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The Barbara McNair Show (1969-71)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Tom Alger, Rina Fox
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Winters-Rosen television production
First-Run Syndication
Executive producers Murray Chercover, Burt Rose, David Winters
Produced & Directed by Jorn Winther

US Music Variety series 1969-71   55 episodes  x  30 min ? 60 min?

Hostess, Barbara McNair
Announcer, Ronald Long
The Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson Orchestra

########### The Barbara McNair Show ##########
############## season 1 1969-70 ##############
Syndicated series

[01] The Barbara McNair Show
14Sep1969 (rerun 29Mar70)
Show #1
singer Tony Bennett
author Jacqueline Susann
Aaron Williams
The Clingers

Tony sings, "I Gotta Be Me", "Fly Me to the Moon" and "What the World Needs Now".

[02] The Barbara McNair Show
21Sep1969 (rerun 22Mar70)
comedian Joey Bishop
Joni Credit
Freddy Weller
The Dillards
Barbara McNair sings "I Feel and Song Comin' On," "Son of a Preacher Man," "I Can't Stop Loving You".
Barbara does a country medley: "Your Cheating Heart," "You Are My Sunshine" and "Gentle on My Mind".
The Dillards perform "Rainmaker".
(13Mar1971, Worchester, WSMV-27, Sat. 9:00pm)

[03] The Barbara McNair Show
28Sep1969 (rerun 23Aug70)
comedian Carol Burnett
singer Bobby Darin
singer-actor James Darren
The King Cousins.
Bobby Darin sings "Hey, Jude".
James Darren sings "For Once in My Life".
the singing King Cousins perform "Walk on By".
James and Barbara duet on "Both Sides Now".

[04] The Barbara McNair Show
singer-actor Frankie Avalon
comic Stanley Myron Handelman
Hollywood reporter Rona Barrett
Frankie Avalon sings "It Only Takes a Moment"
Barbara and Frankie do a duet of "The Days of Wine and Roses."
*NOTE: Aired 20Sep69 in NYC.

[05] The Barbara McNair Show
12Oct1969 (rerun 05Apr70)
celebrity Zsa Zsa Gabor
singer Joe Tex
comedian Charles Nelson Reilly
The Singing Big Foot
The Singing Big Foot does a "Hair" medley with Barbara.

[06] The Barbara McNair Show
19Oct1969 (rerun 25Jul70)
comic duo Dick Clair and Jenna McMahon
comedian Soupy Sales
singer Christopher Kingsley
Kenny Rogers and the First Edition perform, "Reuben James" and "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town".
Barbara sings a Beatles medley, "Hard Day's Night", "Eleanor Rigby", "The Fool On the Hill" and "Yesterday".

[07] The Barbara McNair Show
26Oct1969 (rerun 26Apr70 Chicago WGN-9)
actress-comedienne Martha Raye
singer Steve Rossi
impressionist Rich Little
Slappy White and the Burgundy Street Singers.
Martha Raye sings "My Funny Valentine".

[08] The Barbara McNair Show
02Nov1969 (rerun 12Apr1970)
singer John Gary
Marty Allen
the Pair Extraordinaire (voice plus bass)
the singing Inner Dialogue
John Gary performs, "The Straight Life," "If You Go Away".
Barbara sings a medley from "The King and I."

[09] The Barbara McNair Show
09Nov1969 (rerun 03May70)
Boots Randolph
Ozzie and Harriet Nelson
Josh White Jr.

and the instrumental Bossa Rio.
Boots Randolph performs "The Shadow of Your Smile"
Josh White Jr. sings "Goin' Out of My Head"
Bossa Rio perform, "Day by Day".

[10] The Barbara McNair Show
16Nov1969 (rerun 10May70)
entertainer Bob Hope
singer Joanie Sommers
Jeanine Burnier

The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band.
Barbara sings "The Man That Got Away" and "Over the Rainbow."
Joanie Sommers sings "Georgia".

[11] The Barbara McNair Show
guests  (no details)

[12] The Barbara McNair Show
30Nov1969 (rerun 31May70)
Jim Backus
Lionel Hampton
Vicki Lawrence
comic Jackie Kahane
The Spiral Staircase
Barbara & Lionel perform, "Midnight Sun"
Barbara McNair sings "Don't Rain on My Parade," and
medley: "Heartbreak Hotel," "Love Me Tender" & "Clean
Up Your Back Yard"
Vickie Lawrence sings, "And I'll Go"
(26Feb1971, Worchester, WSMV-27, Fri. 7:30pm)
(22Feb70 KPLR-TV St. Louis Mo.)

[13] The Barbara McNair Show
28Dec1969 (possibly postponed from 21Dec69)
Doug McClure
Pat O'Brien

comic Rip Taylor
The Modernaires

[14] The Barbara McNair Show
04Jan1970 (rerun 07Jun70)
Tony Martin sings, "On a Clear Day"
Jack Carter
comic Bob Blasser
The Kim Sisters perform, "Charlie Brown"
Barbara contributes "I Know a Place."
March 20, 1971 (Worchester, WSMV-27, Sat. 9:00pm)

[15] The Barbara McNair Show
25Jan1970 (rerun 28Jun70, 16Aug70)
Leonard Nimoy sings, "Time to Get Together"
Shelley Berman
Harpers Bizarre perform, "Feelin' Groovy" and "Knock on Wood"
Esther Phillips sings "And I Love Him"
Art Metrano

[16] The Barbara McNair Show
Eartha Kitt sings “I'll Never Fall in Love Again,”)
Comedian Marty Allen
comics Patchett and Tarses
The Pacific Gas and Electric perform “Redneck”.
Barbara sings "Don't Sleep in the Subway."
(5Mar1971, Worchester, WSMV-27, Fri. 7:30pm)

[17] The Barbara McNair Show
08Feb1970 (rerun 30Aug70)(08Mar70 (NYC WNEW-5)
Lou Rawls sings "A Whole Lot of Sunshine"
Gloria Loring sings, "I Haven't Got Anything Better to Do"
Sunday's Child perform, "Friendship Train"
comics Norm Crosby and Larry Wilde
Barbara sings a "Porgy and Bess" medley.
(27Mar1971, Worchester, WSMV-27, Sat. 9:00pm)

[18] The Barbara McNair Show
15Feb1970 (rerun 12Sep70) confirmed
Sonny & Cher
Charles Nelson Reilly
Tom Patterson

Sonny and Cher sing "I've Got You Babe" and "The Beat Goes On".
Barbara sings, "On a Wonderful Day Like Today" and a Guys and Dolls medley.
(3Apr1971, Worchester, WSMV-27, Sat. 9:00pm)

[19] The Barbara McNair Show
08Mar1970 (rerun 09Aug70)(15Feb70, NYC WNEW-5)
Steve Allen
Lynn Kellogg sings, "If We Only Had Love" (listed as
"If Only We Have Love" in my TV Guide)
comic Jackie Curtis
The Mickie Finn Ragtime Revue perform, "St. Louis Blues".
Barbara sings "More Than Yesterday."
(8Jan1971, Worchester, WSMV-27, Fri. 7:30pm) -

[20] The Barbara McNair Show
15Mar1970 (rerun 12Jul70)
Bob Crane
B.B. King sings, "The Thrill Is Gone"
Jaye P. Morgan sings, "The Love of a Gentle Man"
Sammy Shore
The Supremes

Barbara sings "Softly, as I Leave You."

[21] The Barbara McNair Show
19Apr1970 (rerun 05Jul70)
Ethel Waters sings, "Partners with God"
Ed McMahon
The Turtles
perform, "Lady-O"
Comedian Roy Applegate
Barbara sings "Our Day Will Come," "Walk Right In" and
"If I Had a Hammer".
(22Jan1971, Worchester, WSMV-27, Fri. 7:30pm) -

[22] The Barbara McNair Show
Meredith MacRae sings, "All of Me"
Scoey Mitchell
Paul Revere and the Raiders perform, "Let Me"
TV personality Monty Hall
Barbara sings "Windows of the World" and "If He Walked into My Life."

[23] The Barbara McNair Show
10May1970 (rerun 19Jul70)
Peter Lawford
puppeteer Shari Lewis
soul singer Bill Medley sings, "Hey, Jude"
Sunday's Child sing, "Tell Mama"
Barbara sings "Hang On, Sloopy" and "King of the Road."

[24] The Barbara McNair Show
O.C. Smith & Barbara sing, "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay"
Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart perform, "I Want to Be Free"and "I'll Blow
You A Kiss in the Wind"
comics Jane Kean and Charlie Callas.
(19Feb71, Worchester, WSMV-27, Fri. 7:30pm)

[25] The Barbara McNair Show
21Jun1970 (possible rerun)
Art Linkletter
Jackie Vernon

singer Thelma Houston
the Four Tops perform, "This Guy's in Love with You")

########### The Barbara McNair Show ##########
############## season 2 1970-71 ##############
Syndicated series

2.01 [26] The Barbara McNair Show
Della Reese
The Rascals

Musical Highlights:
Della Reese sings, "Proud Mary"
The Rascals perform, "People Got to Be Free"
Barbara and Della sing a duet of "Make Your Own Kind of Music."

2.02 [27] The Barbara McNair Show
Tony Martin
Julie Budd

comic Jackie Kahane
The Machinery (rock group)
Musical Highlights:
Tony Martin sings "Cuando Caliente el Sol"
Tony & Barbara sing, "I Will Wait For You"
Julie sings, "Games People Play"
Barbara & Julie duet on "Get Together"
The Machinery perform "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show".
(rerun 05Sep71, WTEV-6)
(rerun 25Jul71, WOR-9 New York 9pm)

2.03 [28] The Barbara McNair Show
The Cowsills
The satirical Ace Trucking Company
singer Daniele Dorice
Musical Highlights:
Barbara sings a Beatles medley and "I Can't Stop Loving You."
(04Apr71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 11:30pm)
(01Nov70 WOR-9 NYC)

2.04 [29] The Barbara McNair Show
Comic Sandy Baron
Professor Irwin Corey
The Edwin Hawkins Singers sing, "Blowin' in the Wind"
singers Freddy Weller and Elan Stuart sing, "The Straight Life".
(21Mar71 Chicago WGN-9)
(11Apr71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 11:30pm)

2.05 [30] The Barbara McNair Show
guests (15Nov70 Chicago WGN-9)
Hank Thompson,
Roy Clark,
Archie Campbell
Minnie Pearl.

Note: This has been  double-checked and these are the guests listed. Maybe it was a Country music theme
show...or it could have been a misprint, a mix-up with another series. [RF]

2.06 [31] The Barbara McNair Show
08Nov1970 Chicago WGN-9)
The Cowsills
Mahalia Jackson
Jack E. Leonard
Jan Rubes

2.07 [32] The Barbara McNair Show
Little Richard performs, "Greenwood, Mississippi" & "Somebody Saw You"
Professor Irwin Corey
Andy Kim sings, "Sugar, Sugar"
Bonnie Sher sings, "Things Are Looking Good"
Barbara McNair "After Today," "If I Ruled the World," "Oliver" medley.
(15Nov70 KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Sun. 6:30pm)
(29Nov70 Chicago WGN-9)
(17May71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 12:05am)

2.08 [33] The Barbara McNair Show
comic Dick Shawn
singer Jan Rubes
The Cowsills perform, "Folsom Prison Blues"
Freda Payne sings, "Band of Gold" & "The Time Has Come to Say Goodbye"
Freda Payne and Barbara McNair - "Both Sides Now"
Barbara sings "Windows of the World" & "What the World Needs Now"
Jan Rubes sings, "The Impossible Dream"
And All perform "United We Stand"
(22Nov70 WOR-9, Sun., 6pm)
(27Jun71 WOR-9, Sun 10pm)

2.09 [34] The Barbara McNair Show
29Nov1970 (rerun 20Jun71)
Mahalia Jackson
comic Milt Kamen
Edward Bear (rock group)
Singer Ed Evanko
(22Nov70 (KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Sun. 6:30pm)
(06Jun71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, early Mon 12am)
Musical Highlights:
Mahalia Jackson sings, "Precious Lord" and "Down by the Riverside"
Mahalia and Barbara duet on, "Motherless Child"
Barbara sings, "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head"
Edward Bear performs, "You, Me and Mexico".

2.10 [35] The Barbara McNair Show
B.B. King
Gloria Loring
Friendly Persuasion

comic Billy Baxter
Musical Highlights:
B.B. King sings, "Ask Me No Questions"
Gloria Loring, "The Dove"
Friendly Persuasion perform, "Goin' Out of My Head"
Barbara sings, "That Loving Feeling" and "Graduate" medley.
(06Dec70 Chicago WGN-9)
(18Apr71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 11:30pm)

2.11 [36] The Barbara McNair Show
Billy Daniels sings "Black Magic" & "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?"
Hanna Ahroni sings, "I'll Do It Again"
comics Hart and Lorne
Barbara sings "Rules of the Road"
(13Dec70 Chicago WGN-9)
(04Jul71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun 11:45pm)
(18Jul71 New York WOR-9, 9pm)

2.12 [37] The Barbara McNair Show
Soupy Sales sings "It's My Ego"
singer Dakota Staton
flutist Moe Koffman
Dakota & Moe perform, "He's Funny That Way"
Barbara sings "Son of a Preacher Man" & "Gypsy" medley
(20Jun71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, early Mon 12am)
(04Jul71 New York, WOR-9, 9pm)

2.13 [38] The Barbara McNair Show
Singer Julie Budd
Rudy Webb

comic Phil Foster
The Brothers Cain
Musical Highlights:
Barbara & Rudy sing, "Homeward Bound"
Julie sings, "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows"
Barbara & Julie sing, "Teach Your Children"
Barbara McNair sings, "In the Ghetto"
(27Dec70 Chicago WGN-9)
(18Jul71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 11:45pm)
(01Aug71 New York WOR-9 Sun. 9pm)

2.14 [39] The Barbara McNair Show
The Righteous Brothers perform a Ray Charles medley.
Dianne Brooks sings "Love, I Had a Ball"
Doctor Magic perform, "You Can Make It"
comedienne Betty Walker
Barbara McNair sings, "Don't Rain On My Parade"
(03Jan71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 4:00pm)
(22Aug71 WOR-TV New York City, Ind. Sun 9pm)

2.15 [40] The Barbara McNair Show
Freda Payne
Bobby Vee
impressionist Rich Little
Cathy Emery
Morris Donaldson ( Inrie and Donaldson)
Musical Highlights:
Freda sings, "Rock Me In the Cradle" and "Deeper and Deeper"
Barbara and Freda sing, "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?"
Bobby sings, "Just Can't Help Believin'".
(10Jan71 Chicago WGN-9)
(rerun 15Aug71 WOR-9 New York 9pm Sun)

2.16 [41] The Barbara McNair Show
Bill Dana
actor Brock Peters sings "Hello, Young Lovers"
comics Mitzi McCall and Charlie Brill
The King Cousins perform "What Now, My Love?"
Sue Burns sings "Aquarius"
Barbara sings "Cabaret."
(15Jan71 Worchester, WSMV-27, Fri. 7:30pm)

2.17 [42] The Barbara McNair Show
Debbie Reynolds joins Barbara for comedy sketches.
Leon Bibb "Another Spring"
Hagood Hardy performs, "Eli's Coming"
Barbara sings "Softly, as I Leave You."
(24Jan71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 5:00pm)
(07Feb71 Chicago WGN-9)

2.18 [43] The Barbara McNair Show
Lou Rawls
singer Carolyn Daye
impressionist Rich Little
Japan's Daikagura Troupe (jugglers and dancers).
(17Jan71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 4:00pm)
(31Jan71 Chicago WGN-9)

2.19 [44] The Barbara McNair Show
Jose Greco
impressionist Rich Little
Catherine McKinnon
folk singer Josh White Jr. sings, "Early Morning Rain"
Barbara sings "Easy to Be Hard" and "Just a Little Lovin' ".
Barbara & Josh duet on "This Guy's in Love with You"
(03Jan71 Chicago WGN-9)
(25Jul71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 11:30pm)

2.20 [45] The Barbara McNair Show
14Feb1971 (rerun 29Aug71, WTEV-6)
O.C. Smith
The Irish Rovers
Bob Blasser
Rowena Emmet

O.C. sings, "Wichita Lineman" & "Don't Let Me Lose This Dream"
Barbara & O.C. sing, "Little Green Apples"
The Irish Rovers & Barbara sing, "Whisky on a Sunday"
(14Feb71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 11:30pm)
(28Feb71 Chicago WGN-9)

2.21 [46] The Barbara McNair Show
O.C. Smith
comedienne Betty Walker
singers Green and Banks
Betty Robertson
O.C. sings, "My Cherie Amour"
Barbara & O.C. duet on "That's Life"
Green & Banks perform, "Blackbird"
Betty performs, "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"
Barbara sings, "Once in a Lifetime"
(21Feb71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 11:30pm)

2.22 [47] The Barbara McNair Show
Johnny Mathis
The Ace Trucking Company

singer Carolyn Daye
Highlights include: "Alfie," "Close to You".
(14Feb71 Chicago WGN-9)(back to 9:00pm)

2.23 [48] The Barbara McNair Show
07Mar1971 (Rerun 27Jun71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, 12am)
Soupy Sales
Vanda King
Bobby Orr
Mike Walton

Josh White Jr. sings, "My Little Boy" & "Walk a Mile in My Shoes"
The Irish Rovers perform, "The Orange and the Green" & "Years May Come, Years May Go"
Also: an "Annie Get Your Gun" medley.
(07Mar71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 11:30pm)
(28Mar71 Chicago WGN-9)

2.24 [49] The Barbara McNair Show
Lou Rawls
Tobi Lark

vibraphonist Peter Appleyard
comics Hart and Lorne
Songs include
Lou sings, "With Your Love"
Tobi sings "A Change Is Gonna Come"
Peter performs, "All the Things You Are"
(14Mar71 Chicago WGN-9)

2.25 [50] The Barbara McNair Show
The Righteous Brothers
Gordy Tapp ("Hee Haw")
Guitarist Carlos Montoya
Tranquility Base
Musical Highlights:
Carlos Montoya performs "Malaga" and "Jota"
The Righteous Brothers perform "Unchained Melody"
*Apr. 4, 1971 Chicago WGN-9) - First Season Episode:
The Righteous Brothers, Gordie Tapp, Carlos Montoya
and Tranquility Base.
(29Aug71 WOR-9 New York Sun. 9pm)
Note: This was shown in the middle of 2nd season episodes.

2.26 [51] The Barbara McNair Show
Peter Nero performs "Hair" medley
Ian and Sylvia sing, "Shinbone Alley"
comic Sandy Baron
singer Freddy Weller
Peter and Barbara sing "Mountain Greenery."
(28Mar71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 11:30pm)

2.27 [52] The Barbara McNair Show
Professor Irwin Corey
singer Betty Robertson
Tommy Hunter
The Five Stairsteps
Barbara sings "This Is My Life" and "Love Walked In."
(09May71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, early Mon 12am)

2.28 [53] The Barbara McNair Show
Virna Lisi
Bobby Sherman

comics Skiles and Henderson
the singing Big Foot "California Lights")
Bobby sings, "Catch the Wind"
Barbara sings, "Mona Lisa".
(10Apr71 Worchester, WSMV-27, Sat. 9:00pm):

2.29 [54] The Barbara McNair Show
Brook Benton sings, "Don't It Make You Want to Go Home?"
The Cowsills perform, "Blowin' in the Wind"
comedian Dick Shawn
Mary Lou Collins sings, "Save the Country".
Barbara sings, "Put a Little Love in Your Heart."
(18Apr71 New Bedford, WTEV-6, Sun. 11:30pm)

2.30 [55] The Barbara McNair Show
a Winters/Rosen television production
Executive producers Murray Chercover, Burt Rose, David Winters
Produced & directed by Jorn Winther
Written by Alex Barris
musical director Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson
production designer Jack McAdam
associate director Patricia Berlly
associate producer Jack Rafferty
production business manager Oliver Babirad
talent co-ordinator Sheldon Schultz
production assistant Joan Chilcott
assistant to the director Kathy Floyd
music co-ordinator Nita Bus
executive consultant Hal Ross
unit manager David Horowitz
technical supervisor Jack Sinclair
technical director Jay Gellner
lighting director Barney Stewart
audio Michael Oldfield
video Don MacAdam
stage manager Gerry Wilkinson
video tape editor Keith Robinson
prop master David Jaquest
make-up Carol Davidson & Pat Burrows
fashion co-ordination Joan Sutton
Production executive Ernest D. Glucksman
technical facilities CFTO Toronto
guitarist Carlos Montoya
singer Wilson Pickett
comedian Ronnie Martin
Broadway singer-dancer Sandra O'Neill
Barbara starts the show off singing "Cabaret".
Sandra O'Neill performs "Don't Tell Mama".
Sandra O'Neill then sings the bluesy song "The Music That Makes Me Dance" from Funny Girl.
Carlos Montoya performs "La Rosa" & "Soleares".
Wilson Pickett performs "I'm In Love" and "Wait Till Midnight Hour".
Comedian Ronnie Martin performs a stand-up routine.
Barbara sings a "My Fair Lady" medley with "Wouldn't It Be Loverly", "Show Me Now", "On the Street Where You Live"
and "I've Grown Accustomed to His Face".
Barbara pulls a guy named Bill Serus from the audience who sings "Yesterday".
Carlos Montoya performs.
Barbara and Sandra duet with "Marry the Man Today" from "Guys and Dolls".
Barbara sings "Alfie".
Barbara closes with "Doing It".

########### The Barbara McNair Show ##########
################## the end #################

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