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Sunday Night At The London Palladium (ATV/ITV )(1956-67)(1973-74) - Episode Guide

UK ITC VideoTaped - Music/Variety/Comedy

Taped at ITC-ATV Elstree Studios, London - mainly US guest stars

Sunday Night At The London Palladium (ATV)(1956-73) - Episode Guide
Some Episodes  of  "The London Palladium Show"  were made for the US  NBC Network  in 1966 in Color  with
Guest Hosts:  Lorne Greene, Kate Smith, Hugh O'Brian,  Robert Harbin, Fess Parker, Roger Moore

Piccadilly Palace - Morecambe and Wise (ATV-ITC/ABC)(Summer 1967)(20May67-9Sep67)(taped in the UK)
Summer Replacement for "The Hollywood Palace"

Showtime (ATV-ITC/ CBS)(Summer 1968) (11Jun68-17Sep68) (taped in the UK)
Summer Replacement for "The Red Skelton Show"

The John Davidson Show (ATV-ITC) (Summer 1969)(taped in the UK)

The Liberace Show (ATV-ITC)(1969)(taped in the UK)

This is Tom Jones  (ATV-ITC)  (1968-71) (taped in Hollywood & the UK)

The Englebert Humperdinck Show (ATV-ITC)(1970) (taped in the UK)

The Val Doonican Show (ATV-ITC/ABC)(Summer1971)(5Jun71-14Aug71)(taped in the UK)

Kraft Music Hall: The Des O'Connor Show  (ATV-ITC/NBC)
 (Summer1970/ Summer1971)(20May70-2Sep70)(2Jun71-1Sep71) (taped in the UK)

 The Kopycats (ATV-ITC)(1972)   featured on  " The ABC Comedy Hour"  

The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine (ATV-ITC)(1971-72) (taped in the UK)

The Julie Andrews Hour (ITC/ABC)(1972) (taped in Hollywood)

The Muppet Show   (ATV- ITC) (1976-81) UK Family Puppet Series (taped in the UK)


BBC Light Entertainment (Variety/ Music/Comedy)

Bill Cotton ( Jr,) (son of the band leader Billy Cotton)  was head of  BBC Light Entertainment  1970-1977.
The Cotton Collection Pt1 The Billy Cotton Band Show Pt1
 The Cotton Collection Pt2 The Billy Cotton Band Show Pt2
 The Cotton Collection Pt3 The Billy Cotton Band Show Pt3
The Cotton Collection Pt4 Frost Over England Pt1
 The Cotton Collection Pt5 Frost Over England Pt2
 The Cotton Collection Pt6 Frost Over England Pt3
The Cotton Collection Pt7 Top of the Pops Christmas 1967 Pt1
 The Cotton Collection Pt8 Top of the Pops Christmas 1967 Pt2
 The Cotton Collection Pt9 Top of the Pops Christmas 1967 Pt3
The Cotton Collection Pt10 Dad's Army Pt1
 The Cotton Collection Pt11 Dad's Army Pt2
 The Cotton Collection Pt12 Dad's Army Pt3
 The Cotton Collection Pt13 Dad's Army Pt4
 The Cotton Collection Pt14

  Playlist -  That Was The Week That Was (BBC)(1962-63)  (6pt)

Millicent Martin - Goodbye TW3 - 28-12-1963

   Playlist -  Christmas Night With the Stars (BBC)(1964) introduced by Jack Warner  (10pt)

Playlist -  "Cilla" series (BBC)(1968-76) starring Cilla Black  (2 episodes - 5Mar68 / 12Feb69)


UK/Europe - Pop Music TV Shows

Oh Boy! (ABC-UK for ITV Network UK, Saturdays)(Produced by Jack Good(1958-59)(rock/pop music)
"Boy Meets Girls" (ABC-UK for ITV Network UK Saturdays) (Pr. Jack Good)(1959-60)(rock/pop music)
"Wham!" (ABC-UK for ITV Network UK Saturdays) (Pr. Jack Good)(Summer 1960)(rock/pop music)

NME Poll Winners Concert (ABC Weekend Television)
 (ABC-UK for the ITV Network)(1961-66)
(New Musical Express - Annual rock/pop music concert)

Thank Your Lucky Stars (ABC-UK for ITV Network UK Saturdays)(1961-66)(rock/pop music)

Ready Steady Go: The Weekend Starts Here!
(Associated-Rediffusion for ITV Network UK Fridays)(1961-66)(rock/pop music)

Top Of The Pops (BBC/ UK)(1964-2006)

Beat Club (RBremen/WDR,Germany)(1965-72)


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