vaughan
singer Andy Williams
comic actor Stanley Holloway
pianist George Shearing
singer Teresa Brewer
and The Four Coins.
Sarah Vaughan sings "Please, Mr. Brown".
Andy Williams sings "Lips of Wine".
George Shearing performs "Lullaby of Birdland".
Teresa Brewer does "You Send Me".
The Four Coins perform "My One Sin".

[08] The Big Record
06Nov1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
singer-actress Polly Bergen
Guy Lombardo & His Orchestra
Peruvian soprano Yma Sumac
singer Nick Todd
singer-actor Bill Hayes
and the team of Cindy & Lindy.
Patti and Polly mimick other femme stars Martha Raye, Lena Horne and Sophie Tucker.
Patti sings "I Went to Your Wedding".
Polly does "The Party's Over".
Nick Todd whose big brother is singer Pat Boone, delivers "Plaything".

[09] The Big Record
13Nov1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
actress-singer Gale Storm
singer Guy Mitchell
bandleader Harry James
Bill Haley and the Comets
singer Jack Jones
Irish singer Ruby Murray
Patti opens with "The Best Things in Life Are Free" then sings "When I Fall In Love" and "The Lady is a Tramp".
Bill Haley and the Comets perform "Rock Around the Clock.
Gale Storm sings a medley of "Dark Moon", "I Hear You Knockin'" and "Go 'Way From My Window".
Jack Jones sings "Born to Be Lucky".
Guy Mitchell croons "C'mon Let's Go".
Ruby Murray does "When Irish Eyes are Smiling".
Harry James delivers a medley of old favorites.

[10] The Big Record
20Nov1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
songstress Helen O'Connell
drummer Gene Krupa
saxophonist Dick Stabile
singer Eydie Gorme
comedian Jack Carter
bandleader Cab Calloway
The Hi-Lo's
singer Lonnie Satin
Margie Rayburn
Trini Reyes
Dorsey vocalist Bob Eberle
and the Dorsey Orchestra
with Lee Castle on the baton.
Patti opens with "Crazy Rhythm" and duets with Eydie Gorme to "What Ever Happened to the Good Old Songs".
The Hi-Lo's perform "Special Kind of Love".
Gene Krupa solos with "Dark Eyes" and Trini Reyes dances to his "Drum Boogie".
Old memories stir when Helen O'Connell, Bob Eberle and the Dorsey Orchestra perform "Green Eyes" just like it was done in 1941.

[11] The Big Record
27Nov1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
actor Walter Slezak
singer Georgia Gibbs
French chanteuse Guylaine Guy
Jazz pianist Errol Garner
Ralph Font
Billy Maxted
singer Johnnie Ray
and the Shepard Sisters.
Patti starts the show with "Baby Mine".
Georgia Gibbs does "Dance With Me, Henry" and a medley of her tunes.
Patti sings "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm" and "I'll Remember You".
Three pianists Erroll Garner, Ralph Font and Billy Maxted do a medley of "Tea For Two" and "Walking My Baby Back Home".
Johnnie Ray sings "Cry" and "The Little White Cloud".
The Shepherd Sisters sing "Alone",
Walter Slezak offers "To My Wife" (from "Fanny")
Walter, Guylaine Guy and Patti close out with an amusing "special" lyrics to "Friendship".
All join in for the finale with "Home For the Holidays".

[12] The Big Record
04Dec1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
Benny Goodman & His Quartet
entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.
singer-songwriter Paul Anka
songstress Jaye P. Morgan
performer Gogi Grant
singer Jimmie Rodgers
Latin American pop singer Lucho Gatica
and accordionist Dick Contino.
Patti sings "Just in Time" and "All My Love".
Patti teams up with Benny Goodman for a medley including "Gotta Be This or That", "Sweet Georgia Brown", "Body and Soul"
and "Somebody Loves Me".
Sammy Davis Jr. does some impressions of show business folk.
Jimmie Rodgers sings "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine".
Dick Contino performs "Around the World".
Jaye P. Morgan with her three brothers perform "Yes, Indeed".
Jaye and Patti duet with "Birth of the Blues".

[13] The Big Record
11Dec1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
singer Kate Smith
Count Basie & His Orchestra
Opera star Jan Peerce
performer Gogi Grant
musician Jill Corey
singer-actor Bill Hayes
The Four Esquires
and a midwest act known as "Marie Adams and the Three Tons of Joy".
Count Basie swings with "The One O'Clock Jump".
Gogi Grant sings some of the tunes she recorded for her off-screen assignment in "The Helen Morgan Story".
Kate Smith sings "I've Got the World on a String".
Patti sings "The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else."

NOTE: In December 1957 the TRENDEX index said that Polly Bergen with an 18.4 Trendex was the highest of the year's
new-to-TV singers, Rosemary Clooney was second with 17.1, Eddie Fisher 15.6, Pat Boone 14.3 and Gisele Mackenzie 13.3,
Frank Sinatra 12.1, Patrice Munsel 8 and Guy Mitchell 5.

[14] The Big Record
18Dec1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
sonstress Margaret Truman
singer Vic Damone
Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra
singer Mel Torme
singer-actor Gene Autry & the Riders of the Purple Sage
Latin American pop singer Lucho Gatica
ventriloquist-singer-dancer Angele McNeil.
A live pickup from the premiere of "Bridge on the River Kwai" with William Holden, Jack Hawkins and Geoffrey Horne and
the stirring "March from the River Kwai" was performed by composer Mitch Miller.

[15] The Big Record
25Dec1957 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
Dolores Gray
singer-songwriter Paul Anka
singer-actor Gene Austin
actor Lloyd Nolan
actress Terry Moore
Danny and the Juniors
Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra
Kinescope guests with their 1957 record hits will be
Jimmie Rodgers
Johnny Mathis
Jane Morgan
Della Reese
and Tony Bennett.
Sammy Kaye who joins hostess Patti Page in a Christmas program of traditional yule songs.
Included are Della Reese's "That Reminds Me".
Tony Bennett's "In the Middle of an Island".
Patti Page sings "Old Cape Cod".

[16] The Big Record
01Jan1958 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
singer-actress Eartha Kitt
singers Louis Prima & Keely Smith
Opera star Jan Peerce
singers Johnny Mathis
and Don Cornell
Dennis James, wife Mickey, and 18-month-year-old son Randy live from their home in New Rochelle, N.Y. Dennis and
Mickey give a short tour of their home and then Dennis does a Kellogg’s commercial from their kitchen.
Patti sings "I Get a Kick Out of You".
Don Cornell sings a medley of hits.
Keely Smith performs "When Your Lover has Gone".
Jan Peerce does "Bluebird of Happiness".
Patti and Jan Peerce sing a duet.
All join in for "When the Saints Go Marchin' In".

[17] The Big Record
08Jan1958 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
songstress Jane Morgan
singer-actress Dorothy Collins
Country singer George Hamilton IV
singer-pianist Jerry Lee Lewis
Fats Domino
accordionist Will Glahe from Germany
actress Terry Moore
singer Ray Eberle
and The Glenn Miller Orchestra led by Ray McKinley with the Modernaires
Fats Domino performs "Blueberry Hill".
Jerry Lee Lewis explodes with "Great Balls of Fire".
George Hamilton IV sings "Why Don't They Understand".
Patti and Jane do a duet to "Available".
Will Glahe performs "Liechtensteiner Polka".
The Glenn Miller Orchestra do a medley of "In the Mood", "At Last" and "Chattanooga Choo Choo".

[18] The Big Record
15Jan1958 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
singer-actress Carol Channing
Pee Wee Hunt & His Orchestra
The McGuire Sisters
singer Bill Hayes
singer Nick Lucas
harpist Robert Maxwell
The Del Vikings
The Del Vikings perform "Whispering Bells".
Patti and Carol perform "I Got Rhythm".
Patti solos with "Ebbtide".
Carol Channing sings "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend".
The finale is a capsule version of "The Big Record of 1927" with the whole cast Carol Channing, Pee Wee Hunt,
the McGuire Sisters, Nick Lucas and Patti Page all decked out in raccoon coats and tails.

[--] The Big Record
22Jan1958 CBS Wed
pre-empted for High Adventure with Lowell Thomas "Timbuktu to Madagascar".

[19] The Big Record
29Jan1958 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
musical comedy star Carol Haney
singer Sam Cooke
singer Eddy Howard
singer Margaret Whiting
jazzman Louis Jordan
pianist Roger Williams
Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra.
Margaret Whiting sings "It Might As Well Be Spring".
Louis Jordan plays a medley of jazz tunes.
Xavier Cugat does "Mambo No. 5".
Eddy Howard sings "Careless".
Patti sings "At the Hop" and "Sittin' On Top of the World".
Carol Haney performs to "Steam Heat".

[20] The Big Record
05Feb1958 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
Julie Andrews
Roberta Peters
the Everly Brothers
vocal duo Billy and Lillie
Woody Herman & His Orchestra
and Jerry Murat's Harmonicats.
Julie Andrews sings "Wouldn't It Be Loverly" and "London Pride".
Patti & Julie duet with "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off".
The Everly Brothers perform "Bye, Bye Blues" and "Wake Up Little Susie".
Patti sings "How High the Moon", "A Tune Called Trees" and "Catch a Falling Star".
Billy & Lillie sing "La Dee Dah".

[21] The Big Record
12Feb1958 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
singer Ella Fitzgerald
singer-actor Frankie Avalon
The Andrew Sisters
Les Brown Orchestra
veteran song-and-dance man Harry Richman
singer Alan Dale
The Diamonds
Harry Richman performs "Puttin' On the Ritz", "I Love a Parade", "Sunny Side of the Street" and "The Birth of the Blues".
The Andrew Sisters sing "Pistol Packin' Mama".
Ella Fitzgerald sings "St. Louis Blues".
Les Brown's Orchestra plays "Sentimental Journey".
Other Selections include "It Don't Mean a Thing", "Stroll", "De De Dinah", "You Do Something to Me" and "Sonny Boy".
Finale is a wild musical battle between Les Brown and Vic Shoen.
*NOTE: Singer Alan Dale was born Aldo Sigismondi another in a long list of Italian singers that made it big in the 1950's.

[22] The Big Record
19Feb1958 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
singer Frankie Laine
actor Sal Mineo
David Rose and Dolores Hawkins
Ray Anthony & His Band
The Four Aces
Illinois Jacquet and his Jazz Group.
Patti opens with "You Make Me Feel So Young".
Sal Mineo sings "Little Pigeon" and "I Adore You" from his "Aladdin" performance.
Patti solos with "Shootin' High" and "Belonging to Someone".
David Rose performs "Swinging Shepherd Blues".
Dolores Hawkins performs "A Waltz to Remember".
Frankie Laine sings a medley of his hit tunes.
All join in for the finale of "You Gotta Have Heart".

[23] The Big Record
26Feb1958 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
singer Tony Bennett
singer Tommy Sands
songstress Eileen Barton
composer Jimmy McHugh
show business veteran Ted Lewis
The Silhouettes
Somthin' Smith & the Redheads instrumental combo
Songs include "I Beg of You", "Teenage Crush", "Sing Boy Sing", "Big Guitar", "Will You Still Be Mine", "Get a Job",
"It's a Most Unusual Day" and "Belonging to Someone".
In a special highlight hostess Patti Page introduces the "composers' corner" featuring a medley of Jimmy McHugh tunes.

[24] The Big Record
05Mar1958 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
comedian-actress Martha Raye
actor Hugh O'Brian
singer Connie Francis
British singer Frankie Vaughan
singer Alan Dale
The Johnny Long Band
and the June Taylor Dancers
Martha Raye sets a jovial mood with a medley from "Annie Get Your Gun".
Patti and Martha duet on "Anything You Can Do".
Connie Francis sings "Who's Sorry Now".
Other songs include "Just One of Those Things", "Walking Away" and "Shanty Town".
and a rousing finale of "New York's My Home".

[25] The Big Record
12Mar58 CBS Wed
singer Pearl Bailey
singer-actor Howard Keel
singer-actress Florence Henderson
The Four Voices
and the Hawaiian music of Harry Owens and the Orchestra with Hilo Hattie.
Patti sings "It's A Big Wide Wonderful World" and "Breezing Along With the Breeze".
Florence sings "Be Kind To Your Parents".
Howard Keel sings "Blue, Blue Hawaii".
Howard and Florence duet with "The Hawaiian Wedding Song"
Harry Owens and his Orchestra pop up with a luau.
All join in for the "Hawaiian War Chant".

[26] The Big Record
19Mar58 CBS Wed
actor Tony Randall
singer Julius LaRosa
pop vocalist Mindy Carson
singer Bill Hayes
R&B songstress Nellie Lutcher
The Goofers
With Academy Award songs on her mind, Patti builds her big production number around the first one that ever won an award,
"The Continental".
Songs included are "Back in Your Own Backyard", "You Were Meant for Me", "Crazy Rhythm", "How Do You Speak to An Angel"
and "Pogo Stick Polka".
*NOTE: This is the last full hour program, next week's program is now half-an-hour.


[27] The Big Record (30min)
26Mar58 CBS Wed
Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra
singer Abbe Lane
Bandleader Ted Lewis
singer Lou Monte
Patti sings "It All Depends on You" and "Alleghany Moon".
Abbe Lane and Xavier perform "Jungle Concerto".
Ted Lewis offers "I've Got a Million Memories".
Ted joins Patti with "When You're Smiling".
*This is the first show in the new half-hour format.
Abbe Lane was performing in the Broadway musical "Oh, Captain!" at the time of this appearance.

[28] The Big Record (30min)
entertainer Liberace
singer Johnny Mathis
musical-comedy star Sally Ann Howes of "My Fair Lady"
as well as the companies performers Edward Mulhare, Reginald Denny, Brian Aherne, Anne Rogers and Hugh Dempster.
Patti sings "I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody".
Sally sings "I Could Have Danced All Night".
Liberace performs "I Love a Piano" with Patti singing.

[29] The Big Record (30min)
09Apr58 CBS Wed
entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.
songstress Lisa Kirk
singer Bill Hayes
Sammy sings "The House I Live In".
Lisa Kirk joins Patti in "That's What I Like About the South".
Lisa solos with "Always True to You Darling in My Fashion".
Bill Hayes sings "26 Miles".
Patti sings "I'm Looking at the World Through Rose Colored Glasses".

[30] The Big Record (30min)
16Apr58 CBS Wed
pop singer Jimmie Rodgers
singer-actor Dennis Day
Russ Morgan and His Orchestra
Patti's big production number is one of the most popular songs written "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".
Patti solos with "These Worldly Wonders".
Dennis Day sings "Clancy Lowered the Boom".
Jimmie Rodgers sings "Till There Was You".
Russ Morgan and His Orchestra do a medley and a grand finale including "Lida Rose" and "76 Trombones" from Patti
and the guests.

[31] The Big Record (30min)
23Apr58 CBS Wed
actress-singer Lizabeth Scott
entertainer Gracie Fields
Tony Pastor and Guy Pastor
and The Treniers.
Gracie Fields performs "Now is the Hour".
Patti Page, Gracie Fields and Lizabeth Scott perform "Lollipops".
Lizabeth Scott sings "He is a Man" and "Deep Dark Secret".
The Treniers perform "Rock 'N Roll Call" and "Rock 'em Pete".
Tony and Guy Pastor play a few numbers.
Patti sings "If I Were a Bell" and "Another Time, Another Place".
*NOTE: This was Lizabeth Scott's first singing appearance.

[32] The Big Record (30min)
30Apr58 CBS Wed
dancer-actor Ray Bolger
singer Pat Suzuki
Freddie Martin & His Orchestra
Ray Bolger dances to "Sweet Georgia Brown".
Ray joins Patti for a medley of songs from some of his Broadway hits including "Once in Love With Amy"
from "Where's Charlie?"
Pat Suzuki sings "From this Moment On".

[33] The Big Record (30min)
07May1958 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
comedian Bob Hope
British entertainer Frankie Vaughan
pianist Carmen Cavallaro
Bob Hope clowns and sings numbers from his new album "Paris Holiday".

[34] The Big Record (30min)
14May1958 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
bandleader Harry James and his Orchestra
vocalist Helen Forrest
singer Bill Hayes
singer-actress Florence Henderson
The Deb Tones
Patti opens with "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" and solos with "Chanson d'Amour".
Harry James and his orchestra take over from there with "I Don't Want to Walk Without You" and
"I'm Beginning to See the Light".
Helen Forrest sings "Brazilian Sleighbells".

[35] The Big Record (30min)
21May58 CBS Wed
singer Jo Stafford
comedienne Judy Canova
drummer Buddy Rich
Jo Stafford sings "Jambalaya", "Make Love to Me" and "You Belong to Me".
Patti and Jo duet with "Accentuate the Positive".
Judy digs in to "I Can't Give You Anything But Love".
All join in for the finale to "Wabash Cannonball".

[36] The Big Record (30min)
28May58 CBS Wed
singer Vic Damone
songstress Jeri Southern
The De Castro Sisters
Vic sings the title song from "Gigi".
Patti & Vic duet with "I Remember It Well".
The DeCastro Sisters sing "Teach Me Tonight" and "With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming".

[37] The Big Record (30min)
04Jun1958 CBS Wed
Hosted by Patti Page
comedian Ernie Kovacs
singer Toni Arden
songwriter Mack Gordon
Ernie and Patti sing "Witch Doctor".
Toni sings "Padre".
Patti solos with "Lover Come Back to Me" and "Lover".
Mack Gordon on the piano plays a medley of his songs "You'll Never Know", "Chattanooga Choo Choo" and
"I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo" with Patti singing along.

[38] The Big Record (30min) [Final show of the series]
11Jun58 CBS Wed
Les Brown & His Band of Renown
singer Vaughn Monroe
singer Bill Hayes
Patti sings "Angry", "Fascination", "Middle of an Island", "Chances Are", "I'm Available", "That Reminds Me of You"
and "Old Cape Cod".
Bill Hayes sings "Very Precious Love"
Vaughn Monroe sings "Sentimental Journey".
All join in the finale with "I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face".

The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show (1958-59)

 ABC (Wednesdays 9:30-10:00pm)
Originating from New York
Produced by Ted Mills

US Music Variety Series 1958-1959 24 episodes x 30min

Hostess Patti Page

Regulars: Rocky Cole, The Jerry Packer Singers, The Matt Maddox Dancers
Music: The Vic Schoen Orchestra

####### The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show #######
############## season 1958-59 ################
ABC Wednesdays 9:30-10:00pm Eastern  ( Mondays from December 1958)

[01] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
24Sep1958 ABC Wed
actor Walter Pidgeon
and ballerina Melissa Hayden.

[--] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
01Oct1958 ABC Wed
pre-empted for The Oldsmobile Spectacular hosted by Bing Crosby starring Patti Page, Mahalia Jackson and Dean Martin.

[02] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
08Oct1958 ABC Wed
Carl Reiner

[03] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
15Oct1958 ABC Wed
Pvt. Steve Lawrence
and five of his GI buddies
*Note: More than 300 soldiers are in the audience.

[04] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
22Oct1958 ABC Wed
The Everly Brothers
ventriloquist Shari Lewis

[05] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
29Oct1958 ABC Wed
Nat King Cole
Gene Krupa

[06] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
05Nov1958 ABC Wed
Red Buttons
Red turns from soda jerking to poultry farming to important producer just (a develop his big star (Patti),
but alas, true love eludes them as fame takes over. Patti's big production number is "Smack Dab in the Middle,"
and there's a mood piece to "I Stayed Too Long at the Fair."

[07] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
12Nov1958 ABC Wed
Les Paul and Mary Ford
and The Four Lads.

[08] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
19Nov1958 ABC Wed
Ernie Kovacs
harmonica virtuoso Richard Hayman.
Ernie Kovacs performs "Autumn Leaves" and finds himself plagued by his own taped voice.
Richard plays "Blues in the Night".
Dancer Matt Mattox and Patti are pulled into the mood.
Patti Page sings "Old Cape Cod".

[09] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
26Nov1958 ABC Wed
singers Bill Hayes
and Florence Henderson
violinist Mischa Elman
Patti sings "Home for the Holidays".
*Note: The famed violinist Mischa Elman celebrates the 50th anniversary of his American debut.

[10] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
03Dec1958 ABC Wed
Vivian Blaine
Guy Mitchell
and Leslie Uggams
Patti sings "If I Were a Bell" from Guys and Dolls.
Leslie performs "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands".
Pianist Rocky Cole plays a medley for Patti.

*Note: The show switches to Mondays .

[11] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
08Dec1958 ABC Mon
Connie Francis
Vic Damone

and The Ames Brothers.

[12] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
15Dec1958 ABC Mon
Denise Darcel
Eva Gabor

and singer Larry Kertn.

[13] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
22Dec1958 ABC Mon
Jimmy Rodgers
Augie Rios

and 12 youngsters.
Patti sings "Silent Night".
Augie Rios delivers "Donde Esta Santa Claus?"
Jimmy Rodgers sings "Bimbombay" and "Scarlet Ribbons".
Twelve youngsters each representing a different country sing a medley of Christmas songs and conclude with
"The Twelve Days of Christmas".

[14] The Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
29Dec1958 ABC Mon
Teresa Brewer
and The Vagabonds.

[15] Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
05Jan1959 ABC Mon
Martha Raye

[16] Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
12Jan1959 ABC Mon
Margaret Whiting
and Johnny Ray.

[17] Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
19Jan1959 ABC Mon
Julius LaRosa
and Shari Lewis.

[18] Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
26Jan1959 ABC Mon
Roger Williams

[19] Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
02Feb1959 ABC Mon
Jane Morgan
Billy Eckstine

The Vic Schoen Orchestra plays theme songs of Dorsey, Berigan, Basie, Barnet, Miller, Ellington and others in
a tribute to the Big Band Era.

[20] Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
09Feb1959 ABC Mon
Eydie Gormé

[21] Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
16Feb1959 ABC Mon
Johnny Mathis
and Matt Dennis.

[22] Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
23Feb1959 ABC Mon
Helen Traubel
and Hildegarde

[--] Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
02Mar1959 ABC Mon
pre-empted for Bing Crosby Show Special.

[23] Patti Page Oldsmobile Show
09Mar1959 ABC Mon
Duke Ellington  and The Dukes of Dixieland
Duke and the Boys perform "Alexander's Ragtime Band".
Duke performs "Caravan" and "I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart".
The Dixieland Band performs "South Rampart Street Parade" and "Slide, Frog, Slide".
Patti sings "Walls Have Ears" and a ballad "My Promise".

[24] Patti Page Oldsmobile Show [final episode]
16Mar1959 ABC Mon
Teresa Brewer
The Kingston Trio

Teresa, Patti and the Kingston Trio with a presentation of "Thomas Dooley Cha Cha".

[--] 23Mar1959
*News item Independent Press-Telegram Calif.
"The Patti Page Show" is off the air here and ABC will show "Traffic Court" elsewhere on the network. We'll get
the old "I Am the Law" series.

############## The Patti Page Show ###########
################## the end #################

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